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There’s no doubt that online influencers are becoming an ever stronger presence in modern marketing. They have huge social followings and dedicated fans willing to emulate their every move. Any business can surely see the merit in harnessing these individuals that wield such power over such a large audience. However in practice this is not as simple as it first appears and we often hear the same questions time and time again.

How do you determine who has the strongest voice for your brand? How should you target them and how do you establish a relationship that will stand the test of time?

We’ve compiled some useful insights to help you navigate the world of online influencers and build relationships that will have a real impact on your business.


In today’s age we are bombarded by choice. So it’s not surprise that online influencers hold a lot of power in validating our decisions. These are real people who we trust and respect, a vital tool in marketing a product given that their opinions can, and do, impact the behaviour of their amassed followers.

So how can we use this power effectively? Surely with the most powerful influencers commanding audiences of millions and reports that word of mouth recommendations generate double the sales of standard advertising it would be hard to go wrong.

However, harnessing the power that these influencers have is more difficult than meets the eye. The value these influencers hold is inextricably wrapped up in their authenticity and careless capitalising will quickly snuff this value out. It’s a tricky balance to master, so here are our top tips on how you can influence successfully.


For the first time ever the FTC has personally reached out to influencers and celebrities to remind them of their duty to disclose their “material connection” with the brands of products promoted across their social media. So what does this mean for apps such as Instagram?


In an increasingly digital world, where our reactions to brands and products are becoming all the more immediate, there is no greater marketing tool than the celebrity endorsement.

Whether it’s a TV star or an Instagram influencer, we look to these figures to dictate what we wear, what we eat, how we decorate our homes and so much more.

Rather than the occasional TV advert, platforms such as Instagram allow us to see and emulate what products celebrities are using in their day to day life – the ultimate endorsement for any product.

Seeing your favourite health blogger smiling statically, clutching a blender on a TV advert or billboard might not be that inspiring. Seeing that same blogger using said blender to make their breakfast 7 days a week, whilst singing its praises, is much more likely to have you forking out for one quicker than you can say ‘Amazon Prime’.


With the ever-increasing power of online influencers, as a PR agency it is crucial we know how to maximise on influencer relationships so that we can generate opportunities for our clients.

A strong relationship with a respected influencer and positive blog reviews can be a great way of increasing brand credibility, raising brand awareness, driving sales and increasing an online presence.

To get the inside scoop first hand, we interviewed three of the UK’s top lifestyle influencers, to talk targeted approaches, PR turn offs and best practice for PRs.

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