HR platforms and how they can support SMEs

As the working world becomes increasingly digital and business owners rely more and more on tech-enabled solutions, one industry that has observed significant growth is that of online HR platforms. Business productivity has become contingent upon firms ability to adapt to remote working and overcome a variety of challenges just as effectively remotely as they would while in a physical office. Payroll, performance management and employment law remain as important as they have always been so many business owners have gone online to search for answers regarding how these processes can continue functioning smoothly.

Having seen significant growth in advance of the pandemic, there are several HR platforms who have been able to add real value to the clients they support in this new working world, offering cost-effective advice to help business owners stay abreast of these challenges. We shine a spotlight on some of the businesses that have led this charge.

Specialising in the SME market and supporting over 200,000 employees across the UK, Breathe’s software aims to streamline HR admin and help businesses improve their productivity through automating labour-intensive HR processes. Working on a monthly subscription model starting from just £10 per month, Breathe offer ongoing training and support to ensure clients get the most value out of their software. Designed from the ground-up with SMEs in mind, Breathe’s HR platform is unique in that it is programmed to be used effectively by employees with no prior HR experience, an ideal solution for many business owners have had to take on increasing responsibilities for HR throughout the pandemic.

One of the key challenges many businesses have faced since remote working became the norm has been maintaining their company culture and keeping staff engaged and HR platform Hibob is perfectly positioned to help firms overcome these challenges. Founded with the core mission to help businesses adapt to the changing world of work, Hibob are ideally placed to support businesses in the current climate. The smart app bob integrates seamlessly into businesses existing workflows and can help firms attract, retain and excite the very best in talent from their industries as the working world continues to evolve.

Designed with HR professionals in mind, PeopleHR’s software administration tool offers a streamlined, automated alternative to older, manual and often frustrating legacy programmes. Offering “Follow Me” guidance throughout the platform, People HR offers ambitious HR professionals a tool that enables them to play an even larger role in the wider growth of the businesses that they work within.

Slightly different to the rest of the businesses in this list and built in the cloud, Selenity’s software helps not only HR but finance, procurement and legal departments become more cost-effective, increase efficiency and ensure compliance. There are a variety of applications for Selenity’s platform including Expenses Management, employee relations and HR Case Management. The Selenity website is also a useful tool, featuring a number of thought-provoking insights and advice pieces regarding how businesses can return to normality following lockdown.

Natural HR
Another cloud-based software provider, since its launch in 2010 Natural HR has evolved to provide a full range of HR solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Natural HR’s cost-effective solutions include everything from business’ core HR databases through to expenses and performance management and all comes with customisable workflows so firms can tailor the software precisely to their needs, automating and streamlining processes such as onboarding and offboarding. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the team at Natural HR work closely with their clients to ensure they’re extracting maximum value from the software they’re using.

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