How to use Pinterest ads to grow your meal prep brand

Pinterest is a discovery platform where users actively search for inspiration and ideas across a range of industries, especially food. By utilising the platform to target highly engaged users, brands can leverage that intent to generate acquisition.

Utilising the Funnel  

Pinterest is unique in comparison to other social platforms in the sense that it is as much of a visual search engine as it is a social media platform. Due to the nature of the platform, Pinterest ads have the unique ability to target highly engaged individuals at the points of consideration and conversion with the opportunity to convert or capture data for re-targeting across channels.   

Ad creative   

Imagery is the main focus on Pinterest. Typically less disruptive than other forms of paid social advertising, Pinterest ads fit in seamlessly with organic posts and as such brands should look to create ads with imagery that you would expect to see on the platform. Within your target audience’s interest look to research what organic imagery would appear in their Pinterest searches and look to emulate these within your brand ads.  


While Pinterest is mostly about imagery, attention should still be paid to the captions of your ads. Pinterest’s targeting capabilities employ both paid social and SEO practices using interest and demographic targeting in addition to keywords and phrases to ensure your brand ad is served to highly relevant individuals. Before advertising on the platform consider undertaking some keyword research to understand what your audience is searching for and how you can leverage this within your targeting. 

Utilising first-party data   

Not just a cold prospecting channel, first-party data can be used to build lookalike audiences of previous customers along with retargeting previous consumers across social networks keeping your brand and the forefront of the users’ minds. By installing a Pinterest tag on your website, you will also be able to track user’s behaviour from your ads allowing for a better understanding of the users’ journey and the possibility to cater their ad experience based on pre-exposure and purchase intent. 

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