How to launch a new fitness app in a highly competitive market

For the past four years, we have been working with leading health and fitness company LDNM. In that time the business has gone from strength to strength, from turning over £50 to a business which now turns over £1.5 million. As well as selling downloadable fitness guides to over 150,000 people worldwide, LDNM has a Personal Training Academy, a fitness app, a supplements range, a clothing range and a nationwide food delivery service.

We helped LDNM launch their new fitness app to market and the success was incredible, with the app reaching number two in the world for downloads in the health and fitness paid for apps category.

Health and fitness apps have continued to grow in popularity over the last few years and that trend continues to gather momentum.  According to research from Flurry Analytics, usage of health and fitness apps has grown by over 330% in the last three years (

The trend of following a healthy lifestyle makes people turn to health and fitness apps as it provides them with the fastest and easiest solution to stay on track. But what’s the best way to promote a fitness app in a highly competitive marketplace and what PR tactics should your business use to maximise exposure and drive downloads?

Properly executing a well thought out strategy is key, and here are our three pieces of advice to make sure you stand out from the crowd…

Appeal to your target audience

The success of LDNM and the foundation of the business are the customers who download their fitness guides. Making sure we had a bank of case studies of real people who had transformed their lives through the help of LDNM at the time of the launch, helped us secure coverage in key outlets which are read by LDNM’s demographic. We achieved coverage in the Mail Online, Mirror Online, Sun Online and and within each article, we ensured that the call to action was for people to head to the app store to download the app.

Utilise your assets and tell a story

LDNM was founded by two sets of brothers, twins James and Tom Exton and brothers Max and Lloyd Bridger. At the time, the female face of the business was Alice Liveing aka “Clean Eating Alice”. Through our ongoing PR campaign with LDNM, we carefully built their respective profiles in the health and fitness media, national media and business press.  We then strategically placed articles which positioned them as experts in each of those sectors, ensuring that the coverage landed around the time that the app launched to further build momentum and maintain the buzz around the launch. One way we successfully achieved this was through capitalising on the news agenda and by putting forward the founders- who are all qualified PT’s as spokespeople to comment on topical issues. Co-founder Lloyd Bridger appeared on Sky News to talk about the pros and cons of fitness trackers.

Timing and social media is key

In the fitness world, the first quarter between January- March is the best time to capitalise on consumer behaviours. The LDNM fitness app launched in

March and internally LDNM did a lot of organic promotion to tease the launch of the app during the “new year, new you” period across their hugely engaged social channels- which have a combined following of almost one million.

PR should work hand-in-hand with a well thought out social media strategy and if executed correctly, it should amplify the reach and impact of your app launch.  In our experience, taking time to carefully plan a well thought out strategy is key. Ensure that you build the trust of your existing customer base first before you launch so that you can test the waters, which in turn will help you attract new customers and ultimately drive app downloads.

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