Home workout series: Lounge

Whether you’re living with parents, partners or a number of housemates, finding space to work, exercise or to just switch off for a couple of hours can be challenging.

Currently, the recommended advice is we only leave the safety of our homes for essential shopping and one form of exercise, but not all of us fancy a run or bike ride. We’ve pulled together a great list of innovative ways you can work out right in the comfort of your front room.

Here are our favourite pieces of gym equipment that still allow you to get a sweat on.

Bowflex Weights

The clever people at Bowflex weights have developed an all in one dumbbell which has the capacity of adjusting to 30 different free weight selections all from one compact design.

Simply turn and click the dial into place, and select the weight amount you want to use; the unique locking mechanism will load the desired amount and leave behind the weight you don’t need.

Their accompanying app will help to monitor your form and track your progress whilst providing you with pre-loaded workouts to keep you motivated. A perfect tool to use at home to help get your sweat on.

TRX Training

The leaders in movement. TRX are the architects behind world-class training that everyone can benefit from. So, whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or you’re pushing towards your summit, TRX Training helps you to move better, feel better and live better.

One of TRX’s unique selling points is how easy they’ve made it for consumers to get the most out of each workout. Their simplified approach is based on seven basic movements which include pushing, pulling, rotating and lunging.

Since it’s birth in the navy seals over 25 years ago, TRX has empowered people to be their best and to never let constraints such as place, time or physical ability get in the way of a good workout.

So, hook onto the back of the door and away you go. The perfect tool to use in your home.

Beast Gear Core Sliders

The brand name probably gives it away, but Beast Gear isn’t just training gear. Their mission is to help anyone, no matter their fitness levels to better themselves and ‘be more beast’.

One of the products in the Beast Gear collection are the Core Sliders. The lightweight, portable and robust training aid you need to build a rock-solid core.

But be prepared you’re in for one intense workout which will result in your abdominals feeling like they are on fire. So, give these ago rather than you’re routine sit-ups!

Everlast punch pads

Here’s an activity that you can involve your housemate or partner in. Turn your lounge into a mini boxing ring and take it in turns to spar against each other. One has the gloves on whilst the other holds the pads. Everlast, Boxing’s premier brand since 1910 are specialists in creating and manufacturing boxing, fitness and MMA equipment.

Just try not to get carried away and remember you’re doing it for fitness purposes, and you aren’t Tyson Fury taking on Detonay Wilder.

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