Reimagining historical artists as luxury fashion brands

Reimagining historical artists as luxury fashion brands.

When it comes to luxury fashion, there is something quite nostalgic about clothing from a bygone era. Undoubtedly, this can be traced to the creation of exclusive and timeless pieces that were a staple of luxury brands. In today’s competitive market, luxury brands have to connect with customers in more creative ways than ever. Therefore, real luxury must distinguish itself cleverly and authentically to retain its prestige and glamour.

Creating the right look and feel can be a difficult challenge for any fashion brand. Allthough, inspiration can be found in a variety of places. For example, to create an acceptance of the premium pricing and heightened loyalty, brands should create depth, authenticity, and credibility in the creative.  To read a previous article on creativity for luxury brands click here.

With this in mind, we wanted to take something nostalgic and give it an ultra-modern feel. Therefore, we asked our design team to reimagine some of the world’s greatest ever historical artists as modern-day luxury fashion brands.

To do this, our designers developed the idea of ‘The Fine Art Line’. This would be the bases of our graphics, creating 6 what would be social posts to promote this luxury fashion line. The branding and typography have been designed to consider the artistic nature of the theme while bringing the overall look and feel up to the modern standard luxury fashion has come to expect.

The Visual Art movement reimagined.

Andy Warhol Historical Artist as Fashion Brand

Known for his bold screen prints, Andy Warhol’s commercial illustrations celebrate the everyday. Our design recreated the artists feeling in the image by using one of his most iconic works, alongside his trademark round glasses. This allowed us to portray a truly authentic feel. Using a screen-print impression throughout the backdrop supports his medium whilst bringing the overall design up to date.

Breaking free of impressionism

Van-Gough Historical Artist as Fashion Brand

The impressionist painter known to have captured beauty, emotion and colour has been reimagined for the Fine Art Line using ‘The Starry night’ and the ‘Wheatfield with a Reaper.’ Using one of the artists most iconic landscapes throughout the clothing aims to keep the clothing line current, dark and vibrant, offsetting this with the bright undulating brush strokes of the Wheatfield. Typography throughout the brands assets is updated to suit each design and artist, whilst keeping a consistency which ties them together.

Irrational, strange and magical.

Frida Kahlo Historical Artist as Fashion Brand

Well known for her self-portraiture. However, for this design, we chose to focus on the artist’s nature-inspired pieces, making the customer the portrait.  In doing this, the we allured the consumer into wanting to be that person which creates the feeling you would come to expect from a luxury brand. The use of bold colours throughout echoes those of the artist, while elevating the background by using the medium the artist used to add interest and texture.

 Monochromatic, depressed and cheerless.

Picasso Historical Artist as Fashion Brand

Picasso’s blue period spanned four years, where the artist created only monochromatic paintings in shades of blue and green. Occasionally, however he would lift the works with some warmer shades. Choosing which work to reimagine by such well-known artists proved problematic when keeping our fashion line subtle in its delivery, so our designer decided to choose this period rather than one singular piece. We followed the sombre feeling through the model’s pose and the item of clothing to evoke the loneliness the artist encapsulates in his works, finishing off with a loosened oil paint background to reflect his medium and depth of feeling.

A multi-dimensional composition

Gerhard Richter Historical Artist as Fashion Brand

Celebrated for a deliberate lack of commitment to any single style. Richter is know to create works from abstract to photo-realism and from conceptual art to photography. For Richter’s fashion piece, we decided on his more recognisable paintings where he explores the elements of chance between realism and abstraction. Whilst the use of a more current artist had it’s challenges. We balanced the classic feeling with modern typography the rest of the line is starting to present. To accomplish this our designer balances the artist’s work on the clothing in the most abstract sense, whilst using one of his works rather than his mediums as the backdrop.

Demonstrating a rebellious spirit.

Klimt Historical Artist as Fashion Brand

Revered for his symbolism throughout all his paintings, Klimt led the Vienna Secession movement. One of his most well-known being The Kiss. The artist celebrates allusion, the human figure and the use of colour, his most noted colour use being gold. For this graphic, we used Klimt’s gold palette subtly. This allowed us to leave the background to allude to the artist more so than the garments.

By keeping away from gimmicks but protecting the seductive feeling the artist successfully brought to his works. We have elevated the clothing line to suit the luxury style.

So there you have our reimagining of historical artists and luxury fashion brands. If you are a fashion brand looking to elevate your creativity through Social Media, Digital PR or Content then get in touch with our award-winning team today.

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