Health technology to keep you on track

During a global pandemic, we’re all starting to take our health and wellbeing far more seriously. As a result, we are seeing a number of innovative businesses bringing bright new ideas to market.

Check out the companies that are helping the nation through isolation and helping to improve our health and wellbeing.

Second Nature 

Former NHS healthcare strategy consultants, Chris Edson and Mike Gibbs founded Second Nature to help people kick their bad habits and replace them with healthy ones. The online 3-month weight loss programme provides members with a set of smart weighing scales that are linked to an online app, together with peer and professional support to help stop those naughty habits.

Their goal? To eradicate type-2 diabetes in the UK within 5 years. Established in 2018 and raised over $13m, the start-up holds the crown for being the first online habit change programme to be commissioned by the NHS. Lockdown could be the perfect time to rethink your lifestyle, change your mindset and become a healthier person.

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As a society, we have become far more curious about what is going on inside our bodies. Thriva’s at-home blood tests encourage us to take a more preventative approach to our health. By understanding our bodies better, we can build a better lifestyle around it.

After taking a short health survey to go through lifestyle habits and goals, Thriva will recommend several tests based on your needs. These vary from liver function, iron, vitamin D and diabetes to name a few. They have also recently announced one-off tests to take to understand stress levels, thyroid function and female hormones which will help GPs provide bespoke advice.

Founded in 2015, the company has raised a total of £7.5m after a successful series A raise of £6 million in July of last year.

Bold Health 

Our gut is commonly referred to as our second brain – containing 70% of our immune system and produces 90% of serotonin – it’s incredibly important that we nurture it.

Bold Health is designing digital therapies to help battle chronic conditions. Founded by Dr Jossy Onwude and Elena Mustatea together with an expert team of doctors and scientists, their first product is Zemedy, a digital therapeutic solution for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The app uses cognitive behavioural therapy to help reduce flare ups of IBS and the negative emotions that come along with it.

This type of therapy is incredibly effective, for those who have completed a Zemedy programme have seen a 73.4% reduction in IBS symptom severity, 62.5% decrease in abdominal pain and a 44.7% is stress levels. A great opportunity to feel in control of your IBS and we’re very excited to see what products Bold Health come out with next.


Flo is helping us understand our menstrual cycle better with the support of artificial intelligence.

Each month, you have to input the days of your period as well as the symptoms that accompany it, such as mood, into the app. Flo then uses artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to collate your data with millions of others to predict your fertile days and your next cycle. You will never get caught short again.

Flo also has an impressive health insights bank providing extensive expert advice, answering all those niggling questions you’ve always wanted to know the answer of. It recently introduced its secrets chats function, a forum for women to talk openly and get support from millions of others across the world.

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