Gut health: Why it’s more than just a consumer trend

Gut health may be having a moment, but it definitely isn’t a fad. The significant increase in research and understanding around the function of the gut and the huge role it plays on our overall health and wellbeing has not only sparked conversations amongst health experts but has also inspired a shift in consumer behaviour.

Research has shown that the gut is the focal point for our health and should be one of the first places to address when we want to maximise our health. We’re now aware that if your gut health is in bad shape, then its likely your overall health is suffering too. Not only does the gut play a critical role in digestion, but it has also been proven to be essential for immune function, weight regulation and brain function.

We’ve also learned that the gut is responsible for 70% of immune system and it produces over 90% of the serotonin in our body. Equally, nutritionists have made us aware that if our gut is in bad health, our body isn’t able to absorb nutrients and vitamins as easily from the food we’re eating – no matter how healthy they are.

It’s no wonder that gut health has become a key talking point amongst nutritionists and health experts who are eager to educate and raise awareness of how to maintain a healthy gut. This increased understanding has also driven consumer appetite for gut-health products over the past few years which has translated into a booming probiotics market and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

Brands offering consumer products with health at their core have also witnessed the highest growth in sales over the past year. With health at the forefront of consumers’ minds, particularly during the pandemic, this will no doubt continue to rise for the foreseeable.

Here we’ve included a roundup of some of our favourite brands who are leading the way in product innovation and raising awareness to put gut health firmly on the agenda:


SO PERF is an exciting new brand that offer a range of high quality cold pressed pre & probiotic bars, juices and smoothies which are packed with superfoods and nutrient dense ingredients. Their low sugar pre & probiotic bars which contain 1 Billion Cultures (good bacteria) are also available in a kids range – a simple way to boost gut health on a daily basis.

The brand was also inspired by the founders’ sons’ journey with leaky gut syndrome and her determination to boost his immune system and set him up for a lifetime of good health. SO PERF are now on a mission to drive awareness and to support other people and parents who are dealing with similar health issues.


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For everyone and anyone who loves chocolate, OHSO provide a range of portion-controlled and low sugar chocolate bars in a variety of flavours. These clever, and delicious little bars not only satisfy sugar cravings but also work to boost gut health with each bar containing live cultures (aka probiotics) that are three times more effective than dairy products. Ideal for those who are looking to strike that healthy balance!


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A leader in the probiotic category and popular with various celebrities and influencers, Symprove is a liquid food supplement that contains four unique strains of live and active bacteria to help boost gut microflora.

Each 70 ml cupful of Symprove delivers 10 billion bacteria to the gut and can be taken every morning, ten minutes before you eat or drink. Symprove also offer customers a subscription service and recommend a 12-week programme to ensure a long-lasting happy, healthy gut.

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