Fuel up with these protein bar brands

With vaccines beginning as of this week and restrictions eased in most parts of the country, the re-opening of swimming pools and gyms has been met with great relief by swathes of the public.

With fitness fanatics desperate to make up for lost time, we’ve taken a look at five protein brands that will keep you fuelled up during your festive workouts and into the New Year.


Launched back in 2016, Barebells offer protein-enriched snacks that are a real treat for everyone who wants to feed their cravings. Firm believers that artificial flavouring doesn’t need to be added to protein products to make it tasty, Barebells instead focus on improving the nutrients which are already within the products.

Ultimately it means fewer carbs and more protein, meaning even if you are a health-conscious food-lover, you can still enjoy and indulge every now and then.

There’s plenty to choose from too, from mint dark chocolate protein bars to fudge flavour milkshakes and even a hazelnut cream. Be sure to check out Barebells this January!


The RXBAR branding is bold and brash with a ‘no surprises here’ mantra. Which is exactly the impression the brand want to give off, as they indicate on their website, they have nothing to hide.  The packaging is clearly labelled and states exactly what ingredients were used to make the product. There’s no gluten, soy or dairy.

RXBAR has placed product integrity and transparency above anything else, and in the multibillion-pound fitness industry, where confusing nutritional labels are in abundance, this is something that consumers really appreciate.

With five different flavours to try, what are you waiting for?


Inspired after founder Ishak picked up a health bar on his way home, which not only was bland and dry but had him reaching for the bin.

In just a matter of years, Vive bars have become one of the moistest and most indulgent bars on the market.

All of Vive’s protein products are appropriate for vegans, gluten-free and contain none of the artificial flavourings.

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Primal Pantry

Following the trend of keeping things simple with their ingredients is award-winning Primal Pantry.

Launching in 2014, initial samples went down a storm, so much so that a whopping 21,000 snack bars sold on pre-order via the website.

Primal Pantry is on a mission to create the most trusted food brand in the world, whilst encouraging others to make better choices.

Currently, Primal Pantry is stocked in the likes of Tesco, Co-Op, Sainsbury’s and lots of independent health food stores.

OTE Sports

The Leeds based business’ motto is Goodness in = Greatness out. All products have been tested and developed by sports nutritionists and athletes.

Similar to the other protein brands on this list, OTE stock a plethora of protein bars that are specific to the sport you’re participating in.

Products offer the full 360 range, meaning that their products support all aspects of training, so whether it’s before, during or after, they’ve got you covered.

OTE currently support and fuel the Brownlee brothers, the British triathlon team and  Lily Partridge.

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