Four drink brands on the market to check out

Whether its probiotics, juice shots or even infused water, the health market is saturated with products for us to choose from. With so many goods to choose from it can be hard to know which drink is truly the best one for you. With that in mind, we’ve highlighted some drink brands that you should be keeping a firm eye on.


Leading the race in creating bespoke and innovative cold-pressed juices is PRESS. Since launching in London back in 2014, PRESS have gone on also develop their health food section too. What stands PRESS apart from the rest of the competition is they proactively invest in class research, to help create the most nutritious juices.

By utilising the cold-pressing method, which is carried out only in cold-room kitchens, is designed to retain the most natural taste, nutrient content and texture found in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Choose from cleanses that last between 3 – 5 days long, or just weight loss that lasts a week or simply pop into one of their stores located in Soho, Mayfair or the City.

No.1 Kombucha

Their motto is about putting your health and wellbeing first, to what you eat and drink. At the heart of everything is Jonny Wilkinson, the ex-England great who spent a career striving to reach top physical performance, wanted to create something that would help people take their own small positive steps towards unleashing their potential. This led to the birth of No.1 Kombucha.

Why kombucha?

Well, whilst normal food starts to lose its freshness and life when we pick it, the fermentation process in creating kombucha infuses the drink with life through live cultures and goodness.

They’re also conscious of the footprint they leave on the planet, with that in mind they’ve chosen sustainable options in materials where possible such as the bottle which is made from recycled amber glass which is environmentally friendly.

DASH Water

Meet the brand who are on a mission to shake up the mainstream soft drinks industry offering an ethical and healthy alternative.

Co-Founders Alex and Jack who are both from farming backgrounds realised that as much as 40% of vegetables and fruits that are grown in the UK goes to waste every year due to supermarkets only wanting to take the A+ standard crop from farmers.

They decided that something needed to be done about that number. Which lead to DASH being born which uniquely infuses British sparkling spring water with the fruit and veg that would have normally gone to waste to create sparkling spring water with a ‘subtle dash of flavour’ which contains no sugar, calories or sweeteners.

Last year they saved approximately 30,000 raspberries that would have gone to waste.


On a mission to fuel a healthier world. Everything Plenish do is driven by their core value that is we’re at our best when we’re running on plenty.

This came after founder Kara Rosen found herself continuously running on empty and getting ill. This led to her getting nutritional advice which pointed her in the direction of plants.

Plenish stock an impressive list of products such as their NutM*lks (which come in an almond, cashew, coconut, hazelnut and oat form) to their plant powered juices which have all been cleverly named depending on what they deliver such as ‘Pump or ‘Elevate’

All Plenish products are designed to get the most from plant-fuelled nutrition and minimise our impact on the planet.

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