Four CBD brands taking over the wellness market

What was once seen as a controversial substance, has now become highly established in the wellness and health sector. The CBD market in the UK has become the second largest for consumer CBD behind the US. Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, or aches and pains, CBD has become the holistic go-to product for many to help with these challenges.

We take a look at four companies that are starting trends within the health and wellness industry through educating consumers about CBD and how it can be beneficial to our everyday life.

Grass & Co

Grass & Co: Life inspired by nature. Grass & Co started with a mission to help customers reconnect with nature by launching the highest quality CBD blended with great-tasting botanical ingredients and vitamins. The company strives to be transparent about their ingredients and testing, and rigorous about maintaining a high-quality product. FSA approved, Grass & Co have the become thought leaders in the wellness market, educating consumers on the benefits CBD provides as well as spreading awareness to change the stigma behind the products.

From the variety of products offered, one that is perfect for everyone to include in their daily routine this summer is the Ease CBD Oil Drops. With a blend of CBD, ginger, turmeric and orange, the ingredients aid bone and muscle health.

Bud & Tender

Added to the FSA validation list in 2022, Bud & Tender is a premium CBD supplement company based in the UK. They specialise in researching, developing, and producing sustainably led, high quality CBD supplements made in England. The name is derived from two meanings. ‘Bud’ represents the flower of the plant once removed from the stalk, which contains all the beneficial compounds in CBD supplements. ‘Tender’ represents the adjective meaning gentle, loving, caring and kind.

Bud & Tender specialise in one product: CBD oil. All the products contain a variety of natural compounds from the plant which work together to increase effectiveness and help the body feel great again.


With the mission to connect people with the healing power of plants, Wildflower was established in 2012 in Vancouver. This company goes by three promises: 100% natural ingredients, effective, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Wildflower lives to share and inspire holistic wellness by designing and developing the best-performing CBD and cannabis products available.

As Wildflower is creating more of a presence in the UK one of the products offered that is worth having this summer, is the CBD Cool Stick. This product offers quick relief from everyday aches and pains either from fitness or just everyday life and is made with hemp-based CBD and added peppermint, arnica, and menthol crystals.


Foria started with the mission to support lifelong sexual wellness and pleasure, rooted in the proven wisdom of plants. Foria believes that sex is an essential part of wellbeing. So, with the innovative approach to sexual pleasure, menstrual comfort, and daily wellness, this company offers support in all areas of life. All ingredients used are clean and organic and put in responsible packaging, as Foria maintains the highest standards or purity and transparency for the health of its customers and the planet.

Although Foria is an American-based company, people in the UK can their products through Hemp Botanics and Alphagreen. Having such a unique angle within the wellness market, Foria have a real opportunity to continue growing in the UK market through spreading awareness and offering education on how CBD can enrich these areas of our lives.

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