Four apps to keep your healthy habits on track

Have you set yourself a healthy goal to achieve in 2020? Whatever your challenge is, it can be difficult to maintain a new habit when you first start out. On average, it takes more than two months before a new behaviour becomes automatic, 66 days to be exact.

So, whether it’s eating healthier, improving your flexibility or meditating and becoming more zen, we all need a helping hand sometimes.

We’ve taken a look at four apps that will help you keep your healthy habits on track.


Centr is a personalised, digital health and fitness platform created by Hollywood A-lister Chris Hemsworth and his wife, fellow actor, model and author Elsa Pataky.

Centr combines workouts with world-class trainers, healthy meal plans that you’ll actually love, and mindfulness sessions that will help to keep you well, centred. (Pardon the pun).

The app allows you to train, eat, and live better all the touch of a button, making it easier to stay on track and measure your personal goals.

Make sure you check out their new initiative ‘Centr 6’ a six-week workout program, inspired by its founder, Chris Hemsworth’s favourite training regime.


Stockholm based business, Lifesum offers a flexible platform to help users forge good habits for an improved overall quality of life and a healthy balanced lifestyle. Currently, the app has over 35 million members and is one of our top apps to watch in 2020.

With hundreds of healthy recipes to choose from plus a proven three-week weight loss program, complete with shopping list and meal planner. The application gives you the ability to track your macros and carbs and is a real steal at £3 a month.

In its brief history, life sum has already won a plethora of awards including Apple’s app of the year for three consecutive years.


Connecting fitness fanatics from all around the globe is Racefully. So, if walking, running or cycling is one of your go-to forms of exercise why not give the app a go and start tracking your progress?

Racefully gives you the opportunity to connect and build a tribe who share your goals and interests and make new friends.


Meet the business disrupting the weight loss and healthcare industry. Noom has combined the power of AI, mobile technology and psychology alongside the knowledge of over 1,000 personal coaches.

The main objective of Noom is to help people live healthier lives by changing their long-term habits. So far, a staggering 50 million people have benefited from the behaviour change courses which include the virtual diabetes prevention program.

They also have a brilliant blog section on their website, so if you’re after some free advice on creative ways to lose weight or small changes you can make to become healthier then make sure you check out Noom!

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