Five vegan Christmas gift ideas

During the festive season we create three million tonnes of waste and use over 8,000 tonnes of wrapping paper which creates 83 square kilometres of rubbish (some terrifying numbers for you there).

It’s hard to be 100% ethical and sustainable, but consumers can certainly do their bit by making small sustainable switches that have a big impact on the planet.
We’ve put together a range of vegan products that can be gifted this year knowing each will be doing its little bit for the future.

Olivier Burton: A Vegan Watch

The well-known British luxury watch brand, Olivier Burton, launched their own range of vegan watches back in 2016. Founded by best friends and ex-fashion buyers Jemma and Lesa, the brand claims to have acted in response to ‘overwhelming customer response’ for a vegan-friendly option. The vegan watches have been created in-line with their woodland and animal print styles.
Olivia Burton has become one of the UK’s fastest growing fashion watch brands, generating £15 million revenue in 2016 and in the same year snapped up by the US watchmaking company, Movado, for £60 million.

Growing their social media audience organically long before influencer marketing was established and a selective approach to distributors to help to establish demand, the brand’s elegant, antique-meets-modern watches have become a staple for any outfit.

Hotel Chocolat: The All Dark Vegan Chocolate Hamper Collection

Luxury UK chocolate chain Hotel Chocolat has a range of melt-in-the-mouth vegan chocolates and, this Christmas, released their Vegan Chocolate Hamper. Hotel Chocolat’s award-winning vegan range is perfect for vegans and people with dairy-restricted diets creating their flavour with all the power of cocoa and no added milk. Starting out as an online chocolate seller in 1993, Hotel Chocolat has evolved to become a market leading £105m business with 100 stores across the UK. Crucially the brand has carved out a distinct point of difference as the only company in the UK to grow its own cocoa. Championing their growth strategy focused on the democratisation of chocolate, they believe they can make luxury chocolate accessible to all.

Whatever the reason for going vegan, Hotel Chocolat believes there’s no need to give up good chocolate this festive season.

Veganized World: Slogan t-shirts

As the vegan movement grows, plenty of progressive clothing brands are also showing their support for the cause.

Quirky eco-conscious apparel company, Veganized World, are known for their fun and entertaining slogan t-shirts that playfully combine well-known logos with vegan messages. Winner of PETA’s 2017 Best Vegan Slogan T-Shirts and boasting celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Brazilian model Yasmin Brunet and Australian DJ, Tigerlily, all adorning and promoting their clothing, Veganized World seems to be gaining momentum at great force. The brands strong identity and tone of voice is carried throughout all consumer touch-points including an abundance of veggie puns to keep everyone smiling.

Mad Millie: Vegan Cheese Kit

Mad Millie’s founding objective, As Fresh As Can Be, reflects their goal to make it as easy as possible to be creative in the kitchen whilst minimising unnecessary ingredients and processing. What began as an assortment of cheese kits quickly grew into a full range of more than 30 products; from yoghurt and sauerkraut to skyr, vegan cheese and kombucha.

Mad Millie’s Vegan Cheese Kit contains everything needed to create the perfect vegan cheese. The ideal gift for someone who is vegan or dairy or lactose intolerant is designed to be made in any kitchen with no specialised equipment or experience required. Their vegan product range also offers kits on how to make vegan chocolate, tofu and coconut yoghurt. Something we will certainly be trying out!


In 2013 Karris McCulloch and husband Scott launched TheVeganKind; an entirely vegan business that aims to help make veganism mainstream. TheVeganKind curates and delivers two types of subscription boxes that can be delivered to the customer’s door. Choose from the Lifestyle Box (tasty vegan treats) or the Beauty Box (ecological, skin-friendly and cruelty-free beauty products).

Launched in 2013 by Karris McCulloch and husband Scott with the goal to create an entirely vegan business that aims to help make veganism mainstream, TheVeganKind is now shipping over 80,000 boxes each year. Additionally, each month they donate money to animal related charities, and since their launch are proud to announce that over £30,000 has been donated.

If you would like to find out more about how we could support your business then why not get in touch today or read about Ethique, the world’s first zero-waste beauty brand.

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