Five technology innovators to watch at CES 2021

For many events and occasions have had to be put on hold as the UK closes down for another lockdown. However, that’s not the way for the Consumer Electronics Show 2021 (CES2021), where COVID-19 must make way for innovation as the show goes online for its first ‘all-digital’ expo. 

Here we’ve drawn up a shortlist of some of the tech innovators appearing at CES21 that you should keep an eye on throughout the year.

Zobi “Home Intelligence”

Started in 2018 by cybersecurity and tech expert Scott Lever, Startup Series winners Zobi aims to adapt the security of our home Wi-Fi which are becoming ever so often under siege by hackers.

As of 2019, over 30% of smart devices have security vulnerabilities, with 15 billion personal data records sold on the dark web, for Scott and the team at Zobi that signalled a time for a change. That change came in the form of their first device and app ‘Hedgehog’. 

Hedgehog can provide a clean and monitored WiFI for a home in 24-segments, monitored by smart AI to decide what ‘normal’ is for the home’s WiFi and can detect and shut down any incoming threats from outside the network. 

With a growing number of us working from home for the foreseeable future, a startup like Zobi that intends to secure the networks we work on is what has earnt it status amongst the likes of Google and Amazon as a ‘top startup’. 


When the travel industry does finally open up again and we’re able to dive off into the far-flung corners, Flywallet might just be an essential sidekick to those travels. The premise is simple and brilliant: 

  • Enter destination, currency and dates.
  • Enter how much you want to save or Flywallet can give you instant prices for flights + hotels. 
  • Flywallet creates a bespoke plan for saving featuring notifications and reminders for how much to save on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Taking advantage of people’s inclination to dream of future holidays during the current lockdowns, as well as the growing number of money-saving techs such as Monzo ‘pots’ and Moneybox, Flywallet will combine both for a truly unique and valuable offering regardless of the destination.


Emitwise is a tech startup born out of necessity.  As companies struggle to tackle their respective pledges to net-carbon zero over the coming years and decades, Emitwise is on a mission to streamline and assist the ambitions of these companies to reverse the impacts of climate change and create a more eco-friendly economy. 

Working with a business and it’s supplies/workforce, Emitwise creates a web of smart datasets highlighting and managing CO2 emissions. Using machine learning going forward businesses served by Emitwise can rest easy knowing that every action and adaptation they make to their processes are monitored for CO2 impact as well as highlighting room for improvement.


Originating in 2019 out of Silicon Valley, London and Bristol, Ultraleap have brought together some of the leading names & technology in haptics and hand-tracking technology to create jaw-dropping products such as the ‘Leap Motion’

Haptics are becoming an ever-greater way to improve accessibility to technology for many, furthermore, it expands the capabilities for projects for creative industries such as architecture, as well as posing a completely interactive way for students to learn despite remote working. 

Ultraleap poses a welcome option to those who are keen to limit the number of hard surfaces they touch these days in the COVID-19 era we’re living through. 


This French startup founded in 2018, hopes to seamlessly change the way that employees go about getting on-hand training. Fifty can integrate with your businesses already present systems such as Outlook & Slack, providing ‘Nudges’ throughout the day that over time customise to the employees work style and speed.

Imagine if you will the helpful paperclip from Microsoft Word from days gone by, but interactional now on all actions and software the user is interacting with, whether that’s a nudge to keep your sentences shorter, to finish that email you’ve left in your drafts for 3 days, or one of the other 3000+ nudges the system currently has available. Fifty is here to keep you on track with ease. 

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