Five companies to watch out for at FinTech Week 2022

The UK’s FinTech industry is one of its leading sectors with investments exceeding £1.3 billion by the end of 2021 and it still continuing to grow. FinTech Week is taking place from 11th to 15th July in London with discussions such as open banking, digital sovereignty, trends in FinTech and so much more.

Today, we look at five innovative companies exhibiting at FinTech Week in London.


Established in London in 2005, Zopa built the first ever peer-to-peer lending company, giving customers access to loans with low rates, flexible terms and no repayment fees for smart investments backed by cutting-edge technology. Ben Cossor, our Head of Technology PR states that “amidst the cost-of-living crisis sweeping across the globe, there’s never been more demand for a simple, fair and honest financial product that has customers’ needs at heart.”

Zopa stands out by not only being innovative but by being thought-leaders as well. Isabel Pitt, Head of Core Services, will be speaking at the event on a panel covering the evolution of banking.

Tribe Payments

Tribe Payment’s platform is based on building a strong community of colleagues, clients, channel partners and industry influencers, so they can tackle the industry’s challenges and ambitions together.

Account Manager Beth Rogers, states “modular payment solutions like Tribe are leading the new wave of FinTech innovations, exploring new frontiers of digital banking.” The platform is purpose-built to address peoples immediate and future payment needs. With its innovative platform, the platform stands apart with consumers from other FinTech payment-based companies.


When asked about Prove, Head of Technology PR Ben Cossor stated “digital customer identification isn’t just revolutionizing financial services, but the likes of healthcare, insurance and e-commerce too” – and Prove are right at the forefront of this movement. Identity-related breaches remain a continual threat to companies with hackers, fraud, fakes, bots and more undermining the ability of companies and consumers to trust each other online. With this in mind, Prove offer a unique purpose-built platform for our mobile-centric world by modernizing the way consumers can prove their identity with ease, accuracy and privacy.

Because of Prove’s unique platform, the company has helped over 1000 global companies accelerate revenue, mitigate fraud and reduce operating expenses. The company provide a modern way for consumers to prove their identity using just their phone. VP & UK Country Manager Keiron Dalton will be talking on the panel about the importance of digital sovereignty.


TechPassport is a FinTech firm that connects suppliers to global financial institutions and offers opportunities to sell products. The company works with financial institutions, FinTechs and startups making it quick and easy for them to collaborate.

When discussing the growth of the business, Head of Technology PR Ben Cossor stated that TechPassport “accelerating the NDA and POC process is the future of efficient business and dealmaking. TechPassport is leading the way by helping suppliers and startups collaborate with banks.”


Mode provide a platform for consumers to buy, earn and grow Bitcoin all in one place. However, its vision does not stop there. Mode is looking to disrupt the entire financial industry and is building the next generation financial ecosystem.

Our Technology Account Director Rhys Merrett states that Mode “is an exciting example of how FinTechs are using DeFi technologies to disrupt TradFi processes of digital banking.”Having a team of experienced investors, technologists and FinTech specialists, Mode continues to be innovative and also deliver cutting edge services and educate people on the industry. CEO Rita Liu will be a keynote speaker speaking on centralization vs. decentralization in Crypto.

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