Five founders leading the way in sustainability

The purpose of a business is to improve society, look out for employees, care for the environment and deal ethically, not to make the most money for shareholders. That at least, has been decided by US business group, Business Roundtable, which includes 181 CEOs of some of the world’s biggest companies, including JPMorgan, Ford, and Johnson & Johnson.

The impact businesses are having on the world can no longer be ignored. Following the events of the last twelve months in which consumers have become increasingly aware of the importance of social and ethical issues, brands can no longer afford to take a back seat when it comes to their sustainability credentials. The government’s expedited Net Zero targets are a step in the right direction but in our transition towards a more circular economy brands must take action themselves to enact meaningful change.

Here we shine a spotlight on five CEOs who are leading this charge:

Ben Gleisner, CEO & Co-Founder of CoGo
Launched in the UK in 2018, CoGo’s technology platform provides ethically conscious consumers with insights on the environmental impact of their spending. Through connecting their banking apps with the CoGo platform, consumers can learn exactly what the carbon footprint of their spending is in real time. Not only that, the platform goes one step further and provides recommendations on more positive businesses that its users could switch to, empowering them to not only cut their carbon usage but discover businesses that align with their morals.

The business has shown impressive growth since its launch in the UK and continues to grow on an international scale. The firm remain committed to small businesses and have recently launched a landmark #LocalAfterLockdown campaign.

Grace Beverley, Founder of TALA & Shreddy
One of Social Media’s leading voices on sustainability and the founder of two of the fitness industry’s most exciting up-and-coming brands, Beverley is without a doubt one of the UK’s most promising young entrepreneurs. Despite being aged just 24 the start-up founder has received several prestigious accolades such as Natwest’s GBEA Young Entrepreneur award and a number 1 ranking in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Historically, in an industry dominated by corporations, it has been a challenge for conscious consumers to find valid sustainable options that align with their ethical priorities. The options available are usually prohibitively expensive making it even harder for consumers to make ethical choices. TALA was founded in response to this to this and put sustainability at the heart of everything they do. While not compromising on quality, the brand gives consumers an accessible entry point in to sustainable style.

Jordan Brompton, Founder of myenergi
Founded in 2016 with a team of just six people, Brompton’s myenergi has scaled rapidly and is now one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK and most exciting players in the growing EV industry. Passionate about sustainability, UK manufacturing and renewables more broadly, the business has taken great strides since its launch in the midlands, recently opening new offices as well as launching in Ireland after a 2020 in which profitability increased by over 2000%.

With EV sales at an all-time high 2021 is set to be a significant year for the brand’s continued growth and we will be looking forward to keeping a close eye as the business’ upwards trajectory continues.

Solveiga Pakstaite, Founder of Mimica
The idea for Mimica came to founder Solveiga Pakstaite while doing a project with The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. Noticing that visually impaired people often had no method of monitoring the expiry date of their food, Pakstaite’s concern grew over the impact processed foods could have on their health.

Her solution, Mimica Touch, uses chemical technology to provide a physical indicator for when food is no longer fresh – and is more accurate than the “Use By” date printed on the product, too. Mimica Touch cuts the UK’s product waste and leads the way in sustainability and social innovation.

Sacha Newall, Founder of My Wardrobe HQ
One of the leading players in the fashion rental movement in the UK, My Wardrobe HQ provides a platform for consumers to buy and rent luxury fashion. As millennial purchasing decisions began to shift towards usership rather than ownership and sustainable fashion found its way in to the mainstream, MWHQ was born to complement these two growing movements and give consumers access to luxury fashion in a more sustainable way.

With sustainability higher on consumer radars than it has ever been and lockdown measures beginning to easeoff, there is a huge opportunity for MWHQ to establish itself as synonymous with sustainable style.

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