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Firms helping cut carbon and save money

The ongoing cost-of-living and climate crises are continuing to impact consumers and business owners across the UK. The demand for cleaner energy solutions that can help not only reduce environmental impact but also decrease utility bills is at an all-time high and for many businesses in the sector 2022 is going to be a critical year.

In this article we shine a spotlight on the firms helping businesses and consumers alike reduce their energy bills and limit their environmental impact.

Supporting both businesses and homeowners across the UK, SaveMoneyCutCarbon is one of the leading organisations helping people to become more sustainable. Offering a range of environmentally friendly products as well as industry-leading advice, the organisation provides the tools that people need to cut their energy and water bills as well as reduce their carbon footprint.

In the wake of the COP26 Climate Conference and amidst a landscape of soaring bills for both businesses and consumers 2022 is set to be a vital year for the firm. Uniquely positioned to support both B2B and B2C audiences through this turbulent landscape it will be fascinating to see how the organisation positions itself as an expert source of advice for customers across the UK.

With domestic and business energy bills soaring, the demand for solutions that can limit energy usage has never been higher. Designed and manufactured within the UK, Powervault provide an innovative system that stores surplus electricity, enabling its customers to save money on energy bills and reduce their environmental impact.

Storing both solar energy generated during the day and low-cost electricity overnight (when energy costs are lower) the smart technology limits the environmental impact of the energy customers use and can even provide an opportunity to earn money back through the firm’s GridFLEX platform.

Energy storage is attracting increasing attention as one of the leading tools to support the energy transition and under the leadership of MD Joe Warren, Powervault is well positioned to capitalise on this rising interest.

Co-founded by Simon Daniel and Chris Wright back in 2016, Moixa is supporting the transition to a more renewable future through a range of innovative battery technologies. With a mission to make energy more efficient for homes across the country the business offers a range of technology-led tools that are helping to create a new energy economy and supporting the transition towards Net Zero.

The business has grown to more than 80 employees across its offices in London and Manchester following an impressive £4.6m funding round in July 2020. With a growing customer base across Europe and APAC (Japan in particular) we will be keeping a close eye on how the firm continues to scale throughout the coming months.

Media coverage around the climate crisis and increasing utility bills has largely been focused on energy usage and has arguably neglected the critical role of water within this broader picture for businesses.

Designed to significantly reduce water usage in commercial buildings, led by former Dyson MD David Hollander, Propelair has engineered an innovative system that uses on average 84% less water than standard toilets.

In commercial buildings where toilets are flushed hundreds of times a day, Propelair’s innovative technology has the potential to help businesses significantly reduce their utility bills, become more environmentally friendly and improve building performance.

The business currently has partnerships with high-profile customers including Lloyds Bank, McDonald’s and Shell.

Founded back in 1937, Alfen provide a diverse range of products and services linked to the energy grid including transformer stations, energy storage systems and EV charging stations. With decades of experience in the sector Alfen’s industry-leading team are perfectly placed to build the energy grid of the future and help consumers and businesses on their energy transition.

2021 was a strong year for the business with earnings rising by over 51%, driven largely by its electric vehicles arm. Last year, Alfen produced over 100,000 charge points, helping support the UK-wide transition towards hybrid and electric vehicles that has accelerated significantly following changes to government regulations.

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