Filling the Virtual Days

Numerous academic studies have proven the mental benefits of sticking to a routine. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, can anchor you and allows you to build time for the important things, like catching up with friends – albeit it virtually – and spending quality time with the family.

We are now a few weeks into the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK and it’s fair to say that it has taken quite a bit of adjustment.

One of the main weapons we have to fight the virus’ spread is social distancing – an intrinsically unnatural practice for humans, but an essential one for the time being. But as a result, everyday life as we know it has been put on pause.

These limitations, along with negative news and changing economic stressors, can make it quite difficult to get a bearing in the world and you might feel a little out of routine – which can of course harm your mental health.

With the benefits of a routine in mind during this turbulent time, here’s some virtual classes you can try out during this lockdown, some of whom we’re lucky enough to count as clients:

((B)) @ HOME by ((BOUNCE))

Not everyone is a fan of exercising, but, like it or not, it boosts your mood. And in these times, we must keep moving even though we are stuck inside. So, if you are looking for an endorphin inducing, sweat producing, all-round body workout, then look no further than ((B)) @ HOME, the virtual mini-trampoline fitness class by ((BOUNCE)).

Competitively priced at £4.95 per session, the 45-minute dance-choreographed classes can be completed indoors and burn a massive 500+ calories. Plus, the added g-force and gravity from the trampoline makes the sessions three times more effective than traditional floor-based workouts and the pad absorbs 87% of the impact making it a comfortable workout for all ages and abilities. Trampolining is even the physical rehab routine of choice for NASA!

Virgin Experience Days (at home!)

With all this spare time, maybe you’d like to dedicate a portion of the week to develop a new skill. Virgin Experience Days, the leading UK provider of gift experiences, has just launched a whole host of virtual experiences, stretching from an at-home four-week photography class to a virtual home declutter with celebrity home stylist, Dilly Carter.

Maybe you’re like me and have got absolutely hooked by Masterchef during this lockdown. If so, then I’d recommend trying the online cookery course with Ann’s Smart School of Cookery. Being able to go at your own pace is a massive plus and with the course coming with a one-year subscription to a huge variety of online tutorials with various recipes, you’ll be able to show off to my friends and family long after the lockdown has ended.

VR Immersive Education

People up and down the country are trying to use this additional time to learn a new skill or language and boost their ‘brainpower’. As a result, we’ve seen a massive spike in demand for virtual education. One of the leading voices in this sector is VR Immersive Education – a virtual/augmented reality software company dedicated to transforming how training and educational content is delivered.

You could try out the Apollo 11 HD VR experience – yes, you read that right!  Using a mix of original archive audio and video together with accurate recreations of the spacecraft and locations, VR Immersive Education delivers an unforgettable learning experience that truly brings history into your house.


Finally, after a long day, you might want to wind down with a bit of culture and theatre. This is an area of life that has been distinctly lacking since the lockdown started, but thanks to LIVR, you can enjoy the wonders of Shakespeare and co. in your living room.

LIVR, the world’s first virtual reality content platform dedicated to theatre, brings you the best the stage has to offer. You download the app, subscribe for £5.99 a month, at which point you’ll be sent a free VR headset, and then you’re free to browse the content library at your leisure.

There is so much opportunity for brands to become leaders in this period of uncertainty, providing vital occupation, entertainment and light relief for everyone in lockdown. We’re seeing it every day and the media are hungry to hear more.

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