TikTok for Fashion Brands | 5 who are doing it right.

Five of the Best Fashion Brands on TikTok Doing it Right

Let’s not spend too much time stating the obvious – TikTok is, quite simply, the place to be right now. If your aim is to reach Gen-Z. through engaging, relevant, and most importantly, creative content.

Increasingly, new and existing clients are asking us whether or not they should be on the platform. None more so than fashion brands.

Before we dive into fashion brands on TikTok and who’s smashing it on the platform, a little reminder of TikTok’s mission statement: to inspire creativity and bring joy.

Joy. Remember that – especially if a client or stakeholder is insisting you stick to a serious tone of voice for your TikTok content.

Recently, we’ve worked with clients to set up their new TikTok accounts, and our key piece of advice before anything else is that you must be prepared to get creative and have fun with your content. If you’re not prepared to do this – for fear of things like reputational damage or affecting your brand identity – then you need to question whether or not the platform is right for your brand.

A really good example of this is the Royal Albert Hall. Their tone of voice across their social media suits their brand perfectly – usually quite formal, aspirational, and informative, with lots of posts about what’s happening at RAH. However, their TikTok is a different story altogether. Here, they’ve stepped away from their usual tone of voice and they’re posting fun, authentic, and TikTok-relevant content.

Embracing the fun within fashion.

Fashion does of course lend itself to having ‘fun’, but quite often designer fashion houses especially have a more formal image that they do their utmost to protect.

To tap into those new, younger, and emerging audiences, you often need to throw the rulebook out the window and trial new content that will resonate with the TikTok audiences. The platform offers an opportunity to test new content and play around with a more light-hearted and fun tone of voice.

But which premium fashion brands are nailing their TikTok strategy right now?


The clear winner of changing their usual strategy for a TikTok audience is ultra-lux and ultra-established, Dior. A great example of applying different tones to different platforms is some recent content promoting the new Forever Skin Glow Foundation. The Instagram post featured Cara Delavigne in a traditional, still-life model pose, holding the product. However, on TikTok they shared some bespoke content featuring Cara being a bit cheeky and, you guessed it, having fun!

@dior Life is full of endless choices, but as @caradelevingne ♬ son original – Dior


Quite simply, Burberry is leading the luxury fashion industry on TikTok. Diverse content, TikTok Influencer collaborations, and so much more! Check it out and learn!

@burberry Meet Shelley. A @lights.are.off collaboration for #BurberrySS22. #LightsAreOff #Burberry ♬ original sound – Burberry


In 2020, the #GucciModelChallenge was trending on TikTok. Initially poking fun at the brand, Gucci sensibly jumped on the trend. They joined the fun with their content tapping into the trend, shared selected content, ran a competition or two, and the rest is history!

@gucci Inside #GUCCIGAOK with @official_sunmi ♬ suono originale – Gucci


Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch lets their personality shine! The content strategy features some great individual voices, which brings diversity to an industry historically known for being normative in its representation.

@abercrombie 30% OFF for all sizes 💅 @trendycurvy #abercrombie #cyberweek ♬ original sound – abercrombie


Calvin Klein

The CK TikTok account takes advantage of the incredible creator tools TikTok provides. Putting their videos into playlists, replying with a video feature, getting involved with trends, and plenty more.

@calvinklein Reply to @timosfilms He didn’t mind the briefs 😏 #calvinklein ♬ original sound – Calvin Klein

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