Face mask brands that are functional and fashionable

Phone? check!

Wallet? check!

Keys? check!

Face mask? check!

The reality of this addition to our everyday “before-I-leave-the-house” checklist is upon us.

Just as we previously would never have considered heading out of the door without shoes on, it is safe to assume that making the daily decision on which facial accessory most appropriately suits with our attire, will become routine.

With more than 50 countries now mandating face coverings be worn in public, even if the UK continues to forgo this as a requirement, it is likely to become a travel essential when flights resume.

There are several companies which have either pivoted from their core business to mask production or newly launched for the COVID-19 demand. Along with social distancing and hand washing, these new wardrobe additions are helping keep you and others safe, thankfully, these brands and the creators behind them aren’t forcing anyone to make a choice between functional and fashionable.

Vista Print

Best known as the printing shop for business cards since the 90’s, Vistaprint has grown to print and design an assorted range of products and materials. Expanding in the COVID-19 crisis, Vistaprint has launched an entire product section for the pandemic including the Vistaprint RFS reusable masks. They are available in a range of colours including discrete solids and statement prints for adults and children.

Pearl and Bear 

This is a particularly challenging time for any parent, but this British shop has a great variety of essentials for keeping little ones entertained and comfortable. They are also now selling this low key 3-layer protection face mask for mom and dad, and shortly launching a range for the little ones too!

Mayer Man

International menswear designer Ross Mayer has launched a collection of masks as cool as his street-style line. Produced from leftover materials from his clothing designs, Ross has committed to keeping his staff earning wages producing masks and helping a local LGBTQ+ support group with the proceeds.  About their mask collection, this brand says, “Let’s make the most of this and make it fashion!”

Complete Safety Supplies

A business striving to be known for its consultancy on health and safety measures, Complete Safety Supplies is a reliable source for protective gear. Their product suite includes a variety of premium washable and reusable face masks available. The best part? They are fully customisable to suit any size and style.

Carrie Jenkinson Millinery

Infamous for her eclectic head pieces worn by the Royal family and Fashion It Girls, Carrie Jenkinson has reimagined her millinery and diverted her manufacturing resources to creating protective luxury face masks. Each is designed with 2 layers of 100% luxury cotton and an inside layer of brushed cotton for comfort and softness on the skin. The masks are adjustable with elastic and suitable for children and adults. This is your chance to have a Carrie Jenkinson design for a £8 donation, allowing the millinery to provide masks free for NHS Staff and local Care homes.


Earning at 4.5-star rating on the new addition to their Etsy shop, Vogar’s durable facemask doesn’t loose its integrity with 200+ washes. Best known pre-COVID for their premium sheepskin slippers, this brand is one stop for staying comfy on the feet at home and protected once you’re out and about.

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