Europe’s leading HealthTech innovators

With venture capital investment continuing to flood in to the industry, HealthTech is one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors. Having been on an upwards trajectory for some time, the events of the pandemic have accelerated this growth significantly. From tech platforms supporting families on their fertility journies through to apps helping health & social care professionals communicate more efficiently, there has been a growing recognition from investors, consumers and medical professionals alike for the value that digital solutions can provide.

As the burgeoning industry continues to pick up momentum we shine a spotlight on some of the brands leading Britain’s HealthTech revolution.

Combining medical expertise with an industry-leading technology platform, Apricity is a next-generation fertility clinic. The start-up’s mission is to streamline the conception journey for the one in six couples that encounter difficulties having children.

Working alongside some of the country’s leading clinics, the platform removes the need for multiple physical visits and long wait times for couples through offering blood tests, semen analysis and video consultations that users can access from the comfort of their own home. The brand’s mobile app gives couples complete visibility of their journey and guidance on the steps to take in order to maximise their chances. Providing seven days a week access to a fertility adviser, despite being a tech-based solution the business understand the importance of a human touch during one of life’s most personal journeys.

One of the UK’s fastest-growing HealthTech innovators having achieved over $50m in funding since its launch in 2017, ZOE is on a mission to empower people to live life to their fullest. Working with scientists from some of the world’s leading institutions including King’s College, Harvard and Stanford, ZOE gives its users data-led insights in to how their bodies are reacting to the food they consume.

Users complete a simple array of tests at home before receiving a personalised response from ZOE with in-depth insights regarding factors such as blood sugar, blood fat and gut health. These results include analysis on the impact certain meals and food groups are having and a tailored program to reduce their negative impact. Personalisation is key to the service and each recommendation is individually tailored, acknowledging that even for identical twins, everyone’s biology is different.

Aiming to save lives by sharing the best medical practice from around the world, Proximie’s tool enables Clinicians to collaborate and share knowledge with their peers all via their virtual platform. With a mission to create a ‘borderless operating theatre’ Proximie’s tool enables surgeons to interact remotely, sharing best practice, reducing variation in care and ultimately helping to save lives.

The business has grown rapidly over the last year, conducting over 10,000 surgical interactions across more than 40 countries. Having raised over £27m in a recent Series B funding round, the business has ambitious plans to scale further across Europe and the US. The business has real potential to become the global leader in digital surgery and 2021 is set to be a key year in their growth.

Following a year in which the NHS’ already limited resources have been stretched further than ever, the stark realities of the organisation’s staffing crisis couldn’t be more apparent. On a mission to save the NHS over £1billion, Lantum’s workforce management software helps connect temporary doctors (Locums) with GP practices, cutting out the agency middlemen that have traditionally been tasked with this who then take a significant financial cut.

Lantum’s software is great for both GP practices and the staff that service them through giving Clinicians the option to work more flexibly while also helping healthcare providers reduce costs and cut admin time. As well as providing temporary doctors, the business’ software also provides eRota, compliance and shift booking options, helping digitise GP practices and manage their workforces more efficiently.

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