Eco-friendly paint brands helping consumers go green

Eco friendly paint might be a new concept for many consumers but as the nation picked up their brushes throughout the pandemic the industry boomed.

Following the recent COP26 conference that has drastically increased awareness of quite how pressing the need for change is, conscious consumerism is sure to reach new heights with increasing numbers of shoppers proactively considering the environmental impact of their purchasing choices.

This shift in mindset is present across every area of consumer lives with home decorating and interior design undoubtedly being affected. Here we shine a spotlight on the eco-friendly paint brands helping consumers go green.

Founded by entrepreneurs Lucas London and Sam Bradley and backed by high-profile VC investors such as Zoopla/Cazoo founder Alex Chesterman OBE, Lick are one of the most exciting brands in the sector. Launched with a mission to give the home decorating industry a makeover, the business has recently closed an impressive £15m Series A funding round.

Working alongside consumers to help decorate their homes, Lick provides its users with access to not only their very own ‘colour consultants’ but also to a community of people in the same boat who can exchange helpful tips on the ‘doing up’ process.

As well as producing a range of eco-friendly paints, the business is committed to driving impact outside of its product line through delivering initiatives such as a partnership with 4ocean to clean up seas, rivers and coastlines around the world. As of May this year, Lick have helped remove more than 22,000kg of plastic from the oceans as well as planting almost 7,000 trees.

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Founded by Chemical Engineer Antonio León Jiménez, Graphenstone is one of the industry’s leading eco-friendly paint brands. While sustainable paint might be a new concept, Graphenstone has pioneered this movement through reinvigorating historic production techniques that were on the verge of being forgotten.

Using ethically sourced lime as the base for their products, the business have taken this tactic to the next level through also incorporating graphene to improve the quality of their paint. The organic lime within their products proactively improves air quality through absorbing CO2 with three 15 litre tins able to absorb as much CO2 as a tree over the course of a year.

Farrow & Ball
Synonymous with quality, Dorset brand Farrow & Ball produce both paint and wallpaper. Founded in 1946 with a commitment to using only the finest ingredients, little has changed on that front throughout the last 70 years with the brand still developing richly pigmented paints that are second to none within the category.

In recent years the brand has also dipped its brush in to the eco-friendly market, committing to low/minimal VOC (volatile organic chemicals) in its paints. The dry waste from its manufacturing plant is either recycled or converted into energy, as is almost 100% of its liquid waste.

Having grown to more than 60 showrooms around the world and more than 500 employees, the firm is showing no signs of slowing down and is leading the market in the high-quality paints category.

Little Greene
The Little Greene Paint Company are one of the UK’s longest standing brands. With records dating back to the 18th century the business produce water-based paints with almost zero VOCs, carrying the industry’s lowest eco-rating. This also means that the paints are virtually odour free! When it comes to their oil-based range, this is also eco-friendly having been reformulated to only use sustainable vegetable oils. The paints are all housed in tins made using recycled steel which can be recycled again once you’re finished.

When it comes to wallpaper the family-run business only uses paper from sustainable forests so consumers can be sure that not only are they getting the very best in design, they’re not compromising on sustainability either.

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