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With 2020 right around the corner, the stage is set for global industry leaders to gather at Fintech Connect and explore the top agenda items for the road ahead. The pace of game-changing innovation is faster than ever before, and this year’s event will see businesses racing to lay the foundation for more seamless digital experiences across the next decade.

A new dawn for cross-border payments

Wholesale cross-border payments between financial institutions and beyond is set for unprecedented change. It’s clear to see that as more of the biggest players invest in this sector, the way we transact payments is being reconceptualised to become more transparent, seamless but most importantly instant.

To fully realise the rapid growth of the sector, industry silos must be overcome to re-examine the challenges of multiple currency systems and regulatory jurisdictions. At Fintech Connect industry experts will address the changing dynamic of the cross-border lifecycle and discuss the latest approach towards more effective compliance.

Making regulation work for innovation

This year’s Fintech Connect will see multiple discussions around how to accommodate and adapt to changing regulations and compliance whilst achieving a frictionless customer experience. For customers and firms to be protected from fraud and money laundering, innovation and regulation must be intimately tied, balanced and agile to extract real business value.

Data quality is the priority

Those attending this year’s event will place added emphasis on richer, cleaner and more structured data to remedy many of the pain points created by missing or incomplete data. With processes like straight-through-processing (STP) being more widely adopted in the payments space, the quality of data analytics to validate information ahead of time is crucial. We can anticipate a key talking point will be around the right function to ensure data hygiene and guarantee compliance across the board.

RegTech set to soar

Compliance, security, and risk management are undergoing transformation and the tremendous uptake of RegTech solutions is a key indicator of its importance in the sector. Globally financial institutions are seeking out RegTech providers to modernise their compliance function to ensure the complexities of regulatory requirements don’t compromise innovation.

Taking up the mantle of being the leading compliance solutions to meet the necessary steps above, these are the RegTech companies we’re keeping an eye out for looking forward.

RiskSave Compliance

Mature plug and play solution provider, RiskSave Compliance, is transforming how advisory firms, wealth managers and investment banks fulfil their compliance obligations. By taking charge of regulatory processes and reporting, RiskSave Compliance provides a customised service to support business activity to ensure firms remain compliant as market conditions change. RiskSave is also a frontrunner in tackling the challenge fund managers face in producing a Key Investor Document ‘KID.’ RiskSave is uniquely positioned to undertake a prescriptive quantitative analysis of deal documentation to the end buyer on an ongoing basis to reduce regulatory risks.

W2 Global Data

Founded in 2011, W2 Global Data provides a wide range of Platform as a Service (PaaS) tools to ensure organisations can access a myriad of data sources to conduct regulatory Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards, Know Your Customer (KYC), and Fraud prevention due diligence. Its mission is to completely transform how financial services and payment companies verify identity and counter online fraud. With greater access to thousands of commercial and international government data sources, W2 provides an enhanced investigative service in real-time making meeting regulatory requirements quick and simple.


A Manchester-based big data company, HelloSoda provides an advanced analytics software solution to global clients across six continents. The company has shown impressive growth with a client roster boasting the likes of Visa Europe. It is on a mission to provide thorough analysis of customers’ digital footprint to combat fraud and showcase how data is being used to determine their likelihood for loan and mortgage approvals.


Belfast software company, Datactics supports banks in measuring and improving data quality. Using its RegMetrics solution, banks can carry out internal and external reporting with richer data and actionable insights deriving greater business value. Datactics brings order and control for firms required to meet the stringent financial regulations of MiFID II and FSCS, for example. The solutions Datactics have developed offer continuous data quality measurement for any department or enterprise level, with a host of targeted data mapping and matching exercises available.

If you’re a technology company interested in how we can help raise your profile, please get in touch today.

Spotlight on Fintech Connect: key themes and exciting start-ups to watch

You’ve done it! You’ve managed to secure a mortgage arrangement and you’ve landed the property of your dreams.

But before you start popping the Moet, it’s time to think about all the things that come with moving properties.

Whether your moving into the property yourself or have purchased it with the intention of renting it out, both come with added pressures and a long to-do list to complete.

You’ll need to let your utility suppliers know that you’re planning on moving out, get quotes on removal costs and begin packing.

Here are five of our favourite start-ups that will make the transition so much easier.


Bills are boring. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service that took care of your bills for you? Luckily there is, introducing Acasa. The home management platform designed to create seamless living.

Simply put, Acasa sets up and manages your bills for you, and then splits the cost between you and your housemates. You’ll still be able to stay in control via the app and see all the information that you require including who’s paid and who still owes.

Acasa has committed to being 100% green as well, with all energy coming from Octopus Energy, an award-winning supplier who generates 100% green electricity.


With almost eight million customers to date, AnyVan’s primary objective is to use smart technology to improve the effectiveness and the overall experience of the entire delivery and moving process.

With unbeatable instant prices, the ability to track your driver and the flexibility to choose a date and time to suit your needs. AnyVan has been one of the UK and Europe’s premier moving services for the best part of a decade.

So, whether you’ve got a vintage piano that needs moving delicately or a whole house that needs packing up and transporting, AnyVan should be your first port of call.

Love Space

Are you beginning to get worried about where you’re going to fit everything in your new home? Love Space are the tonic to your headache. Meet the UK’s first storage-by-the-box company.

Love Space will collect things from your home and look after them for as long as you want and then return them whenever and wherever you need them.

So, whether you need to store a family heirloom for a couple of weeks until you make space for it or need something stored more permanently whilst you sell it, Love Space are your way forward.


So, you’ve recently moved into a new property which has a room that you’re not sure what to do with and you need a little inspiration. RoomLab offers a personalised online interior design service from as little as £79.

In four easy steps, you can have the room that you always wanted but didn’t know you wanted in just a few weeks.

To start the process, tell RoomLab a little bit about the space and what you want to achieve in a short brief, including anything that you’d like to keep or what inspires you. RoomLab will then match you with a designer based off your room, style and budget.

At this point, your designer will offer recommendations and swap out furniture until you’re completely happy with the choices you’ve made. Of course, it can provide to be very difficult to make decisions on a room when you’ve only been able to visualise it and see it for real. To solve this your designer will provide you with a room visualisation and layout to help.

Once you’re happy with how your room will end up looking like, it’s time to order the products. By ordering through RoomLab you’ll get discounts on everything you order.


If you’ve been renting, you’ll probably want to get an expert cleaning service in to give you the best possible chance of recouping some of your deposit. With over 100,000 satisfied customers and with more than one million cleans under their belts, Helpling are your go to service for an end of tenancy clean.

Alternatively, if you’re moving into a property and want to have it cleaned before you begin the moving in process, they also offer a deep cleaning option too.

With thousands of domestic cleaners to choose from simple scroll through different profiles and select your preferred cleaners to find the best match for you and your home.

If you would like to find out more about how public relations could elevate your business to the next level, get in touch today.

The businesses getting you settled in your new home

This week will see hundreds flock to QEII Exhibition Centre in London for 2019’s edition of MoneyLIVE Summit.

Featuring the best and brightest from the worlds of banking, payments and FinTech – attendees will be able to mix and mingle with leadership from blue-chip organisations like HSBC, OakNorth, Monzo and Barclays.

The event provides an opportunity for the most disruptive new players in the sector to put themselves in front of a wider audience. So, we’ve looked at five for you to get excited about.


According to ONS statistics, there are more than 4.8 million self-employed people now working in the UK, and this is a number that continues to grow.

However, many self-employed workers may find themselves ostracised by a financial system designed for workers in ‘traditional’ roles, and scores more caught out by periods of low or slow work.

Trezeo solves by providing financial service products specifically designed for self-employed workers. Trezeo offers both personal accident insurance, as well as a machine learning-powered ‘income smoothing’ offering, which eliminates fluctuations in the amount that a worker earns, ensuring that there’s certainty in weekly incomes


Around 110,000 property transactions take place every month in the UK. However, if you’ve ever tried to purchase property, then you’ll know that this isn’t always easy. The process of buying a home can be incredibly laborious, relying on manual, paper-based processes, with incredibly slow decision times and a general air of opacity.

Molo – the UK’s first fully digital mortgage lender – aims to remedy some of these ills by leveraging technology to provide a better experience. Molo promises to respond to a mortgage application within a 24-hour window – with the reasoning behind any decision being provided in real time to provide full transparency. Molo also prides itself on having low fees, and no hidden fees, with any savings being passed onto the customer!


Raisin looks to help its customers save time and money when looking for savings products. Through its saving marketplace, Raisin users can easily compare and apply for a variety of savings products offered by its partner institutions across the UK and Europe.

Users can apply for multiple products at one time, and the Raisin platform also automates the process of deposit and withdrawal. To add the cherry on top, all the products on offer are covered by the European Deposit Guarantee Scheme!

Yoyo Wallet

For the consumer, Yoyo Wallet combines mobile payments, digital receipt collection and an automated loyalty program into one platform. Users are given an individual QR code which lets a customer make payments with their smartphone. Using the data received, Yoyo can also send rewards and offers based on the distinct shopping behaviours of the user.

This data can also be given to the retailer, who can leverage it to make better decisions, improving their ROI.


FIntune has built a saving solution aimed at introducing children to financial concepts and educating them on responsible habits.

Their first product is composed of a physical, digitally-enabled money box. This acts as a companion to a financial literacy app which teaches skills around earning, saving and spending. Parents can use the app to monitor activity, set up pocket money, assign tasks and organize wish lists

If you would like to learn more about what PR could do for your business, speak to a member of our award-winning team today.

MoneyLive Summit 2019: Ones to watch

With just two months to go until a new decade starts, it’s fair to say that the 2010s have been the worst in history for data breaches and hacks. Thanks to the ever-increasing sophistication of hackers and the explosion of personal data collection, companies are now sitting ducks in the digital pond.

Business Insider recently reported that 4 billion records have been stolen in the last decade alone through data breaches. For businesses, not only does this represent huge risk in terms of regulatory fines and potential loss of revenue; it also poses serious risk of reputational damage.

From Facebook’s 540 million user profile data left up for grabs on unprotected servers to First American’s exposed 1.885 million financial records earlier in the year, we’ve all seen how damaging these stories have been to the businesses hit. While we can’t help you shore-up your digital infrastructure from attack, we can help you mitigate any reputational damage if you do find yourself on the sharp end of a data breach.


As with most things in life, preparation is key. Before you wake up to the nightmare of a data breach, it’s important to have a plan of attack ready in advance. This needs to start with a clear understanding within the company on what the process is for communicating any data breach to customers and suppliers, as well as who and where that message should come from.

As part of this planning process, everything from ensuring there’s a dedicated landing page ready to set live, to pre-drafted FAQs for customers should be agreed upon and created in advance.  Importantly, these protocols and content need to be shared with any partner agencies to ensure there will be one consistent message given to customers and the public should a breach occur.


The need for speed is real during a data breach. Not only are there significant financial penalties should a company not disclose to the ICO that they’ve been breached; but the longer you wait to tell customers their data has been compromised, the more damage you will do to your reputation.

As soon as the appropriate authorities have been informed, messages need to be sent directly to customers who have been affected. Whether through direct email, a statement posted on the website or even a press conference, it’s essential that customers know what has happened and how you are working to mitigate the risk to their data. Transparency is essential here. Dragging your feet to tell customers or being ambiguous about what has happened will not give customers confidence in you as a business.


Once the initial data breach has occurred, don’t go quiet on customers. By providing regular updates, when appropriate, it lets customers know you’re still working on mitigating any damage caused and not ignoring what happened. This helps to reduce any reputational damage by showing customers you are being as open and transparent with them as possible, while doing everything possible to solve the issue.

While the first line of defense should always be a strong cyber strategy, in this day and age data breaches cannot always be prevented. However, by following this three-step guide, you can start to mitigate the reputational damage caused by such breaches.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how we can help you, please get in touch.

Three step guide to PR when you’ve had a data breach

So, after hours and hours of research and property viewings, you’ve finally found it. You’ve found your dream home.

But before you start getting exciting and submitting offers, it’s all action stations to find the right mortgage that will help you pay for your dream home.

In the past, applying for a mortgage could be a bit of a minefield of a process. To begin with you’d have to spend considerable amounts of time trawling the internet or calling up lenders to find the best mortgage deal for you. Then you’d have to call up and book an appointment to visit your local branch or meet with a broker, all whilst you sit frantically hoping your dream property doesn’t get scooped up by a faster bidder.

As the property market has grown, so has the technology and services offering solutions to the mortgage selection service. There are now a cluster of innovative online-based mortgage companies that are ready to give you a quote in a matter of minutes and provide a smoother user experience.

Here are five of our favourite mortgage start-ups you should check out.


Standing up for the homeowner against big banks is Trussle, who are leading the fight for fairer mortgages. In just a matter of minutes Trussle will be able to tell you how much you could borrow and save no matter your circumstances. If you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro looking to remortgage your property Trussle want to help you.

Even after you’ve signed up to a mortgage lender, Trussle will continue to compare your mortgage deal to other ones on the market, if it finds one better it’ll alert you straight away, so you always get the best deal.

The best thing about Trussle is that it’s completely free!


Delivering you the best mortgage around is Habito. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time buyer or simply looking to remortgage your property, Habito commits to still finding you the best deal.

As agreeing on a mortgage is such a big decision, it’s no surprise that on average four out of five people seek the advice of a mortgage broker before committing. Habito is like having your own personal broker, the innovative technology analyses every mortgage available on the market from over 70 lenders to find the best one for you in seconds.

The support for each customer doesn’t stop there; once you’ve found the right mortgage for you, Habito will provide you with an online expert who will be there with you every step of the way and be available to contact on live chat or over the phone.


Formerly known as Unmortgage, Wayhome is the alternative to the traditional mortgage process. Instead of signing up for a 30 or even 40-year mortgage, Wayhome are offering consumers the capital to buy a home worth up to 10 times their income with only a 5% deposit.

Their motto is if you can afford to rent it, you can afford to gradually buy it.

Wayhome haven’t officially launched yet but now’s the time to fill out some details on their website, to get yourself to the front of the queue.


Winner of the 2019 What Mortgage Awards and ranked 20th in the Deloitte Fast 50 is LandBay. Currently one of the fastest-growing UK peer-to-peer lending platforms on the market. Landbay are helping investors and landlords make more of the buy-to-let mortgage market.

By directly connecting investors with borrowers searching for a buy-to-let mortgage, Landbay are the missing link between the investors and borrowers.

Landbay have created access to a revolutionary new type of investment opportunity for the everyday lender, which in turn helps investors to reap the reliable and regular financial returns offered by the robust UK buy-to-let mortgage market, whilst also supporting responsible borrowers in securing access to faster funding.


The first mortgage lender built specifically to service first-time buyers. If you can afford to rent, Proportunity are now giving you the opportunity to buy. If you can save up at least 5% of your deposit, the chances are Proportunity will be able to give you a loan for anywhere from 15 – 25% of your dream property.

In simple terms, the Proportunity model provides equity loans that can help first-timer buyers afford the home they want up to 10 years earlier.

Stop renting and start owning today.

If you would like to find out more about how public relations could elevate your business to the next level, get in touch today.

The mortgage businesses helping to secure the best deal

It’s part two of our PHA Proptech series and as we move around our property board, we begin to look at the stand out businesses innovating the industry and making it easier to buy a property in the UK.

From online platforms that help potential buyers determine what they can afford compared to other buyers looking in the area, to a startup that guarantees to sell your property in 90 days, or they’ll provide the funds to make the homeowner’s next purchase interest-free.

Here are our six favourite Proptech startups supporting the property buying process.


In less than a decade, Emoov has sold over £5bn worth of property and in the process saved sellers over £30m in fees. Emoov are the online estate agents who are ready to guide you through the whole process, whether that’s the initial valuation to arranging viewings or exchanging contracts.

With no commission costs and just one flat fee that comes in at under £1000, your package includes professional adverts that reach over 10 million buyers from major portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Emoov will help get you the best price for your property.

But don’t just take our word for it, they’ve been voted the UK’s No 1 Hybrid Estate Agent for customer service, three years in a row.


Did you know that a third of home sales fall through? And if that wasn’t bad enough the one which does complete, takes on average an excruciating 19 weeks to get there? Settled are trying to make this a thing of the past.

You should think of Settled as your own personal expert guide every step of the way, from sending a professional photographer to listing your property on sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Think personal planner for your property purchasing.


In just three simple steps innovative startup Nested give you the power to move when you want to. The process begins with their agents using local data to give you an accurate valuation whilst finding the right buyer for your home.

Step 2 is where the fun really begins, Nested allows you to house hunt chain free, giving you access to a cash advance meaning you’re in a powerful position to negotiate a better price for your new home.

So far in their short business career, Nested has helped 400 people move home, where many of the customers were made chain-free thanks to their advance offering.

We’re tipping 2020 to be a breakthrough year for Nested, so if you’re looking to move properties soon, make sure to check them out!


A property tech platform that scores buyers based on their ‘buying position’ and provides better data to agents, sellers as well as the buyers themselves.

Hipla services third party estate agents who can access the data and draw their own conclusions about a buyers purchasing position, whilst allowing the buyer to see for themselves firsthand how their ‘buying position’, compares to other buyers looking in the same area.

Hipla are also on hand to offer free advice and help on how buyers can position themselves better to make sure they get on an agent’s ‘hot’ lists. So, when a dream home does come available, buyers can be ready to move fast and have more chance of their offer being accepted.


A tech real estate firm that focuses on making sure real estate professionals stay ahead of the game.

REalyse pronounced as ‘realise’ specialise in providing enterprise businesses with smart, reliable and accurate data, so it becomes faster, easier and more efficient for UK residential property professionals to determine where, when and what to build.

Invite Agents

A new online platform who has made it their mission to not only find you the right estate agent to sell your home, but they’ll do it completely free of charge.

Simply enter a few brief details about you and your home, if there are any specific estate agents, you’d like a quote from and what factors are most important to you you can state from the offset.

Invite Agents will then set to work and contact each of your local agents to request a personalised fee quotation, and once all the quotes have been received, you’ll be able to compare all the variants you need such as agent fees, property valuations and even Trust Pilot scores if you require.

Invite Agents who are currently crowdfunding are hoping to innovate the industry and make it a more transparent place to be.


Tune in next week to find out our next unveil on the PHA property board. If you would like to find out more about how public relations could elevate your business to the next level, get in touch today.

Businesses helping you buy or sell a home

Traditionally blockchain and cryptocurrency have been synonymous with the banking and the financial industry but as technology evolves, exciting new blockchain solutions are beginning to appear in more mainstream industries.

From the construction to healthcare and event ticketing services, we’ve taken a look at six of the best.


One in four people live in unsuitable or unaffordable housing, whilst one in eight live in slums. The issue of inadequate housing is a worldwide epidemic.

Ehab is a blockchain-based data platform which is hoping to drive efficiency throughout the planning, development and construction process to make sustainable forms of housing more viable.

Their data platform has integrated blockchain technologies as part of the project management system so that automation can be used in the development process and help to build clarity.

Vault Platform

Did you know that 75% of workplace misconduct goes unreported? Enter Vault Platform whose solo mission is to keep companies and their employees safe.

By harnessing the highest security standards, Vault creates a secure, safe and private zone which is owned by the user, where they can record, report and resolve misconduct in a technically secure, efficient and legally sound way.

Although currently in stealth mode, we’re predicting that 2020 will be a big year for this startup.


A revolutionary platform that gathers revenues for films of all sizes from everywhere in the world including TV channels, cinemas, online platforms and even DVDs.

The platform then distributes the money to the people who were involved in the creation of the film, so whether that’s financiers, producers, crew staff or even the actors they all get paid exactly what they are owed.

The blockchain technology allows for full transparency over the movie revenues and gives instant access to the funds which have been earned.


Looking to revolutionise the healthcare industry is Medicalchain. A decentralised platform, it allows patients to create a user-focused electronic health record that can be sent directly to multiple physicians for online consultations.

Medicalchain promises no privacy will ever be lost and is dedicated to empowering patients and improving outcomes.

Citizen Ticket

The Edinburgh based startup is a ticketing platform with a difference, Citizen Ticket is a blockchain-powered solution which is fighting ticket fraud and touting and providing a platform for one million event organisers worldwide. Making a positive global impact in the process.

For every ticket purchased on their platform, 5p goes towards planting a tree in the UK, this way after hundreds of years have passed, it’s legacy will still live on. Since July of this year, 104 trees have been pledged.


Run by former law-enforcement agents and computer scientists, Elliptic is here to reveal the truth behind Bitcoin activity. The Elliptic software can be found in some of the world’s largest banks and Bitcoin exchanges, monitoring billions of dollars in transactions every month.

The software itself is used to identify and investigate Bitcoin’s role in cases of terrorist financing, arms trafficking, blackmail and child pornography. These are the people who find the truth in data.


If you would like to find out more about how PR could connect you with the right audience for your blockchain offering then please get in touch with us today.

Six industries blockchain is disrupting

If you work in technology, it often feels like hundreds of new technology start-ups are appearing every second. With the explosion of tech companies out there, it’s no surprise that the PR industry has followed suit with tech-speciality departments and agencies popping up. That, however, makes it more difficult for companies to know which agency is best for them and their needs. So, what should you look for in a European technology PR agency?

Clear understanding of technology

Writing is, of course, a very important aspect of a PR agency’s skillset, so it’s vital you ensure your prospective European technology PR agency can write about technical topics to a high standard – especially those that relate to your company’s industry. Depending on how technical your business is, you may want to get some writing examples from the agency’s past work on other clients to get an idea of their subject matter knowledge and abilities.

Credentials and case studies

As with strong writing skills, it’s a good idea to ask the agency for their credentials and examples of previous work. While it’s obvious that you should ask to see credentials of technology companies, you should also ask for examples of companies that closely resemble yours, such as asking to see examples of B2B tech companies if your company is also B2B, or asking for examples of early stage companies if that is the same as yours, and so on.

Solid contacts

With technology being such a huge part of all our lives, it’s no surprise that almost every media title now has at least one journalist covering a technology beat. Make sure you talk to your agency about how they work with press, where their strongest relationships are, and where they expect they would be able to get your company into the press. This is also a great opportunity to ensure you both agree about what is achievable from the PR campaign and that you’ll be able to see the results you want to.

Consistency across Europe

Whether you’re considering independent agencies or global ones with owned agencies in multiple markets, it’s important to ensure they have consistent quality throughout Europe. If they are an independent agency, ask about the partner agencies they work within the regions you’re looking to do PR in to verify the relationships. Likewise, if you’re looking at an agency with owned offices in other territories, ask for the EU agencies’ credentials to get an understanding of their strengths. When vetting these European agency relationships, be sure to also ask questions that help you to understand each agency’s media relationships in their country and what they would need from you to be successful.


There are a number of other elements to look for in a technology PR agency that go beyond those in this article, so if you’re seeking a European technology PR agency and want to find out more about how The PHA Group may be able to support you, get in touch with our technology team today at

What to look for in a European technology PR agency

Since the emergence of PropTech, the UK has played an integral role in the development of the industry, an unissu report earlier this year suggested that 771 PropTech companies and counting, reside in the UK.

One of the contributing factors for the development of PropTech in the UK is due to the sharp rise in the percentage of households who possess a smart phone. Last year saw a whopping 95% of households in the UK own a smart device; but what does this have to do with PropTech?

Well to keep up with an ever-evolving society, Proptech is fast becoming a millennial dominated market place. Millennials use smartphones for checking available properties, finding a free carpark space and tracking down the next handyman. The property world is changing and millennials are the driving force behind it.

To celebrate cutting-edge innovation in the UK, we’ve created the PHA PropTech series, where over the next few weeks we’ll celebrate a selection of the top PropTech businesses who are leading the way in the industry.

To kick things off we take a look at the businesses renovating the rental market.

The Collective

The Collective mission is to build and create spaces that foster human connection and enable people to lead more fulfilling lives. The Collective is putting an alternative spin on co-living that is so much more than just shared spaces.

The accommodation combines bespoke designed private space with personalised amenities and ground-breaking experiences. Stay for a few nights or a year and pay in just one seamless bill.

But the Collective isn’t just for co-living, it’s also for co-working. So, whether it’s the middle of the day or the night and you’re an entrepreneur who needs to set up shop and work, head to The Collective and they’ll be able to find you the perfect space for your needs.

Appears Here

Appear Here allows landlords to link in with retailers to help find the best spaces available on a short-term basis for their businesses. Spaces range from your typical shop to large scale shopping centres.

Not only does Appear Here allow landlords to find short-term tenants for their space so they don’t miss out on business having an empty space but also allows businesses and retailers to search for an interim dream space – perfect for your next seasonal pop-up.

In their short time as a business, Appear Here have gone global with spaces available in Paris and New York, as well as 1000 locations in the UK.

Watch this space for 2020, because if you see a pop-up shop, chances are Appears Here could have helped grow that relationship.


HubbleHQ is the only office rental marketplace to combine industry-leading technology, data insights and market expertise to match businesses with the right workplace to succeed.

HubbleHQ delivers an unrivalled search experience for businesses of all sizes, across flexible, managed and leased options – supercharged by the largest, real-time dataset on the office rental market.

Having already worked with some of the UK’s most forward-thinking companies – including Monzo, Trussle, and Citymapper – HubbleHQ is trusted by businesses large and small, with a Google rating of 4.9 stars.

The Plum Guide

If you’re constantly on the move for business and travelling from city to city, the thought of stepping inside yet another hotel lobby is probably one which fills you with despair. If the thought of staying in a home which doesn’t live up to expectation either is a risk you’re not willing to take, what do you do?

The Plum Guide is establishing themselves as the first globally recognised mark of quality in the homestay sector.

The Plum’s 150 point ‘Plum Test’ is gruelling, in fact, the toughest in the world, only the top 1% are accepted, in other words for every home accepted into the Plum’s guide collection, 99 aren’t.

So far just over 1,200 homes across London, Paris, New York and Milan have been accepted into the Plum Guide, so if you’re after renting a home that you know will deliver exactly what you need, then look no further.


Aiming to make renting better for everyone is Canopy. The start-up created in 2016 has simplified the rental application process, using innovative technology, tenants are now provided with a ‘rent passport’ that tracks their rental history and allows them to build their credit score.

Canopy believes that sharing a Rent Passport with a landlord or agent will put you ahead of other applicants who are still using traditional forms of renting and may make it more likely that you’ll land your perfect property. The Rent Tracking also allows for rent payments to be tracked to help build a positive credit history which in turn will help to build your creditworthiness and take the next step towards ownership.

Canopy is currently on the App store and Google Play, so why not download today and start helping your future.

Fizzy Living

Raising the bar in renting standards across London with their hassle-free approach to renting is Fizzy Living. Different to other rental organisations, landlords put residents at the heart of everything they do, which includes no agents and no surprise fees to be wary of.

Then there’s ‘Bob’, your on-site property manager who keeps things running smoothly on a day to day basis.

So, from pet-friendly landlords, to flexible rolling leases and super-fast broadband what’s not to love! Fizzy currently has seven locations in London including Lewisham and Canning Town.

Home Made

Meet London’s largest hybrid agency. Noticing that the traditional letting agency model doesn’t work anymore, Home Made is a new more efficient way to serve both landlords and tenants.

Home Made is a property-technology company that connects landlords to tenants for a one-off fee with no admin or renewal fees. Their fee which comes in under a £1000 if you exclude VAT is estimated to be 30-90% cheaper compared to traditional high-street agencies.

Using data analytics and technology Home Made are able to offer a better quality of service and greater efficiencies than most other agencies around on the market.

Watch out for Home Made in 2020, as we predict it’s going to be a big year for this startup.


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The renting start-ups that are making the property ladder that much easier

Thursday (10th October) is World Mental Health Day. A day which provides an opportunity for us all to raise awareness of mental health issues and battle against the stigma that comes with it.

Whilst the awareness day is an opportunity to improve understanding on a global scale, each year there’s a focused theme. This year the theme is suicide and suicide prevention.

Did you know that in the UK alone, suicide is the biggest killer in young people aged between 20 – 34 and is the second leading cause of death globally amongst 15-29-year old’s.

What can be done to help change this shocking statistic? Well in recent years the conversation around mental health is steadily improving, employers are more understanding, and most go out of their way to offer good wellbeing incentives when joining companies. Whilst in a social environment it’s becoming easier to talk to friends about issues you might be struggling with.

Over the last few years, there’s certainly been a shift in the right direction around mental health getting the attention it deserves, we have witnessed an explosion in technology specifically focused on improving mental health alongside new therapies and tools to help diagnose and treat mental illnesses.

We’ve looked at four tech start-ups who are fighting for good in the battle against mental health.


TalkLife understands that life can be incredibly hard for anyone at any point in their life. You can feel lonely, sad and just feel like crying the whole time to name just a few. TalkLife is a peer to peer support network app built to help millions of young people who struggle daily with mental illnesses. Think of it like a safe social network that’s all about support.

TalkLife allows people to talk to others who are going through the exact same struggles as they are, and appreciate that talking to family or friends can be sometimes challenging. Start using TalkLife today and lets start talking.


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Life isn’t easy and can throw us so many challenges but don’t ever forget that you are stronger than you know. Storms pass and we grow and our capacity to cope just gets bigger and bigger ❤️ 📷: @haveanicedayy_

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Offering message-based therapy in the workplace to make employees happier and more emotionally intelligent is Spill. Don’t think of the typical therapy session where you must go and sit on a sofa and explain face to face to someone what’s making you upset. Spill can be used at any time by everyone in your business. But impressively Spill has been designed to help people deal with life problems before they become life-altering.

It couldn’t be easier to get started either, simply reply to a few guided messages via the app before getting matched with a fully qualified counsellor who is best suited to your situation and begin exchanging messages which of course they will guide.

It’s a win-win for businesses too, as staff with an improved emotional intelligence will make for a happier and healthier workplace and will also allow for employees to focus better.


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Therapy helps you turn full stops into commas. Simplistic emotional outbursts are easy, so it’s no wonder our brains usually default to taking that route. We expend our emotional energy fretting and worrying about that surface issue – for example, why do I find social situations hard to navigate? – and then trying to calm ourselves down or move the thought out of our minds. When we feel things intensely, it’s rarely the case they’re that simplistic. The process of therapy gives you the license to sit with those feelings and, by talking about them with a professional who can keep pushing you to answer the hard questions, explore what might be underpinning them. . . . . #spillaboutit #spillers #emotionallywoke #therapy #counseling #counselling #psychology #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #therapistmagic #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthadvocate #emotionalintelligence #emotionalliteracy #emotionaleducation #psychologyfacts #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealthsupport #selfdevelopmenttools #therapysession

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Mind Moose

Mind Moose focuses specifically on improving the mental wellbeing of children, because as we all know, children who have higher levels of well-being are happier, have stronger relationships and more able to deal with life’s ups and downs not only as children but also as adults later in life.

Mind Moose is an engaging digital platform that teaches children how to keep their minds healthy. All through the power of animation, children are taken on a journey of discovery that teaches them how to look after their minds, develop resilience and ultimately flourish.

It can be used in both schools and on an individual basis at home, so make sure you check out Mind Moose and begin taking steps in improving your children’s mental wellbeing today.


Being able to understand and build a healthy resilience to stress can combat and fight against the onset of physical diseases. Using AI, user data and human insight, BioBeats have created a preventive workplace wellbeing programme designed to improve the wellbeing of your business.

BioBeats create an overall perspective of your health, by listening to not only your mind but also your body, in their assessment they take into consideration your heart rate variability, brain function, sleep and your activity.

They also offer a demo opportunity, so make sure to check in for an appointment to see if BioBeats could be an incentive you offer to your staff.


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Discover more about BioBeats and BioBase app on our website 🔗 link in bio! #biobeats #biobase

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The technology helping to battle Mental Health