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At the beginning of July, in an attempt to promote not only sustainable but safe travel in the UK, the government gave the green light to trial E-scooter rentals in some cities.

The opinion of E-scooters in the UK so far has not been one without controversy. People believe they have the potential to cause anarchy on our roads and bike lanes and could result in more road accidents, whilst others seen it as a green way to travel around the city.

If E-scooters do pass the test, one challenge brands in this market could face will be educating consumers that E-scooters are a safe mode of transport.

In recent weeks, there has been national media suggesting that the batteries on E-scooters are not safe and have the potential to catch fire or even explode – not quite what you look for when purchasing a new vehicle…

However, that being said, shared micro-mobility solutions are increasingly popular across European cities, and the benefits of a greener way of travel and taking more cars off the road is a big win.

We’ve identified five rental brands that have the potential to lead the market and conversation around E-scooters.


One of the giants in the mobility sector is Swedish firm Voi Technology, whose pioneering work focuses on providing an affordable, sustainable, and exciting way for people to commute.

Voi’s scooters which are currently available in 38 cities across ten European countries, actively work on reducing air and noise pollution levels, whilst also reducing the carbon footprint in cities in the process.

Since their inception in 2018, Voi Technology has raised over €122m, largely thanks to a huge €77m raised from both new and former investors at the end of last year.

As the brand continues their journey of development, it will be fascinating to follow their progress and what functionality their next line-up of vehicles will include.


Micro-mobility start up Tier has set bold ambitions to match their current levels of funding (so far they have raised over €130m). The German-based business aspires of leading the way towards smooth and sustainable mobility for all.

At the beginning of this year, Tier was named the first micro-mobility company to be fully climate-neutral, meaning they have a net-zero carbon footprint.

But whilst they might be pioneers in their own right, Tier acknowledges that they can’t change mobility for good on their own alone. Meaning they actively welcome partnerships with cities, public transport providers as well as communities to help achieve the end goal which is to create a cleaner and sustainable future.

Last month it was reported that Tier won Paris’ competitive E-scooter tender process, meaning they will be able to operate up to 5,000 scooters in the French capital.


Like the previously brands, Wind’s e-scooters provide a fun and zero-emission based alternative for consumers. Interestingly though, as part of Wind’s offering, they’re on the lookout for consumers to apply to become part of the Supercharger community, which if your application is successful means you could get paid to power up the fleet ready for the next day of riding.

Towards the end of 2019, Wind announced that their latest model of scooter which had taken eight months to develop included an ‘industry-first’ swappable battery which aims to better battery life and hardware durability.


Originally known as Flash, before re-branding to Circ in the summer of last year. When asked why the new name, a spokesperson for the brand suggested the switch better reflected who the brand is and how seriously they take the responsibility of moving people.

‘Circ is all about circles, connections and there is a great symmetry between the brand and helping people to move around their cities in a reliable and safe way.’ The representative went on to add.

If E-scooter rentals do get the green light in the UK, it couldn’t be easier to use Circ. Simply download the app, find an e-scooter nearby on the map and let the ride experience begin!

There’s a couple of interesting features on the Circ E-scooter which help it to stand out from their competitors including a headlight and a motor which a range of power depending on the journey.


Newly founded mico-mobility business, Dott, is on a mission to improve European city life. Their dockless, shared electrical scooters are a convenient alternative for short-distance travel. They believe they can create a future where inner cities will be free of both cars and pollution.

Last year Dott raised $34 million in a Series A funding round, we’re excited to see how they develop and launch across Europe’s most popular cities.

Do you work at an e-scooter brand that wants to reach a new audience in the UK? Speak to our team today to find out how we could do just that.

Trialling E-scooters in the UK 

There is no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated the transition to remote working faster than any of us could have expected. To adapt to such rapid change, businesses have had to rapidly invest in everything from video and conference calling tools, to security solutions, to ensure they can remain productive and safe with employees working from different locations.

As with anything, the devil is in the detail, and smaller problems such as document management, contract signing, and more can quickly cause significant friction when working remotely. Companies are looking for new ways to exchange and transfer documents, sign contracts, and store and secure any such virtual paperwork safely. Here, we take a look at some innovative companies helping businesses to go paperless.

Advanced UK provides electronic document management systems targeted at SMEs. The company works with Filestar, Xerox DocuShare with both cloud and on-premise solutions. Its software integrates with a company’s IT system so that documents can be stored electronically in a central repository for safe-keeping, with secure and controlled access and storage space-saving.

Such systems save space and prevent damage to documents, as well as helping to maintain GDPR compliance, while workers can also read, share and modify any document at the same time, removing issues with duplication. Intelligent document indexing means documents are tagged automatically with keywords to enable easy access.

Legalesign is an electronic signature platform for businesses, which combines contract management with signing workflows and advanced electronic signature so that companies can send, manage, and sign business contracts all online. It uses the PDF (Portable Document Format), a simple and efficient way to share documents between workers using different operating systems and devices.

Similarly, Signable’s document signing software lets you upload unlimited templates and users and offers flexible payment options, including a pay as you go plan, instead of locking users into a contract. Its clean interface and range of drag and drop fields to input data make it easy to navigate and speeds up the process.

Copenhagen-based Templafy provides all-in-one document management solutions for enterprises worldwide and is designed specifically for larger businesses. Its tech helps to streamline tasks and cut downtime spent storing and searching for files. The company’s intelligence software recommends content to workers based on their level and role, while its cloud storage software lets users access documents from any location, and can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite, or CRM solutions like Salesforce.

Meanwhile, Documation provides software to automate back-office business processes such as Accounts Payable, purchasing, expense management, and sales order processing. Founded in 1993 with a vision for a more efficient and online future, the company is an expert in document management and business process automation aiming to simplify complex tasks, work across departments and integrate with any business system or industry, regardless of scale or size.

As lockdown lifts but remote working shows little sign of retreating, businesses face challenges in maintaining efficient processes. In a world where sustainability is increasingly key to a greener and better future, companies must ensure they leverage technology where they can to reduce their carbon footprint and improve compliance, security, and accessibility.

If you’re providing a solution to help companies manage their documents online, get in touch today.

The tech helping companies go paperless

A recent study conducted by PFS and LiveArea has indicated that a new ‘conscious consumer’ has emerged from lockdown. The Retail Times suggests that consumers are increasingly becoming more aware of the environmental impact that their purchases are having, and that the temporary closure of shops gave consumers an opportunity to reassess and re-evaluate their shopping habits.

One sector that has benefited from a post-pandemic ‘boom’ is e-mobility and e-bikes. With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, and businesses starting to develop a strategy for safely transitioning back into the office. Consumers have begun looking at what their commutes might start to look like.

For most, public transport in the past has been known to be an overcrowded, delayed and thoroughly unenjoyable experience which now comes with a genuine health risk.

e-bikes which have an electric motor embedded to aid pedalling, provide an alternative, sustainable, and safer solution for consumers getting to and from the office.

We’ve profiled five of the best e-bike brands currently operating or planning to launch soon in the capital.


A new and exciting mobility brand that offers Londoners 20 minutes of free cycling every day. HumanForest was created to be a safe, functional, and fun mode of transport that is powered by renewable energy with no emission emitted. Think of HumanForest as the mobility brand that is driving the sustainable travel movement in a borough near you.

As still in the trial phase, HumanForest is only operating in Islington and Camden currently, but given its popularity on social media in recent weeks, it won’t be long until it expands across the capital. Watch this space!


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Today is Sunday, the perfect excuse to take a ride! Remember to end your ride in Islington. . . #reForestLondon #humanforest #ebike #freebike #islington

A post shared by HumanForest (@humanforest_uk) on


Founded by Emily Brooke MBE in 2012 under the original name Blaze. Beryl’s purpose is to build a better world by getting more people in cities on bikes and removing the barriers that currently exist.

Initially Beryl focused on tackling safety and visibility issues with cycling which resulted in them releasing the laserlight. A product that helps cyclists to ensure they don’t get caught in the blind spot of cars and other vehicles. Since then Beryl has gone on to release over two and half thousand green bikes into cities, and clocked over 304,000 rides in total.


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Introducing our new feature: pause your ride. • • • Pause your ride and secure your bike for up to 15 minutes at a time, without paying out of bay or put of zone fees. Whether you need to pick something up from the shops or drop something off with a friend who’s self-isolating, we hope the new pause ride feature will make it easier to go by bike. Find out more at the link in our bio. #BetterByBike #citycycling

A post shared by Beryl (@berylbikes) on


For a decade, Volt have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing the very best e-bikes around. In that time, Volt have released an extensive collection of e-bikes for every use and from differing price points.

The great thing about Volt is that its two founders are cycling enthusiasts who got tired of bulky, ugly electric cycles that died after just a few miles. So, you can rest easy knowing that the Volt bikes has been created with the consumer in mind.

And if your employer offers a cycle scheme, you could save up to £390 on your Volt bike just by signing up.


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Check the link in bio for our new Volt On The Road page, send in your photos of you on your Volt bike and we will feature it on our page! Heres @imiellen on our #Kensington #TryVOLT . . . . . #VOLT #VoltOnTheRoad #exerciseresponsibly #protecttheNHS #blesstheNHS #stayathome #stayathomesavelives #Quarantine #LondonLockdown #coronavirus #Covid19 #onebikerideaday #socialdistance #pubquiz #selfisolating #selfisolation #eBike #london #myebike #electricbike #commuterlife #cycling #bikeride #citycycling #healthylifestyle #cyclingmotivation #eCommute #EcoFriendly

A post shared by VOLT® Electric Bikes (@voltbikes) on


Newly founded mico-mobility business, Dott, are on a mission to improve European city life. Their dockless, shared electrical scooters and bikes are a convenient alternative for short distance travel. They believe they can create a future where inner cities will be free of both cars and pollution.

Last year Dott raised $34 million in a Series A funding round, we’re excited to see how they develop and launch across Europe’s most popular cities.


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Paris, we’re here to stay! 🇫🇷 We’re proud to announce today that we have won the Paris tender and will be able to double our fleet in the city ❤️🛴 Our co-founder Henri and French GM Nicolas met with the Town Hall of Paris today to confirm the good news! Big up to all of Team Dott and @dott_fr for their hard work #thedottway

A post shared by Dott (@dott_eu) on


One of the big players in the e-bike industry. VanMoof bikes has been engineered with cities in mind, not only do they shrink long commutes, provide a helping hand when it comes to pedalling but they also warn off bike thieves too.

What makes VanMoof different from the other bikes on market is how they are built to last a lifetime. Meaning they’re also committed to reducing waste as well as promoting sustainable travel.

If you do purchase a VanMoof do make sure to take advantage of their app which connects you with their Bike doctors who will keep you and bike riding happy.


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Minimalist design. Maximum experience.

A post shared by VanMoof (@vanmoof) on

Do you work at an e-bike brand that wants to reach a new audience in the UK? Speak to our team today to find out how we could do just that.

The best e-bike brands for your commute

If ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, it’s easy to understand why COVID-19 has fast tracked digital transformation industry-wide.

From telemedicine to farming tech, digital classrooms to online counselling, digital adoption has allowed us to navigate the challenges of the pandemic, keep industries turning, and find solutions to help safeguard public health.

Yes, it seems tech has quite literally infiltrated every aspect of our lives, and it looks like the Great British queue is next in line.

Queue management brands have been quick to respond to the crisis, and their role in helping businesses reopen while maintaining social distancing has been critical.

Virtual queues, SMS updates, and feedback portals are the future of queuing, and as bands of revellers descend on restaurants, pubs and bars this weekend, we’ve been doing some digging to unearth the top four brands working in this space.

Skiplino: an intelligent, cloud-based system that can monitor real-time queueing data and collect customer feedback. The brand is committed to protecting public health as we emerge from lockdown and provides a touchless response to support social distancing. Its system actively combats the spread of COVID 19 by allowing customers to wait in a queue from their mobile device, and even allows customers to book a specific time to visit a store.

Qminder: a contact free queue system for maximising safety. The busines pledges to put customers and staff out of harm’s way with planned visits, online sign in and SMS queueing. The platform also lets people see your peak hours and visitor capacity, meaning customers can decide themselves when to visit. Customers can also practice social distancing by allowing people to sign in by call, online or by scanning a QR code.

Qless: a digital queuing system that eliminates lines and collects valuable customer data in the process. QLess is tailor-made to facilitate social distancing and committed to helping governments, education, businesses, healthcare facilities, and other organisations serve their customers efficiently and safely during COVID-19. The business offers remote queuing, virtual call back queues and interactive appointments.

Qmatic: a business that connects people to services with its innovative customer journey systems, smart queue management solutions and user-friendly apps. The brand offers low-touch, socially distanced queuing via a mobile queue management package, which businesses of all sizes can use. Qmatic is committed to helping and supporting clients to continue their operations and respond to any challenges that they might face during these unprecedented times.

If you would like to discuss how our PR services could help separate you from your competitors, please get in touch today to find out more.

Technology that will help you beat the queues

It has been no secret that due to coronavirus descending on the nation that businesses of all shapes and sizes have had no option but to transition and embrace remote working and adapt their workforce.

For some, remote working wouldn’t have been an entirely new concept, but for companies who are used to working exclusively in an office environment, it would have provided teams with logistical issues and challenges they didn’t foresee coming.

We’ve taken a look at four platforms that help employers stay in touch with employees remotely and make engaging with remote teams easier to manage.


Helping you to get the very best out of your people is CakeHR. Understanding that the world of work is changing and traditional models of working simply will not work.

From handling time off approvals digitally, to employees being able to submit and manage company expenses from a mobile app. CakeHR is the product of technology and HR merging.

Currently, customers from over 50 countries and 1,200 cities in the world have chosen to use CakeHR for their HR needs.

If you’re wondered why “CakeHR?” Well, it started off because the software was a piece of cake to use! But in its later years, it now reflects how multi-layered the business is, again like a cake.


Are you a small business but with big ideas? If so, CharlieHR is the software for you. The London based business takes care of your admin whilst you’re working on bringing those big ideas to life.

Some of CharlieHR’s features include being able to keep employee information safe and secure, as well as useful functions that allow you to monitor the sentiment of your workforce with company engagement surveys.


Founded in 2013, citrusHR is the UK’s most comprehensive HR support service designed for small businesses.

citrusHR offer flexible, rolling, and monthly contracts and charge on a clear per-employee basis that makes it easy for businesses to budget for their HR needs.

There HR support service  gives customers unlimited advice from friendly HR experts anytime of the day.


Currently over 8,000 companies manage their HR needs with Breathe which equates to a mammoth 240,000 people using the platform. The easy-to-use HR admin platform allows HR professionals to safely access a staff holiday planner, view and download employee documents and manage appraisals and internal 1-2-1s.

Breathe also provide ongoing training and support as part of the monthly subscription package.

Does your business have an offering that other businesses need to know about? Get in touch today to find out how we could raise your profile to other businesses.

 Ultimate HR platforms for businesses

In a bid to reach net zero emissions by 2050, the British government has announced a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles in 2035. With an influx of electric cars on our roads, drivers need innovative, reliable and practical charging solutions at home and on the go. We take a look at some of the most forward-thinking EV charging companies in the UK.

Connected Kerb

Connected Kerb aims to provide easy access to EV chargers and enable smart city connectivity. The chargers include revolutionary technology that provides real-time data analysis on air quality, traffic and weather. This can help local authorities better understand where to focus improvement efforts in their regions. Connected Kerb also offers a range of sustainable, environmentally-friendly chargers such as The Armadillo, which is made from recycled vehicle tyres.


Wallbox has created the first bi-directional charger for home use, the Quasar charger. It allows for energy to flow two ways, meaning an EV’s charge can be sent back onto the National Grid to power homes when demand is high. This advanced vehicle-to-grid technology allows drivers to be paid when their car’s energy returns to the grid. As EV adoption increases, demand for electricity during peak times will drastically increase, putting the National Grid under strain so this ground-breaking technology will help stagger usage to ease the peak-time burden.


Local authorities across the country play a huge role in improving charging networks by ensuring residents have easy access to convenient, high speed chargers. Ubitricity works with these authorities to offer an affordable, easily implementable charging solution. The charging technology, which was created in Germany, integrates with every day outside structures such as public lamp posts, making it easy to install. Ubitricity is creating a reality where EV chargers are easily accessible in all local areas.


Pod Point has manufactured and sold more than 69,000 charging points across the UK and Norway. The company offers  EV charging points for drivers at-home, at commercial location and at work . Pod Point has worked with businesses like Tesco, Lidl, and Center Parcs to build a network of more than 3,000 charging points for drivers on the go. It also works with property developers such as Savills to build the chargers into new homes. Pod Point is really driving (pun intended!) an accessible network of chargers across the country and helping to make at-home chargers the norm for new-builds.’s mission is to make charging your vehicle as simple as charging your phone. uses existing infrastructure to provide convenient, local lamppost charging in England and Northern Ireland. Drivers can use the app to find their closest charger and, unlike other charging networks, can sign up through the app and charge immediately. The convenience of lamppost charging in busy cities like London, along with the ability to sign up and charge on the spot, makes a convenient and appealing option for drivers.

The PHA Group has extensive experience delivering excellent coverage for electric vehicles, renewable energy and driving companies. If you are an EV charging company that wants to secure more exposure in the media, get in touch today.

Five of the most exciting electric vehicle charging companies

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, the emerging online pharmacy industry has observed an exponential spike in popularity and rise in demand. The pandemic has created an environment in which consumers are experiencing significant anxiety about not only the threat of Covid-19 but a heightened awareness of their overall health & wellbeing. With anxiety about leaving homes unnecessarily and physical contact with others still very much present, consumers were also faced with the secondary challenge associated with a temporary pause on traditional channels for seeking either medical treatment or testing, leaving many people in a hugely challenging position.

This combination of factors has resulted in significant numbers of people turning to technology and exploring new avenues and means for looking after their health, one such means being the online pharmacy industry.

With companies including Well having to temporarily pause new customer requests in order to cope with this rise in demand, the industry has undoubtedly observed a marked growth in popularity in recent months and now faces an interesting challenge in terms of consolidating this initial success.

We shine a spotlight on some of the industry’s leading players:

Well Pharmacy:


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Our stores provide health checks, flu jabs and face to face support on things like weight management, or quitting smoking #wellpharmacy #health #pharmacy #nhs #smokingcessation #flujab

A post shared by Well Pharmacy (@wellpharmacy) on

The UK’s largest independent pharmacy brand, Well is second in the overall rankings only to Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy UK. Combining over 750 physical stores with their new online subscription service, Well are in a strong position to continue to service an increase in demand post-pandemic.

As well as their leading online subscription service, Well’s pharmacies also feature 24/7 prescription pick-up machines meaning customers can collect their medicine at any time that is convenient, underpinned by a text notification service that informs users when their prescription is ready.

Simple Online Pharmacy:


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#onlinepharmacy #pharmacy #simple #simpleonlinepharmacy #medicine #medication #nhs #pills #womenshealth #menshealth #doctors #pharmacists #chemist

A post shared by Simple Online Pharmacy (@simpleonlinepharmacyuk) on

Simple Online Pharmacy offer an end-to-end service, encompassing everything from requesting prescriptions from GPs through to arranging home delivery for its customers. Following delivery, the business looks to make things as easy as possible for its users, tracking when their next prescription is due and requesting it from their GP on their behalf.

Through partnerships with a wide range of trusted and registered MHRA drug wholesalers, the pharmacy is able to offer a best price guarantee and commit to offering lower prices than any other online pharmacy or doctor in the UK.



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Our Patient Care team are a great bunch, and they are on hand, to help answer your questions and queries. At Echo, we’re here for you and always will be 💙

A post shared by Echo by LloydsPharmacy (@echo_pharmacy) on

The fastest growing online pharmacy in the UK and an offshoot of Lloyd’s, Echo have access to over 10,000 collection points around the UK as well as its leading home delivery service. In just two simple steps users can download the Echo app, input the name of their local GP and which medicine they need, and Echo will do the rest.

Offering both online delivery and an easy-to-use app – Echo’s interface provides users with helpful reminders not only to take their medication but also when they need to re-order as well as a tracking service so users can keep an eye on exactly where their prescription is up to.

Are you a HealthTech business looking to gain more exposure in the UK media landscape? If so, get in touch with our award-winning team today to discuss how we could help.

The rise of the online pharmacy

In a world dominated by coronavirus, lockdown and a perpetually draining news cycle, our usual approach to self-care in the form of yin-yoga classes, a trip to the sauna and biweekly therapy sessions have been disrupted so our mission towards long-term wellness feels further from reach.

While turning to your smartphone to restore your sense of calm during this challenging time seems an odd approach, a number of innovative apps are available to provide a holistic wellness overhaul. Self-care is unique to us all but here are four platforms to plug into to supercharge yourself wherever you are.


A one-stop shop for science-backed, mindfulness exercises that range from daily meditation to life coaching, bedtime stories and soothing music. Its daily mood tracker is particularly beneficial, enabling you to gauge a better sense of your emotions through reviewing patterns and triggers. Through the use of AI, Aura personalizes exercises based on your mood in order to ensure you are best set up to carry out some much needed introspection to prepare you for the rest of your day.


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Anything is possible 🌟 Photo taken by Aura co-founder, Steve

A post shared by Aura (@aurahealthhq) on


A lot of us are missing compliments from our peers and colleagues, meaning we’ve got to give ourselves an added confidence boost. Shine is one such app that can bolster your mornings with a ‘Daily Shine’ motivational message combined with a mindfulness meditation focused on improving your mental health. The app approaches self-care by being your cheerleader, asking you questions daily to make sure you’re integrating positive reinforcements in to your busy day. Its online community is an added bonus, allowing others to share with you their personal methods for self-care and open, safe discussions around mental health.


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There’s a lot that might be out of your control—but one thing that you can do today is continue to show up for yourself in powerful ways. When you do, you’re hitting pause on any self-blame that gets in the way of your goals. Try it out today by treating yourself as you would a friend and dive into some self-reflection. What are your needs right now and how can you address them with love? 💛 . . . . . . . #selfcare #selflove #shinetext #motivation #selfcarethreads #selfconfidence #gratitude #selfworth #positiveselftalk #blacklivesmatter #blackmentalhealth

A post shared by Shine (@shinetext) on


Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus all shared one habit to propel their mental functioning: journaling. Journaling helps clarify the mind, providing important time to engage with oneself and keep track of thoughts over time. Reflectly is a perfect solution for many of us who don’t leave enough time for pen and paper introspection, instead providing an easy to use journal to access using any smartphone. Asking easy and productive questions, the app helps to create opportunities to reflect on the ups and downs of each day while offering useful counters to any negative thoughts you should be experiencing.


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When was the last time you had a date with yourself? 📝 #dateyourself #datenight #fridayfeeling #fridaythoughts #fridaywisdom #loveyourself #findyourself

A post shared by Reflectly – Intelligent Diary (@reflectlyapp) on


Thrive’s NHS-approved digital mental health solution uses clinically effective tools to track your mood and teaches you methods to take control of stress, anxiety and mental health related conditions. Thrive works well as a day-to-day lifestyle app to help you live a happier, more stress-free life, whilst also having the capability to support and intervene if it detects risks of certain conditions. Thrive runs a series of webinars covering topics such as stress, anxiety, coping with remote working, dealing with life-changes and isolation to help thousands of employees during these unsettling times.


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We understand that it’s not always an option for employers to provide all forms of support for their workforce, that’s why we’re proud to offer our app to everyone regardless of their occupation access from the @nhswebsite apps library📱 DM us for more info ✉️ . . . . . . . . . #MentalHealth #WorkplaceWellbeing #Thrive #DigitalHealth #NHS #Support #Wellbeing #Resilience #Mindfulness

A post shared by Thrive: Mental Wellbeing (@thrivementalwellbeing) on

If you have a wellness tech brand and you want to gain more exposure in the UK media landscape, get in contact with our award-winning PR team today.

Four wellness apps helping with our self-care

We’re not exactly sure what it is, whether it’s the recent heat wave we’ve experienced or anxieties around what’s happening in the world at the moment, but lately we’ve found ourselves starting each day by discussing the wild and wacky dreams we had the night before. It seems many of us are struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

Our sleep plays an incredibly important part in our overall health. A lack of it can cause us to lose focus easily, become short tempered, and even make us more susceptible to disease. So, it is no surprise that many of us invest in products to help us drift off quicker and have a more restful night’s sleep. With so many on the market it can be difficult to know which is right, so here are some of our favourites to make it easier.

Withings Sleep


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Meet Sleep Analyzer. 💤 For the first time a home sleep tracker is able to provide medical grade #sleepapnea detection, without requiring anything to wear. Link in bio. CE Medical | Europe only #SleepAnalyzer

A post shared by Withings (@withings) on

The Withings Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad tracks sleep cycles (deep, light and REM), heart rate and snoring duration to determine the quality of sleep we’re getting. It also syncs with other sensors in the home to control lights and temperature just by getting into and out of bed. This creates a much more comfortable sleep environment whilst giving a detailed reading of the quality of the sleep we’re getting.It works with Apple and Android phones so can be paired with the Withings Health Mate app to view a breakdown of sleep quality.

Kokoon sleep headphones


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Our customers fall asleep 30% faster listening to the spoken word and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques in the Kokoon Relax mobile app when compared to music or white noise. That’s one reason to jump for joy! Find out about Kokoon headphones and the Kokoon Relax app at our website.⠀ #sleepkokoon #lovesleep #kokoonrelax

A post shared by Kokoon (@sleepkokoon) on

These sleek looking noise cancelling headphones are perfect for those who need a little soothing music to help them drift off, but they also do so much more than that.The earcups contain electrodes that monitor EEG brainwaves. The sensors also monitor movement and sound, and send data to the Kokoon app, which then gives the user a breakdown of when you’ve fallen asleep, how long it took, and how deep your sleep was.The clever system then offers recommended programmes based on your sleep pattern to give you the best chance of getting a good night sleep.



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Voici #Dodow – votre allié pour arrêter les ruminations mentales et enfin dormir sans prendre de médicaments ! 😴💙 📸 @breobox . . . . #sleepgood #dodow #lowtech #picoftheday #moodoftheday #tgif #insomniaproblems #insomniac #naturalsleepaid #startup #nomoretrouble

A post shared by Livlab (@mydodow) on

This revolutionary sleeping aid slowly projects a metrical glow onto your ceiling as it rests on your bedside table. The pattern of the light helps you focus on your breathing and relax your body, so you can fall asleep quicker.By synchronising your breathing with the light, you stimulate the secretion of neurotransmitters which help you to relax. It’s designed to be a healthier alternative to sleeping tablets for those who struggling to switch off. So, if you have got lots on your mind, this is the way to go.

Simba sleep app


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Entertaining the kids, day 57. 😇

A post shared by Simba Sleep (@simbasleep) on

This intelligent sleep app was developed from the brand’s work with experts in sleep, psychology, neuroscience, and behaviour change to help users make a better sleep habit in 30 days.The easy-to-use app creates your sleep profile by inviting you to complete a simple questionnaire to find your persona, taking into account aspects such as your diet, alcohol consumption and stress levels, then tracks your sleep patterns and gives you insights in an easily digestible way. It then provides you with tips tailored to your sleep pattern, to try and get you to take steps for a better sleep.

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Four Sleep Tech products helping us doze off

The abrupt nature that Covid-19 hit the UK has signalled one of the biggest workforce transformations of the century. For many of us, working from home these past months has become the norm, and the prospect of returning to the office full-time in the near future looks more unlikely.

Global tech brands such as Twitter and Facebook have publicly stated that they are open to their staff working from home permanently, as they embrace a new dawn of working.

But whilst working from home might mean you haven’t had to face delays on your evening commute home, or set the alarm clock for the usual unsociable wake-up call, many employees have been asked to learn new skills to help organisations stay afloat.

With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at five platforms that are revolutionising the way companies can develop their people.


On a mission to create the best personal-development platform for employees in the world is Guider. Its core consists of three strands which are mentoring, coaching, and advising.

Since 2017, Guider has been supporting global brands such as easyJet, M&S and L’Oreal to implement effective and scalable programmes to help their people grow and develop.

Guider’s AI-powered software expertly matches the best mentors in your organisation with those looking to learn and grow. A welcomed relief for your organisation’s human resources department who can wave goodbye to keeping track of spreadsheets.

Guider effectively gets different parts of an organisation talking and helping each other to help grow the business.


An award-winning virtual reality educational platform for soft skill training with a particular focus on communication skills which includes public speaking, sales and leadership.

As the world’s first platform to combine e-learning with virtual reality capabilities, there’s no surprise that the London start-up has generated a lot of interest in the press already with features in the likes of The New York Times, Forbes and the Huffington Post.

So far 300,000 users across 125 countries have benefited from VirtualSpeech’s training program and have improved their skills and confidence.


This Californian based platform is certainly not your typical learning management system. TalentCards is a microlearning platform that delivers bite-sized training directly to your employees’ smartphone.

Giving you the capacity to build engaging content which can be tailored specifically to your businesses needs.

TalentCards leverages the power of microlearning as opposed to learning just being a one-time event.

A main benefit being that you empower your workforce to take control of their learning.


RocheMartin are emotional intelligence experts that believe once you understand how emotions shape your thoughts and actions you can then begin to have more control over your behaviour. If you are looking to upskill your staff before they take up leadership and management positions, look no further than RocheMartin.

The London based business will help your selected workforce to build better relationships, manage difficult emotions, increase creativity and innovation and lead others effectively.

Director for People at Sky, described RocheMartin as “one of the most acclaimed and effective leadership programmes at Sky to-date.”


Specialising in technology, Pluralsight are leaders in helping consumers progress with their tech skills. Through expert courses, skill assessments and one of a kind learning paths all created by industry experts, Pluralsight helps organisations train their employees up to speed with technology.

From software development such as Python or JavaScript to Cyber Security courses that help an employee analyse malware tests, Pluralsight have you covered.

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Five platforms to upskill your workforce