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Travel Technology Europe, Europe’s dedicated event for travel technology, is coming up in London on February 26 and 27, with many companies coming together to show off the latest innovations in the travel space. Here’s a few that we’re looking forward to seeing at the event.


Holibob is the platform that’s changing the face of tours and experiences for travellers. The company provides an innovative and independent marketplace for tours and experiences by enabling a simple, easy connection to a multitude of new retail partners ranging from independent travel agents and travel agent marketplaces to travel clubs, hotels, airlines, package holiday providers and cruise resellers. It helps travel companies increase their exposure and fill more bookings, while also helping expand travel choices for consumers.


NAVA is the app that helps people discover places and people that are unique to their city. Users can explore recommendations about their city, build and share collections of their favourite places, discover city guides and upcoming events, and ultimately plan their perfect day. All of the content on the app is hand-picked by the NAVA team, industry insiders, and local influencers. In a city like London with so much going on, we look forward to finding our new favourite hotspots!


TrustedTrip is changing the world of travel with a new generation of travel reviews. It helps businesses stay protected from fake reviews and to create better travel experiences through the content-rich review data that shows where improvements can be made. The company directly contacts consumers that have had their travel experience to ensure they collect a verified review, then each review is moderated and turned into insights for the business. It works with all types of travel, including hotels, flights, transfers, car hire, cruises and attractions, ultimately ensuring companies in the travel industry are giving consumers the best experience possible.

Upgrade Pack

Every time I go to the airport, I secretly hope the airline will surprise me with an upgrade to business, but let’s face it – it’s probably not going to happen. As an alternative though, Upgrade Pack is making it simple for anyone to upgrade their flight or hotel room so that they can have a premium travel experience for less. Its app provides exclusive real-time deals on airline and hotel upgrades that aren’t available anywhere else. Right now, it’s only available to the company’s corporate clients, who then give access to their most valuable customers or provide it as an employee perk, but my fingers are crossed that it’s open to all soon!


Anyone who’s been in a WhatsApp group chat knows that making plans with multiple people is chaos. Gamitree works with travel websites to remove this hassle by enabling on-the-spot decision making for users. When a user goes onto a travel website, Gamitree’s technology will make it easy for them to make a wish list, invite their friends, vote and discuss on options, and ultimately purchase a trip. The company hopes to expand its tech beyond travel sites as it grows, simplifying decision making in retail, education, sporting sites and more.

As keen travellers ourselves, we look forward to seeing all the companies exhibiting at Travel Technology Europe. If you’re attending and would like to meet and discuss PR, get in touch.

Travel Tech Europe: Five companies to watch

Last week saw London’s excel centre play host to the Learning Technologies Expo, Europe’s leading workplace learning event.

Since its inception, the event has always been well attended, and this year was no different, over 8,500 visitors from across 50 different countries including 200 exhibitors attended.

Several of our senior PR experts from the Technology & Innovation team were at the expo last week, we’ve taken a more in-depth look at five businesses who caught their eye at the event.

Learn Upon

It’s clear that the digital revolution is changing the way people work and learn, so companies must adapt to this or face being left behind.

LearnUpon is a learning management system that delivers corporate training. It’s ideal for high-quality learning experiences for companies that are looking to scale so it comes as no surprise that its customers include the likes of Logitech, Intuit and Zendesk.

We like the way the platform is goal orientated as it ensures every learning opportunity is an experience that advances employee, partner, and customer success.

Last year at the Brandon Hall Tech Awards  they took home four awards, including a gold for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training,

We think 2020 will be a big year for them!

Global Lingo

Providing professional audio services ranging from transcription to translation and minute-taking is London based business Global Lingo.

Their unique selling point has to be that they are one of the only agencies to specialise in minute-taking and transcription services.

First and foremost, Global Lingo ensures that all your content is accurate, consistent and culturally relevant in multiple languages at all times.

No wonder they are one of the fastest-growing language agencies in the UK and with offices in Chicago, Singapore and Romania, it’s safe to say, check out Global Lingo for all your audio needs!

Upskill Digital

A digital skills training agency bringing a fresh and dynamic approach to digital marketing training across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Upskill Digital’s core aim is to empower businesses and individuals to succeed in the digital age.

Acknowledging that technology will continue to play a pivotal role in business, Upskill Digital believe it to be a necessity for businesses and divisions to be proficient in digital marketing best practices to survive in the business world.

Training packages can be completely customisable, and modules range from Google Analytics, social strategy to a more generic digital marketing course.

Jigsaw Interactive

An E-Learning business from the USA caught our attention at the expo. But Jigsaw Interactive isn’t just any E-Learning platform, Jigsaw has hopes to change the way the world learns and collaborates.

Their training course is virtual and focuses on the actual learning process and covers all three components of learning which are, knowledge, application and experience.

Their patented immersive virtual engagement platform offers a unique suite of capabilities for both training and education.

Currently, the technology is being implemented across 12 different industries including the Communications and Network industry.


For more than 30 years, the online-assessment platform, Questionmark has been enabling organisations to improve by creating an environment for employees to unlock their true potential.

In today’s world, workforces must be performing at their best, which includes building new key skills to meet new customer demands.

Some key areas that questionmark offer training assessments in include Digitalisation, Al and machine learning.

Typically, their offering includes multiple professional services, one being a secure enterprise-grade assessment platform.

Since 1988, questionmark have delivered more than 95million unique assessments and has been trusted by more than 2,500 customers worldwide.


We work with some brilliantly innovative technology and are always happy to hear about more. Speak to a member of our team today to find out how we can work with you on a bespoke PR and social media plan.

Five to watch after attending Learning Technologies 2020

When we take part in sport it is often the intrinsic drive to get better that motivates us. Be it to swim faster or further, try a new sporting activity or track progress with our body form it all helps to keep us going.

Another important aspect for athletes is the support and coaching they receive. The ability to analyse performance and correct errors or perfect your technique is crucial to any team or individuals progress.

We’ve looked at five tools that help coaches share their visions with athletes, teams and decision-makers.

Coach Cam

Coaches across a variety of sports will often have a perceived idea or belief of how a specific technique should be executed. But when an athlete isn’t quite implementing it how a coach would like, how can a coach effectively relay this information?

Coach Cam allows you to record footage, create your own analysis videos from different angles and use a slow-motion function. This enables the coach to describe what is happening with a visual aid to the individual or team.


Since being crowned as the most innovative football start-up at the HYPE Summit last year, VEO has had more high-profile clubs sign up to use their platform, including Premier League’s Burnley FC.

No matter if it’s training or a match, Veo allows clubs to record football without the use of a cameraman. The solution involves a 180-degree camera which is powered by highly intelligent software to create automatic broadcasts of your football. (Pretty cool, huh?)

The AI-powered solution can recognise exactly where the action is happening on the pitch and knows when to zoom in or out. So, when it comes to the analysis of the game, coaches can easily highlight what needs to be worked on in training the following week!


Over the course of a few years, SciSports have become one of the fastest-growing analytics companies in the world and have established themselves as a global leader in providing football data intelligence for both professional football organisations as well as media and entertainment businesses.

Essentially SciSports platform provides an efficient access to a broad array of actionable insights, which helps to support football professionals to stay ahead on the pitch.

Some core features of the platform include being able to suggest viable transfer targets and identifies talent at a young age by calculating their potential using advanced machine learning algorithms.

Currently, 90,000 players are accounted for on the platform across 244 competitions around the globe.


For 20 years the Swiss-based performance analysis company Dartfish have been at the forefront of human performance, providing analysis solutions for team sports and individual athletes at every level.

Making the power of video accessible to millions, Dartfish has become a globally trusted source for thousands of elite sport organisations, federations and teams.

One of their most popular products is the mobile invention that provides instant video feedback as well as tracking live tagging for the benefit of both coaches and athletes.

Some high-profile examples Dartfish has worked with include British Swimming, UEFA and 20 times Swiss national champions FC Basel.


Welcome to the home of unparalleled science-driven solutions for athlete performance. Based in Ireland, Orreco are changing the way professional and Olympic athletes optimise their performance.

Applying principles from a sports science background alongside data analytics Orreco can successfully predict optimal training loads and the best recovery strategies.

Powered by IB’s Watson software, Orreco work with coaches, performers and medical staff to make sense of the data and analytics to then devise personalised strategies to keep athletes on top form from informed insights.

The Irish based businesses have an impressive client portfolio having worked with athletes on the PGA Tour, F1, NBA and the Premier League.

If you’re looking to expand your reach in the sport innovation industry speak to a member of our expert-led team.

Read more about our services here.

Five coaching tools giving coaches the upper hand

Traditionally, London Fashion Week is one of the most exclusive and high-profile events in the city’s social calendar. Kicking off this week with thousands flocking to central London to watch the world’s best designers showcase their latest creations. Indeed, it is estimated that there are over £100 million worth of orders placed during LFW alone.

We’ve looked at several ways how technology is revolutionising the world of fashion and helping to transform the industry.


Technological advancements like augmented reality have been increasingly applied in the fashion industry. More recently, ASOS the online fashion phenomenon has launched its new experimental AR feature called ‘See my fit’. Offering customers, a new way to view their products on different sizes, heights and body types. Allowing shoppers to see how the products fit on models that are a better reflection of individual customers. In turn, helping customers to make more informed purchasing decisions and shop with ease.

New apps such as Wanna Kicks eliminate the trouble of buying shoes online. Shoppers can use the app to digitally try on shoes by pointing their camera at their feet, the app then works to create a digital version of the desired shoe over the customer’s foot. Wanna Kicks lets you ‘try on’ shoes from major retailers such as New Balance, Nike and Adidas.

Influencer Marketing

Britons now spend an average of 24 hours a week online, this staggering statistic is one reason why people are moving away from the high street and towards social media as a space for retail. With more than 80 per cent of consumers saying they make their purchasing decisions based on social media recommendations. Influencer marketing won’t be slowing down any time soon, General Data Protection Regulation laws now limit the use and reliance of third-party data that vendors use to target customers. For brands to stand out in 2020 they will have to incorporate the use of influencer marketing to form new authentic connections and brand loyalty.

Rental services 

Reduce, reuse, recycle’ is something we hear daily, and concerns about the environmental impact of the fashion industry has caused a rise in popularity for the fashion rental sector. With platforms such as Front Row and Hire Street allowing customers to rent premium items for a fraction of the cost, whilst still allowing them the thrill of a new purchase. Rental platforms extend the lifecycle of luxury items and prevent clothes being worn once to never see the light of day again. Not only does renting allow you to look chic, but also helps reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion.


With growing concerns about the rise of counterfeit luxury goods, more and more fashion houses are becoming aware of the benefits of blockchain. In 2020, blockchain strategies are expected to accelerate, as they can provide a unique digital identity to exclusive items, authenticate luxury goods, limit the room for products to be sabotaged and anonymously transfer ownership of pre-loved items. In addition to this, the future of blockchain has the potential for the development of payment for luxury goods using cryptocurrency. Farfetch the online luxury fashion retail platform announced it will be launching its own cryptocurrency in 2020 with the help of the Libra Association. The blockchain organisation that governs companies such as Facebook and Ebay.

How technology is helping to transform the world of fashion

During our PHA Tech 2020 list so far, we have reviewed start-ups that we believe will disrupt both the fintech and business sectors. This week our attention turns to our third and final instalment, which focuses on lifestyle start-ups that are harnessing the power of technology.

As we move into the next decade, we’re consistently seeing consumers becoming more independent in their beliefs, choices and purchases. Whether it’s a belief in following a plant-based diet or choosing to embrace technology that makes life easier.

The final ten businesses to feature on our PHA Tech 2020 list all have one thing in common. They all have incorporated technology into their offering that is making it easier for consumers to use, stay healthy or make informed choices about their lifestyle.


Do you work for a growing business in the travel industry? Well, London based start-up Duffel could be the answer to your prayers. Duffel offers innovative tools for travel-focused businesses that makes booking a flight an effortless experience for their customers.

Duffel allows businesses to connect to more than 18 airlines in an instant through one universal programming interface.

Their track record impressively already includes working with the likes of British Airways, Qatar Airways and American Airlines all before their 3rd birthday.


Proudly flying the flag for women in technology. Elvie is a health and lifestyle brand committed to developing smarter technology that will improve the lives of women everywhere and at all stages of life.

The revolutionary Elvie pump means no tubes, no wires and more importantly women can pump on their own terms, whether that’s at home, work or on the go.

There’s even a free app that monitors milk volume in real-time and tracks pumping history for each breast.

Elvie is certainly a business to watch out for in 2020.


Delivering the world’s best independent retailer online. Launched in 2015, Trouva are here to make sure you don’t miss out on discovering beautiful objects for your home. Whether it’s a circular wooden wall shelf perfect for your books, or an item to help you dine in style, Trouva has it all.

So if you can’t get to the boutique of your dreams, Trouva brings you products from hundreds of the most stylish and unique boutiques all in one easily accessible place.

Be ready to kit out your home with lots of beautiful things for your home.

Orchard Therapeutics

The first of two health-focused start-ups included in this round-up, Orchard Therapeutics focuses on transforming the lives of patients with inherited diseases through innovative gene therapy.

Orchard uses decades of research and advancements in the field of gene therapy to develop potential cures for rare and often-fatal diseases.

Their bespoke approach is designed to use a person’s own blood stem cells and insert into those cells a working copy of the missing or faulty gene.

Orchard Therapeutics are aiming to permanently correct genetic disorders with a single treatment.


Welcome to the future of medicine and diagnosis. Healx is an Al-powered tech company that puts the patient first. Its core aim is to accelerate the discovery and development of rare disease treatments.

Principally Healx allows for drug discovery to happen faster, smarter and safer using public and proprietary biomedical data.

By 2025, Healx are hopeful that they can advance 100 rare disease treatments through the clinic.

Mind Candy

Founded in 2008, Mindy Candy has led the way of digital entertainment for over 10 years, their range of products aim to bring families (pets included) happier, healthier and bring more joy to homes all around the world.

For example, one of their most popular products is the Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories app is a that helps kids fall asleep quickly and easily. Clearly, it’s a very popular choice as a staggering 40 million bedtime stories have been told since it’s inception.

For over the last decade their vision has always been to create worlds that fire the imagination.


Welcome to the home of online gaming. Since 2011, FACEIT has been the leading independent competitive gaming platform for online multiplayer games.

The above might sound a rather bold statement, but FACEIT has the statistics to back it up. More than 13 million users consistently login into the platform on a monthly basis.

FACEIT’s unique offering allows players to easily play in tournaments and leagues for both virtual and real-world prizes through automated tournament management and matchmaking technology.


Imagine an online supermarket where every item they sell has been carefully curated and ethically sourced and that’s Farmdrop.

With a local supply chain in place, Farmdrop’s mission is to give more people access to fresh, sustainable, locally sourced produce, giving consumers an opportunity to choose a more sustainable lifestyle if they wish to.

With all meals prepared in 100% plastic-free packaging too, this really is the way forward for people who enjoy great quality and care about the planet.

After raising £10m in 2018 to expand their home delivery service to the North of England and being described by The Independent as “The beginning of the end for supermarkets”, watch out for Farmdrop making waves this year.

No wonder it was described by The Independent as “The beginning of the end for supermarkets”.


Another food-focused start-up to watch out for this year is award-winning plant positive food brand on a mission to build Earth’s most forward-thinking food company.

The allplants team led by food-lovers and serial entrepreneurs JP and Alex are determined to inspire the next billion plant-powered people, through the power of flavour and convenience.

Simply build your box of six meals online and allplants take care of the rest, most importantly you’re in control. Change, pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

Make sure to follow them closely as they’ve already noted that their plans for 2020 are beyond bold, delicious and daring.


Similar to Mind Candy, Moonbug’s mission is to create shows that both kids and parents love equally.

Moonbug creates, produces and publishes thousands of minutes of video and audio content every month with each video designed to support a child’s development.

According to a LA Times report, one of the Moonbug’s videos has cracked YouTube’s Top 20 list of most popular videos in history, boasting an astonishing 2.1 billion views.

Examples of areas that the videos look to improve include vocabulary progress, counting skills and core skills like compassion, empathy and resilience to kids on a global scale.


Are you looking to refine your communications strategy in 2020? Our team of specialist are here to provide expert guidance and support when you need it most. Contact us today to find out how we can help you gain cut-through in the UK media landscape for you and your business.

Lifestyle start-ups harnessing the power of technology 

One of the world’s most important mobility events, MOVE 2020, is on at the London ExCel this week. The event brings together hundreds of companies that are disrupting the mobility space with their technology, and we are looking forward to heading there ourselves to hear about all of the latest developments in the mobility space and meet the companies leading the way.

Improving the environment

One of the biggest challenges facing every company, but particularly mobility companies, is how they reduce their emissions and become more environmentally sustainable. With this in mind, it’s not a big surprise then that a number of new companies are popping up to try and tackle this huge problem.

One of the ones we’re looking forward to seeing at MOVE 2020 is Airly, which has the vision to create the most innovative and effective tools for measuring air quality and providing the most reliable, real-time data about pollution to the largest possible number of people. It uses sensors to gather information about the nature of air pollution in a particular area, and it’s this knowledge that helps local authorities plan and implement air quality improvement.

Another company is Eiver, which uses gamification to challenge and reward people who improve their driving technique to make it safer and more environmentally friendly. Each trip generates experience points and credits that drivers can turn into discounts on partner offers. By taking part in challenges with exceptional prizes, drivers win ‘trophies’ and ultimately become safe-driving champions over time too.

Charging equipment

As electric cars become more popular in our society, so does the need for more accessible car charging points and options. Two companies at MOVE 2020 looking to solve this issue are Charge Fairy and Bookmycharge.

Charge Fairy – set to launch in 2020 – helps out people who can’t charge their vehicle at home, for example, if they don’t have a driveway, are time-poor or keep finding that public charging spaces are busy. Through its subscription service, the driver connects their car with Charge Fairy’s smart systems, which then monitors the car’s battery and uses its AI to predict how much charging is required. When your vehicle needs a top-up, the company will come and charge your car for you – even while you’re asleep – so that you never have to worry about charging again.

Bookmycharge is also trying to eliminate the current pain points around EV charging, recognising the hit-and-miss nature of current public charging infrastructure. It allows people to know when and where they can charge, and brings greater range and charging options to vehicle owners.  The company hopes to become as smooth as Airbnb, but for EV charging.


Bike companies are an increasingly large player in the mobility space, and this year will be no different. There’s a number of different bike/e-bike companies visiting MOVE 2020, with the likes of Vello Bike (the self-charging folding electric bike), SHARK-bike (a perfect hybrid between an electric car and electric bike), Comodule (a leading bicycle and scooter connectivity), Cargoroo (a cargo e-bike giving more seats and capacity), and Cycl (bike and scooter safety accessories) standing out to us for how they’re changing the usual expectation on what a bike is.

Aside from the companies making and distributing bikes, we also like the look of Bikemap, which is the world’s biggest bike route collection. The company helps keen cyclists of all experience levels find the best route for them – whether it’s on a mountain bike, cross bike, e-bike, or road bike.

Re-thinking delivery

Peyk is set to transform delivery as we know it, providing an instant 24/7 courier service platform that it claims is the fastest and most cost-effective way to send anything from A to B. Through the platform, you can request a Peyker to collect and deliver whatever it is you need – be it forgotten keys, baked goods and more, all at any time. The company use only mopeds and cycles to ensure speedy delivery and have unique security labels and seals as well as digital signing for your peace of mind.

Better parking

Finally, parking in any city is a nightmare, but AlterMobili is helping change that, with its ALMO app that lets you find parking in the city through the help of others. It finds you readily available spaces, but also parking that will be cleared in 60 seconds so you can swoop in before others do. It also remembers where you parked your car for those who are a bit more forgetful.

These are just a few of the hundreds of companies that will be at MOVE 2020, and with so many innovations, we’re looking forward to meeting more of the fascinating mobility companies at the show. If you’re attending the show and would like to meet and discuss how PR could improve your mobility company’s awareness, get in touch with our team today. 

MOVE 2020: Companies we’re excited to see

Technology and our consistent use of social media has opened the market and possibilities for exploring people’s individual desires and pleasures. With the commercialisation of sex, until now has been dominated primarily by men, for example, the widespread popularity of pornography.

The emergence of sex tech and a more open forum of people discussing sex, the sex industry is being turned on its head. Sex tech is seeing droves of funding and above all is beginning to address both men and women’s sexual needs and wants alike.

We look at the brands who are empowering the market to experience sex toys and begin taking our sexual health very seriously. Whether you identify as a woman, man, gay, straight, poly or anything in between there is something for you and your lifestyle.


bellabeat is on a mission to empower women and provide them with the data and tools they need to discover themselves. Using big data to fuel the design for all their cleverly supplied products bellabeat use the information they collect to help women understand themselves better, sync their cycle, reach their goals and ultimately increase the quality of their life. And if that isn’t enough all their technology is invisible avoiding irrelevant notifications (less screen more love) and perfectly connected with nature using natural materials.

Their best-selling product the Leaf Chakra is the only wellness tracker made with natural crystals, hypoallergenic stainless steel and wood composite. No charging needed and you can wear it in the shower! But this is more than just smart jewellery the Chakra Love, is enhanced with Rose Quartz a stone known for promoting a positive outlook towards self and others.


MYHIXEL has revolutionised sexual activity for some men who experience ejaculatory reflex issues or who simply wish to improve. Inclusive of acclaimed professionals within the sexology, medical and cutting-edge technology. MYHIXEL is pioneering science and medical backed solutions for male sexual well-being, founded on international research.

The savvy MYHIXEL technology combines gamification and personalised programmes with medically approved MYHIXEL I aid pleasure device. Designed to specifically achieve climax control. Some men have improved their ejaculatory reflex control by 7x significantly improving their sexual experience and satisfaction naturally.


Award-winning business Lelo has received accolades for Luxury Brand of the Year, Best luxury Toy Range and Product Design Award for their elegant sex-toy design and innovative technology. Offering customers, a world of limitless pleasure, LELO luxury sex-toys have a full range of best-selling products ready to please their customer base.

Branded the luxury sex toy brand which is the best thing in hi-tech intimacy products such as their SONA 2 Cruise, ORA3 and TIANI 3 are among customers highly rated must-haves.

Smile Makers

Choose the right vibrator for you! Smile Makers elegant sex toys for women offer various experiences so you can find the right one to suit your needs. If you’re not sure which to choose you can try out their helpful online quiz to find the best fit.

Their sexologist specialists publish a variety of helpful online sex ed program answering all of your questions and busting those myths we all hear.

Smile Makers is on a mission to normalise the perception of female sexuality. They do this by bringing sex out into the open, creating sensual products for women and delivering sex education on female pleasure to the masses.

All of this paired with their quirky unique product line you can grab yourself a Fireman, Frenchman, The Tennis Coach or The Millionaire. Something for everyone!

Chiaro (Elvie)

Chiaro the parent company behind the ground-breaking technology brand Elvie. The product that develops smarter technology for women to improve their lives.

The fun an effective way to strengthen your pelvic floor, Elvie is providing faster postnatal recovery, better bladder control and above all a stronger orgasm for women. The award-winning Kegel trainer prides itself on delivery results in less that four weeks, through fun workouts and a savvy innovative application to help you track progress. Recommended by over 1,000 health professionals Elvie is one to watch in 2020.

If you want to speak to one of our experts in the technology, consumer or business sector get in touch today. Our teams work with start-ups to household names so there is always a tailored package to suit you or your business.

Sextech and the city – Our favourite start-ups

High-speed internet access driving digital consumption, and the rise of OTT platforms allowing fans to consume sport as and when they like, means the modern sports stadium must evolve if it is to convince audiences to leave the comfort of their home entertainment systems and experience live sport in real-time.

In order to cater to the sports fan of today, venues are embracing stadium experience technologies; in-venue services, security and biometrics are helping to provide even more immersive and enjoyable experiences. Here, we look at some of the most innovative companies changing the game for the fan.

Playing it safe

Security provisions at sports facilities have historically been inconsistent, but this is beginning to change. Venues are integrating facial recognition and ID tracking to identify people inside and outside the sports ground, in order to build safer, more efficient environments for fans.

FaceFirst uses biometric facial recognition and video analytics to improve security and identity verification. Cameras, kiosks and IoT hardware can be equipped with identity verification technology that can improve security, enhance the customer journey, and reduce fraud.

Colosseo supplies advanced access control systems with built-in biometrics linked to a ticketing and cashless payment system which provides full control over who gets in and out of the venue. The security systems help stadia operators to reduce the likelihood of violence and hooliganism, safeguarding sports events.


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Have a look at some pictures from yesterday’s Fortuna liga match between ŠK Slovan Bratislava and FK DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda at the brand-new Slovak National Football stadium Tehelné pole in Slovakia that received massive & complete technology equipment from Colosseo – EAS. Colosseo designed giant LED display screens, perimeter, Ribbon boards, Single Media Platform or Biometric Access control makes the stadium technologically most advanced multipurpose venue in Central Europe – read full story here: #football #giantLEDdisplay #leddisplay #scoreboard #SlovakNationalFootballStadium #LEDperimeter #LEDRibbon #SingleMediaPlatform #Ticketing #Cashlesspayment #highlights #Slowmotion #Colosseo #ColosseoEAS #InteractiveIPTV #IPTV #digitalsignage

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Smooth operator

Sports properties need to ensure the fan experience at any given venue is as smooth and efficient as possible. The time-honoured tradition of the half-time pie and a pint at a football stadium is dominated by long queues, overcrowding, and slow service— elements of friction common to all sporting venues.

Tappit, the global payment ecosystem for events, stadia and venues, is solving this through its unique end-to-end solution including cashless payment, white-label payment apps, RFID and event analytics. Tappit’s system is designed to streamline the fan experience at large events, providing greater customer insights for organisations through the collection and analysis of data.


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Good luck to #ManCity in their game today with Brighton! We loved working on City Live! to create an incredible #fanexperience for their global fan base. Take a look at our [46 sec] #video for the second City Live! in Seoul, Korea! #mcfc #bluemoon #PL #premierleague #eventtech #eventprofs

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Meanwhile, biometric scanning systems are being brought in to reduce queueing times— Verteda uses biometrics to allow fans to make purchases with a simple fingerprint, while Fingopay facilitates fast, safe and secure payments using infrared light to map the unique pattern of veins inside a customer’s fingers. Unlike fingerprints, vein patterns leave no trace and so cannot be copied. Fingopay also provides stadiums and hospitality venues with the ability to collect more insightful data about customer behaviour and purchases to improve service delivery.

Knowing the score

AR and VR offer a cornucopia of opportunities, from facilitating social sharing via interactive add-ons and pop-ups, to serving as an intelligent lens displaying information about live action on the pitch. Sensors in athletes’ kits mean teams get more real-time data about their players, but this can also be brought to the fans to provide an added layer of information about the performance they are enjoying.

VR, which is currently being used increasingly to offer preconstruction views of stadiums in development, could also be used to offer a VR post-game locker-room experience or a 360-degree helmet-cam.

Zappar, an AR platform and creative studio, creates experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands, and has worked with Manchester City to create an experience which allowed fans to access statistics about matches and players, and even take a virtual selfie with a footballer of their choice.

Changing the game

Technology is continuously evolving the fan experience in stadiums, boosting interactivity and creating a seamless and immersive journey from door to door for the sports consumer. It’s far from goodbye for the future of live sport; innovation is ushering in a new age for the raw sporting spectacle.

If you would like to learn more about what PR could do for your business, speak to a member of our award-winning team today.

Stadium tech: keeping live sport in the game

So, after kicking off our PHA Tech 2020 list by shining a light onto five start-ups that we predict to make a splash this year. We swiftly move onto our next area of focus which this week is the world of business.

After our fintech #PHATech2020 launch we’re now taking a closer look at the start-ups that we think will on the ones to watch list this year. Each with a focus on how to make operating your business easier by harnessing the power of technology providing innovative ways to help streamline companies.

From a people management platform that helps fast-growing companies bring out the best of their employees, to a business which is determined to help enterprises attract, engage and retain top talent here is our list.


Based in New York but with offices in London, Montreal and Singapore is Al powered company Behavox. The concept of Behavox is to give forward-thinking, multi-national businesses primarily in the financial industry, a deeper understanding of what’s happening in their organisation.

Behavox’s pioneering software uncovers previously undetectable insights for businesses which help to protect their reputation whilst also maximising revenue generation by analysing a magnitude of structured and unstructured data opportunities. The first of two key aspects that Behavox’s platform offers is the reduced cost of compliance and tracks and measures corporate culture to strengthen teams and companies.


Founded in 2015, Hibob was created from an awareness that the world of work is changing. ‘Bob’ as it’s affectionately known, is a smart app which allows hundreds of businesses to create personalised benefits packages for their staff.

One of the benefits, for example, is a Perkbox integration which offers lifestyle perks such as cinema, retail and travel discounts all through a simple and efficient way to UK employees.

The innovating data solution has single-handedly helped numerous businesses from around the world not only to retrain but also attract potential employees.

Currently, Hibob has offices in London, New York and Tel Aviv and after five successful funding rounds (the last round in 2019 raised $20m) it won’t be long before new offices are popping up elsewhere.


If you asked CEO’s across the capital what their greatest asset is in their respective businesses, the majority would suggest it’s their people (you’d hope!). Beamery is the start-up championing talent in the workplace.

But how to go about finding, engaging and retaining talent? Well, Beamery believes it begins with building meaningful relationships. The London based start-up is on a mission to help companies deliver better candidate experiences all through one simple to use platform.

Global organisations such as Zalando, Continental and Balfour Beatty have put their trust in Beamery and haven’t looked back since. Why not check it out for yourself and begin attracting and retaining the top talent.


Are you constantly fighting for a car parking space during your morning commute? Do you often find you leave the house early with positive vibes and arrive in the office late and flustered due to not being able to find a spot? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then JustPark is the app for you.

The UK’s favourite parking app allows you to choose from millions of spaces across the country, reserve in advance at over 45,000 different locations, and pay straight away.

The start-up has acknowledged that as we enter a new decade we’re moving towards a smarter, digitally connected world, which holds mobility and sustainability close to its core.


Revolutionising death. Yes, you did read that right. Farewill are out to change the way the world deals with death. The London based start-up is helping people to take control financially and personally of what is important to them with the stress which usually comes when a loved one has passed away.

Since launching their will-writing service in 2016, it has now gone on to be the largest will-writer in the UK.

2019 certainly was a bumper year for Farewill, not only did they launch their probate and cremation service, but they also raised over £100m for charity and saw their team grow from 15 to 50 and formed major national partnerships with organisations across the charity, insurance and mortgage industries.

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Innovating tech enhancing your business

CES is a global technology conference well known for showcasing the weird and wonderful within the technology industry. From a pot plant that can identify a plant’s needs and wants to a headless furry robo-cat. CES seems to welcome some of the whackier wearables to be looked at in awe by the public. But it came as a surprise to many when this year’s exhibition had some of the more risqué areas of the tech industry.

Sextech, a booming market, has at last been invited to the party. It’s no secret when it comes to the sex industry, it’s perceived as something you talk about either in private or after dark, but with the surge of innovation disrupting the industry, it’s clear Sextech is a force to be reckoned with in 2020.

The sex technology industry has been valued at $30bn, and with venture capitalists continually ploughing more money into innovative products and services, it only indicates promise for this expanding market. As a result, there has been a surge of start-ups breaking into the sextech sector, with unique appetites to not only enhance someone’s sex life but improve sexual health for both men and women.

Check out some of our favourite brands from this year’s CES exhibition who are changing how the public views Sextech and the sex industry overall.

Lora DiCarlo

A leader when it comes to female sex technology, Lora DiCarlo made a splash at this year’s CES, after being banned from attending last year due to its staple product, the Osé, as it was considered “immoral”.

Showcasing its latest “bio-mimetic pleasure devices”, the Onda, a G-spot massager, and the Baci, a clitoral stimulator, Lora DiCarlo took home a CES Honoree Innovation Award for their use of micro-robotics technology at the conference.


The pioneers of the music vibrator revolution, OhMiBod are the driving force behind the evolution of interactive sexual wellbeing technology. Combining the dual sensory experience of music and touch, OhMiBod create a unique user experience enabling users to ‘feel the music’. Users can connect their vibrators to an app where they are able to customise vibrations to fit personal pleasure preferences.

This year OhMiBod commemorated their tenth year at CES with the launch of their new blueMotion NEX|3, a Bluetooth enabled vibrating couples ring. This fresh approach to a ensures greater satisfaction for the receiving partner, by providing more consistent body contact and increased stimulation.


Using artificial intelligence and data visualisations, Lioness aims to improve woman’s sex lives. Patented biofeedback technology improves user’s experience; sensors in the toy register pelvic floor movements which are considered the best indicators for arousal and orgasm. Lioness toys record this data and once synced with your app display graphs so users can see a visual representation of their experience.

This outstanding advance in technology may be why Lioness were one of the finalists for CES’ 2020 ‘Last Gadget Standing Award’.

YO Sperm Test

Like many things related to sex, sperm tests are considered an experience that is uncomfortable, and can be embarrassing for some men. With YO Sperm Test’s home kit they work to eliminate the stigma by allowing people to conduct the test in the privacy of their own homes. YO Sperm even allows users to view how their sperm looks once analysed on its app! A ground-breaking piece of technology for the industry.

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Breaking the stigma of Sextech