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Geolocation: The technology that has revolutionised the world of sport

Geolocation: The technology that has revolutionised the world of sport

Geolocation has come a long way in recent years. A technology that was previously restricted to military equipment and distress signalling is now available on almost every mobile device such as mobile phones and the growing trends of fitness trackers and watches. The technology is now key for sports teams and individuals and right through to sporting enthusiasts.

Geolocation is an estimation of the real-world location of an object like a phone or tracker. It works by coordinating, from several satellites, the location of the object. We now see the technology being used in consumer apps such as navigation app Waze, which offers real-time delays and reroutes as well as using AI to work out better routes by tracking thousands of journeys.

Since then, we have seen developers use geolocation in more and more innovative ways. Dating apps have used the technology to great effect. The PHA Group client Happn, for example, matches people depending on where they are and if they have, ‘crossed paths’. The idea being that they have similar interests and therefore be more compatible. Amazon’s recent launch of their Amazon Map Tracking, allowing people to check precisely where their packages are at any point in time.

Where geolocation technology is becoming increasingly popular, though, is in the world of sport and fitness. Sports teams, including the England rugby team, have used GPS trackers to analyse players’ performances, combining this with video match analysis. Being able to accurately measure performance using geolocation data is helping sports teams to analyse ways of improving performance, training and tactics. Sports scientist Ben Pollard when talking about the England teams trackers said, “It gives us an objective quantification of the movement demands of training and the game.” With every second counting at the pinnacle level of sport, this insight is invaluable.

But not everyone can play rugby for England. However, for the rest of us, the attraction of tracking our fitness routines remains strong. Small wearable trackers have now reached the high-street. The huge popularity of the Fitbit brand has seen most manufacturers jump on the tracker and fitness watch bandwagon. Whether they help us to track how much exercise we do, or shame us into doing more, GPS has been included in the majority of mobile tech. These wearables have become more and more advanced with watches like the Samsung Gear Fit 2 now offering great workout functions and a heart rate monitor on top of the standard GPS tracking.

For those going to the World Cup, it may well be difficult finding your seat with some of the stadiums holding over 60,000 people. To solve this problem Netco Sports has used geolocation to help bewildered fans find their seats. It works by matching fans locations, the location of their seat to give them a detailed map of how to get there in time for kick off. With the localised notifications the app, it will also be able to advertise special promotions in real time, depending on the person’s location in the stadium.

Geolocation has become a must-have fitness accessory. If you’d like to find out how our fittech team can help you boost your business or brand, please contact the team today.


World Cup 2018: 5 apps that know the score

Global workplace productivity will dip for at least a couple of hours as the World Cup kicks off on Thursday 14th June….and probably remain as such for a month. Thankfully for all employers, England’s group games all fall outside of working hours – but what about those of us with WC fantasy football teams, or those who are just interested in what’s happening in Morroco v Iran? How can the general footballing nut keep up to date (either side of meetings and conference calls) with the latest scores, cards, corners, possession stats? We have the answer, in the form of 5 apps that will provide this info at your fingertips.

  1. LiveScore

Does what it says on the tin, and my personal preference when it comes to a football app. Real-time is an overused phrase, but this is actually real-time…the scores update as the ball hits the back of the net. Great if you’re the type of person who feels the need to be the first to report goals in the WhatsApp group, like me.

A bonus is that if the World Cup gets boring and you want to know what’s happening over in the Japan League Cup or Poland League 2, LiveScore will tell you, in real-time. Use the ‘favourite’ tool, to filter the scores you’re most interested in.

  1. Forza Football

 Like LiveScore, but with the added bonus of video highlights. It’s a very strong app and gives the user intricate details on squad news, scorers, assists, cards, pretty much everything you could wish for. For this reason, it’s probably wasted on someone who isn’t bothered by these match facts.

Despite the occasionally obtrusive advert, the UX is smooth and enjoyable, and the recent update made the app look even cleaner.  It’s close to being as real-time as LiveScore – try them both out and see for yourself which is quicker.

  1. Fotmob

Despite referring to the beautiful game as ‘soccer’, there’s no denying this is a great football app. Like other apps, it gives a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of every game across every league, and exclusively for the World Cup it has a Russia 2018 predictor in case you fancy a flutter based on some key stats.

I wouldn’t agree with some of the reviews claiming it’s ‘by far the best football app’, but it’s a close 3rd after LiveScore and Forza.

From a technical perspective, its frequent updates suggest the developer regularly listens to user feedback, which is always reassuring. Footmob also offers audio for some matches, which we urge you to make use of when not at work…

  1. Onefootball Soccer News

 Again, trying hard not to let the use of ‘soccer’ prevent me from including this app, but nonetheless, it should be in here because it’s another useful tool for all football fans.

It’s particularly good if you want to tailor your football updates to certain teams, but less impressive when it comes to quick score updates. I wouldn’t class this one as real-time, as such.

The push notifications are often slightly delayed, which prevents this app making the top 4. But overall, a solid app with a nice UX.

  1. SofaScore

 Its name is brilliant, so it had to make the list. It’s not a dedicated football app because it covers 22 sports, but still very useful.

Perhaps its most unique feature is the new ‘Attack Momentum’ tool, which uses an algorithm allowing users to follow games live. A useful tool for savvy bettors, who can track the very slightest shift in momentum and react accordingly.

The rest of the features are much the same as those listed above.

The tipsters to follow this World Cup

The greatest footballing show on Earth returns this year with the 21st World Cup being held in Russia from 14th June to 15th July. If you are looking to add to the excitement of the competition, you might be considering betting on a couple of games. We’ve looked at the best, free Twitter tipsters to help you turn a tidy profit during the World Cup.


Probably the biggest and most well-known tipster account on Twitter with over 581,000 followers. As the name suggests, most of the tips are accumulator bets, so you may lose more bets than you win but when you win, you win big. They also offer tips on singles and promotions as well. They post regularly, giving you a wide selection of bets to pick a winner from. FootyAccums should be one of the first tipsters you check out.


Pinchbet offer a huge range of tips from different leagues and they aren’t half bad at it to say the least. They claim they have grown their bankroll by 3,400% in just 18 months. They also let you know how many bets they lose which is something not every tipster is happy to do. A solid selection of tips promises to point you in the right direction if you are looking for an interesting dabble.


Another one of the larger ‘tipsters’ on Twitter with a following of 127,000. They post a lot of information and just about break even most of the time. Giving tips from a wide range of sports and bookmakers they are certainly one to keep an eye on, but choose your tips carefully. They often post bookmakers’ deals and acquisition offers which help punters take advantage of some excellent offers.


Simple but effective. A small following but have some very reliable tips. Nothing too outlandish so if you’re looking for longshots this isn’t the one for you but if you are after solid tips to turn a tidy profit check them out. Their pinned tweet always shows their overall performance letting you know how they are doing. The saying ‘you can’t go broke making a profit’ appears to be the mantra for this tipping service.


Specialise in the under/over goals market for matches that are 0-0 at halftime. Rather niche but a very effective strategy when it comes to making a bit of cash. They run a weekly handy stats page showing their performances. An interesting service that is completely automated and based on statistics. If you like the security of stats and facts rather than going with your gut feeling these guys are for you.


WS standing for who scored is another account that bases its tips on historical data and stats. This can provide some very interesting looking accumulators. They have a lot of strange, long shot bets that might not produce the consistency you are looking for, if you like a steady stream of winners, but when you do get a winner it can be a bumper payday. Whether trusting data and stats works as a strategy in a huge knockout competition remains to be seen but WS are certainly someone to check out if you are searching for a punt.

Bookmaker’s Tipsters

Bookmakers will often have their own tipsters. If you are looking for tips from those who live and breath the sports and the industry you can’t go too far wrong here. Tipster’s like Charlie McCann at BetVictor can often be found in national and local papers as well as specific sports magazines imparting their wisdom for the week ahead. If the house always wins, then you’re well advised to see what guys like Charlie are saying and pay close attention.

There are some great tipsters on this list who will certainly offer some insights for the novice punter. Below we’ve got some common betting terms you’ll need to know before putting some money down. If you do fancy putting some money on the football remember it should only enhance the excitement and shouldn’t ruin the fun of a fantastic summer of sport, so, remember when the fun stops, stop!

Common Betting Terms

Straight bet – A bet standard outcome bet. E.g. France to beat Denmark

Accumulator – Where more than one bet is combined. E.g. France to beat Denmark, England to beat Tunisia and Uruguay to beat Egypt

Under-over bet – A bet predicting a number for a statistic in a game. E.g. Over 2.5 goals scored

Odds against – When the probability that the event will not happen is greater than the probability that it will. E.g. 2-1 – £1 returns £2 + £1 (Your original bet)

Odds on – It means that the event is more likely to happen than not. If you place a bet at odds on you will still be in profit, as you get your stake back. E.g 1-2 – £1 returns 50p + £1 (Your original bet)

If you would like to become the odds on favourite in your industry sector, why not speak to a member of our award-winning team today.

Join The PHA Group at London Tech Week 2018

London Tech Week returns on 11th – 17th June, as 55,000 attendees, from 90+ countries are expected to descend upon our nation’s capital to mix, learn and mingle with like-minded tech aficionados.

We’ll be joining in with the festivities again this year and hosting three, free breakfast seminars, to give you some PR tools and tips to promote your tech offerings in the UK media.

1) Tech PR Crash Course – How to get your start-up in the press

When: 09:30 am, Monday 11th June

Where: Jigsaw 24, 8 Golden Square, Soho, W1F 9HY

According to the latest Tech Nation report, the digital tech sector is expanding 2.6 times faster than the rest of the UK economy and makes up nearly £184 billion of our overall GDP. Further, British digital tech companies raised £4.5 billion in VC investment last year, almost double the previous year.

Great news for the industry of course – but for start-ups and scaleups looking to launch and grow, this means competition is stiffer than ever.

Journalists receive hundreds of pitches every day, but will only use a handful – so how do you make your story stand out from the crowd and get those all-important column inches dedicated to you instead of someone else?

In this seminar, we will explore:

  • What PR is (and isn’t)
  • What makes a story that journalists want to write about
  • How to make the most of the assets you already have
  • How to create a PR strategy to generate coverage

To register for a place, please click here.


2) Blockchain PR 101 – How to create media buzz about your blockchain offering

When: 9.30 am, Tuesday 12th June

Where: Jigsaw 24, 8 Golden Square, Soho, W1F 9HY

One of the most hyped yet misunderstood technologies of the 21st century, blockchain technology has been lauded, slandered, and often seen as simply the underpinning of cryptocurrencies.

However, over the last five years, VCs have invested more than $1 billion into blockchain companies, and the global blockchain market is expected to be worth $20 billion by 2024.

As blockchain’s potential to bring efficiencies to almost every single industry is starting to be widely grasped, the number of start-ups and scale-ups continues to grow exponentially. But with ICOs and TGEs, never mind blockchain technology itself, to explain to a sceptical UK media, making your blockchain company standout as a viable business is a herculean challenge.

In this talk we will discuss:

  • How PR can build a credible blockchain brand
  • How to get coverage of your ICO/ TGE
  • How to demystify blockchain in your chosen sector
  • Real life examples – both good and bad

To register for a place, please click here.


3) PR for Tech Entrepreneurs – How to raise your personal profile in the media

When: 9:30 am, Wednesday 13th June

Where: Jigsaw 24, 8 Golden Square, Soho, W1F 9HY

Behind every successful tech business is a great entrepreneur with a story to tell. People buy people and identifying your story and crafting a personal narrative is key to humanising your brand.

The press are on the lookout for something their readers can relate to and be inspired by. PR is about telling these stories and for us, there is no better tale than an entrepreneur’s journey to creating their own business.

Perhaps you have overcome adversity to get where you are, or a sudden lightbulb moment sparked an idea that’s changing people’s lives? Whoever you are and wherever you come from, come and join us for an interactive panel discussion with three successful tech entrepreneurs, to hear how PR can make a difference to you and your business.


– Douglas Lloyd, CEO of Azoomee

– Nakul Sharma, CEO of Hostmaker

– Samuel Leach, founder of Samuel & Co Trading

The panel discussion will explore:

  • The role of PR in building a personal brand
  • Some real-life examples
  • How to craft a personal narrative and communicate your story
  • How to approach a wider PR strategy


To register for a place, please click here.

London comes out on top for PropTech

It’s official – the London market is the best place to be for all things PropTech. According to research conducted by Osborne Clarke, London was ranked as the leading European city for PropTech, with the majority of experts surveyed believing that it will continue to be the superior city for the next five years.

The legal practice cited the capitals long successful history within the property market and the impressive amount of interest it receives from venture capital investment. This is clear from the fact that Pi Labs, Europe’s first property tech VC is based right in the heart of London’s West End and has backed a number of PropTech companies, including Trussle and Hubble, which have gone on to become powerhouses within the industry.

Until recently, the property industry was behind the times, living in the traditional realm of estate agencies and ignoring the technology advances that were taking place in other industries. But this is no longer the case. Start-ups, most noticeably in the capital, have been taking on the old-fashioned marketplace to introduce a range of products and services – from deposit free rental platforms to affordable concierge services. Companies such as Reposit and Movebubble are suddenly promoting services that place the renter first, embracing the rise of Generation Rent and tapping into the growing marketplace of tech savvy millennials.

Outside of the consumer world, we have also witnessed the adoption of big data, with companies such as Datscha providing property investors with key insights into the best areas to invest in and upcoming trends in the market. Other businesses, such as RedstoneConnect, are embracing the rise of the Internet of Things to help property owner’s best manage their portfolio, edging us even closer to a smart world.

To celebrate London’s impressive contribution to the PropTech space, we’ve picked out our favourite up and comers:


Launched last year, HomeRenter is a new online letting platform that is looking to remove the need for a third party in the rental process. Set up by private landlords, HomeRenter is an Airbnb style marketplace for landlords and tenants to liaise directly with each other without the need for wasted ‘admin’ fees.


 Designed for both rental and sales, OneDome allows you to put in your criteria for your dream home and suggests the best area for you. Using a sliding scale, you can decide how important transport, education, facilities, greenery, safety, lifestyle and quietness is to you. It then offers you the best 5 postcodes for you with a link straight to the listings on popular property portals. Great for anyone new to London or looking for a change. 


If you’ve ever wished you could find a property, speak to the landlord and secure the tenancy all in one place then Qoob is the app for you. Removing the need for estate agents, Qoob handles everything within its mobile platform and has been created by physicists at the London Institute – so you know you’re in safe hands.


 This platform is ideal for private landlords looking to reach a wider audience as it allows you to list your property on portals such as Zoopla and Prime Location, traditionally limited to estate agents. Not only do you have their team on hand to help you pull together adverts, Propoly also provides a dedicated customer service team to hand any booking requests.

Did you like our choices? To learn more about what PR could do for your brand, speak to a member of our award-winning team today.

Top five apps to learn a language

Brits are notoriously bad at learning a second language. Even though English is one of the most commonly spoken second languages in the world, Brits don’t tend to make the reciprocal effort. Essentially, the ubiquity of the English language has allowed us to get by as a nation of monolinguals for far too long!

Perhaps you’re off to the World Cup in Russia this year and want to be able to discuss the match with fans from different parts of the world, or you just can’t bear to order in another local Italian restaurant by pointing sheepishly at the menu… the time to learn a new language is now easier than ever.

We have rounded up our top 5 language-learning apps for you below. With a range of innovative features, from games to voice-recognition, there really is no longer an excuse!


Everyone who uses Duolingo recommends it, it’s as simple as that. The app applies classic gamification model to learning a new language making it completely addictive which explains why they have more than 200 million registered users worldwide. It operates under a freemium model, but the standard free content is extensive.


HelloTalk is another genius app idea. You chat with native speakers of the language you are looking to learn, and they can correct your messages with an inbuilt tool. Not only is it a way to improve your conversational language from someone who knows it better than any textbook, you get to chat with people and learn more about their culture too. They do say that there’s nothing better for learning a language than speaking to the locals.


Babbel comes with 40 free classes built in, which is a lot of free content for an app in this space, but its best feature is that it has inbuilt speech-recognition software so you can test your pronunciation too. It’s particularly good if you’re interested in learning the tongue-twisters, idioms, and colloquialisms of a dialect. It currently offers classes in 14 languages and operates under a subscription-based model.


As far as language learning apps go, AccelaStudy is super easy to use. It is available offline and, even better, has a hand free mode so you can use it whilst you’re driving without losing your focus on the road. Its particularly good for vocab which is excellent if you’re using it to supplement actual classes and it contains a lot of classically proven learning methods such as flashcards, repetition, and quizzes.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is best known as the comprehensive language-learning service, but they also offer an app full of useful phrases and words. They have their own proprietary speech-recognition technology to ensure that your pronunciation is on point.  Its particularly useful for those who are travelling and just need the core basics across a range of languages, rather than an in-depth study of one.

Did you like our choices? To learn more about what PR could do for your brand, speak to a member of our award-winning team today.

The Business Show 2018: Our pick of the leading tech talent on the big stage

This week we’re looking forward to attending The Business Show 2018, where over 25,000 entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators will come together to share expert advice on how to improve, evolve and expand.

We’re spoilt for choice by a world-class line-up of speakers set to take to various stages scattered around the ExCeL. But if we had to choose, here’s a quick list of the business leaders and tech innovators we’re most looking forward to hearing from.

 Sara Fawad, Banana Apps

Sara will introduce a young app development company that prides itself on its talented team of coders, creators and designers, along with its transparent approach.

One of their most celebrated case studies is the work they’ve done for UK Parking Control Ltd (UKPC), and they’ve overseen many a company’s journey into the App Store and Google Play since their inception in 2017.

Based in East London, they also offer website development and a bunch of other digital marketing services for SMEs.

 Paul Goldney, MD of Wizard Cyber Security (and the Wizard Group)

Paul runs a company you should get to know if you run a business of any kind. These guys will do all the hard work when it comes to your cyber security, at a time when compliance has never been more important.

Wizard provides cyber security consultancy and protection to the SME market, within which it has created a niche for itself among Private Equity, Finance, Law and Healthcare clients.

So convinced is the company in its product, it’s giving visitors a free Vulnerability Test on any website (or 5 externally facing IP addresses). Stand 744.

 Jordan Daykin, founder & CEO of GripIt Fixings, and CEO of VPS Group Ltd.

Jordan’s talk is a must-watch at this year’s Show. Just 22 years-old, he still holds the record for being the youngest entrepreneur to receive investment in the history of Dragons’ Den (£80k from Deborah Meaden in 2014).

Entrepreneur, CEO, mentor, leader, and recently father, it’s safe to say Jordan is an achiever beyond his years. Regularly sharing advice with others through school visits and business conferences, Jordan is eager to share his story in the hope that entrepreneurs of all ages can take inspiration from his achievement of growing GripIt Fixings from nothing to a £20m business in five years.

 Konstantin Boyko, CEO of JustCoded

Konstantin is the CEO of JustCoded, a web development company that builds products for FinTech, Real Estate, Luxury, Travel and Art companies. Founded in 2007, they’re quite unique in that they also build bespoke development teams for businesses of all sizes, by selecting and training talented developers and coders – at a time when the digital skills gap is a cause for concern.

Their long-term mission is to transform the outdated financial industry and unlock growth opportunities through helping clients embrace digital technology. Since 2012, Konstantin has been the driving force behind the company’s market-leading native and hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS.

 Richard Marsh, CEO of CIS Ltd

Richard took over the running of Computer Information Systems in 2007. In short, they are Virtualisation and Disaster Recovery specialists and one of the largest VMware Cloud operations in the UK.

Founded in 1989, the firm prides itself on its consistent growth – developing from one man with a single phone line, to now providing enterprise IT solutions to clients with local, national and global footprints.

Notably, the firm has a comprehensive GDPR offering which you should get to know if your business is in a race against time to be compliant by 25th May.

 Ifty Nasir, Co-Founder & CEO of Vestd

Ifty is a firm believer that automating the process of giving your employees shares in your company is a great way to engage them.

He believes that equity has not previously been widely adopted as an incentive for employees, due to the complex process and the requirement to involve expensive lawyers or accountants.

Celebrating its fourth birthday in July, the London-based start-up automatically looks after all the paperwork required to issue and manage shares among employees.

But, employers, before you start worrying that your company is about to be divvied up among your staff, the process is conditional and agreed in advance, with the shares that employees earn reliant on whether they have hit their agreed deliverables.

 If you like the sound of our choices and want to talk about taking your PR outreach to the next level, contact us today.

Eurovision 2018: 5 European tech pioneers to watch

This weekend, millions of us across Europe will descend on our TV screens to endure a few hours of cheesy, slightly tone-deaf live performances, made more bearable by the deprecating but comforting tones of Graham Norton.

Europe might not sing particularly well, but it does produce some brilliant business and tech talent. Below are five of the leading tech pioneers and businesses we’re keeping our eye on this year and beyond.

 Anton Chirkunov, founder and CEO, Wheely

Anton founded Wheely in 2010 with a mission to build the number one premium ride-hailing service in Russia. Today, it’s the superior alternative to Uber Exec/Lux, designed for consumers who are looking for a premium, elegant experience that makes them feel good. It’s a way of extending the enjoyment of your evening out or adding a touch of comfort to your trip into central London.

You can hop in in real-time or schedule a ride, and there are no surcharges at any time, as well as a flat rate to Heathrow & Gatwick.

Already operational in London, with over 50m annual bookings, Anton’s ambition is to further disrupt the exec and VIP-class private hire market as the first app in the UK to exclusively offer premium ride-hailing services.

Guaranteeing users a 2016 E-Class Mercedes at the very minimum, Wheely is sure to sweep London of its feet this year.

 Rav Bumbra, CEO & Founder, Structur3d People

After over 20 years’ working in the tech industry, Rav was inspired to start her own company with one simple objective; to empower people to achieve their potential while helping businesses achieve their diversity objectives. Rav wants to see more gender-balanced workforce to encourage greater innovation, creativity and growth.

A prominent thought leader, Rav is a force for change in technology recruitment and has made it her mission through her business, Structur3dPeople to create innovative ways for businesses to attract diverse tech talent and address the UK’s skills shortage.

Through an impressive global mentoring programme, Rav is enabling women to build confidence and develop new skills with the aim of going on to work in technology, progress into leadership or start their own business.

Over 250 women have so far taken part in the company’s #GettingMoreWomenIntoTech campaign, which identifies female role models in the tech industry, while Rav is also committed to providing children with the technical and entrepreneurial skills they need to build a career in the industry, through #GettingMoreKidsIntoTech.

Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr, co-founder, Lexplore

Swedish company Lexplore was founded in 2015, designed to ensure no child with dyslexia is left behind in education. It was built on the premise that the majority of schools were lacking an objective method of obtaining an overview of every student’s reading ability, with many reading difficulties not picked up before it is too late.

Co-founded by Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr, the business came out of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (which also presents the Nobel Prize in Medicine). Its AI that is now used to screen for reading difficulties was created after the business applied machine learning technologies to previous studies on children’s eye movement.

Lexplore has secured £6m investment to date and has been successfully implemented in primary schools across Sweden and the US. While children read on a screen, a tracker records their eye movements, with each recording uploaded to a Microsoft Cloud service. Here, an algorithm detects which children have proficient reading difficulties, and where each pupil sits on the scale.

Since 2007, Gustaf has led on the research and investigation into functional eye movement and eye tracking technology. Certainly an entrepreneur and business to keep an eye on this year and beyond.

 Rodolphe Ardant, founder and CEO, Spendesk

This will come as music to the ears of those who are tired of team / corporate expenses, and the whole reimbursement and “do you have the receipt for that?” process. Spendesk has created a way to manage team expenses without lending out a company card or retrospectively filling out expense reports and meeting agendas. Simply, it combines prepaid cards with an expense report solution.

Paris-based entrepreneur Rodolphe Ardant launched the start-up in 2016 with the mission of revolutionising company expense procedures – from purchase requests to payments, to receipt processing. It’s been a success, raising a whopping $9.9 million (€8 million) in January this year

Picture this as an employee. When your company signs up, you receive a personal card. Your employer can top up its global Spendesk account and then define different sets of policies to limit the expenses you can rack up. All expenses are centralised in a modern interface, and as the employee, you can track your expenses and upload receipts. Spendesk will then help you match invoices with expenses (essentially scanning them) and you can export these to a format suitable for your accounts team to process.

Sounds like a good idea to us.

 Tristan Leteurtre, CEO and co-founder, Mooncard

Another Paris-based fintech start-up that has caught our eye. Founded by an entrepreneur with a proven track record in building software companies from scratch, with expertise in telecoms & fintech. Tristan describes Mooncard as ‘Corporate cards, reinvented’ – quite simply, it aims to reinvent the banking and payment experience for SMEs.

Founded in 2016, Mooncard’s automated solution is well on its way to becoming Europe’s favoured payment tool for employees, CEOs, CFOs and entrepreneurs.

It’s currently only available in French, but rumour has it the solution is due to land in England in the not too distant future.

If you like the sound of our choices and want to talk about taking your PR outreach to the next level, contact us today.

Spotlight on…. Future: PropTech

By Caitlin Gosai

PropTech experts will be descending on London this week for Future: PropTech, the leading global event dedicated to the technology innovation & digital transformation in the Real Estate sector.
The 4th annual conference will bring together over 1,200 delegates including the world’s leading real estate companies, agents, brokers, tech V. C’s, media and institutional investors.

The theme for this year’s event is “Digital Transformation Throughout the Property Lifecycle.”, and we’ve picked out our favourite companies who best embrace this trend.

1) Vaboo

Vaboo enables clients to give their renters access to exclusive money-saving offers on the things they care about most. The platform helps renter’s combat the rising cost of living and also serves as an excellent tool for landlords looking to improve their relationship with tenants – a win for everyone involved!

CEO Jonathan Stein, Marketing Manager Harriet Garner and Operations Director Patrick Luke will be representatives at the event and will be offering presentations of their latest software and services.

2) Good2Rent

The ‘UK’s no.1 tenant passport’ lets tenants view properties pre-referenced and get their foot in the door first, by enabling them to build and then share their Good2Rent rental profile with landlords and letting agents in advance of viewings. This speeds up the renting process by up to two weeks.

The Good2Rent team will be showing a demo of their software platform throughout the day at stand 13.

You’re in control with good2rent. Our app for tenants is designed with features that make it easy for you to build your secure reference profile. Keep it up to date through life’s changes, and share with as many letting agents and landlords as you like before booking viewings. #free #tenant #referencing

A post shared by good2rent (@good2rent) on

3) Agent Not Needed

Removing the need for an estate agent, Agent Not Needed is a marketplace for property, allowing buyers and renters to communicate with sellers directly through the platform. You can make offers for listed properties with sellers and arrange property viewings directly. If a seller accepts your offer, the offer is locked and cannot be cancelled. This means sellers cannot receive higher offers or cancel your agreed sale.

4) Locale
Locale is recognised as the UK’s leading supplier in property management software for the residential, commercial and mixed-use property sectors. They connect you to all aspects of your building or estates and allows the user to browse any building announcements, make visitor bookings, check permits and look for any important documents.

Founder and CEO Guy Windsor-Lewis will be speaking at the event and Locale will also be demonstrating their product at stand 3, so make sure to pop by.


5)  Realla

Realla is the first commercial property software platform to combine a dedicated, comprehensive search engine for tenants and investors with powerful agent tools for streamlining & tracking marketing. Realla provides the go-to resource for searching the entire market.

Andrew Miles, the company’s co-founder will be speaking at various points in the day at the event, covering topics such as tech-enabled brokerage.

6) Depository

Co-founder of Depository, Kristjan Byfield, will also be speaking at the event. Depository is the UK’s first-ever letting regulation compliance platform. The brand new PropTech platform is transforming the way agents, landlords and tenants manage and interact on all Tenancy Security Deposit matters. Due to launch late 2018, the platform will streamline the process, assist with regulatory compliance, encourage ‘best practise’ and improve transparency & communication.

Whether you’re attending the event or not, these are 6 PropTech companies to keep an eye on!

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How influencers can help a tech brand

During 2017 there was a 325% increase in Google searches for the term “influencer marketing”. Pair that with the influx of new platforms and influencer marketing focused agencies it’s clear this trend is booming. The power of influencers has transformed the face of advertising and marketing.

Although brands are looking to partner with top influencers, whether that’s a micro-influencer with a highly engaged audience or a macro-influencer with mass appeal, what’s becoming increasingly important is industry knowledge. This rings particularly true in the tech world.

Influencers with in-depth knowledge of the brand, its pros, and cons, partnered with general industry expertise can be extremely powerful. Whether it’s the latest cryptocurrency being launched, or the next best thing in wearable tech, understanding the saturated market and being clued up on that product or service, and how it compares to others, really is key. Not only does this mean the content is far more engaging, it also means it is genuine – something that has become increasingly important to consumers living in a post-truth era.

Working with influencers can provide a brilliant opportunity for brands in all sectors, but the important part comes down to selecting the right influencer to partner with. We’ve seen plenty of cringe-worthy headlines over the years of failed influencer marketing attempts, so the key really is to spot the synergies between both brands, and focus on creating informed, genuine content that’s useful to consumers.

A big chunk of influencers in the tech space are reviewers, meaning industry knowledge becomes even more crucial. Tech consumers expect to see the spec of a product being reviewed, how it compares to others in the market and just how far the product can be pushed.

A great example of a successful influencer and their interaction with tech brands is hugely influential YouTuber Marques Brownlee, hailed the ‘best technology reviewer on the planet’ by former Google VP, Vic Gundotra. And with over six million subscribers to his YouTube channel, Brownlee is clearly a highly rated and much-loved influencer by his loyal fans and tech consumers.

Brownlee’s community is made up of people talking about tech; sharing knowledge, expertise and top tips. One of his most popular videos was created when Safari came to Windows for the first time. Brownlee knew this would be a hot topic so spent the afternoon creating a tutorial focusing purely on how to install Safari for Windows. That one video received around 7,000 views in one evening, generating incredible traction for both Safari and Windows almost immediately after their announcement. From this, he realised the importance of having industry insight – foresight – and being on the ball when it comes to tech trends. Not only this, it also reflects how powerful influencers can be – and more importantly, the power of influencers who are truly engaged and genuinely interested in the brand and market.

Looking at Brownlee’s most recent review of the eye-catching Huawei P20 Pro, he’s clocked up a whopping 1.3m views and Brownlee stating: “This is what it looks like when you nail all the pillars of a great smartphone and then take one of them…to the next level” is a big deal.

At PHA, we worked closely with Pandora Sykes, previous Sunday Times journalist and co-host of the podcast The High Low, while working with Fantastic Services. Fantastic Services provides property maintenance for homes and offices – everything from carpet cleaning to pest control – and now this can be done through the GoFantastic App too. We partnered with Pandora Sykes when she moved home at the end of 2017, providing her with the full removal package. Sykes is a much-loved influencer with 202k loyal Instagram followers and 24k Twitter followers. We worked with her to create content that flowed naturally on her channels and in her podcast to promote her collaboration with Fantastic Services.

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