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Whether it’s the sheer amount of exercise classes readily available to consumers or the pressures from social media to look ‘fit’, working out has never been so fashionable.

The last few years have seen countless fitness startups decide to set up shop in the capital, some have been a hitt with customers (see what we did there…) whilst others haven’t been so successful. No matter their success, the stand out contender in the market and the business they could all stand to learn a thing or two from is global phenomenon, F45.

In a matter of years, F45 has gone from an unknown Australian fitness startup to a worldwide powerhouse. We’ve looked at some of the strategies that turned an idea into one of the most recognisable global fitness brands on the market.


When CEO Rob Deutsch decided to franchise the F45 business over five years ago, even the biggest supporters of F45 struggled to have believed the sheer growth and popularity it would generate around the globe.

In six years, over a whopping 1750 franchises have been sold across 45+ countries including studios in Afghanistan, South Korea and Russia.

Since 2017, 40 studios have opened in the UK which is just the start according to Deutsch. Whilst targeting North America has proven to be really fruitful and a major success story for the brand, with more than 500 studios expected to open in the coming year according to Forbes, which will surpass the number of studios in Australia in the process.

F45 are breaking new ground in their pursuit of world domination, with the franchise business looking to be the first to open locations inside American universities where the university is the franchisee. As an example, they’ve opened at the University of Texas, and have already got 12 operating campuses. Watch this space, as F45 could be coming to a university near you!

Thanks to tools such as social media and of course the power of recommendations, Deutsch realised that creating a franchise model, it would allow the brand to diversify across the world.

It offers a great deal for both parties, it allows the franchisees to run a business which can generate a turnover, whilst for F45 they receive a fixed monthly fee from every franchise and in the process the brand benefits from free brand awareness.


Deciding to make technology a major part of the F45 layout proved to be a masterstroke.

The half a million members which F45 currently boasts book themselves into classes via their app, there’s also tech embedded into the heart rate monitors, so consumers can check out real-time on the workout screens in the room, which helps to encourage users and keep them motivated.

As soon as the session finishes, users receive automated feedback, which shows all their stats from the session they have just completed. Results include their average heart rate, calories burnt and F45 ‘points’ achieved, 45 is the optimal workout result of course…

All this data allows users to easily track their workouts, see where they are making improvements and monitor their fitness progress.

Finally, F45 has managed to build into the app a dedicated section which talks through appropriate nutrition to fuel an F45 workout, it helps to create shopping lists, menus and food plans and helps to track your nutrition.


Whilst every franchise will be slightly different in one way or another, F45 has guidelines in how studios should operate. For example, trainers should ask users their names before the session begins to help instil a friendly and inviting atmosphere within the studio.

The classes are attended by a mixture of people of all ages, genders and fitness levels, which helps to dispel any awkwardness from attendees.

There are Facebook and Instagram accounts for most studios, which continuously produce stories, case studies and posts featuring users from the classes and their fitness journeys.

People like to be noticed and with the dominant effect; social media plays in today’s world, making a brand featuring and tagging individuals progress and stories online; is something which F45 users seem to like.

Eight-week transformation challenge

The eight-week transformation challenge has been a great success story for F45, it offers consumers something which offers tangible results which they can buy into.

As part of taking on the challenge, you receive daily meal plans, a comprehensive daily tracking system and a global community on hand to help you to achieve your goals.

There’s also the shout out you receive on Instagram for being the challenge winner where they feature your before and after shots! Make sure to check out the hashtags #8weekchallenge and #f45training.


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Here they are. The Challenge winners!!! Our jaws dropped seeing these chiseled physiques stand in front of us after just 8 weeks of training! Isn’t it unreal how our bodies can transform with such impactful results when we give them the exercise we need? And not just our physical appearance changes, but our mindset and energy does too! Our challenge winner @hanwildnz knows that feeling- “It’s hard to believe how low in energy I was before this. The improvements in my mood, energy and body made it easy to get out of bed for that early morning alarm. I’d miss the endorphin kick after a rest day. I’m really glad I did the challenge and looking forward to continue working out at F45” We are always so proud of our Fulham athletes, and can’t wait to kick start our next challenge in a few weeks! #f45 #f45training #8weekchallenge #f458weekchallengewinner #fitnesstransformation

A post shared by F45 Fulham (@f45_fulham) on

In conclusion, with further expansion expected in Europe and Canada in the coming year, the F45 juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down.

Whilst the latest innovative gym startups are beginning to catch up with F45 in regard to placing technology at the heart of everything they do, F45 is still in a league of its own when it comes to building an empire.

Whereas most gym chains have to focus their attention and marketing resource in one concentrated area at a time due to either funds or logistics. The franchise model offers an alternative which requires a lot less maintenance, allowing F45 to spread and conquer the market at greater speed.

If you need help promoting your fitness brand, get in touch with our award-winning team today.

Learning from F45

What do you love most about the sport and fitness industry?

I was sports mad from a young age and I always wanted to work in the sport industry to some capacity. My passion for sport means that I also had a good understanding of how to stay fit, so the two industries go hand in hand.

All the clients I work with are in some way trying to encourage people to get active and that is what is most rewarding about the job I am in.

 2019 has been a breakout year for wearable technology, home workout sessions, niche gym chains, and wellness festivals. What do you expect to see boom in 2020?

Wearable tech and apps really have transformed the fitness space in recent years. We’re only at the start when it comes to technology influencing the way we keep fit and what I expect we will see in 2020 is advancing technology, an increase in data-driven groups and individual workouts and further customization of workouts brought about by having access to a larger and more varied data set. We are already seeing data on heart rate monitoring and sleep patterns being used to help us meet our fitness goals and as we move into 2020 and beyond, I predict we will come to rely more heavily on apps, sports tech and wearables to inform us in the short, and the long term, and to make exercise more personal.

You’ve been involved in working on some great accounts at The PHA Group, are there any highlights?

I think it would have to be going to Buckingham Palace to watch the first-ever football match take place on their grounds. Two of the oldest amateur league teams in the UK took part in an exhibition match to celebrate to mark the Football Association’s 150th anniversary.

I arranged for a client to be one of the shirt sponsors for the game which resulted in blanket global brand awareness for the brand. One of my oldest friends also scored the first goal in the game which made it even better!

What sets the sport and fitness department at The PHA Group apart from other agencies? 

 We have such a diverse range of clients and have built up an incredible knowledge of different sectors in the sport and fitness industry.

We are experts within the gym sector having worked with PureGym and Xercise4ess and have an incredibly diverse range of clients in the mass event industry such as Royal Parks Half Marathon, Spartan Race and Threshold Sports.

 PHA are known as the go-to agency for Football Clubs and currently work with West Ham United and Crystal Palace and previously Manchester City. We have also built up a strong rapport within the rugby sector having worked with Harlequins, Barbarians and OPRO.

We have become experts across the whole fitness market, MMA, football and rugby sectors.

 Finally, you were instrumental in showcasing Xercise4Less as the leading low-cost gym chain in the national media, if you could give one free piece of advice to a startup gym what would it be?

The market is incredibly crowded at the moment and you absolutely need one USP that differentiates yourself from the competition. I am seeing a lot of people open sites and they are not offering anything new. I was really impressed with the new concept “Rowbots” in London where they say it is the complete workout for body and mind. They are combining rowing, floor workouts with mindfulness so that you are getting the ultimate workout.

If you would like to find out how PR can connect you with the right audience for your sport or fitness offering then please get in touch with us today.

Meet our people; Tom Inskip

By Sophie Fisher

Not all festivals have to be dirty and about jumping in (or running away from) mosh pits. Boutique festivals have been on the rise and from this, fitness festivals have stemmed.

You may be thinking that normal festivals include a lot of dancing so what other fitness could you possibly need? Fitness festivals are about relaxing, pushing yourself, finding balance and having fun. They combine the elation of festivals with endorphins!

Many of the festivals are family-friendly, offering glamping and spa options alongside great food and drink so there is something for everyone.


St. Clere Estate, Sevenoaks

19th-21st July

Summer of love? More like summer of LoveFit. Located just outside London, LoveFit is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of hectic city life. LoveFit say ‘lose yourself in the night, find your balance in the day’ and what better way to find balance than to try out their stand-up paddleboard workouts on the lake  (and try not to fall in)!

This year’s theme is sports revival so dust off your best vintage sportswear and book yourself a ticket!

Soul circus

Elmore, Gloucestershire

16th-18th August 2019

Described by Elle Magazine as an “eclectic mix of treats”, Soul Circus gives new meaning to yoga and wellness festivals. With an obvious circus theme, it combines the glitz and glamour of a boutique festival with fitness. Think circus skills meets yoga.

The festival focuses on light and dark. ‘Discovering the light’ includes yoga with DJs, aerial yoga, glitter, crafts and much more. ‘Entering the darkness’ is about music from names such as Goldie and Norman Jay MBE, burlesque lessons, Moroccan feasts and after-parties.

If you’re ready to join the circus, grab a ticket now before their final release sells out!


Manor Farm, Ebbesbourne Wake, Wiltshire

7th-8th September

Like LoveFit and Soul Circus, Verve offers a retreat from urban life to the great outdoors for a weekend filled with wellness and exercise.  A standout aspect of Verve is its talks from experienced speakers on a range of topics including Sleep, Nutrition and Gut Health, Sex, Mental Health, Confidence Building and Habit Breaking to name a few.

It also has some unreal looking food and drink options. Multi-award winning Cottonworth will provide the wine bar and Dorset Gin Box will run the main bar. All Verve’s food and drink partners are from Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire, and their ingredients, where possible, are locally sourced.

So, if you’re looking for an inspiring weekend of fitness and great food and drink, get yourself a ticket for Verve festival.

Unite Fitness Festival

14th-15th September

Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall

Kill two birds with one stone at Unite Fitness Festival. Fitness and beach holiday in one, at one of the most iconic beaches in the UK.

Unite Fitness Festival will see teams battle it out over two days of competition, all in the name of teamwork! There are two categories to enter: the open category which will be three males and two females and the masters category in which all athletes must be over 35 and with a combined age of 190. Workouts are supposed to be tough but achievable so don’t worry if the word competition scares you!

This is a unique event where you can expect to run, swim, paddle, push and pull your way through the weekend. Being a festival, there are of course live DJs playing all weekend and a vendor village that will keep athletes and supporters entertained.

So, get your competitive streak on and head over to the organisers’ One and All Events website to register.

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Fitness festivals to check out

The two-week feast of tennis has always given brands and businesses the chance to serve up knockout PR campaigns. In fact, you could say they go together like strawberries and cream.

Although the quintessentially British event with over 140 years of tradition and protocol, doesn’t allow players to brand large logos, and attire must always be white. This hasn’t stopped brands from coming up with creative ideas, with this in mind we’ve taken a look at our favourite PR stunts at Wimbledon.


The notorious car brand pulled off a ‘secret chauffeur’ stunt back in 2015, with US tennis legend now turned Wimbledon commentator John McEnroe. It involved two unsuspecting lucky tennis fans being picked up in a Jaguar and driven in style to the ground. The driver pulled over en route to the ground and swapped positions with John McEnroe who took questions and continued the drive to Wimbledon HQ.

The following year Jaguar continued in a similar theme but with comedian Jimmy Carr dressed as a chauffeur who picked up Andy Murray from his home in leafy Surrey.

Stella Artois

To celebrate its sponsorship with Wimbledon, the renowned beer brand decided to create a virtual reality app, ‘Perfect Flight’. The idea was based off legendary hawk Rufus who has helped keep pigeons off the courts. The app gave tennis enthusiasts an opportunity to admire and ‘drink in’ Wimbledon’s and London’s skyline, in a 360-degree video from above the courts. Users could fly like Rufus from the comfort of their sofa whilst enjoying Wimbledon’s most iconic sites. The results were clear to see as they received over 2,000 retweets and plenty of new followers.

Bathstore’s QLoo

One word which is commonly associated with Wimbledon is the queue. Every year supporters will come from far and wide to queue for the possibility of getting entry into the championships. In 2015, bathroom retailer Bathstore came up with the idea of ‘QLoo’, described as ‘the ultimate toilet experience’. The QLoo circulated the tournament’s queue and was guarded by ball boys and boy girls who held people’s places in the queue whilst they visited the QLoo.

Not only was the QLoo kitted out with full AstroTurf inside, there was also a streamed live match commentary playing whilst a fragrance of strawberries and cream circulated. The stunt went down a storm and was great for brand visibility and achieved coverage in the national press.

PR stunts can be a great way for your brand to get noticed, if you would like to talk about how a PR stunt could land you onto center court then why not get in touch today.


Wimbledon and our favourite PR stunts

Are you after something different for your next holiday? By different, we aren’t talking about inter-railing or cruising from port to port whilst sipping an ice-cold Margarita, we’re talking about a holiday dedicated to exercise, sport and adventure.

For some lying on a beach for a week isn’t what a holiday is about. So what better way to enjoy your time off than having a bespoke holiday where you eat well and exercise hard.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with the traditional big-name travel agents are a few bespoke businesses who specialise in booking you exactly what you want from a fitness holiday. So, whether it’s swimming every day or instructor lead CrossFit classes these businesses will organise it for you.


The concept of SwimTrek has been around for almost 20 years. It all began when founder, Simon Murie decided for his 30th birthday he wanted to complete Hellespont, a sea crossing situated in North-West Turkey which divides Europe and Asia.

The crossing came with a lot of challenges, least of it being the swim which only took an hour to complete! But the week previous, had been spent trying to gain the correct permissions from the council, army and coastguard, whilst also trying to find a pilot who would agree to escort him across. The total imbalance is where the idea of SwimTrek was born.

Fast forward to present time and SwimTrek offers both long and short swim package holidays to the most exotic places in the world including The Maldives, Seychelles and even the Galapagos Islands. Their experience in the industry is undeniable and if you’re eyeing up a summer swimming holiday experience, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option than SwimTrek.

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Did you catch the latest winner of our guest photo of the month competition? Here's a shot from Fran enjoying Montenegro. If you'd like to submit a photo to our competition, please tag us in it or send to #swimtrek #swimexplorediscover #montenegro #potm #photoofthemonth #swimming #underwater #happy #swimmingholiday #openwater #swimmingvacation

A post shared by SwimTrek Swimming Holidays (@swimtrek) on


With over 40 years’ experience, Neilson are the experts in organising beachclub, sailing and ski holidays across the Mediterranean and some of the best mountain resorts Europe has to offer.

Book yourself onto a Flotilla holiday with other like-minded sailors, where you can expect to start every day looking forward to a new destination, whilst the Neilson crew take care of everything.

Neilson also offers sailing courses ranging from total beginner to experienced sailors with the opportunity of taking the ICC assessment (International Certificate of Competence) at the end of the course, allowing you to sail in European waters think of it as your new snazzier driving license.

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Excitement is in the air, as three more of our beachclubs open for Summer '19 this weekend! ☀ ⠀ Retreat Beachclub, Sivota, Greece Alana Beachclub, Paklenica, Croatia Portomyrina Palace Beachclub, Lemnos, Greece ⠀ #relaxashardasyoulike #neilson #neilsonholidays #greece #croatia #instatravel #travel #activeholidays #feelgoodholidays

A post shared by Neilson Holidays (@neilsonholidays) on

Tenerife Top Training

With world-class facilities such as the innovative swimming Flume, volleyball courts and athletics track open to both professional and recreational athletes, Tenerife Top Training has established itself as one of the leading training centres in Europe. A training mecca which has gained international praise from both the French and Italian swimming national federations.

So whether your your preferred sport is cycling, rugby or even football book yourself onto a training camp where you can expect to see not only your physical fitness improve but also your technical ability skyrocket.

Destination Yoga

Whatever your level of yoga might be, Destination Yoga are on hand to help you create your perfect retreat in just a matter of clicks. Find yourself travelling to Sarinia or Puglia for a group or tailor-made holiday.

A big part of a yoga holiday is the teacher who takes it, Destination Yoga have placed great importance on this part by creating a detailed portfolio on each teacher and adding suggestions on who would be best suited to their styles whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate.

With rave reviews from the likes of The Sunday Times and The Daily Telegraph and a plethora of great testimonials to boot, if yoga is your preferred exercise then Destination Yoga should be your first port of call for a holiday.

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We’re excited to return for 2 more group retreats at Galanis, Sardinia this summer. Join Mira Khreino or Laura Gilmore and let them lead you through the sessions in the hotel’s pretty garden shala. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #destinationyoga #yogaretreats #yogsretreats2019 #yogaforall ⠀ #yogateachers #yogateacherslife #yogaholiday #yogaholidays #yogaabroad #yogaretreatsabroad #groupyogaholidays #groupholidays #yogaoutside #vinyasyoga #yogainsarindia

A post shared by Destination Yoga (@destinationyoga_) on

Mountain Kingdoms

From trekking and cycling holidays to walking safaris, Mountain Kingdoms are your first stop for adventure holidays.

Their range of walking safari holidays delivers a unique insight on the African bush as well as delivering opportunities for close-up encounters with amazing wildlife.

Imagine tracking the Big Five on a guided jeep safari within the Southern Kruger National Park. Other incredible experiences include a 16-day Antarctica classic cruise and an 18-day cultural cycling tour of Bhutan on the Himalayas eastern edge.

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Vote in our client Photo of the Year Competition for the chance to win a subscription to @trailmagazine, the UK’s best-selling hillwalking magazine! Today’s featured finalist is Mr Tyrrell who captured this fantastic image on the cool waters of Antarctica. #mountainkingdoms #adventure #travelphotography #instatravel #adventuretravel #adventureholiday #travelgram

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Sun, Sea & Sporting holidays

Along with the occasional Pimms and BBQ, summer often brings a flurry of cyclists to our roads all keen to take advantage of the British weather for a few months before it disappears.

Expect to see a plethora of road cycling events taking place over the coming weekends, and this one is no different, with the Flat 100 in South Yorkshire. Described as possibly as the flattest sportive in the country, specifically for participants who’d rather not climb a hill for a change.

But before signing up to take part in an event, you need to make sure you look the part, so we’ve looked into some of our favourite cycling apparel brands that you should check out.

Force GB

For over 30 years, Force GB has been one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of performance sportswear. Based in West Yorkshire, all their products are made in the UK under one roof. If you are entering an event with a group of friends or work colleagues, be sure to check them out, as they specialise in creating bespoke designs with no limit to colours or logos. From jerseys to gilets, Force GB can turn your dream design into a reality.

Hackney GT

The alternative cycling apparel brand has come a long way since being a one-man show in 2011. The idea born from cycling ‘nut’ Russ Jones, who had a one-off jersey design made for his music production company. After that, it was clear to Russ what needed to happen next. Their aim is to provide a style for whatever kind of cycling you do. If you do head over to their site you’re sure to be impressed with some of their ‘edgy’ designs which wouldn’t look out of place walking around Hackney.

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Hackney GT clearance sale continues with further reductions. All women's jerseys now reduced from £85 to as low as £30 . Limited sizes , so get in quick. Shipping world wide #hackneygt #madeinengland

A post shared by Hackney GT (@hackneygt) on


Based in the East Midlands or Lincoln to be precise, Impsport established in the ’70s, produce customised cycling, triathlon and athletics performance apparel for the recreational athlete to the elite competing at the peak of world competitions.

With no minimum order quantity on up to 90% of their products, if you need just a single gilet or jersey quickly, Impsport could be your answer. Likewise, if you need to place an order for a large party, Impsport has a motto that is ‘the more you order, the more you save’.

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Well done to @mcgarvieharry rocking his club colours @ayrburners and coming first overall and repping the #impsport brand #repost • • • • • Yesterday was the final round of the SCX series at Knockburn Loch. It’s a brilliant course featuring some brutal climbs and technical descents which was characterised by the insane headwind straights. I’ve struggled at this course in previous seasons because of the fast straights, so it was a great feeling to be able to keep up on them and even gain some time there – mainly thanks to the help from @espresso_cycle_coaching I had a great race, managing to stay near the front for the first lap before settling into a little group racing for second. Managed to get a small 10 second gap on the second last lap and hold it to the finish line, getting second place. It was a great feeling to finally get a proper result here after some pretty bad ones.

A post shared by @ impsport_apparel on


Interestingly the brand name Velobici comes from ‘Velo’, which translate as bike in French and ‘bici’ as bike in Italian. The core rule for founder, Chris Puttnam was that everything was to be produced in England.

To this day after nine years of the brand being established the fabrics are still knitted in Nottinghamshire and manufactured in Leicestershire.

Chris’ desire has always been to stay away from eccentric cycle wear and to design and produce classically understated garments. Make sure to check out the Van-Abel collection which is suitable for all seasons.


Probably the most known brand on this list, but still a great source of high-quality equipment and clothing. This year sees Rapha celebrate 15 years of being established, initially the aim of Rapha was to help promote cycling, now after progression Rapha are striving to see the sport become the most popular sport in the world.

Rapha stock three collections including ‘Classic, Brevet & Core’, the Classics are Rapha’s most iconic pieces, made from luxury performance fabrics and with rider-inspired details.

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A monster awakens. Between the crashes and the climbing, World Tour debutant Sergio Higuita sprinted from the pack to rescue EF Education First’s #AmgenTOC. Go behind-the-scenes to meet the Colombian poised to tear up proceedings. Tune in and subscribe on Rapha’s YouTube channel.

A post shared by Rapha (@rapha) on

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Cycling apparel brands ready to inspire

On Saturday 27th April at the Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Ospreys and Cardiff Blues players took to the field wearing OPRO+ mouthguards during their Judgement Day match. This marked the official launch of the revolutionary new mouthguards that measure head impact data in real time.

OPRO are the leading providers of innovative and technically advanced mouthguards across the globe, with long-standing partnerships in place with hundreds of clubs, organisations and associations including England Rugby, New Zealand Rugby, Australia Rugby, Ultimate Fighting Championship, England and GB Hockey, GB Taekwondo and USA Taekwondo to name a few.

The PHA Group has worked with OPRO for the last two years and with a month to go until the launch of OPRO+, we were tasked with putting together a communication strategy that would ensure the news of the new mouthguards made headlines and would not be diluted by match reports in the lead up to Judgement Day, one of the biggest weekends for Rugby Union each year.

To create OPRO+ mouthguards, OPRO partnered with Swansea based Sports & Wellbeing Analytics (SWA) who developed the cutting-edge technology built into each mouthguard known as the PROTECHT system. OPRO+ mouthguards containing the PROTECHT chips record the head impact data of each player and send it in real time to a laptop on the sidelines which can be seen by coaches and medical staff. Along with objective surveillance, this helps to give a clear picture of precisely what impacts a player has been subjected to.

Until now, there has been no objective way to monitor all head impacts, to measure the force of impact and the rotation of the head as a result of the impact. OPRO+ addresses this issue.

Using our extensive list of sport and fitness contacts across the media landscape we lined up interview opportunities for OPRO founder, Dr Anthony Lovat, allowing him to lead the conversation and positioning him as the innovator behind OPRO+.

We planned and successfully executed a media morning held at the Ospreys training ground in LLandarcy, Wales, where broadcast media were given samples of the OPRO+ mouthguards and then given the opportunity to film the mouthguards and technology in action. Media were able to interview Ospreys players, coaches and the CEO of SWA about how the technology works and the potential for improving player welfare for news packages ahead of the Judgement Day match.

In total, we achieved 25 pieces of coverage (broadcast, print, online) around the launch of OPRO+ on/in titles including ESPN, Sky Sports News, BBC Sport Wales, BBC Wales, S4C, The Times online, Mail Online, The Daily Telegraph, Telegraph online, Irish Mirror, BBC Three Counties Radio, Belfast Telegraph and the South Wales Echo.


Interested in hearing how we might be able to help you promote your wearable tech product? Speak to a member of our award-winning team today to find out more.

A smart mouthguard to measure head impact data 

The wellness and fitness festival of the year is back and taking place 10-12 May at The Old Truman Brewery, Shoreditch. Each year hundreds of businesses who aid in making our lives that little bit better exhibit to showcase the latest products, trends, workouts, diets and services we can use to help us along our wellness and fitness journey.

If you’re anything like us you will take the chance to sample delicious foods, learn from the best wellness gurus in the business, try out a class with fellow yogis, heighten your emotional intelligence and discover what really works for you.

We take a look at the brands we can’t wait to see at this year’s Balance Festival.


Founded in 1987 by entrepreneurs Ron Ferber and Slon Kaufman, HoMedics is mostly known for their top of the range massage products, which allow people to unwind and de-stress in the comfort of their own home. Their massage products have been designed in a bespoke way which permits for the ultimate relaxation experience. Products range from foot and neck massagers to handheld massagers which can be used on your travels. They continue to be a leading innovator in massage technology.

Get a drip

Feeling run down? Had a heavy weekend? Or do you simply feel you need to give your body the boost it craves? Well look no further than Get a drip. Born after founder Richard Chambers (a type1 diabetic) was admitted to intensive care while suffering from Ketoacidosis. Richard soon realised how great it felt to feel fully hydrated. Used as part of a healthy lifestyle and not a substitute for exercise or a balanced diet the process is simple. Drop into one of their many locations around London, have an assessment by one of their healthcare professionals who will then help you choose the IV Drip or Booster Shot therapy that is right for you.


Fully equipped with industry experts who are at hand to help you with your wellness needs, be it a workout plan, week-long yoga or fitness retreat or an empowerment coaching session in your place of work Leap are on hand to help. Priding themselves as a sustainable wellness solution LEAP offer a multi-service approach to your wellness needs. As the business has evolved over the last 10 years, LEAP also delved into servicing residential buildings and shared working spaces across the city, providing their residents and members with yoga, personal training, sports massage, nutrition workshops and more. You will be in safe hands with the LEAP team at Balance Festival.


What makes a period powerful company? One whose mission is to change the mindset and attitudes towards periods and menstrual health. Passionate about growing a community of period pioneers TOTM want to break the taboo around periods modernising how we talk about menstrual health. In addition, TOTM sell 100% cruelty-free, organic, biodegradable tampons, pads and liners. They might be a small team in Wales but they’re a powerful one with a forward-thinking blog the ‘period powerful hub’ to help provide guidance, support and advice articles for women far and wide. There are also some brilliant take homes for clean/green living tips. Head on over and become part of the conversation with their #switchstories.


You take great care of your body now it is time to take great care of your mouth. Our mouths are a natural home to up to 100 billion bacteria. In fact, it is one of the most colonised parts of your body. Many think bacteria is bad but in truth good bacteria naturally protect your mouth and keep you healthy. Zendium is clinically proven to boost good bacteria in the mouth in just 14 weeks. So if you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate your good bacteria and oral health be sure to check out Zendium at this years festival.

If you like the sound of our choices and want to talk about taking your PR outreach to the next level, contact us today.

Five businesses to watch at Balance Festival

Whether you’re the newest sport-tech start-up, ready to disrupt the market; or an institution as old as England Rugby, if you’re part of the Sport and Leisure world, you’re at Elevate – the UK’s largest physical activity trade show.

This year, we’ve picked five of our favourite company’s exhibiting. All of which focus on offering top-quality ‘services’ for their customers.

Wellness plays an integral part in our day-to-day lives, especially for those who live through the hustle and bustle of city life. But sadly many who fall within this category, struggle to find the time to make our way across the city in time for appointments. Especially during the dreaded rush hour. On the other side of this, wellness professionals often do not reap the rewards they sow, with many only taking an average of 20% of what we pay them.


The UK’s largest wellness marketplace, are tackling both these issues. Urban gives city folks the opportunity to book wellness treatments; such as massages, osteopathy, and beauty services, all of which are ready to come straight to your front door, all it takes is a click of an app. Whilst also ensuring their self-employed professionals walk home with 80% of the cost of treatment and 100% of the tips.


You’ve had a long day at work, and the thought of having to commute halfway across town to go to the gym isn’t helping to boost your mood. Well, thanks to Hussle, this feeling could soon be a thing of the past.

With various memberships and discounts on offer, you can have flexible access to over 2,800 gyms across the country. So whether you’re coming from work, or leaving a meeting on the other side of the City, Hussle will have a location near you.


Most people have their favourite gym or their preferred gym brand, but how many of us really use it to its full potential? The team at GoSweat decided to create a new, more millennial alternative to the outdated corporate gym discounts.

GoSweat offers employees rewards for staying active, across thousands of different weekly activities – allowing employees to be ‘active whenever, wherever and however they like’. Whether it’s Pilates, lightbox yoga or Jivamukti, there will always be something that you’ll love.


Many people assume that tennis isn’t for everyone, especially when most don’t know who to talk to when they want to book a court. Enter Deuce who have created a portal which gives instant access to thousands of tennis courts across the UK.

Not only does Deuce give access to courts nearby, they want to drive change in tennis and help to make it inclusive to more. Deuce also offers the opportunity to improve your skills at their Deuce partner clubs, so no matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. So, it’s no surprise that two-time Wimbledon champ Sir Andy Murray has teamed up with them.

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Spotlight on…Elevate Expo

Yoga isn’t just an exercise class it’s a form of life for people all around the globe. It releases stress from the body, it helps you find clarity through the power of meditation and eliminates tension with self-healing techniques. But before committing to practising yoga, it is important to know you have the correct gear. We’ve looked at the yoga brands we believe are the ones to watch in 2019.

Dharma Bums

Since its inception in 2013, Australian based yoga brand Dharma Bums has been well received in the yoga community. Taking only 18 months for the business to turn over $4 million in revenue. Fast forward to 2019 and Dharma Bum’s rise shows no signs of faltering, after cracking the UK market and becoming one of the go-to yoga brands.

The concept of Dharma Bums initially came from founder Debbie Lawson, who at the time believed that practices used to manufacture yoga and activewear clothing didn’t align with her own values. Debbie felt inspired to do better.

The ethical brand lives by 11 core principles of the code of conduct which includes not discriminating, decent working hours and fair wages.


Established in 2002, meet the original athleisure. Asquith using eco fabrics such as bamboo which is a sustainable and environmentally low-impact fabric. It’s also ideal for activewear due to it being naturally anti-bacterial and breathable.

The Asquith designs enhance yoga and Pilates practice but are also perfect for everyday use. Asquith clothes are manufactured in a wonderful family-run factory in southern Turkey, like Dharma Bums, Asquith are committed to making sure employees enjoy a 9-5 day and paid holidays.


Since 2011 Gossypium have been creating yoga and activewear made from sustainable fabrics that allow customers to feel good inside and out. All their products are made to order and are manufactured in their workshop located on the edge of the South Downs National Park in East Sussex by their small team of dedicated craftspeople.

Working in association with yoga teachers and fitness instructors, each garment is designed to allow a natural fit and move with your body.


Lead by Yoga enthusiast and dancer, Aanika Chopra, Yogamasti is now a global brand and has been featured at 20 shows around the world. Not only is the clothing comfy it’s also hand painted for a unique style. Aanika herself has committed to a life of yoga having mastered Hatha Relax and Hatha Power, she has also successfully incorporated both dance and yoga into her practices in an exciting form called Yogic Dance.

From eco mats to meditation scarves to gift vouchers for your friends and family, Yogamasti has it all, if you’re into yoga this is the brand for you.

M-Life London

There’s an interesting story behind the inception of M-Life involving the founder, Leonie Ellyatt. Leonie’s grandmother taught her to dream and how to be individual, it is because of her grandmother, Rana, that she created M-Life formerly known as Manuka Life. Leonie dedicated M-Life London to her grandmother. Rana believed in women with real needs, something Leonie wants to preserve.

Passionate about creating lifestyle-inspired, high-quality apparel and accessories to support individuals on their spiritual and physical well-being journey. Perfectly suited for both yoga and Pilates

M-Life aims to create sustainable and non-toxic products including eco-friendly yoga and Pilates accessories, such as fitness balls and body bands. As a business they are 6P free, which is a hazardous chemical called phthalates (a group of chemicals used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic).

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Namaste to your favourite yoga brands