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The best fit-tech that will guarantee you stick to your New Year’s resolutions next year

The best fit-tech that will guarantee you stick to your New Year’s resolutions next year

Bored of making optimistic New Year’s resolutions, only to give a couple of days or weeks later? You’re not alone. According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February. Thankfully for you, we have done some digging, and gathered together the best fit-tech out there, that will guide you on your way to reaching your goals next year.


Simple Habit

Eager to start the new year off right by embarking on a new path towards mindfulness? With meditation guides in the form of some of the world’s best teachers, mindfulness experts at Google and even former monks, Simple Habit guarantees meditation education of the highest calibre. With the handy ‘On-the-Go’ feature, the app is particularly suited to people who think they’re too busy to keep up with their ambitious New Year’s resolutions. This feature allows you to quickly calm your nerves or anxiety on the spot, with short five-minute meditation sessions.



The idea behind C25K is simple and brilliantly effective. The aim is to get people who have never run before, off the couch and getting fit. With an easy program aimed specifically at beginners, by the end of the eight weeks, participants will be able to achieve their goal of running 5k. The workouts are 30-40 minutes long and incorporate a mixture of walking and running, making it feasible and bearable even for the most run-phobic of us all. All these features are accompanied by a handy audio coach, getting you through those tough moments.

Find a Player

Moving home in the new year? Short of a player for your next big fixture? Look no further than this ingenious app ‘Find a Player’, a multi-platform app designed to take the pain out of organising and finding players for sports games and events. Coined the ‘Tinder for sports’, this app is a unique way to build your social network, as well as connecting all for the love of sports. The company won ‘Best Start Up App Company’ at the 2018 Sports Technology Start Up Awards, and if you are determined to up your sport participation next year, this is the perfect technological companion.


If you, like the majority of the population during the dreary month of January, are keen to lose the holiday weight, 8Fit is a great companion to help you along the way. With exercise programs and meal plans, you are guided along the way, with no aspect left forgotten. Daily challenges and motivation tips, plans tailored specifically to your needs, and short snappy 5-15-minute sessions, this app will be your best friend this new year.


Have you achieved the results you wanted this festive season? Do you need help promoting your business or application? Speak to a member of our team today to find out how we can help you achieve your long-term goals.

 How counties can use 2019 as a PR launchpad

It sometimes feels like cricket has spent more time ‘dying’ than being played over the last decade, and that state of perpetual existential crisis is only intensifying as the ECB’s new The Hundred competition looms ever larger.

The cricketing public may be anticipating this brave new world with all the enthusiasm of a medium pacer about to trundle in to bowl at Jos Buttler, but what does it mean for the 18 first-class counties?

The Hundred presents both a challenge and an opportunity. A challenge because the advent of franchise cricket will threaten the identity of clubs whose heritage has been woven into the fabric of the game for 130 years. An opportunity because the new competition does not begin until 2020, which gives them 18 months to fight a concerted rear-guard action, seizing the chance to market themselves to audiences old and new.

The death of country cricket has been much exaggerated. The 2018 Vitality Blast competition drew record aggregate attendance figures in excess of 950,000, compared to 883,000 in 2017, which was a 7% increase on the previous record set in 2015. Run rate at the league stage of this year’s Blast was 8.88 runs per over, the highest of any T20 league globally. The Blast is an exciting product, and counties are showing that an audience can be attracted to watch domestic cricket. The 2019 Blast should be the first to break the one million barrier in ticket sales.

Ironically, the increasing popularity of the Blast has come in spite of a shoestring marketing budget that has prevented it from competing with the Big Bash and IPL. Attracting more spectators is the key to the long-term survival and financial viability of the domestic game. The ECB has decided it must attract a completely new audience by devising a new cricketing format yet the evidence shows that counties can find a willing audience for T20 if they get the formula right.

The coming year will be crucial for counties. If they promote their T20 offering, through cleverly targeted marketing and PR campaigns, they can steal a march on the ECB’s £41m Hundred.

Cricket’s absence from free-to-air television means that counties need to be creative. Targeted press engagement, community campaigns, and innovative deployment of players are all ways that cricket can target specific sectors to drive interest.

Counties should build on the momentum that women’s cricket has in the UK. Of the 26,000 tickets sold for the Women’s World Cup Final, around 50% were bought by women, and thousands of women across the UK took up the sport in the aftermath of the tournament. Counties with a women’s team have a great PR asset, but how many are getting the most out of it?

The Big Bash identified that the gateway to attracting a family audience is interesting mothers in the game. By targeting family sites, women’s titles and mummy bloggers, it’s possible to spread a message quickly through word of mouth and attract larger family audiences. Cricket is a wonderful alternative day out, but somebody needs to be making the case for it to those audiences, rather than speaking to a cricketing echo chamber.

That is where counties need to get smart. It is not fair to expect an in-house Press Office, whose bread and butter is dealing with cricket journalists, to devise and execute a strategy to reach mummy bloggers. Or to deliver a coordinated PR campaign to target students, persuading them that a day at their local cricket ground makes a perfect post-exam celebration. Or to think how local businesses can be reached through the media, turning T20 into a corporate team bonding opportunity.

Arguably, the mistake the ECB has made is to think it needs to find a new audience for cricket. Long-suffering cricket fans should not be taken for granted or ignored. Counties that can find a way to reaffirm their identity can allay the fears of their members, but could also make themselves more attractive to potential new members. Each county has its own ‘brand’: The Oval’s party atmosphere, the sanctity of Lords, the carnival Finals Day feeling at Edgbaston or the charm of Hove and the County Ground. Counties don’t need to be franchises to build a recognisable identity that can appeal to supporters.

Engaging BAME communities more effectively, particularly South Asian communities, is perhaps the greatest challenge that is yet to be solved. Almost 40% of recreational cricket in the UK is played by South Asians, but only 4% make it as professionals at county level. The ECB have launched a South Asian Action Plan, but with a number of British Asian players coming to prominence and a rich West Indian cricketing heritage, counties could do more to launch community projects to engage these audiences.

Surrey batsman Arun Harinath has family roots in Sri Lanka, and as well as working for the PCA, and writing for Wisden, he has recently launched a cricket podcast, The 12th Men. He has an interesting perspective, which is worth considering:

‘There is a definite disconnect between South Asian communities and professional cricket in the UK. A hearts and minds campaign is needed to change perceptions. There is plenty of cricket played in Asian leagues here in the UK, but many clubs feel ignored by counties, while young cricketers do not feel that there is a pathway to making it professionally.

 ‘Cricket needs to establish itself as the essential summer sport by re-engaging with BAME communities and by reconnecting players with fans. Cricketers aren’t visible enough in the UK, but if we can give them a greater profile, and give youngsters role models to look up to then there is a big opportunity for counties to bridge that disconnect and find a home for those communities. Different audiences need different messages, and hopefully counties are starting to realise that.’

 By seizing the narrative over the coming season, counties can consolidate their brand, reassure members, and entice new audiences into their grounds. Cricket is becoming more innovative on the field with every passing season. If counties can replicate that same innovation off the field in the way they sell their brand to potential audiences they can make 2019 their PR Moment.

If you would like to talk about your PR strategy for the New Year, speak to a member of our award-winning team today to find out how we can work with you to deliver a bespoke communications strategy.

We try…F45 Training. Blood, sweat, and more sweat

Being a lover of both fitness classes and bargains the introductory offer at F45 Training’s new Tottenham Court Road studio, offering a week’s worth of classes for £20, was far too good to pass up.

For anyone not familiar with this fitness phenomenon, F45 is an Aussie invention that has since grown exponentially (1,1150 studios across 36 countries in just four short years). The concept is simple – each class is 45 minutes of high-intensity circuit (or ‘HIIT’) training. Each exercise within the circuit-style workout comes from the database of 3,000+ exercises devised by the F45 head office team; meaning visitors to F45 won’t get the same workout twice.

Not one to  turn down a challenge– or as mentioned above, a bargain – I decided to get the absolute most out of my weekly pass, namely completing one class each day, although as the studio doesn’t presently offer Sunday classes this was capped at six sessions (which was probably for the best from a DOMs perspective!)

Day One: Monday

The start of my challenge fell the day after an unseasonably sunny London Sunday, leaving me nursing a hangover as I headed to F45. That queasy feeling only grew when I saw today was a ‘MVP’ class, described on the website as a workout that will “leave you grasping for any form of oxygen you can muster” – eep! Upon arrival, no one else seemed to be suffering from Mondayitis though so I forced myself to echo their enthusiasm and get on with it.

The studio consists of one large room decked out with assorted equipment and a big branded wall that was a familiar site from blogger Instagram posts. Today’s class was Tabata style with three rounds at each station, increasing the duration of ‘working time’ with each round, and continuing on for nine separate stations as we snaked around the room in a slightly chaotic, but surprisingly easy to follow way. Moves varied in intensity but the energy in the room is contagious and I found myself pushing wanting to improve with each round – that was until attempting one particular move saw me knock a sandbag to the face (at least it gave me justification to use ‘blood’ in the blog title!) All in all I left the session exhausted but exhilarated, and eager to refuel with some serious carb loading.

Day Two: Tuesday

Today’s early morning workout was a ‘Panthers’ session – a resistance focused class with a wide range of strength moves. We did three bursts of work at each station with moves ranging from deadlifts, kettlebell swings, bozu ball sit-ups, TRX squats and resistance band crab walks (a surprisingly brutal move!).  Screens at the front of the class constantly display how to do each exercise which, for someone who tends to forget exercises as soon as they’re shown to me, is truly a game changer.

We travelled around the room in pairs and my only recommendation would be to try and stand near someone of a significantly different build to you as the instructor splits the group into pairs, to lessen the likelihood that you’ll be battling them for the weights as you move stations!

Day Three: Wednesday

The third day of the challenge and my body seems to have noticed how hard it had been working, stairs are not my friend today. Regardless, I headed to an evening ‘Loyals’ class, defined as a ‘hybrid’ workout this was a mix of cardio and strength moves, and more than a little confusing! There were several puzzled faces as we began working our way around the room but by the end, the group was moving like a finely oiled machine.

Day Four: Thursday

An early morning ‘All Star’ class saw the class group tackle four pods of activity, completing three rounds of three exercises each time. There were kettlebell rows, weighted squats, chest flys and a few burpees thrown in for good measure.

I was pleasantly surprised that I pushed myself harder than I normally would and – despite my initial protests – really could lift the seemingly huge weights the trainer loaded up for me. By this point in the week, I’m plotting how to win the lottery so I can feasibly keep this up beyond my seven-day trial as it’s definitely addictive!

Day Five: Friday

TGI – owww. Friday’s ‘Athletica’ class proved to be the most brutal of the week, a cardio format class that left me pretty keen to crawl into bed rather than into the office but despite my typically cynical gym persona (much like on the tube, talking to strangers should not be encouraged at early morning classes) I found myself participating in some post-class high fives, but chose to draw the line at the seemingly obligatory ‘woo’-ing.

Day Six: Saturday

Last class of the week! The ‘Hollywood’ session is the longest class of the week at 60 minutes and combines both strength and cardio moves for a bumper finish to the week and energy throughout this session was particularly high thanks to a live DJ set up in the studio. Exercises included bursts of cardio on rowing machines and exercise bikes, strength tests by way of chin-ups and a wide assortment of dumbbell exercises, and punishing tests – namely pushing a ‘sled’ with 40kg loaded on top across the room, then using a tug of war style rope to pull it back to the other side.

What’s The Verdict?
The brains behind F45 really seem to have nailed it, the workouts are tough, the energy is high, and media reports that it has a ‘cult-like’ atmosphere definitely aren’t far off. I’ve finished my week keen to return but at £25 per class it will have to be an occasional treat, not my full time work out.

Five great charity walks for 2019

Signing up to participate in a sporting challenge to raise money doesn’t have to mean abseiling down the side of a skyscraper, running a marathon or cycling a long way. In fact, charity walks have become increasingly popular proving to be a far more inclusive way for participants to push their physical limits.

Here are our top charity walks you should look to take part in, in 2019.

London Winter Walk (13 January)

Start the new year as you mean to go on and join a thousand other participants taking part in the London Winter Walk. The walk itself is a cool 20km around the heart of the capital showing off London’s best iconic landmarks such as the Tate Modern, HMS Belfast and the Globe Theatre on the route.

Isle of Wight Challenge 2019 (4/5 May)

How else would you like to enjoy a bank holiday? Take on the Isle of Wight’s coastal pathways on this epic 106km journey with full support and hospitality the whole way. With spectacular coastlines, dramatic white cliffs and sandy beaches, this will be a weekend you never forget.

London 2 Brighton Challenge 2019 (25/26 May)

2019 will see the 100km Capital to Coast challenge, enter its eighth year of existence. The event starts in Richmond before heading over the North and South Downs before reaching the glorious Brighton coastline. Why not make a weekend of it and camp out in front of the stars at basecamp or alternatively if you’re feeling up to it take on the full 100km in one go! With quarter and half distance walks available as well for participants to take part in there’s an option for everyone!

Jurassic Coast Challenge 2019 (8/9 June)

With almost 3,000m of climb across the full 100km distance, the Jurassic Coast challenge has been described as one of the toughest walking events in the UK. Although the challenge may be tough, the stunning views around the course are worth signing up for this event alone. Setting off from Poole Harbour, participants will have to board the Sandbanks ferry, across to Studland before heading up towards Weymouth before finally finishing in Bridport.

Shine Night Walk London (21st September)

Walk side by side with thousands of others during the Cancer Research event. Come September 21, London will be lit up by thousands of glow-sticking waving, wig wearing walkers as they march through the night on the path to beat cancer. Pass iconic sights such as the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London as the sun rises over the city.

Interested in hearing about how we can help you promote your mass participation event? Speak to a member of our award-winning team to find out how we can support your event.

The Power of a nickname

The Ryder Cup saw victory for Europe, and following Ian Poulter’s celebrations in a post box costume, we were reminded of the power of nicknames in sport.

Nicknames give us a chance to lighten the mood and show people that we’re up for a laugh, and so when we see influential people embracing their given nicknames it is strangely comforting to see. Nicknames are useful in all aspects of life; from building cohesion among employees and being the source of some good laughs to making someone in the public eye seem more personable, as a nickname tends to say, “I know this person”.

Sport is inherently social and lends itself to discussion via social media. It’s, therefore, a brilliant platform for sports organisations and athletes to communicate with fans and leverage nicknames, consequently enhancing the ultimate value and recognition of a sports person across social channels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Often, nicknames can be used so frequently that people can barely remember what a person’s real name is, or maybe you’ve never known it. Ultimately, nicknames are an effective way to make a person seem both more personable and memorable and they can, therefore, be a powerful tool in PR.

We had a look at some of the most memorable nicknames in professional sport.

Ian Poulter “The Postman”

Poulter’s nickname comes from his ability to consistently deliver points for his side in one of golf’s most revered competitions, The Ryder Cup. This year, Poulter needed a wildcard from Europe’s captain Thomas Bjorn to be in France at all, he was benched for the opening fourballs on Friday and even hit his first tee shot straight into the water on Friday afternoon.

Of course, when it really mattered, Poulter came through in one of the most dramatic of Sunday’s singles matches, and delivered to win two up against Dustin Johnson, living up to his nickname “The Postman”.

View this post on Instagram

What a laugh… The guys who wore these outfits were singing their hearts out and followed me around all week, only fitting to borrow the outfit. @rydercupteameurope

Andrew Flintoff “Freddie”

Andrew Flintoff got the nickname “Freddie” because his surname is similar to that of Fred Flintstone. “Freddie” has stuck so well that many wouldn’t even realise his real name is Andrew (including myself!).

Flintoff has gone on to write several books including; Being Freddie and Freddie.

View this post on Instagram

So here’s my new book! It’s available for pre-order now, so if you’re interested take a look. Link in bio

David Beckham “Golden Balls”

Back in 2001, Victoria Beckham made a comment which was the start of an incredibly famous nickname for her husband, David Beckham.

She revealed that following the way he’d turned his image around after being sent off at the 1998 World Cup, she’d called him “Golden Balls”.

Since Victoria famously referred to David as “Golden Balls” it seems that he has had the Midas touch both on and off the football pitch.

View this post on Instagram

17 years ago today WOW .. @england

A post shared by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

Usain Bolt “Lightning Bolt”

It comes as no surprise that Bolt’s nickname comes from a combination of his name and speed. Alongside his nickname comes his popular lightning bolt pose which he uses both before races and in celebration.

What people might be less aware of is the meaning of his signature pose which is said to come from Jamaican tourism “To Di World” meaning “to the world”.

A PR agency can help you use the right methods to engage with the right audience helping you create and implement a communications strategy for your business and brand. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

Our favourite mass participation events to try in 2019

Mass participation sport events have become something of a buzzword in recent years with entrants often flocking in their thousands. Whether it’s for the community feel, the friends you make along the way, raising money for a cause or simply just to find out what you’re really made of, everyone has their reasons for taking part in a mass participation event.

We take a look at the mass participation events you should be signing up for in 2019.

Breca Jersey

Imagine a sport that takes you to the beautiful, wild places; over craggy hilltops, through mountain tarns, along rugged coastlines and across glittering lakes. Breca Jersey is the Channel Island’s first swim and running race around the stunning coastline of Jersey.

Breca Jersey offers two courses which both include swims across the island’s iconic bays, and beautiful countryside runs. If you take part in the full race, the average time to complete the challenge from 6.5 to 10 hours. Due to the magnitude and toughness of the event, you can only enter as a pair or a team. So make sure you choose a good friend to enter with you as teamwork is essential!

Marathon Swims

The ultimate swimming challenge has arrived. Making its debut in mass participation events in 2017, Marathon Swims sold out and was shortlisted in the Participation Event of the Year category, at the Sport Industry Awards 2018.

Participants are encouraged to enter into the 1k challenge, a 5k challenge or a 10k challenge which can be completed as a team or as an individual swimmer for those brave enough. Marathon Swims is due to take place later this year in November. Get your goggles at the ready!

Dixons Carphone Race To The Stones

The UK’s number one ultra-trail marathon, the race has been designed to suit everyone from elite runners to bold fundraisers. Participants run along Britain’s oldest road, from the Chilterns to the North Wessex Downs.

Make a weekend of it and camp out in front of the stars at the legendary basecamp or race non-stop and aim for the course record in either the 50km or full 100km race option. The race event organisers take care of everything so that you can enjoy the sights, sounds, hills and history

Vertical Rush

Described as the challenge with the view. In March 2019, 1000 participants will be walking, jogging and running up 932 steps, the equivalent of 42 floors right to the very top of the Tower 42 in aid of Shelter. Take on the tower challenge either as a solo or as part of a team of five and help give people a home.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool

Race through the city where rock laid its roots! Walk or run in the steps of The Beatles and let the beat go on as you discover Liverpool’s rock and pop history along your race. 2019 sees the return of Liverpool’s most popular running event, take part in the 1 mile, 5k or half and full marathon races. With live entertainment situated around the course, if you like your music this event is the one for you!

Interested in hearing about how we can help you promote your mass participation event? Speak to a member of our award-winning team to find out how we can support your event.

Alternative exercise classes – Our top five picks

One of the main hurdles to get over when it comes to exercise is the ability to stay motivated. There’s no denying that it gets boring running on a treadmill or doing a regular HIIT class repeatedly, so much so that many of us will begin to find excuses to put off exercising altogether. We had a look at the best alternative exercise classes available to ensure you don’t let that summer body you worked so hard for slip now that winter is upon us.

Fulfil your dream of being in the circus with Flying Fantastic and their Static Trapeze class. This is a great stepping stone for more Aerial Fitness, enabling you to build confidence and strength with going upside down. Using your core, lower back and obliques to keep the ropes from swinging as much as possible beats your usual core routine on a mat in the gym. Static Trapeze provides a great platform for you to develop your functional strength and pursue that career in the circus!

Let’s say you’ve been sat in a stuffy office all day, then stuck on a busy train on your commute home. If the last thing you want to do is retreat to a congested studio for your exercise class, then look no further. With various locations all over the UK, Aquaphysical offers a variety of FloatFit classes which give you a fun, full body workout aiming to suit all abilities and providing a mixture of both high intensity and yoga-inspired classes, keeping your core and balance working hard at all times to avoid falling in the water.

A blend of the movement and technique of ballet with the precision of Pilates and the stretch of yoga. Triyoga Barre classes are dynamic, engaging and the perfect exercise for people looking to mix up their usual routines. Some of the benefits of barre include developing core strength, enhancing posture and muscle tone and increasing flexibility. The combination of three different methods of exercise ensures that participants remain engaged and excited about their workouts.

Gymbox are well known for their huge array of alternative fitness classes. Whiplash is a body weight and skipping exercise class which aims to deliver a full body workout putting your cardio to the test and improving balance, coordination and footwork. It can be done by anybody and everybody and you might also be surprised to learn that skipping can burn around 1300 calories an hour!

We all used to hula-hoop in the school playground as kids, but who would have thought you’d be picking up a hula hoop and swinging your hips to old-school bangers as an adult?! Hooping is a brilliant way to tone your abs, legs and arms, and have fun whilst doing it! Some of the key benefits you can achieve from hooping are improved strength, coordination and calorie burning. Hulafit offers workouts in several locations across London which will enhance and develop your balance, posture and poise and assist sculpting, reshaping and toning all in the right places. But most importantly, these classes are a bundle of fun!

Could your business benefit from a creative communications strategy to help drive business? Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you.

Sport and fitness investments, you won’t want to miss out on

The fitness market in the UK is worth an estimated £5bn. One in seven Brits pay for gym memberships each year as well as the latest fitness regimes and muscle-busting classes. It would appear everyone is after a slice of the cake, which should be music to the ears of new investors.

We take a look at the very best sport and fitness investment opportunities on CrowdCube you won’t want to miss out on.

Boom Cycle

A boutique fitness studio specialising in indoor cycling and putting the fun factor into getting your sweat on. Its aims are simple, to give riders a chance to escape their individual concerns and responsibilities. A constant presence in the media since its launch in 2014, featuring in 100’s of articles whilst also being highly commended in the Tatler gym awards. Boom Cycle now successfully runs four studios across London and are looking to expand and open number five shortly.

It’s time to put your foot to the metal and invest in Boom Cycle.

SOAR Running

Described as the ‘Rapha of running’. SOAR was born from a desire to create beautiful performance running wear. SOAR’s founder Tim, decided to set up the business after years of being dissatisfied with available running kit options. Being a previous two-time winner of British Fashion Council’s New-Gen award, Tim has combined his knowledge and experience in fashion with his passion for running to produce cutting-edge clothing, helping runners to perform their best whilst still looking stylish. They recently completed their time on CrowdCube, but we thought we would include them anyway as we love their running apparel!


Bridging the gap between 1 on 1 personal training sessions and busy fitness classes is Outrivals. Offering small group training classes at affordable prices, splitting up the cost with a personal touch. Outrivals offers three different types of gym memberships to its clients, so whether you want to just use the facilities and train by yourself or train with the best experts around, Outrivals have a bespoke package ready for you. The boutique gym brand is ready to build on their current success and have set themselves the target of having 15 sites up and running within five years. Outrivals have already developed a great reputation for itself with outstanding ratings on both Google and Facebook.

 Impact Marathon Series

Impact Marathon Series is a social business designed to harness the power of running marathons, whilst linking in with sustainably built communities, bringing people together, and leaving a lasting impact on the world. The team believes each one of us can make a difference to the world. In three years, the team have produced six races on three different continents. Through the combination of travel, social engagement and running the start-up they have raised over $800k for grassroots organisations from their first six races!

Are you looking to raise vital funds for your business? Or are you a start-up that needs to launch your brand to the market? Our team of specialists is here to help.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you gain cut-through for you and your business.

How influencer marketing can attract new business

Influencer marketing has become a powerful communications tool. In recent years brands and businesses in the fitness industry have seen a spike in new customers due to the incorporation of influencer marketing as part of their strategy.

We look at the best strategies businesses in the fitness industry can implement to drive new business opportunities for their brand and increase their overall engagement.


According to a study conducted by Nielson, ‘84% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations above all other sources of marketing’. How many of us have bought something because our friend says they love it? We know we have, and it is no different when it comes from influencers on our network. Product promotions, trials and testimonials are some of the most effective pieces of content for brands and businesses.

Whether your business is a chain of gyms, bespoke fitness apparel or a specific nutritional guide, incorporating influencers in your new business strategy can help drive engagement. Consumers love to read and relate to success stories. When the brand Multipower launched their ‘Muscles in HD’ campaign, it showed how recommendations from influencers can boost business.

The campaign itself was aimed at an image conscious Instagram audience, sharing before and after selfie shots to highlight progress. Multipower decided not to pay the influencers for their time, but instead gave them the product to try for a month and incorporate into their gym routines. Capturing the influencers transformation to convey the HD sculpting effect of the product.

Jack Wellon

The Multipower website recorded its best ever month of traffic with a 58% year on year increase, and their social channels received 800 new followers up 102%. It’s worth mentioning the brand also recorded a sales increase of the new powder range.

Spark comments and conversations

Providing your customers the opportunity to engage in conservation with a relevant ambassador or influencer is an effective method to drive traffic to your site, and increase discussion about your brand.

Live chats, Q&A sessions or pop up events to meet influencers drive a real buzz and can attract plenty of press coverage. In a similar vein, Tough Mudder decided to use Facebook Live and host a preview for potential participants with legendary Tough Mudder coach and influencer Coach T. Mud leading participants through a training course. It meant that people could see exactly what they were signing up for, the video has amassed over 53,000 views.

Ensure longevity

A one-off social media post or a sponsored advert won’t have long term impact. You may see an initial spike on the day of the post, but planning consistent messaging building ongoing relationships are vital to the success of your influencer campaign.

Be sure that the influencer you decide to make the face of your campaign is consistently promoting your brand throughout the whole process, set up an ongoing relationship, this will provide authenticity and consistency for your target audience. A brand who decided to follow this approach when launching their fitness campaign was London based boutique brand 1Rebel. Utilising some of London’s largest fitness influencers over a sustained three-month promotion, one of the key influencers used during the campaign was nutritionist Jessica Ball, who posted about the brand four times a week for four weeks providing some excellent engagement for the brand.

Engage with your existing members

It’s worth remembering that securing new business for your gym is nothing without keeping your existing members happy too. UN1T, a boutique gym based in Fulham and London Bridge have recently hired fitness influencers Zanna Van Dijk and Twice the Health (Emily and Hannah) to be coaches and lead several classes a week. This move works for two reasons, as they actively encourage new sign-ups on their Instagram stories whenever they lead a class, but it also inspires existing members to return and exercise at UN1T.

If you would like to talk to someone about incorporating an influencer communications strategy into your next campaign, why not speak to a member of our award-winning team today.

Our top fitness campaigns of 2018 so far

We’re emerging from the height of tone-up season as days get shorter and we place our swimsuits back into the draw. It’s the time where we want to reinvent ourselves and get fit for the new year after our party season. It seems like everywhere consumers turn in January the peek of the fitness calendar there’s a workout recommendation or cleanse plan begging for a click-through. We take a look at the fitness campaigns that have got us moving all year round.

 Reebok: #BeMoreHuman

Over the years Reebok has hit us with countless memorable campaigns and their most recent, Be More Human campaign is one we love.

The campaign celebrates ‘women who are transforming themselves and the world around them’ and sees models, athletes and artists including the likes of Ariana Grande, Katrin Davidsdottier, Gigi Hadid, Gal Gadot and Nathalie Emmanuel star in their own inspiring video.

Along with the inspiring campaign videos, Reebok has released 10 limited edition t-shirts, each with an inspirational message from one of the women featured in the campaign printed on them.

Consumers are encouraged to get behind the campaign and purchase a t-shirt as 100% of donations go to the Women’s Strength Coalition and The Movemeant Foundation.

A worthy cause and t-shirts are still available to purchase until 31st December 2018.

USN: “The Face of USN”

Leading sports nutrition brand USN launched a nationwide competition to find the male and female face of the brand in an exciting campaign “The Face of USN”.

Entrants were required to submit a short application form online and in 200 words, describe why they think they deserved to be the next face of USN.

The winners, who were announced in January 2018, had fantastic back stories where they had overcome serious adversity and in addition to USN products, won a 12-month ambassador contract with the brand.

The campaign ran for three months and allowed USN to achieve media cut through during the highly competitive New Year period.

Coca-Cola: #PassTheHappiness

Coca-Cola, in partnership with ASDA and social impact company One World Play Project, teamed up with Jason Derulo for their global FIFA World Cup initiative #PassTheHappiness, which launched back in May 2018.

The campaign invited consumers to help #PassTheHappiness and bring unpoppable footballs to communities in need, by purchasing participating coke products from ASDA stores and selecting a charity to donate Futbols to.

The One World Futbol, created by One World Play Project, never needs a pump and never goes flat and can be played with even in the harshest environments.

Coca-Cola, ASDA and One World Play Project pledged to donate 15,000 Futbols to young people in disadvantaged countries and news on whether they achieved their target will be announced soon!

London Marathon: #SpiritofLondon

Each year we look forward to seeing the latest campaign from the most iconic marathon in the world, the Virgin Money London Marathon, and each year we are not disappointed.

Anyone who tuned into the marathon last year will remember the emotional and inspiring finish of David Wyeth, who was helped down the mall to the finish line by fellow runner, Matt Rees. This moment encapsulated the spirit of London and thus came about, the 2018 #SpiritofLondon campaign and the new Spirit of London Award.

The campaign celebrated the unique spirit of the marathon by showcasing the astonishing stories of its winners, runners, volunteers, supporters and spectators.

In the lead up to the 2018 marathon, commemorative coins were presented to those who won a Spirit of London Award, the first being awarded to David and Matt, who started the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon together and finished just minutes apart.


Spirit Of London

The 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon will celebrate its unique spirit, showcasing the extraordinary stories of its runners, champions, volunteers, supporters and spectators through the #SpiritOfLondon campaign!

Posted by London Marathon on Friday, January 26, 2018



Lucozade Sport: #MadetoMove

Back in September 2016, Lucozade Sport launched their Made to Move campaign to get one million people moving by 2020.

As part of the campaign, Lucozade Sport hosted the largest-ever live-streamed workout in partnership with Pure Gym and in 2017, Lucozade Sport launched their Made to Move fitness app.

The campaign has continued to build momentum since its inception and for 2018, Lucozade Sport and #MadeToMove ambassador and Unified World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Anthony Joshua, have partnered with Our Parks whose mission is to get 100,000 park goers exercising weekly by 2019.

To do this, Lucozade are supporting Our Parks to launch free fitness classes in 30 new locations as well as online workouts being available for people who sign up. Anthony Joshua kicked off the partnership by hosting a park workout with more than 400 people!



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