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How influencer marketing can attract new business

How influencer marketing can attract new business

Influencer marketing has become a powerful communications tool. In recent years brands and businesses in the fitness industry have seen a spike in new customers due to the incorporation of influencer marketing as part of their strategy.

We look at the best strategies businesses in the fitness industry can implement to drive new business opportunities for their brand and increase their overall engagement.


According to a study conducted by Nielson, ‘84% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations above all other sources of marketing’. How many of us have bought something because our friend says they love it? We know we have, and it is no different when it comes from influencers on our network. Product promotions, trials and testimonials are some of the most effective pieces of content for brands and businesses.

Whether your business is a chain of gyms, bespoke fitness apparel or a specific nutritional guide, incorporating influencers in your new business strategy can help drive engagement. Consumers love to read and relate to success stories. When the brand Multipower launched their ‘Muscles in HD’ campaign, it showed how recommendations from influencers can boost business.

The campaign itself was aimed at an image conscious Instagram audience, sharing before and after selfie shots to highlight progress. Multipower decided not to pay the influencers for their time, but instead gave them the product to try for a month and incorporate into their gym routines. Capturing the influencers transformation to convey the HD sculpting effect of the product.

Jack Wellon

The Multipower website recorded its best ever month of traffic with a 58% year on year increase, and their social channels received 800 new followers up 102%. It’s worth mentioning the brand also recorded a sales increase of the new powder range.

Spark comments and conversations

Providing your customers the opportunity to engage in conservation with a relevant ambassador or influencer is an effective method to drive traffic to your site, and increase discussion about your brand.

Live chats, Q&A sessions or pop up events to meet influencers drive a real buzz and can attract plenty of press coverage. In a similar vein, Tough Mudder decided to use Facebook Live and host a preview for potential participants with legendary Tough Mudder coach and influencer Coach T. Mud leading participants through a training course. It meant that people could see exactly what they were signing up for, the video has amassed over 53,000 views.

Ensure longevity

A one-off social media post or a sponsored advert won’t have long term impact. You may see an initial spike on the day of the post, but planning consistent messaging building ongoing relationships are vital to the success of your influencer campaign.

Be sure that the influencer you decide to make the face of your campaign is consistently promoting your brand throughout the whole process, set up an ongoing relationship, this will provide authenticity and consistency for your target audience. A brand who decided to follow this approach when launching their fitness campaign was London based boutique brand 1Rebel. Utilising some of London’s largest fitness influencers over a sustained three-month promotion, one of the key influencers used during the campaign was nutritionist Jessica Ball, who posted about the brand four times a week for four weeks providing some excellent engagement for the brand.

Engage with your existing members

It’s worth remembering that securing new business for your gym is nothing without keeping your existing members happy too. UN1T, a boutique gym based in Fulham and London Bridge have recently hired fitness influencers Zanna Van Dijk and Twice the Health (Emily and Hannah) to be coaches and lead several classes a week. This move works for two reasons, as they actively encourage new sign-ups on their Instagram stories whenever they lead a class, but it also inspires existing members to return and exercise at UN1T.

If you would like to talk to someone about incorporating an influencer communications strategy into your next campaign, why not speak to a member of our award-winning team today.

Our top fitness campaigns of 2018 so far

We’re emerging from the height of tone-up season as days get shorter and we place our swimsuits back into the draw. It’s the time where we want to reinvent ourselves and get fit for the new year after our party season. It seems like everywhere consumers turn in January the peek of the fitness calendar there’s a workout recommendation or cleanse plan begging for a click-through. We take a look at the fitness campaigns that have got us moving all year round.

 Reebok: #BeMoreHuman

Over the years Reebok has hit us with countless memorable campaigns and their most recent, Be More Human campaign is one we love.

The campaign celebrates ‘women who are transforming themselves and the world around them’ and sees models, athletes and artists including the likes of Ariana Grande, Katrin Davidsdottier, Gigi Hadid, Gal Gadot and Nathalie Emmanuel star in their own inspiring video.

Along with the inspiring campaign videos, Reebok has released 10 limited edition t-shirts, each with an inspirational message from one of the women featured in the campaign printed on them.

Consumers are encouraged to get behind the campaign and purchase a t-shirt as 100% of donations go to the Women’s Strength Coalition and The Movemeant Foundation.

A worthy cause and t-shirts are still available to purchase until 31st December 2018.

USN: “The Face of USN”

Leading sports nutrition brand USN launched a nationwide competition to find the male and female face of the brand in an exciting campaign “The Face of USN”.

Entrants were required to submit a short application form online and in 200 words, describe why they think they deserved to be the next face of USN.

The winners, who were announced in January 2018, had fantastic back stories where they had overcome serious adversity and in addition to USN products, won a 12-month ambassador contract with the brand.

The campaign ran for three months and allowed USN to achieve media cut through during the highly competitive New Year period.

Coca-Cola: #PassTheHappiness

Coca-Cola, in partnership with ASDA and social impact company One World Play Project, teamed up with Jason Derulo for their global FIFA World Cup initiative #PassTheHappiness, which launched back in May 2018.

The campaign invited consumers to help #PassTheHappiness and bring unpoppable footballs to communities in need, by purchasing participating coke products from ASDA stores and selecting a charity to donate Futbols to.

The One World Futbol, created by One World Play Project, never needs a pump and never goes flat and can be played with even in the harshest environments.

Coca-Cola, ASDA and One World Play Project pledged to donate 15,000 Futbols to young people in disadvantaged countries and news on whether they achieved their target will be announced soon!

London Marathon: #SpiritofLondon

Each year we look forward to seeing the latest campaign from the most iconic marathon in the world, the Virgin Money London Marathon, and each year we are not disappointed.

Anyone who tuned into the marathon last year will remember the emotional and inspiring finish of David Wyeth, who was helped down the mall to the finish line by fellow runner, Matt Rees. This moment encapsulated the spirit of London and thus came about, the 2018 #SpiritofLondon campaign and the new Spirit of London Award.

The campaign celebrated the unique spirit of the marathon by showcasing the astonishing stories of its winners, runners, volunteers, supporters and spectators.

In the lead up to the 2018 marathon, commemorative coins were presented to those who won a Spirit of London Award, the first being awarded to David and Matt, who started the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon together and finished just minutes apart.


Spirit Of London

The 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon will celebrate its unique spirit, showcasing the extraordinary stories of its runners, champions, volunteers, supporters and spectators through the #SpiritOfLondon campaign!

Posted by London Marathon on Friday, January 26, 2018



Lucozade Sport: #MadetoMove

Back in September 2016, Lucozade Sport launched their Made to Move campaign to get one million people moving by 2020.

As part of the campaign, Lucozade Sport hosted the largest-ever live-streamed workout in partnership with Pure Gym and in 2017, Lucozade Sport launched their Made to Move fitness app.

The campaign has continued to build momentum since its inception and for 2018, Lucozade Sport and #MadeToMove ambassador and Unified World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Anthony Joshua, have partnered with Our Parks whose mission is to get 100,000 park goers exercising weekly by 2019.

To do this, Lucozade are supporting Our Parks to launch free fitness classes in 30 new locations as well as online workouts being available for people who sign up. Anthony Joshua kicked off the partnership by hosting a park workout with more than 400 people!



Do you need a communications strategy that achieves real impact and cut-through? Speak to our sport & fitness team today to find out how we can support you.

If Public Relations were Cricket

Ah, cricket. Is there a greater pleasure in those searing July and August months than settling down with five or six bottles of bubbly to not really pay attention to the sporting action before you?

Those long summer days might now be drawing to a close, but the sun never sets on the sumptuous scene that is the media landscape. Cricket is an answer to so many questions: What should I play this weekend? What should I watch this weekend? What did Jesus die for on the cross?

And now, it’s the answer to one further question. How exactly does PR work?

Read on, delicious investigator.

Gritty opening batsman – Corporate PR Team: Alastair Cook without the jawline. It’s not always glamorous, it often makes for attritional viewing, but sometimes you need somebody who will dig in, see off the new ball and deliver results. Always means a bit more when they make a big score because they’re generally doing it in the toughest conditions against the scariest new ball journalists.

Fluent Number Three – Journalist: The best journalists are like James Vince. Width and terrible story ideas are punished to the boundary with disdain. But keep pitching it just right (normally down the phone and in that fourth stump channel), and they will always have a nibble.

Middle order biffer – Marketing Executive: Look, we can pontificate all we want, but our middle order and balance sheet both need a bit of tap. Not much subtlety to this employee’s game, it’s stand and deliver cricket. Clear that front leg and demolish another monthly income target over cow corner please.

Bowling all-rounder – Creative Team: They give us that crucial balance in the middle order, and a bowling option too. We live in the age of social media supremacy, and while our creatives can be mercurial, when they do fire and go viral it’s spectacular. Must be managed carefully so they’re winning matches rather than taking pedalo rides.

Chirpy Wicket Keeper – Consumer & Tech departments: Always on the phones and chattering away, they’re good at reading the situation, knowing when to pitch and nattering down the phone until the journalist caves. Gift of the gab and quick hands on the keyboard. Tend to grab any opportunity that comes their way. Don’t knick it, journos.

Mystery spinner – Graduate Trainee: What to make of them? Are they the real deal with those mystery variations? Or are they just sending down pies with a funny action? We know that journalists are going to try and launch them into the stands. Will they keep pitching (it up)? Can they hold their own and demand the batsman’s respect? They’re on the PHA Graduate Scheme so I suspect they will.

Opening bowler – Sport Team: Metronomic, consistent delivery. We know what we’re going to get from them, and that’s why they take the new cherry. Captain has no problem throwing them the new clients as they know full well that coverage and wickets surely follow. Not to be messed with though and tend to have a vicious short ball which they aren’t afraid to use when things don’t go their way.

Scorer – CEO: Their playing days are over. Now our CEO is content to sit there, totting up the scores, feeling increasingly smug as the numbers get larger and larger.

Umpires – HR: Obviously. Get plenty of grief from the players, but important presence to ensure that the office isn’t brought into disrepute.


If you’re looking to become man of the match speak to a member of our award-winning public relations team today.

Hawk-Eye: The technology that has revolutionised the game

Hawk-Eye is probably one of the most important innovations in professional sport. It has revolutionised over 20 professional sports and every year covers 7,200 games and events across 450 stadiums in over 65 countries.

Hawk-Eye the system that analyses situations quickly with a high degree of accuracy using a camera array and high-speed monitoring software. The technology is making cricket fairer and less prone to adjudicating howlers as decisions can be reviewed and overturned if needs be. It has also become a fan favourite, both in the ground and at home, for the great visual technology and added trepidation.

Since only being used in a simple format for cricket broadcasting, Hawk-Eye has been developed to become one of the most sophisticated vision processing technologies in sport. The system uses vision processing technology which is then combined with an intelligent IT-based video replay and distribution software. This is then put through the creative graphics platform making the visually thrilling format we know and love.

The technology works by installing a number of cameras around the field tracking the ball. Hawk-Eye uses these cameras to tell you what is going to happen rather than what has already happened. The system triangulates information of where the ball is from each calibrated camera. This process is repeated frame by frame to produce a single trajectory. The computer does all the work and no human interaction is required. The measurements are accurate to within 3.9mm and the video is produced in under 10 seconds making it incredibly fast and accurate.

Cricket broadcasting is the most widespread use of Hawk-Eye and it is primarily used to analyse leg before wicket (LBW) decisions. It does this by tracking the ball and then projecting the likely path of the ball to see if it would have hit the stumps had the batsman’s leg not got in the way. In all three cases, marginal calls result in the on-field call being maintained.

It is also able to be used as a broadcasting and coaching aid as the systems can show the delivery patterns of a bowler such as their line, length, swing and turn. It is also a benefit to the batsmen as a record can be produced of where a batsman scores most of his/her runs. This is a valuable insight for County and International players in creating strategies for matches

There have been some high-profile mistakes by the software. Most notably in a match between Australia and South Africa when AB De Villiers was bowled but the Hawk-Eye replay predicting the ball went over the stumps by some distance. On this incident, the founder and CEO of Hawk-Eye, Dr Paul Hawkins, said ‘the technology has only made four inaccurate rulings since an upgraded version of the technology was introduced eight years ago’.

Hawk-Eye have also broadened out in cricket developing Ultra-edge. This superseded the existing Snicometer, which uses directional microphones to detect small sounds made as the ball hits the bat or pad.

The impact of Hawk-Eye technology has cannot be underestimated. It still causes debate amongst fans and professionals alike about its accuracy and whether it should be used at all but with all 12 full member countries of the ICC except India agreeing the technology works, the technology in cricket has exploded in popularity and become an integral part of the game.

Do you have a sports product or service you wish to feature in both online and offline media? Speak to our award-winning Sport & Fitness team today to find out how we can deploy a multi-pronged communications strategy to grow your business.

The brands ready to create your bespoke cricket bat

Cricket may be a team sport, but when it comes to equipment everyone has their preferences. Choosing the right bat can be a difficult choice, some players like to use a bat which has a shorter handle for increased control, whereas other players use a heavier bat to get more power behind their shots.

Luckily there are professional services ready to help. We’ve taken a look at the cricket aficionados who create and prepare bespoke bats specific to your playing needs.


Based in Hove, Newbery have been handcrafting cricket bats since 1919. Newbury’s heritage combines tradition, innovation and master craftsmanship. As you would expect with a brand that focuses so much attention on heritage, quality and performance style always comes first. Newbury offers a 1:1 appointment service where one of their specialists will guide you through the service of creating your ideal bat. Looking into everything from the weight of the bat to the shape of the bat. But if you can’t wait to play with your new toy, Newbery also offer a full knocking in service by one of their bat gurus, so you don’t need to worry about using your bat too early.

B3 Cricket

One of few remaining bat manufacturing companies who still produce their bats in England. B3 ensure to bring the ‘Pro-Service’ to the amateur cricketer, their bespoke service allows people to design their bat from scratch. But it isn’t just amateur cricketers who are raving about B3, Nottinghamshire’s Steve Mullaney suggests they are the best bat manufacturing service on the planet.

Chase Cricket

Since 1996 in the heart of Hampshire’s leafy countryside, Chase Cricket have been designing and handcrafting the very finest cricket bats for all levels of the game. After choosing your ideal willow, Chase’s bat makers will help you pick your preferred shape, ideal weight and handle size. Chase also offer a full refurbishment service, so if you’re reluctant to let go of your favourite run-scoring weapon, Chase will bring it back to life.

A bespoke PR strategy handcrafted by award-winning professionals could deliver success to your business, why not speak to us today for a no obligation chat to find out how we can work with you.

5 best brand campaigns during the 2018 World Cup

By Robyn Sharpe

When England beat Sweden booking their place in the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup, nearly 20 million people tuned in to watch in the UK. This proved football’s premier events are a great opportunity for brands to get noticed during commercials, airing and updates. During the World Cup, brands were creative with their campaigns, we take a look at some of our favourite PR stunts throughout the tournament.

Carlsberg Caviar

Beer and caviar might not be the first food combination you think of when hosting guests to watch the football. But sponsors of the Danish national team Carlsberg, celebrated the World Cup by creating the world’s first ‘Beer caviar’ to give Danish fans a small taste of Russia. Using a scientific process called molecular gastronomy, the beer brand created Carlsberg Caviar which brought together the texture of fish eggs whilst having the flavour of a cold pilsner.


Dominos wanted to remind its audience that they believe the tournament should be enjoyed from the comfort of your sofa. To help reinforce this message, the established pizza brand took an unusual approach to position themselves as the ‘official food of not going to international football tournaments’ by reflecting on the failure of ex-football pro Jimmy Bullard who never played at a World Cup. The series of adverts featured Jimmy undergoing mundane tasks around the house during the World Cup, including a trip round ‘Jimmy’s trophy room’ where it featured an England shirt which still had the price tag on it and two England ‘caps’.

British Airways

The airline company seized the opportunity to get behind England by releasing several innovative social media campaigns and PR stunts. One of the stunts BA executed included releasing a unique plane ticket where the ticket belonged to a passenger called ‘Football’ who was flying from Moscow to ‘Home’, playing on the reemergence of the football anthem ‘Three Lions’. Other notable amendments to the unique ticket included ‘Gate: South’ referring to the England manager Gareth Southgate and the seat number was ‘52H’ indicating towards how many years it has been since England last won the World Cup.

But British Airways weren’t finished there, the day before the semi-final against Croatia they decided to handout 300 M&S waistcoats to passengers who were flying to Moscow from London. M&S are the official supplier of the England formal wear and supply the food on BA’s short haul flights.

Paddy Power

There was a lot of controversy around Paddy Power’s World Cup campaign. The Irish bookmakers leaved a ‘live’ video of a Russian polar bear being graffitied with the English flag and the Paddy Power branding. They took credit for the video in a full-on newspaper wrap on the Metro. There was a storm of complaints on social media following the stunt, until two days later when Paddy Power took over the Metro again to reveal that it was intended to raise awareness of the plight of the polar bear in Russia. Paddy Power had in fact teamed up with Polar Bears International to fund their first Russian Polar bear research programme.

National Centre for Domestic Violence

NCDV used the World Cup hype to highlight the horrifying link between domestic violence and football with their ‘Not-So-Beautiful Game’ campaign. As you can see from the picture below they recreated the England flag with images of blood from injuries and released them on the days England had matches. The posters provide statistics from researchers at Lancaster University who found that reported incidences of domestic violence increased by 26% when England play, 38% if England lose and 11% the next day win or lose. NCDV hopes this campaign will make more people realise domestic violence is not socially acceptable.

Does your brand or business need creative campaign support or perhaps a public relations strategy put in place? Speak to a member of our team today to find out how we can work in partnership with you.

National Centre for Domestic Violence

Does your brand or business need creative campaign support or perhaps a public relations strategy put in place? Speak to a member of our team today to find out how we can work in partnership with you.

Top five cricket boots to check out this summer

With blue skies and no rain forecasted for several weeks to come, it’s a perfect time for England’s blockbuster five match test series against India to begin. If you find yourself inspired watching the likes of Root, Anderson or Kohli next week, we’ve got the low down on the cricket boot brands that could help you play like the pros.


Endorsed by arguably England’s greatest ever bowling partnership, between James Anderson and Stuart Broad who have over 950 test match wickets. Adidas use lightweight protective materials to provide comfort and breathability ensuring your feet remain comfortable during the rigors of a three or four-hour fielding stint. Adidas also create bespoke boots depending if you’re a batter or a bowler.

Welcome to 4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣. 11 years, 115 matches, 400 Test wickets. @stuartbroad8 #HereToCreate — #Cricket #TestCricket #adidasCricket

A post shared by adidas Cricket (@adidascricket) on


Payntr launched back in 2017. Having already secured some of the biggest names in the cricket world, including Darren Sammy and Mahendra Dhoni. Payntr focuses on making their boots not only lightweight and practical for cricket, but as comfortable as a running shoe.

❗️❗️BACK IN STOCK ❗️❗️ Our shoes have been flying off the shelves recently 👟💨👟💨👟💨…BUT today we’ve restocked most sizes on our website 🙌🏽 head over to to take a look #payntr #cricket #backinstock #onlineahopping #sale #gamechangers

A post shared by Payntrcricket™ (@payntrcricket) on


A traditional slick all white design combined with protection throughout the whole foot. Kookaburra’s lightweight insole, heel and front support help reduce shockwaves. The low midsole provides superb shock absorbency that shows Kookaburra really are thinking about the performer’s comfort and safety at all times.

#Repost @westofscotlandcricketclub ・・・ McCrea FC west of Scotland have won the toss and will bat against Greenock CC and the Patrick XI have lost the toss but are batting against @kelburne_cc #cricket #sports #kookaburra #paynter #batting #club #lads #team #winners #summer #sun

A post shared by Kookaburra Cricket 🇬🇧 (@kookaburracricketuk) on


As one of the biggest sporting apparel brands in the world, it’s no surprise to see cricketing icons such as Virat Kohli and New Zealand’s Brendon McCullum endorsing the brand. Offering the right mixture of speed and stability, Puma have several versions of their boots available depending on if you prefer the extra comfort of having a strap.

Have always loved batting with this guy. Makes things simpler for the person at the other end. Today was yet another special partnership. Glad to finish on a winning note. #DDvRCB #IPL2018 @ABdeVilliers17

A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on

New Balance

Having launched a new and exciting range for the 2018 season, this time round New Balance decided to focus their attention on designing a cricket spike to withstand the force produced by bowling at maximal effort. New Balance have also created boots that are lightweight enough for fielders to cover large amounts of turf when fielding in the deep.

There’s only one way to celebrate after hitting the winning runs to get a century, win the game and clinch the series! #micdrop #MakeYourMark

A post shared by New Balance Cricket (@nbcricket) on

If you would like to find out how PR could be your match winner, why not speak to us today.

Business and the beautiful game: influential football CEOs

The beautiful game now means serious business. In the past, the bulk of a football club’s revenue came from gate receipts and fans buying food and drink inside the stadium. Although this remains a lucrative source of revenue – Manchester United for example collected £108 million in matchday revenue in the 2013-14 season – clubs’ main source of income however now increasingly comes from elsewhere.

20 years ago, television deals in football were worth just over £10m per club. In the last rights auction, Sky Sports and BT Sport agreed a £5bn venture to broadcast live games between 2016 and 2019, worth £81m a season to each Premier League club. Sponsorship deals on everything from stadium naming rights and pitchside banner ads to football shirts, have helped to further enhance the revenues of football clubs; not to mention sales of the team kits and, of course, sales of players – Brazilian footballer, Neymar, cost £198m alone!

With the money behind the game being as much on par with the sport itself, the power and importance of the men and women at the top of football clubs has naturally grown too. We take a look at some of the most ground-breaking and prominent football CEOs and chairmen and how they have shaped the modern game.

Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan is a 67-year-old Pakistani-American billionaire. Born in Lahore, Punjab in 1950, he eventually moved to the United States in 1967 where he found his fortune as the owner of Bumper Works, making car bumpers for customized pickup trucks and body shop repairs. As of August 2017, his net worth was approximately $8.7 billion, making him the 158th wealthiest person in the world according to Forbes.

A deal in 2012 to buy the Jacksonville Jaguars, saw Khan become the first member of an ethnic minority to purchase an NFL team. His passion for sport soon took him across the pond, and in 2013 he agreed a deal to buy Fulham for a fee reported to be in the region of £150million. After experiencing relegation from the Premier League in his first season, Fulham have since bounced back to reclaim their place in the top flight next season, playing some beautiful football along the way.

Not content with that, the pioneering millionaire businessman made an audacious £800m offer earlier this year to buy Wembley stadium, in pursuit of his dream to bring regular American Football matches to a British audience.

Carolyn Radford

Appointed CEO of Manfield Town at the age of 29 in 2011, Carolyn Radford is not only the youngest CEO in the Football League but also one of only three women in her role, alongside Katrien Meire at Charlton Athletic, and Baroness Karren Brady at West Ham.

Since taking up her position, the club brought an end to five consecutive seasons in non-league football, after being promoted to League Two as champions in the 2012-13 season. They have finished in the top half of League Two in four of the last five seasons, and Carolyn has spoken of her ambitions to take them to the Championship.

The club is being well run off the football pitch as well as on it. Prior to the Radford takeover, there was no established training centre and no youth team setup. This has now changed and an academy has been created. Radford continues to be an inspirational figure for women in a typically male-dominated industry, not least thanks to her insistence on the reformation of Mansfield Town Ladies. Once disbanded under the previous owner, the club now fields ten regular women’s teams.

David Sharpe

Not to be outdone, David Sharpe became the youngest Chairman in British football at the tender age of 23, when his grandfather Dave Whelan handed over the reins in 2015.

After a lacklustre start, ending in relegation, David Sharpe helped to oversee a revamp in the squad, including the signing of the club’s talisman striker Will Grigg. The side lost just once in 23 matches in the second half of the following season and won the League One division title for the 2015-2016 season, with Grigg finishing as the league’s top scorer with 25 goals.

The club secured the League One title again just two seasons later and took a formidable force following their miraculous win over last season’s Premier League Champions, Manchester City, to knock them out of the FA Cup. As a lifelong fan, David has been supporting Wigan since he was four and was once a mascot – the club Chairman will once again look forward to all the excitement the EFL Championship has to offer next season.

Glenn Tamplin

British businessman Glenn Tamplin has made his millions as the principal owner of AGP Steel, a company shaping steel. Besides being both publicly and privately a generous philanthropist, he has also invested £2,000,000 into Billericay Town FC, the non-league Essex club that he owns a 95% stake in.

Glenn, ranked in the Essex Power 100 list as the second most powerful person in Essex, bought the club in December 2016. Star signings soon followed including Paul Konchesky, Jamie O’Hara, and Jermaine Pennant.

What’s most unusual about this CEO is that he then hired himself as the manager for the 2017-18 season. With little to no experience in football management, Glenn managed to power Billericay Town FC to the top of the Isthmian League and guide them to two League Cup trophies and one Essex Senior Cup title in the two seasons since it was acquired.

If you’re looking to become man of the match speak to a member of our award-winning public relations team today.

It’s Coming Home

‘It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming… Football’s coming home’

One game stands between England and the World Cup Final. It’s almost unbearable. The country is hooked on World Cup fever and have adopted one song in the process. It’s safe to say Three Lions by the Lighting Seeds, comedians Frank Skinner and David Baddiel has gone viral.

The constant stream of memes, pictures and tweets has transformed the nation’s mood into a feel-good factor most of us haven’t witnessed previously. Pubs, supermarkets and public transport have been alive to the sound of ‘it’s coming home’, and we’re hoping England can limit the years of hurt to 52 and bring it home come Sunday evening.

We’ve taken a punt and listed our favourite ‘it’s coming home’ memes.

The Only Fools and Horses one

Combining the iconic British television series with a Gareth Southgate media interview went down a storm on social media, with it going viral almost immediately.

Putin knows the score

Brilliant execution by JOE Media, so much so that they have recently had to make it clear that they edited this footage of Putin and he wasn’t actually playing ‘it’s coming home’ on the piano.

The role of the manager

One of the main reasons for the country believing that it’s coming home this summer, is because of manager Gareth Southgate who has impressed the nation. Unlike some other managers…

The Friends one

The song Three Lions was originally created in the 90’s, so what better way to honour it than combining with a scene from Friends.

Shrek knows

There’s nothing about this England team that isn’t making us shreek! But we certainly were crying with laughter with this theme.

We hope you liked our choices and if you would like to learn how jumping on a media story can boost your social media profile then please contact us today.

We try… the Round the Island Race

By Sasha Musto, Sport and Fitness

On Saturday 7th July 2018, 1,204 boats travelled to the Isle of Wight on the south coast of England for the 87th edition of the Round the Island Race. The race, which covers 50 nautical miles, is one of the world’s largest yacht races and the UK’s fourth biggest sporting event. This year, I was lucky enough to be one of the 15,000 sailors involved in the event.

The race this year has been explained by many as one of the most challenging to date; this I can confirm. The wind conditions were very light, producing a very tactile and difficult race.

To put the wind conditions into perspective, in 2017 the record time for completing the Round the Island Race was recorded at 2 hours and 22 minutes. This year, the fastest boat completed the race in 8 hours and 30 minutes.

The light wind conditions did have their advantages. Our 7:50 am start was the picture of calm and tranquillity matched with the occasional shout of ‘starboard’. Seeing the thousands of yachts from around England and further ashore gathered in one place was breath-taking.

After a good start, the pressure was on to reach the Needles off the west side of the island before the tidal gate slammed shut at 12 pm. We were one of hundreds who were unfortunate enough to not reach the Needles by this time. At this point, more than half of the boats who had entered the race retired and headed home. Insistent upon making the most of our efforts, we battled on against the tide and were one of few who managed to make it round to the other side.

The next leg of the race started far more successfully, with us believing that we would be home for an early and well-deserved dinner. We soon realised that this would not be the case. Just off from St Catherine’s we, and everyone around us, entered an incredibly large wind hole and were stationary for around 40 minutes. Although this could be seen in a negative light, the wind timed itself perfectly. The gripping World Cup match between England and Sweden was in full swing at this point and we were given the opportunity in the middle of the ocean to celebrate England’s win.

As we eventually passed St Catherine’s the rest of the race ran smoothly, with us finishing after 12 hours and 20 minutes, four hours after the first and fastest boat. To many, this may seem like a terribly long time. However, to me, the rest of the crew and our helm, it was an exciting time well spent. The community of sailors on the water and the sublime July weather treated us well. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be able to participate in the race. Bring on next year!