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Top influencers to watch in 2018

Top influencers to watch in 2018

At PHA we love looking at influencer content, from established favourites to little gems we come across whilst stalking Instagram on our lunch break. Not only is this a personal pastime of ours, the wealth of amazing influencers online keeps us constantly inspired for our clients too.

Below, we’ve rounded up our top influencers from a variety of sectors, check it out >>

Our girl crush

Lareese is, in her words ‘all about the captions’. We love that in a world where we only portray our perfect selves on Instagram, Lareese keeps it real.  From chatting about carbs to TMI about her hair in the shower, Lareese is a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere. Alongside her hilarious captions, her blog and Instagram also feature beautiful, well-shot imagery that never fails to engage and inspire us. Plus, she’s founded her own charitable initiative #BrightonUpMyDay in which she sends a lovely gift box to someone in Brighton who deserves it – what a super cool idea.

Putting your hand up to get coffee is like, so 2007

A post shared by LC (@lareesecraig) on

Purr-fect Pets

What would an influencer-to-watch list be without our very own Rudy? With a momager who works in the PHA office, Rudy is a sassy cat who likes a little adventure. If you didn’t think a cat could take better selfies than you, think again. She’s also a fan of a pamper and a snooze – major #goals.

Ever get that sinking feeling that you're somewhere you're not supposed to be? 😬 #RudyInTheCity

A post shared by Rudy (@rudyinthecity) on

Foodie Fun

Sometimes Instagram seems saturated with #cleaneating content, but what about the wholesome meals that are still healthy and make us feel GOOD? Dom Franks of Belleau Kitchen is of that ilk, leaving us drooling with his hearty recipes and delicious looking food. Brb whilst we have a bash at his sticky toffee pudding loaf cake.

Peanut Butter and Jam sticky buns… #recipe ok the blog today. Link in bio #belleaukitchen #stickybuns #pbj #peanutbutter #peanutbutterjelly #bread #buns #chelseabuns #food #foodporn #foodblogger

A post shared by Dominic (@domfranks) on

Home is where the heart is

My London Home is the interiors accounts de jour. That grey Farrow & Ball paint. The pink sofa! The green headboard! If you’re looking for some home inspo this year, look no further. What we love about this Instagram is that we’re following the journey of a house renovation, so 2018 is bound to have lots of lovely treats in store (hopefully in the form of more fabulous artwork and cacti).

Sorry for the radio silence on my end – I've had zero motivation to post whilst simultaneously trying to battle the Siberian weather outside. It's a snow day for me today so this is my current view 👆. I refuse to switch the lights on this early in the day and and so I am sitting in the darkness for now.. I somehow managed to lose my purse between the supermarket and my home and I can only assume it's buried deep under the snow out there in Narnia. I need some kind of attachment that connects my purse/phone/keys/life to my coat. Remember when we used to attach our gloves to our coat with a piece of string? I'm bringing it back 😆. Watch out for octopus lady! . . . . #mydomaine#dslooking#apartmenttherapy#actualinstagramhomes#flashesofdelight#sodomino#pocketofmyhome#currenthomeview#theeverygirlathome#howwedwell#interior4inspo#myhouzz#anthrohome#interiordesign#ihavethisthingwithpink#darlinghomes#designsponge#decorinspo#interiordesign#livethelittlethings#designinspiration#homeinspiration#homegoals#interior_and_living#todayslovely#nestandthrive#thatsdarling#pursuepretty#darlingmovement#myfabhome

A post shared by My Edwardian House Renovation (@my_london_home) on

Rosie Mudie

Rosie Mudie has been on our radar for a while and she’s recently ramped up her game with a flurry of new posts. She favours striking bold eye looks, so if you’re all about plunging yourself into make-up experimentation, Rosie is your girl. Instagram is a platform for getting us inspired and Rosie does just that. With a YouTube channel launching soon, Rosie is one to watch in 2018.

Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be

A bit of travel, a bit of fashion and a whole lotta sass! Tia Lineker’s Instagram blew up massively in 2017, due to her covetable boho-chic Ibiza style, enviable locks and unique dress sense. Therefore, we’re expecting more big things from Tia this year. She’s already collaborating with a whole host of brands and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store. *Warning* do not look at whilst at your desk when it’s raining, or you’ll get very jealous of her beach snaps.

But first.. coffee ☕️ Eyelashes done by @prettyperfect.lashes

A post shared by Tia Lineker (@tialineker) on

Just Do It

Nina Healthily is our current girl crush. She’s a body positivity advocate, is absolutely killing it at pole dancing, plus she’s educating people about how to manage a healthy lifestyle with a chronic illness. You go girl! We love that Nina has found her love of fitness in a unique hobby and we’re certainly tempted to try it out.

When was the last time you tried to learn a new skill? Or set yourself a goal that wasn’t “grown up”, but is just about trying something you think will be fun? My current (ongoing) goal is handstands – they aren’t going to pay the bills, they definitely aren’t everyday life skills, and they make me feel like a big kid in the playground but YES TO THAT!!! I love playing with movement and challenging my body to do things just for funsiessss. Plus these new movements actually create new neural pathways in your brain, making you smarter! (I am actually not joking here…#science 🧠) Maybe instead of focusing on aesthetic goals, or what you feel you “should” be learning, let yourself work on something just because you want to. You might find some magic there ✨ P.S big shoutout to @movewithtara for the epic class tonight 🙌🏼 Outfit from @boomboom_athletica

A post shared by Nina, healthily (@ninahealthily) on

I’m goin’ on an aeroplane. And I don’t know if I’ll be back again

Often the word travel blogger conjures up images impossibly tanned couples gallivanting around the globe. However, for many of us, that lifestyle is simply out of reach! Char, of Taylor Hearts Travel gives us a glimpse into her travels, doing it with a baby in tow. Showing it’s possible to even have mini adventures in your home town, we love being privy to her family’s trips – whether they’re on home turf or further afield.

This has got to be one of my best Mother's Days so far – waking up in a gorgeous villa in a foreign country, with my mini-explorers by my side ❤ Feeling very grateful and happy, even though everyone has definitely got a bit of travel exhaustion from the late arrival. The babas are now asleep and I won't be far behind them…but first….wine! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #HappyMothersDay #Puglia #Wearetravelmums #HandpickedbyBFY #villasinpuglia  #apulia #italytrip #italy #italia #meandmyboy #myson #myfamily❤️ #familyholiday #villalife #mamaandson #wearetravelmums #travelmadfam #thisjoyfulmoment #mytinyatlas #travelwithkids #travellingwithkids #travelislife #kidswhoexplore #toddlertravel #explorerkids #fearlessfamtravel #freespiritedchildhood #snaphappybritmums #gowithnugget #bringthekids #pottyadventures #joyfulmamas #igerspuglia

A post shared by Char • Taylor Hearts Travel (@taylorheartstravel) on

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What International Women’s Day means to: Nayna McIntosh

By Nayna McIntosh

Nayna McIntosh, CEO and Founder of women’s fashion-wear brand Hope, speaks about International Women’s Day. Hope prides itself on creating fluid designs for real body shapes and proportions. Aware of the psychological impact that dressing and clothing can have on women, Nayna created a brand that works for women to inspire confidence and comfort.

Nayna McIntosh Hope Fashion Women

For me, International Women’s Day means celebrating the age of women – women from all generations, races and backgrounds, and recognising that we are all equal and valuable to each other. It’s also a day for reflection and contemplating a world where perhaps men begin to think more like women, and begin to use more of their feminine leadership values for the greater good.

This day reminds women that they are ‘good enough’ and just as capable as men, and this is undoubtedly more prevalent this year due to campaigns such as #MeToo as well as the #TimesUp movement. Unfortunately, there is still work to be done and as women we need to continue to be at the forefront of encouraging change. As I’ve grown older and progressed in my personal and professional life, I have begun to understand that the key to aiding change is voicing our concerns and working together to do so.

International Women’s Day should remind us that it’s our duty to demand the equality we deserve to increase the chances of a better future for our daughters and indeed their daughters.

Four campaigns that empower women

Despite the advances women have made, when it comes to media and advertising, there are still plenty of gender biases that need to be addressed. Businesses and brands frequently claim to support or empower women, but few follow through. Considering this year’s #PressforProgress International Women’s Day campaign we looked at campaigns that succeeded in empowering women, encouraging females to break the mould and inspiring them to stand up for themselves.

United Colors of Benetton’s #UnitedByHalf

United Colors of Benetton pushed the boundaries with the #UnitedByHalf campaign in 2017. The campaign fights for women’s rights and social position in India by demanding equal pay. The campaign was launched early February 2017; however, it gained a huge following on International Women’s Day.

The campaign sought to support women who struggle with inequalities in the Indian market. The advert depicts women in strong situations standing up for their rights, be it a young girl beating a boy at an arm wrestle or a lady walking out of her job due to unequal pay. This is a fantastic way for a brand seemingly removed from this sphere to have their say, and make it clear that they support their customers in every aspect of their lives.

Missguided – #MakeYourMark

The influencer campaign of the year (2017), Missguided’s Make Your Mark campaign was a brilliant coming together of authenticity, powerful statements and positivity! This influencer campaign began with the e-tailer’s pledge to stop retouching their model’s imperfections in all of their imagery. They said they were: “on a mission to inspire babes the world over to love themselves, for themselves, to embrace your flaws, and to not strive for what the world perceives as perfection”.

This ground-breaking pledge was followed with a fun and vibrant influencer campaign, which saw women of all shapes, sizes and skin tones coming together to celebrate, well, themselves! A charming display of confidence and strength, clapping back at the all too common scrutiny of women’s bodies in the media.


Missguided Influencer Marketing

 Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want”

Instead of hiring another celebrity athlete or well-known gym enthusiast, Under Armour took a unique approach to their “I Will What I Want” campaign and hired supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Albeit not exactly a ground-breaking choice, Under Armour tackled the criticism head-on with their campaign video and website showcasing a different side of Gisele.

The campaign sees Gisele working out, as comments from social media bombard her on screen. Both negative and positive – the video attracted over 2.7 million views in its first few weeks. The brand narrative cleverly inspired women to defy the odds, ignore the haters and just be true to themselves and their passions.

Dove “Real Beauty”

This campaign has become synonymous with ‘female-friendly’ and inclusive marketing campaigns. When Dove released their “Real Beauty” adverts they focused on showing real women of every shape, size, race or height. The campaigns aimed to empower all women to recognise their own beauty and worth. Though still hinging on appearance, this campaign was a huge success, and a real landmark for advertising to women going forwards. Other cosmetics brands have followed suit since, such as Sleek Make-up’s “My face, my rules” campaign. Dove’s message was women don’t have to look a certain way to feel confident, and this is something that has certainly been absorbed by many brands today.

Dove Real Beauty Marketing


If you would like to find out how The PHA Group can help you grow your social media community, produce engaging digital assets or monitor your social impact get in touch with our team today. Alternatively, check out our award-winning team Digital Studio.  

We’re kickstarting our #IWD2018 campaign by launching #PressforProgress PHA Pledge. 💰 We’re donating 10p to the Woman’s Day charities, Catalyst & WAGGGS, for every follower we get over the next 2 weeks! Simply click below to be taken to our page.





The brands embracing Galentine’s Day and why we love them for it!

February 14th, a day both eagerly awaited and feared by many.

With the annual day of love approaching, it’s time to pucker up, cry miserably into your cereal, or simply observe with apathetic detachment.

However, February isn’t just about other halves. Whether single, in a relationship or a little bit in limbo, gal pals are always there to rely on and cry on, and not forgetting jive on. Although we love our besties all-year round, Galentine’s Day (which falls on February 13th) is the time to show them how much we care.

It seems that many brands agree, as we’ve spotted a lot of our favourites shunning the traditional Valentine’s Day PR strategy in favour of using a ‘Galentine’s’ hook. Read on as we round-up the best:

Choosey Cards

Quirky card company Choosey has designed a whole range of ‘Galentine’s Day’ cards which are for sale on their website. With designs such as ‘We might be single on Valentine’s day but let’s not Kim K ugly cry about it’ and ‘Hey Girl, You Are My Valentine’s Every Day’, Choosey are a brand who know their millennial audience. By jumping onto a seasonal hook that will be endorsed by many of their target market and claiming they have created a ‘world-first’ with their Galentine’s Day range that has the ability to record video messages, Choosey have a PR strategy that is bang on trend this February.

Happy Galentines Day

Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild are renowned for their beautiful, Instagram-friendly letter box flower arrangements. Flowers have previously been known as a Valentine’s Day staple, however Bloom & Wild has this embraced Galentine’s Day and launched a special offer for girl-friends this romantic season. We love the boldness of this brand who are shunning traditions and highlighting how a clever integrated PR & marketing strategy can work wonders. Last year the brand even released some additional research to showcase how girls like buying their girlfriends presents at this time of the year – hurrah!

Happy Galentine's day 2

Dorothy Perkins

Many girls are no stranger to buying a new outfit for a first date, so why shouldn’t the same apply to a Galentine’s Day soiree? Dorothy Perkins have jumped onto this notion and created a whole shoppable page of Galentine’s Day inspired looks.

However, the brand didn’t stop there – they’ve taken this seasonal hook and incorporated it into their influencer marketing strategy by working with bloggers to shoot the looks. Collaborating with influencers including Liv Blankson and Louise Cooney, DP have created a campaign which is fun and feisty. Not only has this created valuable content for their webpage, DP will also have access to the influencers’ engaged followers through their individual Instagram accounts and blogs.

Happy Galentines Day 3

Happy Galentines Day 4



World Cancer Day – 5 things you can do to support cancer charities this year

  1. Skip your haircut

The Little Princess Trust will surely have a few more supporters now that Kate Middleton herself has reportedly donated her locks – but they still need more! Join in with the Duchess and donate 30cm of hair to help make a real hair wig for children battling cancer.

  1. Crochet for Cancer

Lymphoma is the 5th most common cancer in the UK. Show your support for The Lymphoma Association by downloading a pattern of their periwinkle brooch crocket pattern and sell your pieces to friends as a fundraiser.

  1. Become a Quiz Master

23rd February is the annual MacMillan Mammoth Quiz. Macmillan holds a Guinness World Record for this – the world’s largest quiz – which sees a series of quizzes happen simultaneously all over the country. Get your best team together and get involved!

  1. March for Men

This summer will bring with it a series of walking events organised by Prostate Cancer UK. You can join in an event in Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester and Nottingham, or organise your own local sponsored walk to raise awareness of awareness of a disease that kills one man every hour.

  1. Book a Boobette

Charity CoppaFeel has given us the Boobettes – a group of women whose mission is to make us all get to know our boobs. They will come and talk at youth groups, workplaces, schools and other groups to help raise awareness of breast cancer amongst men and women. Why not book a talk today and make a donation in the process?

The millenial issue: how charities can connect and make an impact

Millenials get a fairly bad rep in today’s media. We’re all aware of the widely purported stereotype: a self-centered and entitled generation with a penchant for self promotion on social media and a reluctance to buckle down to a hard days work.


You’d be forgiven, then, for assuming that millennials are not pre-disposed to charitable giving. Even if you don’t buy into the above stereotype (good for you), there is no escaping the fact that millennials are, if nothing else, fairly strapped for cash and often struggling with large amounts of student debt.

Taking this into account it seems surprising that, contrary to the above, a hefty 84% of millennials made a charitable donation in 2016 according the the Millennial Impact Report.

In addition to this Blackbaud’s Annual Giving report states that overall giving grew by 1% in 2016 and, on average, millennials gave an average of $481 annually.

So, if the impulse to give is there, why is it that many charities find themselves struggling to connect with this audience?

Getting online

Millennials are a huge disruptor in the world of charitable giving. The same annual giving report that identified the growth in overall giving also identified a 7.9% increase in online donations in 2016 with #GivingTuesday online donations increasing by 20% over the same year. It also found that nearly 17% of all online donations were made on a mobile device.

It’s an online world and the growth of platforms such as JustGiving and crowdfunding sites along with online charity iniatives from #charitytuesday to social media campaigns such as the infamous ice bucket challenge only proves this further.

With that in mind it feels particularly shocking that during a recent in-house study conducted by Charity Checkout of 500 recently registered charities from May/June 2016, it was found that only 60% had a functioning website.

Of that 60%, 45% were not mobile responsive. And over 85% lacked an attractive and professional design in the view of the assessor.

Finally, 62% of the charities examined did not have a regular giving option within their online donation system.

When you look at it like that it seems clear how charities are potentially missing out on all important donations.

So, it seems that knowing your audience has never been more pertinent. But that isn’t limited to how they like to donate but also what motivates millennials to part with their hard-earned cash.

Tapping into their motivation

The Millennial Impact project has identified that getting involved is one of the top motivators for charitable giving. Rather than simply donate to cause on a monthly basis, Millennials thrive off volunteering and raising money through events. In fact 70% said they’d rather fundraise through an event than just donate. It seems involvement is the key word here and gone are the days when a charity could attract donations through its reputation alone.

It’s not just about the money. Millennials, more than any other generation are motivated by tangible results. They want concrete evidence of impact and regular updates about successful projects and programs. 43% said they’d want to hear from a charity monthly. 79% wanted updates on programs and services, 70% volunteer opportunities, 56% info about fundraising events and 56% events and activities for young professionals.

Sharing is caring

“It might seem like Generation Y hasn’t been as involved in social issues. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Generation Y’s social presence doesn’t begin with marches—it begins with 140 characters.”

Whilst it might feel like a giant cliché, social media is something that charities simply must engage in if they hope to harness the millennial market.

If we take into consideration the findings above about millennial’s being motivated by tangible results, social media is merely an extension of this. Along with wanting to see tangible results there is a desire to share these results far and wide. Run a marathon? Raised £1k at your office bake sale? Tipped a bucket of ice cold water over your head? Best share it with your friends, work colleagues and that person you went to school with 10 years ago.

On a serious note, online identity has become more and more prevalent in recent times and millennials in particular want to share the causes they care about with their friends.

Whilst this might seem like a vanity exercise, it is worth remembering that millennials also discover causes online. If done in the right way, social media can help charities drastically increase their followings and reach a whole new audience.

The No Makeup Selfie might have seemed vacuous however it raised over $8 million in just a week. The Ice Bucket Challenge not only brought awareness to a previously little-known neurodegenerative disease but also raised $115 million for the cause. The institution that is Movember has gained 55.7k followers since 2003 and raised $559 million to date.

In summary there’s plenty of potential for charities to harness the power of millennial donations however they must be prepared to offer:

  • sleek, up-to-date online giving,
  • concrete results through stories about successful projects and programs,
  • encouragement to share the results of their contributions with friends and colleagues

'I'm a Celebrity Help My Career!'

There are few things in the TV guide that gets viewers on the edge of their seats as ‘I’m Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ the showbiz program renowned for its stormy feuds, gruesome bushtucker trials & heartwarming jokes provided from the comedy duo that is Ant & Dec.  

Photo by Matt Brockie on Unsplash

With season 17 only days away from beginning, the questioning over this year’s lineup has ceased as all ten celebs have been revealed and are preparing for life in the jungle. There’s good news for fans of Ant & Dec too, with it confirmed that both will take their usual spot as hosts of the show. Previously rumours of Holly Willoughby being on emergency standby for Ant McPartlin had been circulating in the build-up to the show.

When the class of 2017 celebrities enter the tropical surroundings of Australia on Sunday to begin their quest to become King or Queen of the Jungle, it will mean that almost 200 celebrities of all shapes and sizes have entered the jungle since the program began in 2002.

It’s time to look back at who’s ‘I’m a Celebrity’ experience served their career and reputation for the better and who came out on the wrong side of Kiosk Keith. 


The Happy Campers 

Photo by Elijah Hail on Unsplash

Gino D’Acampo

The reality chef appeared and subsequently won the 2009 series. Since then things seem to have only gone one way for Gino and that’s up. Shortly after becoming King of the Jungle, he took up the position of the regular chef on ITV’s This Morning. More was to follow, multiple TV series of ‘Let’s do Lunch with Gino & Mel’ was rolled out, an ever-present team captain on Celebrity Juice since 2014, and now has opened his own flagship restaurant in the heart of London. 

Scarlett Moffatt

A lot can happen in a year, just ask Scarlett! Only entering the jungle this time last year, you could have been forgiven for wondering who the lady from the north was if you weren’t an avid viewer of Gogglebox. Scarlett went on to become crowned Queen of the Jungle, and with that, a whole new career beckoned. Taking up the role of co-presenter of Saturday Night Takeaway alongside her Teesside counterparts Ant & Dec, it will be interesting to see how she fares as a co-presenter of the jungle’s sister show ‘Extra Camp’ this season.

Peter Andre

With arguably the biggest romance to ever hit the jungle in 2004, Peter became involved in one of the highest profile relationships in the British press for the next 5 years. At the time of entering the jungle, he was being turned down by most American record labels. But by the time he came out of the jungle his ‘Mysterious Girl’ hit single from 1996, had shot back into the charts and everyone in the nation was impatiently waiting for the release of ‘Insania’. 

Stacey Solomon

After finishing 3rd in X – Factor the year before, Stacey entered the outback in 2010, 3 weeks later she emerged victoriously and crowned Queen of the Jungle. A host of Television appearances was to follow including being a judge on ‘Top Dog Model’ and Love Island’s ‘After Sun’ show. Several guest appearances on Loose Women in 2016, led to her becoming a full-time panellist on the hit daytime show. To top that off, she’s also been the face of supermarket chain Iceland since 2011. 

The Not-so happy Campers

Photo by Blake Lisk on Unsplash


Gillian McKeith 

One of the more unpopular celebrities to enter the jungle across the previous 16 seasons was Gillian McKeith. The viewers continuously kept on voting for her to take part in more Bushtucker Trials and at one point she even ‘fake-fainted’ to get herself out of the challenge involving rats. This led to a fellow team member, Britt Ekland, suggesting that ‘she should win an Oscar for best-supporting actress’.  Gillian went into the jungle working regularly on Channel 4, since her time in Australia she hasn’t been seen quite so much! 

John Lydon

Since his appearance on season 3 which aired almost 14 years ago now, it seems one bad story has followed another for Johnny. Infamous on I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here for his foul-mouthed tirade towards viewers on a live broadcast and then storming off and leaving camp. ITV subsequently received 91 complaints about Lydon’s language.

 Nadine Dorries

It was a shock to see Nadine as a contestant for the 12th season of the show, least of all for her own party members! Dorries was suspended from the parliamentary Conservative Party for her choice to appear on the ITV show without informing the Chief Whip. More drama was to follow as Dorries initially refused to disclose how much ITV had paid for her to appear on the show.


Lembit Öpik 

The former liberal democratic MP appeared on the 2010 series, unfortunately, the other camp members didn’t take to his humour. Known since for his relationship with Gabriela Irimina, Lembit hasn’t been involved in politics since his time in the jungle. In recent times, Öpik’s Bulgarian property lawyer girlfriend Sabina Vankova has dumped him publicly on Twitter after he supposedly stayed over at Alex Best’s house!





Engaging Millennials: The ‘Relatable’ Celebrity

By Leonie Hyman

With the rise of social media, we have more access than ever into the lives of the rich and famous. Avidly following our favourite celebrities on Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat, we love to feel like we know them on a personal level. This marks a shift from the celebrity culture of the 90s and early 00s, where we could only adore and revere from a distance. Celebrities like Kate Moss and Paris Hilton held an air of untouchability, living what seemed like glamorously perfect lives.

Today’s youth desire a different kind of celebrity – one who is relatable. We crave proof that even the rich and beautiful are ‘just like us’ and endure the same personal struggles. Model Chrissy Teigen is the ultimate ‘relatable celebrity’ on social media; she talks about her love for junk food, bad skin when she’s on her period, and shares funny couple texts with husband John Legend.

Teigen recently shared her experience with postnatal depression and has become a role model for many young women. Millennials value celebrities whose concerns match theirs and those who engage with current cultural issues, such as Beyoncé and her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Even the new generation of Royals have exhibited greater openness and ‘relatability’, with Prince William recently talking about his mental health struggles surrounding the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

The effects of social media have also broadened and redefined the word ‘celebrity’. It is not just Hollywood stars, but ‘ordinary’ people – YouTube content creators and reality TV personalities – who are setting trends and stimulating change. These new celebrities are engaging with their fans on a different level, replying to tweets, YouTube and Instagram comments. Their success is testament to their ability to connect with viewers, often through their openness in talking about personal but often taboo topics, such as sex, mental health and LGBT issues. This relatability is key, and millennials feel like YouTube stars such as Zoella or Tyler Oakley understand them more than the traditional celebrity. Zoella may be extremely wealthy, but she still shops in Primark and buys food from Tesco, rather than swanning around in private jets, wearing head-to-toe Prada.

The accessibility of these stars is also part of the appeal, as you can meet your favourite YouTuber at a convention like VidCon or Summer in the City, or get a photo with a Made in Chelsea star at a club appearance in your home town.

This new type of celebrity is important for brands, as they possess a perceived authenticity that traditional celebrities may lack. In a study carried out by Defy Media, 63% of people aged between 13-24 said that they would try a brand or a product recommended by a YouTube content creator, whereas only 48% mentioned the same about a film or TV star. It seems that in general, millennials are increasingly distrusting of celebrity endorsed products. Can we really believe that Blac Chyna attributes her flat stomach to detox tea? Therefore, it is important for brands to consider the relatability of the celebrity they choose to represent their brand, and whether they have a trusting relationship with their followers.

Celebrity See, Celebrity Do: The Ultimate CV Expansion

By Georgie Lee, Sales and Marketing Intern


Who run the world? Celebrities apparently. The star of the Apprentice is now the President of the United States of America, and Hermione Granger has put potions and defence against the dark arts behind her, and is now giving world famous speeches to the UN on feminism and women’s rights. Although the big career-switch is often but a dream for the daily masses, celebrities seem to have free reign to move around as they please. It appears that talent is no longer the most relevant factor looked for by directors, producers and casting agents. Was Sarah Harding the most talented individual to audition for the role of the new girl in St Trinians 2? Absolutely not. (Well, I would hope not). But she was cast regardless as her famous face was hoped to bring in many Girls Aloud fans. Cue the most wooden performance I think will ever be seen in British cinema. You have to question the integrity of a film when they sacrifice content for celebrity… Okay, perhaps St Trinian’s 2 shouldn’t be held to such standards, but this is an increasingly common practice in an industry where the numbers mean everything.

However, it would be unfair and quite frankly wrong to assume this is the case for every wannabe actor who originated from the music business or the modelling world. Premiering on the 13th July this year, Dunkirk is set to be a huge success with many potential Oscar nominations. Someone who holds a fairly prominent role in the film is none other than One Direction heart throb Harry Styles. Yes, I know, the one who actually sang the words ‘the way that you flick your hair gets me overwhelmed’. But to be fair to him, he has received praise far and wide for his work in Dunkirk, Rolling Stone praising him for playing his part with ‘subtle grace and zero pop-star showboating’. When it was first announced that Harry Styles would be cast in Dunkirk, the normal presumptions that his pop star status got him there, began to circulate. However, casting director John Papsidera told The Mirror in May 2016 that Harry was 100% the right choice for the role. He went on to say ‘it wasn’t because he’s a well-known pop star — if anything that was more of a detriment, because it could bring the wrong message and we don’t want people pulled out of the film because of who they are’. So perhaps sometimes we are too cynical when a famous face from another industry appears on our screen. Maybe we’re just jealous that the Harry Styles’ of the world can sing, act and looks like he fell directly from heaven.

Smashed it Harry.

Here in the UK many of our politicians come from the same mould, especially our Conservative Party leaders over the years. You know the type, he enjoyed his time at Eton tremendously, studied PPE at Oxbridge and then graduated with the hopes and dreams to change this country for the better (or cash in on the expenses loophole, you decide). My point being that most UK politicians spend their lives in the political sphere of Westminster until they decide the last scandal they were caught up in was too great to come back from and they quietly retire to one of the home counties. However, our transatlantic friends in the USA have a very different story to this. You only have to look to the President of the United States, who used to be until very recently the host of The Apprentice USA and even had a short cameo in Home Alone 2, his best performance to date, primarily for its brevity. Throughout his Election Campaign and since his shock win in November 2016, public outraged has sparked due to his non-political past and there were definite doubts as to whether he was up to the job (the jury’s still out on that one). When he first announced he was running for office, it seemed almost as ludicrous as when Kanye West claimed he was running for 2020 (something I personally am really looking forward to, it can only get better right?) But now Donald Trump is President, although perhaps controversial, it goes to show that celebrity see, celebrity do in our fame obsessed world, whether the outcomes are successful or not.

The Charities Inspiring Positive Change

At PHA we champion positive change. From working with universities, to mentoring students, to raising awareness of charities and organisations who educate and fund aspiring teenagers; at PHA we are always looking for new and exciting ways to support our younger generation and help them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Encouraging young people to thrive in what they are passionate about, and giving them access to an assortment of knowledge and skills, is a mantra which we believe everyone should foster. But we are certainly not the first people to think this!

Below are six charities and organisations who have made it their mission to create positive change, by tackling a variety of social issues which are preventing our young generation from reaching their full potential and living life to the full…

Big Change

Big Change is a youth charity who believe that small changes can lead to ‘big change’. They aspire to create a generation where everyone believes that they can change their own world for the better. How? They invest in big ideas and projects that help young people to thrive in life, not just school exams.

For example, the charity has been working on a programme called LEAD which aims to end leadership inequality in working-class communities, by bridging a gap that exists between young natural leaders in working-class backgrounds and the world of business, media, politics, and education. They achieve this by identifying young leaders and helping them to develop their skills so that they can to go on to engage in their local community or find work.

Another one of their many projects is called ONLY CONNECT, which inspires young prisoners, ex-offenders, and youths at risk, to look to the future, by engaging them in group projects, such as drama and the arts. The project encourages teamwork and personal discovery in those who may feel that they have lost their purpose in society.

By backing young people’s ideas at an early stage, the charity is helping to give them the skills to believe in themselves and drive positive change in their own lives.

The Ideas Foundation

The Ideas foundation are on a mission to create diversity in the creative industries, by identifying and nurturing creatively gifted 13-19 year olds. Their ‘I Am Creative’ and ‘Incubate’ programmes allow them to identify creatively gifted young people, and ‘The Ladder’ scheme is their way of nurturing them.

How do these projects work together? Well, ‘I Am Creative’ exposes 13-19 year olds to the creative industry by giving them an opportunity to have a go at answering a live creative brief from a global company, and then inviting them to pitch to the company in London. The ‘Incubate’ programme brings specialist industries employers into the classroom to work intensively with young people on projects from across the Digital and Media communications sector. Highly recommended pupils from both programmes will get a place on ‘The Ladder’, where they are exposed to an array of opportunities, news and information, so that they get a head-start in the creative industry!


#iwill is a UK-wide campaign that aims to make social action part of life for as many 10 – 20 year old’s as possible by the year 2020. The campaign is being coordinated by the charity Step Up To Serve, to give more young people the opportunity to take part in exciting and innovative youth social action projects, and develop their skills for work and life.

#iwill involves campaigning, fundraising, and volunteering, to raise money which will benefit young people and their communities. So far more than 700 business, education and voluntary sector partners have committed to embedding social action into the lives of young people – will you join them?


Vinspired is the UK’s leading volunteering charity for 18-25 years old’s. They believe that volunteering can help young people to thrive, and transform the communities they live in – which is why they are encouraging more young people to make their mark on the causes that they care about through volunteering, whilst learning new skills and talents along the way.

The charity has launched a number of schemes to make this happen. For example, their VInspired Cashpoint allows young people to set up their own voluntary project to tackle community issues that matter to them, and their VInspired Task Squad provides employability advice and support.

Since 2006, the charity has created over 1 million volunteering opportunities for young people across the UK – and they aren’t stopping there!

Generation Change

The UK has high levels of inequality, decreasing community cohesion, and an aging population, whilst economic challenges are making it ever more difficult for young people to succeed in life. Generation Change believes that encouraging more young people to be involved in social action will help to tackle these problems.

By partnering with seventeen of the UK’s leading social action programmes, Generation Change is enhancing the understanding and quality of youth social action, providing a platform for collaboration between youth social action and other related organisations, and drawing attention to the youth social action agenda in the media and with policy makers.

If your organisation offers young people an opportunity to take part in social action, why not make a profile on Generation Change’s Horizon Map?

Fight For Change

Fight 4 Change is a registered Sport for Development charity which is inspiring young people from vulnerable and disenfranchised communities to make a positive change in their lives – through sport.

The charity encourages young people to participate in a mixture of sports (including boxing, martial arts, multi sports and fitness training) as part of their Sports Intervention Programme, to teach them teamwork, discipline, routine and a sense of belonging.

The charity has also developed a range of health and educational tool kits, including; Employability tool kit, Health and Nutrition tool kit, Mental Health tool kit and Physical literacy tool kit. These tool kits will help young people to build resilience and address goal setting, as well as teaching them communication needs, leadership and confidence.

So far, Fight for Change has engaged 5,120 young people in their Sports Development Programmes, 219 in gang intervention programmes, and 30 in education training and employment!