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Is this the end for some of the nation’s best loved cartoon food characters?

Is this the end for some of the nation’s best loved cartoon food characters?

By Aitana Giebels van Bekestein, Digital Intern

The Government’s accelerating changes around consumer goods regulations have recently focused in on fast food advertisement’s, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise. From banning its advertisement pre-watershed to culling cartoon characters used to sell junk food to children, the fast food foodscape is changing rapidly. So, what should we expect?

We are all exposed daily to a significant number of ‘unhealthy’ food advertisements. You will probably find you’ll also come across a fast food establishment on the corner of the high street as well; cheap, delicious and nearby. However, sometimes some foods are just too good to be good for you.

Factually, government statistics state that about a fifth of children in England aged 10-11 are obese and 27% of adults as well. Last year new regulations were put in place, banning the use of cartoon characters and celebrities involved in junk food adverts as well as extracting the adverts from media aimed at children. However, many ‘unhealthy’ foods packaging still includes cartoons and celebrities. Hence, the government is insisting to further control and discourage society from abusing such products.

Yummmmmmm I love Colin the caterpillar cake

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The British Government has shown an eagerness to address many of the underlying issues that concern society. Many consumer products and services contribute to worsening public health, the obesity crisis and the increasing degradation of the environment. Regulations on consumer goods are constantly being tweaked and changed. If we take the previous examples of the overhaul of plastic bags, 5p bags has been an incredibly successful scheme aiming to encourage people to reuse the bags they already have.

Likewise, plastic and paper cups used to make up a significant percentage of packaging waste in the UK, these have been widely replaced with recycled cups. It’s also seen a boom in the market of reusable cups, bottles and cutlery.


The 12oz KeepCup Brew is a crowd pleaser, it replicates the size of medium T/A coffee cups, or a drink in mug. Tempered glass, and customisable colours. Thanks for the pic @ariana.leilani #everydaychangemakers #bepartofthechange #specialtycoffee #KeepCup

A post shared by KeepCup (@keepcup) on

These earlier efforts and commitments shows promise that the Government will continue to make changes in response to the obesity statistics this year. After all, most junk food publicity has already been banned. The next step forwards is banning fast food establishments within a certain proximity to schools, as well as regulating the growth of fast food outlets.

Although the Government has taken steps to curb the obesity crisis amongst children, there is still a major issue affecting the health of adults. Statistics show that rather than a general increase in children in eating more junk food, due to advertisements, it is in fact children from more deprived areas. The prevalence of overweight and obese children rises with deprivation levels, whilst fruit and vegetable consumption decreases. Families on the breadline cannot afford to eat healthily. Fast food outlets in more deprived areas are also significantly more multifarious. Healthier options are simply more expensive than the latter which complicates and discourages the ability and wish to eat healthier, not forgetting the time that it takes to cook and serve healthy meals. Consequently, we should be expecting product taxes to be used to encourage healthier eating and more sustainable consumption choices.

@jamieoliver recently launched a very important campaign to protect our kids from being bombarded by junk food advertising… The science? The more junk food advertising children see, the more of it they eat. Simple. 🤷🏼‍♂️ So to change that, we're asking the Government to restrict how much junk food advertising kids are exposed to. And that's where we need YOUR help because they’re listening right now. Join in. Get amongst it. Post your selfie. Support something that affects the generations coming behind us. 👌🏼 More info via our stories and swipe-up. 

A post shared by @LONDON (@london) on

It might be the end for some of the nation’s best-loved characters but saying farewell to Tony the Tiger and Colin the Caterpillar could be well worth it. And who knows, maybe they’ll diversify into healthier options…fancy finding Colin the Caterpillar on your cauliflower?

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Four estate agents who are leading the way in CSR

CSR has become one of the standard business practices of our time. Consumers now demand that companies start playing an active role in addressing social, cultural and environmental issues. For brands and companies who have embraced CSR, it has given them the opportunity to boost their brands reputation but also a chance to attract talent and retain staff.

Whether it’s where we decide to raise a family or a house which has been in the family for generations, homes will always have an emotional spot in our hearts. That’s why we’ve decided to look at the estate agents who are making it their responsibility to look after the communities and environments in the areas they operate in.


Whilst making it their mission to enable local communities to reach their full potential, they are also proud to support Veterans Aid. A charity which makes sure veterans in crisis receive vital care. Foxtons staff have also made it their duty that customers old and new, know about the app ‘Gone for Good’ which helps people donate their unwanted goods to local charities.

Foxtons have also looked to improve their environmental impact by ensuring all office lighting is low energy and that they are only in use during office hours. Foxtons support the charity WaterAid by supplying their offices with bottled Belu water. Belu water is made with environmentally friendly packaging who also donate 100% of their profits back to WaterAid.

Hamptons International

Supporting and raising vital funds for Cancer Research UK since 2013, Hamptons International has cycled, ran, and baked their way to raising over £200,000. Whilst partnering with the charity, Hamptons International have set up multiple donation stations across the UK. Transforming the items, you no longer need into funds for life-saving research, with 100% of the money going to Cancer Research UK.

One fundraising event ‘Relay Around the Regions’ which was a company-wide fundraiser, where 300 individuals from around the business travelled between their 85 branches using various modes of transport whilst passing on the baton. The campaign coincided with ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ and over 11 days, over £12,000 was raised for the charity.


From consultants in training to experienced Directors, Dexters spend 10 times the industry average on training their people to ensure that they are up to date with the latest legislation. They actively encourage professional development for their staff to stand them in better stead later in life.

Dexters can also boast an overall gender breakdown of 50/50, and that 57% of manager and above roles in support are held by females. They have set themselves the target of by 2021 that over 50% of their manager and above fee earning roles are held by women.

Whilst expanding at a rapid rate through London, they are committed to finding new ways to reduce their carbon footprint, primarily through going paperless as much as possible.

Perry Bishop and Chambers

Perry Bishop and Chambers takes CSR seriously, so seriously in fact that they only employ staff who live near the towns in which their offices are located, their local knowledge being a special touch for vendors and buyers. The estate agents also look to engage local suppliers and refer business to other locally based companies. Continuously sponsoring events, sport clubs and schools throughout the year in the local community. Whilst also donating a certain percentage from every sold house to local charities.

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Mastercard scores own goal with World Cup CSR initiative

As excitement for the World Cup grows, we’ve been keeping a close eye on what brands are doing to get involved in the conversation or utilise their sponsorship of the competition. One campaign that has most definitely caught our attention is Mastercard’s World Cup initiative with the World Food Programme.

The premise is simple – For every goal Messi and Neymar score in the tournament, Mastercard has pledged to donate 10,000 meals to children in the Caribbean and Latin America.

We always admire a creative campaign at The PHA Group, and how brands can piggyback off an event to be topical and part of the news agenda, but we feel Mastercard may have missed the mark (or goal) with this one.

Mastercard’s heart would have been in the right place, however the execution raises more than a few eyebrows. The backlash on social media says it all – from keepers becoming public enemies for saving shots, to the pressure on the players and why Mastercard doesn’t just give meals to children in the first place instead of it coming down to a game of chance.

Even Ian Wright has got involved in the conversation, calling it the worst marketing campaign he has ever seen – questioning how this idea was green-lighted after rounds of sign off. To be fair, he makes a good point.

So, like an England penalty shootout, how did this go so wrong for Mastercard?

The obvious answer is to not play on the hunger of children.

If Mastercard had instead decided to run a promotion with its value increasing with every Neymar or Messi goal, the feedback would not have been so negative. Instead, it would have created a genuine way for people to want to see either of the players’ score and give Mastercard an authentic and credible way to be involved in the conversation throughout the tournament.

As it stands, what are Mastercard going to do if Messi misses a sitter? There isn’t an opportunity to do a light-hearted social post with a fun gif, as this will just look like Mastercard are rubbing their 10,000 free meals in the faces of impoverished children.

It will be interesting to see how Mastercard responds to the reaction and if they continue with the initiative. It takes a lot for a brand to admit they got it wrong.

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Our favourite BBQ campaigns

As you know, in the UK we aren’t blessed with glorious weather all year round. So, to have a whole week dedicated specifically to the barbie, shows how much the British public like to fire up their food. Whether you’re a grilling novice or a flaming pro, we’ve listed our favourite BBQ campaigns that just got our taste buds going.

Aldi UK

In 2017, Aldi decided to focus their attentions and summer marketing campaign on competitiveness. Highlighting with a host of examples that their products won’t be beaten on price. As part of the campaign, the Olympic medalists and brothers Alistair and Jonny Brownlee take on a series of challenges against one another. The winning brother can be seen cooking up a storm on an Aldi BBQ, whilst the losing brother must undergo a penalty of some sort.


Quality family time is important to many families across the UK. Supermarket chain Lidl created an excellent take on the struggles to pull your children away from the TV set and try something new. We loved their adverts to showcase quality family time spent in the garden enjoying the delights of a BBQ, instead of being inside playing video games!


As one of the biggest homeware brands in the UK, B&Q has taken an interesting approach to its adverts of late, by positioning their staff at the heart of the brand. Their take is featuring B&Q colleagues who come to a customer’s rescue by effortlessly improving his garden in a series of synchronized steps. We love the use of real-time filming watching the garden transform.


Play dates, kids parties and just an excuse to gather families together. Asda created a selection of TV adverts featuring celebrity chef James Martin. Beginning with a nice relaxing approach to the summer months until one of the mums announces a hoard of hungry kids are about to turn up. Martin demonstrates his culinary skills by making a Cauliflower Couscous before manning the BBQ. A great showcase of happy healthy garden treats for all the family to enjoy.


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The tipsters to follow this World Cup

The greatest footballing show on Earth returns this year with the 21st World Cup being held in Russia from 14th June to 15th July. If you are looking to add to the excitement of the competition, you might be considering betting on a couple of games. We’ve looked at the best, free Twitter tipsters to help you turn a tidy profit during the World Cup.


Probably the biggest and most well-known tipster account on Twitter with over 581,000 followers. As the name suggests, most of the tips are accumulator bets, so you may lose more bets than you win but when you win, you win big. They also offer tips on singles and promotions as well. They post regularly, giving you a wide selection of bets to pick a winner from. FootyAccums should be one of the first tipsters you check out.


Pinchbet offer a huge range of tips from different leagues and they aren’t half bad at it to say the least. They claim they have grown their bankroll by 3,400% in just 18 months. They also let you know how many bets they lose which is something not every tipster is happy to do. A solid selection of tips promises to point you in the right direction if you are looking for an interesting dabble.


Another one of the larger ‘tipsters’ on Twitter with a following of 127,000. They post a lot of information and just about break even most of the time. Giving tips from a wide range of sports and bookmakers they are certainly one to keep an eye on, but choose your tips carefully. They often post bookmakers’ deals and acquisition offers which help punters take advantage of some excellent offers.


Simple but effective. A small following but have some very reliable tips. Nothing too outlandish so if you’re looking for longshots this isn’t the one for you but if you are after solid tips to turn a tidy profit check them out. Their pinned tweet always shows their overall performance letting you know how they are doing. The saying ‘you can’t go broke making a profit’ appears to be the mantra for this tipping service.


Specialise in the under/over goals market for matches that are 0-0 at halftime. Rather niche but a very effective strategy when it comes to making a bit of cash. They run a weekly handy stats page showing their performances. An interesting service that is completely automated and based on statistics. If you like the security of stats and facts rather than going with your gut feeling these guys are for you.


WS standing for who scored is another account that bases its tips on historical data and stats. This can provide some very interesting looking accumulators. They have a lot of strange, long shot bets that might not produce the consistency you are looking for, if you like a steady stream of winners, but when you do get a winner it can be a bumper payday. Whether trusting data and stats works as a strategy in a huge knockout competition remains to be seen but WS are certainly someone to check out if you are searching for a punt.

Bookmaker’s Tipsters

Bookmakers will often have their own tipsters. If you are looking for tips from those who live and breath the sports and the industry you can’t go too far wrong here. Tipster’s like Charlie McCann at BetVictor can often be found in national and local papers as well as specific sports magazines imparting their wisdom for the week ahead. If the house always wins, then you’re well advised to see what guys like Charlie are saying and pay close attention.

There are some great tipsters on this list who will certainly offer some insights for the novice punter. Below we’ve got some common betting terms you’ll need to know before putting some money down. If you do fancy putting some money on the football remember it should only enhance the excitement and shouldn’t ruin the fun of a fantastic summer of sport, so, remember when the fun stops, stop!

Common Betting Terms

Straight bet – A bet standard outcome bet. E.g. France to beat Denmark

Accumulator – Where more than one bet is combined. E.g. France to beat Denmark, England to beat Tunisia and Uruguay to beat Egypt

Under-over bet – A bet predicting a number for a statistic in a game. E.g. Over 2.5 goals scored

Odds against – When the probability that the event will not happen is greater than the probability that it will. E.g. 2-1 – £1 returns £2 + £1 (Your original bet)

Odds on – It means that the event is more likely to happen than not. If you place a bet at odds on you will still be in profit, as you get your stake back. E.g 1-2 – £1 returns 50p + £1 (Your original bet)

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National BBQ Week – 5 of the best barbecue-style restaurants in London

In the true spirit of National BBQ Week, most of us will be dusting off our aprons, popping the beers in the fridge, and getting our BBQ tongs ready to indulge in a spot of al fresco dining.

However, if you’re looking for a place to enjoy some delicious (and non-weather dependent) barbie-style food without having to worry about clearing up, we’ve noted that there are plenty of smokin’ hot BBQ joints around to get excited about.

Here at The PHA Group, we’ve rounded up what we think are some of the best smokehouses in the city:

Bodean’s Smokehouse & Barbecue restaurant

With restaurants in various locations such as Soho (our personal favourite), Covent Garden, Tower Hill, Muswell Hill, and Fulham, in London, you’re never too far away from one of Bodean’s traditional smokehouse restaurants.

The authentic Kansas-City inspired menu features everything you would expect from a traditional barbeque joint; including loaded hot dogs, ribs (the best on this side of the Atlantic according to Time Out) and pulled pork.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you can even order your favourite BBQ treats to be delivered straight to your front door, so you can tell your friends and family you grilled it all yourself. Surely a barbecue experience not to be missed!

Big Easy – Bar.B.Q and Lobster Shak

Inspired by the 19th-century crab shacks and Bar.B.Q of the American Gulf Coast, this BBQ joint prides itself on using only the finest cuts of meat from very carefully selected butchers, as well as lobster, sourced all the way from Nova Scotia.

At their Covent Garden and Canary Wharf restaurants, these barbecue aficionados cook up a storm using the traditional US home-smoked method, over wood. With the Kings Road restaurant favouring a specialist Parilla Charcoal Grill. Offering boozy brunches, and live music, what’s not to love?

Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse

Proving that smokehouse-style food doesn’t always have to be all-American, is Levi Roots with his Caribbean Smokehouse ‘Rastaurant’ based in Stratford.

It’s always been Levi’s dream to open a Caribbean-style eatery, and in 2015 that became a reality. Levi’s place serves up some of the best Jerk chicken you’ll ever taste, amongst other traditional Caribbean favourites to make your taste buds dance, including smoked meats and vegetables all finished on their authentic jerk pit.

As Levi says, “Put some music in your food” – simply delicious!

Pitt Cue

It’s crazy to think that Pitt Cue started up as a food van parked on Southbank, serving Southern-style brisket and pulled pork. Since those days they have grown into a beautiful brick and mortar restaurant based in Devonshire Square, Spitalfields Market, which includes an extended bar, an open kitchen featuring a custom-made wood-burning grill, and a brewery on-site – what an incredible journey!

The specials menu changes daily, but Southern-style smoked meats such as pig’s jowl with apple ketchup, and beef neck with shitake mushroom are always readily available.

This restaurant also now takes reservations (a switch up from previous years), which means no queuing!

Smokehouse Islington

Smokehouse Islington is part of Noble Inns, a family-owned company comprising of 4 pubs and restaurants in London.

At the heart of this is their desire to offer the best smoked and grilled food in London alongside the best beer list in London (20 on tap, 60 in the bottle), and source wine from small, independently-owned vineyards.

They butcher their meat offering on-site to create a specialist menu of coal-grilled prime cuts and slow-cooked specialities. Fish is delivered from Cornish markets, and all fruit and vegetables are supplied by Natoora greengrocer.

They also have a beautiful outside area here (hard to find in London), so you can still enjoy the sunshine while you are dining!

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The ultimate travel guide for the perfect honeymoon

With the forthcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fast-approaching, we can’t help but speculate about where they’ll be jetting off to for their honeymoon celebrations!
Here at The PHA Group, we started thinking about all the important details for the perfectly planned honeymoon (and of course where we’d love to travel to), so we’ve collated some of our dream honeymoon destinations and travel tips, alongside some of the incredible brands and services out there who are dedicated to helping every couple’s dream getaway come true…

By train

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to plan your routes by rail through the likes of Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada and the USA with companies such as Holidays by Rail on hand to provide you with a perfectly designed package often including all of your accommodation, food and transfers.

If spontaneous interrailing is your thing then you’ll undoubtedly be looking to stop off at multiple destinations and cram as much as possible into your honeymoon break. Websites like are ideal for those who want to take a more relaxed and hassle-free approach to travel, allowing you to book boutique B&Bs, hotel accommodation or self-catering apartments which meet your individual needs and requirements at just a moment’s notice!

For something a little more special and luxurious, the Venice Simplon Orient-Express available through Belmond is definitely one to consider. With multiple European destinations on offer, this once in a lifetime trip is guaranteed to provide an unrivalled first-class experience and memories that will last for an entire lifetime.

Tropical paradise

After all that wedding planning, no one can blame the happy couple for wanting a relaxing break in paradise! Many (including ourselves) are partial to a beach holiday consisting of refreshing cocktails, sandy shores and glorious sunshine, but with so many tropical destinations from Seychelles to Mexico to Sri Lanka to choose from it can be different to comprehend where’s best to go!

There’s no doubt that companies like Kuoni are the experts when it comes to tropical travel and best of all when you visit them in store – you often get a delightful glass of fizz, to help make booking your trip that extra special! Other companies such as Honeymoon Dreams and Mahlatini luxury travel are also excellent when it comes to booking a bespoke trip, and can advise you on where’s best to go in light of different tropical climates, what you’re looking to do whilst your away, and most importantly the budget you have in mind…

If you’re looking to make your trip that extra little bit more luxurious, then look no further than No.1 Lounges. This premium airport lounge service ensures you can kick off your holiday in style and with ultimate comfort and relaxation! All you need to access these lounges is a membership card, or simply pay from £26 per entry when you book in advance, to gain access to their incredible amenities, which include pod bedrooms and spa facilities.

Australian & New Zealand Adventures

The honeymoon is very often that one chance couples get to book off a long time period from work and travel long-haul to somewhere that they’ve always dreamed of visiting. For many, this means an Australian and/or New Zealand adventure is on the cards! Travel companies like Distant holidays and Austravel are on hand to make sure that the journey is as comfortable as possible, and with so many landmarks to see, they ensure your trip is perfectly planned and your time as balanced as possible – between relaxing and going on unforgettable excursions. From scenic road trips to amazing safaris to snorkelling expeditions to the Great Barrier Reef, these companies can provide it with all, with affordable and competitive packages available on their websites.

European Escapes

If you’re looking to stay somewhere a little closer to home and visit a European destination – whether that be exploring a beautiful coastline and or a historic city – then hiring a private villa may be something to consider. Solmar Villas provide you with the ultimate accommodation options, from beachfront locations with spectacular panoramic views to locations ideal for exploring the closest towns and cities to local hot spots with excellent transport links. With a vast amount of options available that cater for a variety of budgets, you’re guaranteed to find something that meets your needs. If your short on time or looking for cheap flights, then On the Beach is a great website to browse, featuring competitive pricing and low deposits, On the Beach ensure your honeymoon trip remains budget friendly!

Sail the High Seas

If you’re looking to take to the waters, then look no further than P&O Cruises. With bespoke honeymoon packages and trips available in the Mediterranean all the way to the Caribbean, the world is truly your oyster, and cruising can provide you with the opportunity to visit multiple cities and ports across the world. If you are perhaps after something smaller scale, then companies such as Riviera Travel and Audley Travel offer more intimate trips and tailor-made cruising options by river, lake or sea – offering you the chance to see the Red River Delta in Vietnam or even the arctic waters of Alaska!

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Percy & Penny Get Hitched: 5 Brands Piggybacking the Royal Wedding

Royal events are always the perfect excuse for a party, a 2-hour long TV special and a ‘Limited Edition’ version of completely everyday products. Brands jumped right on the Queen’s Jubilee, William and Kate’s nuptials, and every royal baby that followed, and we should expect no less for Harry and Meghan! So, what joys are we to expect this time?

Creating a product around the Royal Wedding is not as easy as it seems, as tight regulations exist around using names and images of the individuals in question. However, some of best of the bunch have cleverly circumvented these restrictions and come out with some Royal corkers. In first place…


1. Percy and Penny: These lovable, and delicious, little piggies have skipped the market and gone straight to the chapel! M&S released this clever stunt a few weeks ago, with the nations favourite porkers beating Harry and Meghan to the altar. With the hashtag #PercyGetsMarried, this was the perfect way for this household name to capitalise on the event both online and in-store.


2. Ginger and Sparkle: The ever-cheeky crisp brand, Tyrrells, has released the oh-so-elusively named ‘Ginger & Sparkle’ parsnip crisps. A celebration of the Royal affair, these crisps are perfectly on brand for them, a re-packaged and revamped offering of their already very successful product. This perfect ‘Limited Edition’ crisp is flavoured with a hint of ginger, sweet honey and edible glitter for that famous Markle sparkle.


3. Gü-ing, Gü-ing, Gone: Faithful British pud brand, Gü, is giving everyone a taste of the Royal Wedding with a replica of their chosen cake! Since the official flavour was released, lemon and elderflower, several brands have come out with their takes. From lemon and elderflower gins to specialised sorbets, the marketplace is crammed full of these very English flavours. Gü has stuck to what they do best and whipped up a ‘Royal Wedding Edition’ cheesecake…which dare I say it, may sound nicer than the cake itself.



4. Local Liquor:

A local brewery, Windsor and Eaton Brewery to be precise, has marked the special occasion with a delightful sounding pale ale. The ‘Windsor Knot’ combines American hops and Champagne yeast to create a ‘perfect marriage of ingredients’ for ale-lovers far and wide to enjoy. It even has front row seats, being brewed within sight of Windsor castle.


5. Newlywed Gingerbread: Luxury biscuit brand, the Biscuiteers, have come out with a suitably cheerful looking pair of Gingerbread people, which frankly bear an uncanny likeness! For just £12 you can indulge in ‘the Royal couple jolly gingers’ – dunking Harry in your tea and lowly dismembering the future Princess. Well, at least it’s less weird than the Harry and Meghan themed condoms…

Whatever your choice, make sure you revel in the ingenuity of modern brands and their ability to piggyback every Royal event. A clever exercise in brand personality, and good packaging design, these many products are possibly my favourite feature of the whole merry thing. Any excuse to try new foods eh!

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The websites that make planning your wedding simple

Are you getting ready to plan your big day but a little overwhelmed with everything you need to organise? To celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry this weekend we take a look at some of our favourite wedding apps and websites that make planning your special day just that little bit easier.

free on and

Show us the bride-to-be that doesn’t have this on their mobile in the run-up to their day. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if most ladies have their storyboard set up long before they would like to admit. The storyboard dream, that helps you share, search businesses and services and create your mood board for your big day. Giving you the desired wedding ‘inspo’ you need.


Creating your own personal wedding website ‘Wedsite’ has become something of a standard for couples. Zankyou is a free wedding website tool offering a range of easy to use templates. Available in nine different languages Zankyou makes creating your personal site easy, fun and simple to use. With great tools such as guest list organisers, online RSVP functions and gifting list options, Zankyou allows you to create an information point for your guests and suppliers.

free on and – subscription options available

With so many playlists to choose from bride’s all over the country are opting for Spotify options over hiring a DJ to man their music lists. Some of our favourite lists include “Wedding reception party pleasers” and “First Dance songs” for all those hopeless romantics out there. If you’re trying to reign in the costs of your big day this is a great way to produce your party background on a budget.


Do you want your invitations or wedding stationery to be personalised or bespoke? Look no further than Minted. Minted connects you with the best independent artists to bring you endlessly fresh, truly unique art and stationery you won’t find anywhere else. With sample options and inspiration boards from other happy couples to look through you will be able to find your look and design in no time. Choose from their community of artists to really bring your wedding to life.


Bring all the photos from your special day into one place with website and app WedPics. The handy app allows you to spend more time enjoying your guest’s candid shots instead of having to chase them down after the event. Simply invite your wedding party and guests to post and share their images through WedPics and you’ll be able to log in and order your favourite prints at any time.

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Putting The PR in GDPR

With less than a month until the new European legislation, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), comes into force in the UK we look at what this really means for the PR industry, whilst putting some of those rumours and myths to bed.

Find out the basics

You can’t prepare for what you don’t know. So, the first crucial step is to make yourself aware of the key facts surrounding the GDPR. If you haven’t received training at your organisation it is probably worthwhile embarking on some personal research on the dos and don’ts when it comes to data protection. Sites such as the ICO are really detailed and can help you answer some of those burning questions.

Our Legal and Finance Director, Marina Hall says “Don’t panic, GDPR is a good thing and allows you to organise your data and the information you store. The legislation is enforcing best practice and requiring all businesses to have the same standards when it comes to processing and storing personal information.”

What data is included?

The GDPR may sound as exciting as watching paint dry but it’s important to know the details, especially as it will affect every business in the UK. You will need to know what qualifies as ”personal data”as you’ll probably find that you process it a lot more than you realise. The main areas could be:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Bank account details
  • Addresses
  • Driver/passport number

The legislation covers indirect identification of personal data, as well as direct. This means marketers will need to think about pseudonymisation, a data management procedure by which personally identifiable information fields within a data record are replaced by one or more artificial identifiers. When these elements are brought together, such as a postcode used with a surname, this could lead to someone being identified.

Do I have to get permission from every journalist?

No; if you are using aggregator sites such as Gorkana, Agility or Response Source you’re covered. These sites require the journalists or organisation to opt-in to have their details shared, meaning you have permission as a subscriber to the site to access that data. In addition, business emails that are published in the public domain such as are exempt from GDPR and you are able to make an approach.

Freelancers can be a murkier ground. There is a grey area within the new legislation around “legitimate interest”. If, for example, you were representing an environmental charity and you wanted to contact a freelance environmental journalist, you can argue legitimate interest as the journalist would more than likely want to hear about your story. However, if you included the same freelance journalist in a big promotional email about something totally irrelevant to them it would be deemed misuse of their data and could lead to other problems.

How does this affect my client work?

Our top tips for most PR professionals would be to focus on the following.

  1. Make sure you know where to find your new updated contracts and how to explain them if your client comes back with any questions.
  2. Ensure you are vetting any third-party suppliers you might be using, such as photographers, copywriters or website developers. It might be worthwhile having a supplier agreement in place.
  3. Password protect your spreadsheets. If you have media lists, client to do lists or simply a data capture from an event, make sure they are securely stored away and password protected. If you’re unsure how to lock your work down seek help from your IT team who will be able to advise you.
  4. Don’t pass on details you don’t have permission to share. If you haven’t got permission, make sure you don’t share data with any third parties. If you do, this could it could lead to larger issues. If you’re unsure, check with the Data Protection Officer within your organisation for the correct process.
  5. The right to be forgottenthe new GDPR rules provide “data subjects” (individuals) with the right to request that their information be erased completely. This is not optional.
  6. Finally, know who your Data Protection Officer is. Most organisations will have an appointed person or team. Make sure you keep them in the loop if you’re unclear about the process or just want to clarify what you’re doing is the correct way.

Finally, we’d just like to add we are not qualified to provide legal advice, so if you have some bigger questions please do contact your legal counsel.

We hope you enjoyed our top tips; if you’re looking for a PR agency to support you or your business please get in touch with our award-winning team today.