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Tell us about your experience to date and your backgroundd

I was a journalist for 25 years before moving into PR and worked at a senior level on national newspapers.

I began as a news reporter on the Daily Mail in 1991, having spent a couple of years on regional newspapers, and did a wide variety of editing roles at the Mail, including Executive News Editor, Foreign Editor, Sports Editor (my favourite job in journalism!) and Editor of the Scottish Daily Mail. I was also Editor of Metro, which is owned by the Daily Mail but is a newspaper with a very different journalistic approach.

In 2008, I moved to the Telegraph and was Deputy Editor of the Sunday Telegraph for four years before becoming Business Editor of the Telegraph. In 2014, I joined The PHA Group.

What was it about The PHA Group that enticed you over other agencies?

I knew the chairman, Phil Hall, whom I’d come across during my time at the Mail and the Telegraph so was aware of The PHA Group and always liked the way Phil operated. Being a former editor himself, he understood how to work with journalists, whether he was trying to place a story on behalf of a client or to protect a client’s reputation by softening a story that he knew was going to be published.

When I decided to move into PR myself, I was attracted by the variety of agency’s work; I liked the wide mix of clients, which I knew would make the work interesting. I also loved the positive culture: collaborative and collegiate with no office politics.

What do you find most compelling about the clients you work with?

I am lucky to have worked with a range of clients across very diverse sectors, whether it’s super yacht charter, the art market or sport, and the great thing about agency life is that you are always learning new things. But, whatever the sector, what I always find compelling is a founder or leader who can create and grow a successful business, build and inspire a team, or lead innovation.

I am also impressed by the tenacity and commitment of the best leaders. For example, one of my clients is Crystal Palace and the chairman Steve Parish, who has been at the helm for ten years and saved the Club from the brink of liquidation, is involved in every aspect of the Club; his attention to detail is remarkable and he works 24/7 in an unforgiving role.

If you had to choose two of your favourite projects you’ve worked on during your time at The PHA Group, which ones would they be?

I love Test cricket so working with Surrey County Cricket Club on a campaign to celebrate the 100th Test match at The Oval in 2017 was a real treat. The campaign celebrated the rich sporting history of the Oval – we secured a wonderful feature in The Sunday Times magazine, full of archive photos and personal memories – but also encapsulated the Club’s future ambitions and strong business success story.

Another memorable project was writing a research report for SSAFA, the armed forces charity, about the plight of younger veterans. It is such an important subject because too many men and women who served their country in recent conflicts have struggled to adjust to civilian life, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Our report shone a spotlight on this and one of our recommendations, a mentoring scheme available to all service leaders when they are discharged, was adopted by the MoD, with SSAFA being asked to lead a pilot scheme. It’s satisfying when PR can also achieve real change.

How do you measure your PR impact for clients?

Measurement is becoming increasingly sophisticated and we want to ensure we are market leaders in our approach. The key is to work collaboratively with each client because one size does not fit all. Also, we offer a variety of KPIs for each client. Some want to prioritize measuring the media coverage we secure in an agreed list of media outlets which reach their target audiences. For others, we use Google analytics to analyze the impact of specific pieces of coverage in driving traffic and customer referrals.

In some cases, clients want to extend their network of influence with journalists or relevant public bodies, or to raise their share of voice online. We offer a mix of approaches that correspond to the key objectives we set at the outset of a campaign.

How does working at The PHA Group differ to other agencies?

I can’t directly compare The PHA Group to other agencies because it’s the only agency where I’ve worked! But I can confidently say that I wouldn’t have stayed here for the past five years if it hadn’t been such a terrific place to work.

We have a very entrepreneurial culture; we’re constantly looking to grow the business and find new opportunities and that ethos permeates the whole agency from top to bottom. We have a very positive, can-do culture, which I like; we are down-to-earth and results-driven. There’s a good work-life balance; we work hard and do what it takes to get the job done, but there’s not the same presenteeism culture that I sometimes encountered in journalism.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

When I am working with a client in a high-profile situation, perhaps under close media scrutiny and personal pressure, and I feel I can use my experience to advise them and help them navigate it then that can be very satisfying.

Having been a journalist for so many years, I can often anticipate the way a story will be reported and play out in the media. Being in the eye of a media storm is never easy and it is satisfying when you feel that strategic counsel borne of personal experience has made a difference.

The other rewarding aspect of the job is developing younger members of the team. I have been lucky enough to work with some wonderful colleagues over the last five years and seeing them grow in the job and become highly accomplished professionals has been a great pleasure.

If you would like to find out more about what Tim and his team do at The PHA Group then find out more information here or contact our team for a chat today.

Meet our people; Tim Jotischky

March is a fantastic month for women. With International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th and the whole month celebrating Women’s History, we wanted to place a spotlight on all the inspiring, talented and accomplished women that we have in our senior leadership team at The PHA Group.

For our fifth female spotlight we spoke to Hayley Bromfield, Head of Marketing. Find out more about her journey below.

Mimi Brown

Mimi Brown, Head of Entrepreneurs and Business

What brought you to the PR world?

After completing an Ancient History degree at Durham University, I began searching for a job and landed in a boutique B2B tech PR agency in London. I had zero experience of the PR industry, but the founder was always keen to nurture young entrants to the sector, and the agency was small and provided invaluable exposure.

What would you say is your biggest achievement?

I once got transferred onto a client that had got into a real rut, and for the first time I was in a solo account leadership position and, to be honest, things weren’t going great – with the team and client. Six months later we’d won back trust, had some real fun with the account and the team had really rallied. Collective effort but was hugely satisfying.

For any person you interview, what do you look for?

This industry is full of people with fantastic and varied skillsets but ultimately, it’s about relationships; with media, with clients, with prospects and with colleagues – that’s what leads to success.

I love quirky personalities and certainly don’t look for a certain type of person, but if someone demonstrates an agility in their personality, shows they can adapt around other people without compromising their sense of self – then this is the biggest factor.

An open personality and being straight-talking is essential. We deal with a variety of people every day, from ambitious CEOs to inspired investors and corporate marketers so any façade will be seen straight-through.

If you could go back and give your 20-year-old self any advice, what would it be?

Have a bit more confidence in my abilities and experience – and asking for feedback earlier from everyone I worked with.


March is a fantastic month for women. With International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th and the whole month celebrating Women’s History, we wanted to place a spotlight on all the inspiring, talented and accomplished women that we have in our senior leadership team at The PHA Group.

For our fourth female spotlight we spoke to Hayley Bromfield, Head of Marketing. Find out more about her journey below.

Hayley Bromfield, Head of Marketing

What brought you to the marketing world?

There are three reasons: people, creativity, and technology. When I say people, I mean customer relationships and behavioural psychology. The goal of marketing is to change consumer behaviour and essentially to drive action, whether that’s to build awareness, encourage engagement, or result in someone making a purchase. This process has always fascinated me and the development of technology and various marketing tools has allowed the monitoring of this behaviour to expand tenfold.

What would you say is your biggest achievement?

Building a great team! The people you work with and the culture you instil is so important and a team that can support, build and learn from each other is the secret to success.

For any person you interview, what do you look for?

I always look for people who are naturally curious and want to learn more. Be it a new skill to develop their own career, or finding a new insight or outcome for a campaign. I think tenacity goes along way, you will experience a lot of trial and error in marketing and you need to be able to analyse, learn from your actions and keep on going to get the best results.

If you could go back and give your 20-year-old self any advice, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to get things wrong. Learn from your mistakes and don’t sweat the small stuff.

FEMALE SPOTLIGHT: Hayley Bromfield

The UK’s devotion to health and fitness is illustrated by the fact that one in seven people are now gym members; that amounts to over 9.7 million people in the UK.

With the industry worth more than £5 billion, the biggest area of growth has come from the many low-cost gyms that are springing up all over the country. Now more than 500 across the UK and holding a strong 35% share, gym facilities have become more accessible and affordable by the removal of contracts, low or zero sign-up fees and, often open 24 hours a day.

So, what better time to muscle in and start your own business? We’ve picked seven gym franchise models that are growing at a great rate.


HITIO Gym offers a unique experience through the combination of a traditional gym alongside the best martial arts philosophy. HITIO brings world-class combat sport programming into a state-of-the-art gym environment.

HITIO Gym also provides facilities for the whole family by offering classes for anyone from the age of five. Parents are encouraged to train at the same facility and at the same time as their children – either individually or together.

Check out one of their Discovery Days, designed to provide everything you need to know about opening a HITIO Gym. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the UK team, HITIO industry partners and take a tour of one of their operating sites.


9Round fitness is a specialised gym, fitness center and health club dedicated to circuit training with an emphasis on kickboxing fitness training. Promoting the brand as unique and fun, their fitness programme incorporates a functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens developed by a World Champion Kickboxer.

9Round’s offers two ownership franchise models; the semi-absentee owner where you can become a 9Round owner while maintaining your current job or occupation, and the owner-operator model where you own and operate your own club.

The website provides lots of helpful information on the general size, training and onboarding and business model. One you need to check out.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym provides the latest cardio and strength training equipment along with a dynamic group exercise programme that also includes yoga classes.

From humble beginnings back in 1965 as a small gym in Venice, California; Gold’s Gym has grown into a global franchise with 700+ locations and serving three million people each day across six continents.

Gold Gym’s provide comprehensive franchise support including site selection, design, construction, training, grand opening, marketing, and ongoing operations. Always striving for continuous improvement to help their franchisees and members reach full potential, Gold Gym creates a passionate health community and support network.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness claims to provide a business model that blends perfectly, providing a great work/life balance for any individual.

Opening its first club 16 years ago in Minnesota, USA, Anytime Fitness has now become one of the world’s largest health chains with over 4,500 clubs open in 33 countries.

With over four million members (a new member joining every three minutes, apparently) and 155 clubs open in the UK already, Anytime Fitness are showing steady growth, aiming to have 250 clubs open by 2020. Those numbers look pretty good to us!


truGym UK is a fitness centre designed to transform strength with affordability whilst still providing a premium quality experience and high-class security. Their facilities allow members to enjoy the benefit of unlimited gym access, free group classes alongside sauna and relaxation rooms.

With already over 20 sites in the UK, truGym projects a franchise’s turnover will range from £600,000 to £950,000 and an expected net profit from 25% to 35% depending on club size and location.


Lack of time is a recurring excuse for many individuals trying to create a healthy lifestyle and fitness plan. Bodystreet prides themselves on offering an opportunity for those with little or no time. The franchise offers a once-a-week 20-minute workout programme to help burn fat, build muscle, tone and shape.

Bodystreet is already providing over 160,000 training sessions per month across 300 locations. Priding themselves on requiring a significantly lower investment sum than other franchise systems Bodystreet offers full support during the set-up, as well as on-going support after start-up.


((BOUNCE)) is mini trampoline fitness business founded in 2014 by Kimberlee Perry. Together with Chris Perry, the duo turned the business into a franchise, opening studios up and down the UK and across the world.

Routines are performed to upbeat music in a welcoming and motivating environment. The brand encourages a social space where consumers can make friends and even bring children along while working out.

((BOUNCE)) improves weight loss up to three times faster than floor-based exercise due to the addition of gravity and g-force. It builds core strength quickly, is a cellular workout and detoxifies the body efficiently thanks to the lymphatic system being pumped as you jump. There is an array of scientific research on the health benefits of trampolining, most impressively, losing 700 calories per session and having fun… that’s what trampolines were made for!

Interested in hearing how we can help promote your franchise business? With years of experience working with brands including RED Driving School, ((BOUNCE)) and Fantastic Services we’re perfectly placed to help you out. Speak to a member of our award-winning team today to find out more.

Seven fitness franchises you will want to invest in

March is a fantastic month for women. With International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March and the whole month celebrating Women’s History, we wanted to place a spotlight on all the inspiring, talented and accomplished women that we have in our senior leadership team at The PHA Group.

We asked them four quick fire questions to find out more about their journey, who they have become today and any words of wisdom they can impart. Our first chat is with Marina Hall, our Finance and Legal Director.

Marina Hall, Finance and Legal Director

Marina Hall

What brought you to the PR world?

My career up to the point of launching The PHA Group was as a European Patent Attorney, so nothing at all to do with PR. When Phil, my husband and founder of The PHA Group, decided to set up his own PR agency, my obsession with detail and business plans meant I couldn’t stop myself joining forces. I concentrated on the business/legal, HR and finance side and allowed him to concentrate on doing what he does best, delivering for clients.

We had a mortgage to pay, it had to succeed! I developed a passion for people and HR. I love the variety, excitement and creativity of the PR world, and although I promised Phil two years of my time, 15 years later I’ve never left.

What would you say is your biggest achievement?

The easy answer is setting up The PHA Group! Being a part of developing a successful business that has grown from two people in a back bedroom to 100 plus staff, award winning, large PR agency.
Being on the map in this way was always our ambition, but actually we have spent so much time, energy and commitment creating and nurturing the agency’s culture, and that is what I am immensely proud of. We have always focused on creating a well-balanced, inclusive, happy family and it is something we never lose sight of and never take for granted. Working with my husband for 15 years and still staying married – another good one.

For any person you interview, what do you look for?

Good communication skills, great organiser are all the skills needed to succeed in communications. However, most skills can be learnt so what you really need is to see someone’s passion and desire for the role. That’s ultimately is what makes someone successful.

If you could go back and give your 20-year-old self any advice, what would it be?

Be flexible and embrace change. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as that is ultimately what keeps life exciting and you positive. Life runs along all different paths, embrace it. I give everyone I know a copy of Dr Seuss, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” for their 18th birthdays and I still read my copy when I need a reminder. It’s all the advice you need in life.


Europe and iconic buildings are something that go together like well, brick and mortar. From the Effel Tower to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Europe is full of buildings bursting with character.

But away from landmark tourist attractions, who are the architecture firms who are constructing modern properties that will survive the test of time?

With the news breaking on Saturday that MIPIM, the world’s leading property market event, has been postponed until June due to the growing concerns related to the coronavirus.

We wanted to take a moment to recognise five of our favourite architecture firms that would have been attending the exhibition later this month.

Corstorphine + Wright

An award-winning practice which has design studios plotted across the breadth of the UK. Corstorphine + Wright combine the very best quality architectural solutions that blend a strategic, design-led approach whilst including integral commercial awareness.

What makes Corstorphine + Wright different from other architectural firms is the acknowledgement that architecture is more than just an individual building, it encompasses the spaces around the building, and the wider structures within its vacinity.

As their portfolio suggests their expertise are broad, projects include The Barcode in Plymouth, Royal Exchange in Manchester and the Bargate in Southampton.


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#TBT Leake Street Arches. A project we completed in 2017, but we have brand new (hot off the press) photographs to share with you. Leak Street Arches sits under Waterloo International Station and was a thoroughly enjoyable commission for us. The project received a commendation at the New London Awards in 2018. More info on our website, link in bio

A post shared by Corstorphine + Wright (@corstorphinewright) on

Pozzoni Architecture

Soon to be celebrating their 40th birthday, Pozzoni Architecture is a forward-thinking practice that has achieved success through passion, personality and an in-built drive from directors and partners.

Aside from their offices in the capital and Manchester, Pozzoni also have emerging partnerships in both the USA and Australia.

Whilst it might seem that Pozzoni are going global, they are always quick to remember their local roots that make them special.

With services including master planning, environmental sustainability, graphics and visualisation resources at their disposal, Pozzoni Architecture is a fully integrated firm for all your one-stop needs.

Projects include Godalming Leisure Centre and Cheadle Hulme School Sixth Form Centre.


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#tbt to our major extra care development, Village 135 🏘 ⠀⠀ Awarded 🏆 ⠀⠀ Best Large Development at the National Housing Awards 2017 ⠀⠀ Best Independent Living at the Pinders National Healthcare Design Awards 2018 ⠀⠀ Best Supported Housing at the Northern Housing Awards 2017 ⠀⠀ ▪️Click the link in our bio to find out more!

A post shared by Pozzoni (@pozzoni_arch) on


With 13 regional studios in the UK, Purcell’s ethos is that their fascination by extending the life of the old, whilst also providing excellent new designs that are futureproofed. The firm originally founded by Donovan Purcell in 1947 are leaders in architecture, heritage and master planning.

One of their big focuses for new business is in the cultural sector, which ties in suitably with their ethos of extending the life of the old.

Some examples of projects include rejuvenating Canterbury Cathedral, Mandarin Oriental Hotel and impressively the Palace of Westminster.


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We’re thrilled that we have achieved Listed Building Consent to re-present and enhance the landmark Grade 1 listed Manchester Town Hall for Manchester City Council. The Our Town Hall project will make the site more accessible to the public and adapt the building for the 21st Century while taking great care of the site’s wealth of heritage features. 📸: Manchester City Council . . . . #Manchester #manchesterarchitecture #Manchestertownhall #architecture #architecturephotography #architecturelovers #facade #architectural #heritage #buildings #beautifulbuildings

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UberRaum Architects 

Founded by German architects Markus and Daniela Seifermann, UberRaum Architecture combines Germany technology with British design for commercial, public and private clients at a national and international level.

Continually striving to create spaces where people feel comfortable, inspired and most importantly at home.

Their projects are inspired from believing that people achieve more when they can be themselves and the better, they feel.

UberRaum specialises in designing happy people, pretty cool huh?


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Cherry Blossom House has been featured in CUBE Magazin! 🍒🌸🍒🌸🍒🌸

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Providing Architectural Visualisation to the world is Liverpool based business, Uniform. For over twenty years, they have been putting design at the forefront to solve problems, change mindsets and imperatively help their clients succeed.

Uniform’s award-winning architecture visualisation studio helps to bring the creative ambitions of the world’s leading developers and architects to life.

So, if you’re having difficulty picturing what a building or structure will look like, Uniform is the business to check out.

Responsible for projects such as 10 George Street in Canary Wharf, O’Hare International Airport and the extraordinary Dubai Towers.


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10 George Street | London ・ Thrilled to see our suite of images in the launch of 10 George Street for @canarywharflondon ・ 10 George Street rises 37 storeys above Canary Wharf’s new district Wood Wharf – with views overlooking waterside gardens, boardwalks below, a gym, bar, private dining room & lounge and a large terrace. ・ #canarywharf #architecture #london #landmark #city #culture #3dsmax #vray #3d #instarender #renderbox #render_contest #archviz #architecturalvisualization #art #cgarchitect #cgi #archdaily #photoshop #rendering #renderviz #design #architecturelovers #architecturephotography #architectural #architect #render_files #woodwharf @thisisvertus

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Could a bespoke PR strategy set your architecture firm apart from the rest? We have unrivalled success working with entrepreneurial business to help them achieve national coverage and expert lead pieces. Speak to a member of our award-winning team today to find out more.

The architecture firms to look out for at MIPIM 2020

Legal back passes, pitches like farmyards, and Norman bite-your-legs Hunter.

Football doesn’t look like it did in the 1970s anymore, and while the game has evolved on the pitch, there have been profound changes off it too.

The end of a playing career once signified a move into one of a few preordained careers, with many players opening local pubs and some recycling back into the system as coaches.

Modern football is very different, and increasingly footballers are finding niches to launch careers as entrepreneurs and businesspeople, with some doing so alongside their playing careers. So, who is generating as much success with their business nous as they did with a ball at their feet?

Axis Stars: Louis Saha

No Arsenal fan likes to write about how impressive a former Tottenham and Manchester United player is, but even I have to admit that Louis Saha was a deadly finisher in his heyday.

Strikers that combine style with substance are a rarity, and Saha has continued that lethal blend off the pitch by launching Axis Stars, a start-up that seeks to bridge the gap between stars and the business world. He is perfect for this article, as he is not only opening up endorsement deals for players, but also facilitating the deepening of ties between the corporate and sporting worlds.

Platinum Capital Investments: Steve Howard
Steve Howard scored over 200 career goals in an illustrious career across the lower leagues, establishing himself as a legend at Luton Town and also taking in a spell at then-sleeping giants Leicester City.

Howard now runs property investment company Platinum Capital Investments, which advises players on how to successfully build their own property portfolio to secure their financial future post-retirement.

AC13: Marlon Harewood

Marlon Harewood was wheels on the pitch, banging in goals as a centre forward at Nottingham Forest and West Ham, so it makes perfect sense that he’s also showing off his wheels off the pitch with the hugely successful bespoke vehicle sales business, AC13 Premier.

Harewood established the business more than a decade ago after having a bad experience with a car deal and feeling he could offer a higher quality service. His hunch was right, and AC13 has become synonymous with some of the biggest names in the footballing world from Harewood’s personal contact book.

PlayerTrader: Julian Joachim

Julian Joachim made his name scoring goals in the midlands for clubs including Leicester City, Coventry City and Aston Villa, but has now turned his attention to helping talented players without a club forge a career in the game.

PlayerTrader is a platform that matches unsigned players with the right clubs for them by putting the player in touch directly with scouts, agents and clubs through the unique platform.

KTM Design: Tyrone Mings

If there is a stereotype of how the modern footballer behaves, Tyron Mings breaks the mould in just about every way imaginable.

His journey to full England international took in spells as a barman and mortgage advisor, but it is his interior design business, KTM Design, set up with childhood friend Katie Thomas, that promises to make him part of UK business furniture for years to come.

Are you interested in how PR can raise your profile and manage your reputation? Take a look at our work with Surrey County Cricket Club to find out more or speak to our strategic communications team today.

Five footballers who became successful entrepreneurs

One of the greatest challenges of owning a yacht – aside from the eye-watering fuel costs and purchase price that would make Jeff Bezos wince – is finding a crew that you would entrust to look after your pride and joy.

Similarly, the glamour, sun and open seas attract thousands each year to the prospect of working on a yacht. Recruitment agencies come to the rescue offering the perfect platform for owners to be paired with spritely crew workers looking to travel the world, and work on luxury yachts as they do it. Below we explore some of the best crew recruitment agencies around.

19 London

19 London is an international recruitment agency, specialising in the placement of Personal and Executive Assistants, Private Household Staff and International Super Yacht Crew to clients around the world.

Based in London, with satellite locations internationally, their Yacht Crew division provides the highest calibre crew for the industry’s most prestigious super yachts. Their dedicated team of consultants each have a global network of contacts and decades of industry knowledge.

19 London provides fully qualified and vetted crew members for roles ranging from captains, officers and deckhands to chefs, beauty therapists and security. Needless to say, they have everything covered for you.

Quay Crew

Based out of Antibes and Poole, Quay Crew boasts an impressive 28 years of combined experience in the superyacht and recruitment industries. Offering accessible advice to prospective crew members and tailored recruitment for employers, Quay Crew utilise extensive industry knowledge to ensure that the right crew is matched to the right boat.

SuperYacht Crew Agency

SuperYacht Crew Agency helps Captains, Management Companies and Superyacht Owners connect with amazing crew. Their website provides a Yacht section with access to a salary guide and how to find a crew whilst their Crew section hosts a job board advertising the latest superyacht jobs, crew training academies and blogs with helpful advice and tips.

The Professional Yacht Crew Recruitment Agency is currently located in six different countries around the world with their HQ based here, in London.


A recruitment agency offering the latest jobs across all yacht departments. Whether you are looking for a head chef for your 110m Feadship or aspire to be a masseuse based out of South Africa, Wilsonhalligan offers a unique consultancy experience blending an understanding of the needs of owners and life onboard superyachts.

Camper & Nicholsons

Camper & Nicholsons is one of the global leaders in all luxury yachting activities. Their Placement Division has vast industry contacts as well as a comprehensive database of qualified crew.
Candidates are carefully screened according to the customer’s exact criteria, ensuring that they have the correct tickets, visas, and skills. Whether you are looking for a long-term addition to the team or a relief worker to get you out of a jam, Camper & Nicholsons can help.

By personally interviewing every one of their candidates, checking no less than three references and compiling all certificates, menus, and relevant documents the team always deliver high standards and have a loyalty community that trusts and always returns to the brand.


Whether you are looking for a crew or looking for work, Bluewater have you covered with their “exceptional database of over 100,000+ registered yacht crew”. Situated in the stylish yachting hubs of Antibes, Fort Lauderdale and Palma, Bluewater are not just one of the largest and most successful recruitment agencies in the industry, but they also provide chartering services, training courses and for a cool €17,950,000 will sell you a 46.5m Admiral Yacht named Entourage.


Dedicated to providing a “partnership” approach, Viking are proud to have been delivering “an exceptional level of experience and expertise” since 1988. Specialising in the recruitment of high-quality crew members, the Viking team’s knowledge and experience has expanded in recent years, allowing them to implement a ‘Full Crew Management Facility’. This service allows yacht overs to hand over the burden of maintaining an offshore payroll, medical policy, employee welfare and administration.

So, whether you are looking to provide silver service on the high seas or equip your new super-yacht with a multi-talented crew, get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help promote your recruitment agency. You never know we may just float your boat.

The super yacht recruitment agencies making waves

The North East of England is a hotspot for new deals and entrepreneurialism right now. Even though the area has seen some economic downturn since the 1970s, when its traditional industries began to disappear, there have always been some who knew how to weather a storm.

Tenacity, drive and ambition for growth defines entrepreneurialism in the region – and makes North Easteners a force to be reckoned with as they ride the upswing of 2020.

Isabella West, Hirestreet

Isabella is a founder with a mission to provide customers with an alternative to ‘fast fashion’. She set up her business, Hirestreet, in April 2018 to enable women to feel confident in clothes they haven’t worn before but give them the sustainable option of renting them instead of buying a new outfit for one-time wear.

A relatively young company, Hirestreet has taken the fashion e-commerce industry on in strides. After securing syndicated funding last year, Isabella acquired Manchester-based firm ‘Hire That Look’ and is in the process of consolidation, so that both her businesses will operate under the Hirestreet brand.
Isabella has a background in investment banking but has always been passionate about sustainability and supporting women in the workplace. With Hirestreet she’ll be sure to do both in the coming years.

Gary Trotter, Ocucon

Gary Trotter is the founder of Ocucon, the world’s first Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) system, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Ocucon is Gary’s second venture, as he’s also the co-founder of Hadrian Technology – a CCTV design, supply and installation company.

He’s been amply recognised for this, having been named the most influential installer in the UK security industry by IFSEC Global in 2017 and having his companies ranked in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 and the FT 100.

A lot of his success is down to his tenacity and perseverance with innovation: Ocucon offers unlimited cloud storage for surveillance systems and aims to make video surveillance an accessible security option for every business. It is the product of a journey Gary and his co-founder Stuart Ferguson have been on since Hadrian Technology; a story about not giving up and packing it in when the going gets tough and the belief in innovation above all else.

Adam Jacobs, Bloom Procurement

Adam Jacobs set up Bloom Procurement in 2012 to do professional services procurement differently. By giving its clients an overview of every step taken to secure a deal, Bloom offers a more transparent procurement process that gives public sector buyers access to more choice between suppliers, and suppliers more profile and opportunities.

Adam is an entrepreneur with a background in consulting, starting his career at PwC before setting up his first business and working as a procurement advisor for a number of city councils. Under his leadership, Bloom saw exponential growth in the past year, with turnover increasing 87% in the past two years and headcount more than doubling in 2019.

And all that has not come at the expense of integrity. Bloom was awarded level two of the Social Value Certificate – accredited by Social Value UK – a first for any procurement organisation.

Ryan Maughan, AVID Technology

Ryan Maughan is the founder of AVID Technology, a manufacturer and supplier of the technology for electric vehicles. Coming from an engineering background, Ryan set the company up in 2004 after working in the motor racing industry. Seeing the impact racing and cars had on the environment and quality of the air, he set out to develop new technology that would reduce emissions and fuel consumption of vehicles through improved control.

His journey with AVID Technology includes a number of milestones beyond its phenomenal growth. In 2010, AVID developed parts for the Ecotricity Nemesis supercar, which went on to break the UK landspeed record for electric vehicles.

After securing £7m VC-backing last year, AVID is now shortlisted for Business Leader’s ScaleUp awards – and more growth is sure to be in store.

Martyn Cuthbert, OnTrac

Martyn is the managing director of OnTrac and founded the business in 2008. A serial entrepreneur, OnTrac is his fourth venture – and that’s not counting the ones he’s invested in! He’s passionate about technology and the impact it has on businesses, industries and people’s lives.

OnTrac supports the digitalisation of Britain’s railways and offers products and innovations to drive a predictive approach to infrastructure maintenance, communication and collaboration. The aim is to use data to create smarter and safer railways, with products its customers can access from any of their digital devices.

The company has been recognised in the FT 100 and the Sunday Times Tech Track 100. Martyn says that for him, the “greatest thrill in business is setting yourself a challenge to create something that has never existed” – a motto that’s sure to keep him innovating for years to come!

From the industrial sector to tech and fashion, the North East is brimming with innovation and great minds that are driving the business agenda.

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Charging ahead – five founders in the North East who are unstoppable right now

Franchising is not new to the business world and with fast-food giants such as KFC, McDonald’s, Costa Coffee, and Starbucks dominating the high street, it seems to show no sign of waning.

However, along with these global giants there are lots of lesser known home-grown firms outside of the FMCG market who are successfully expanding around the UK. Part of the appeal of franchising is that it’s a less expensive form of expansion. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate the significant time and investment required from business owners.

If you think your business has what it takes to start a franchise, there are a few things to consider before you take the leap. We’ve picked six successful brands that are thriving within the franchise world for you take some tips from.

Wiltshire Farms Foods

Wilshire Farm Foods cook and deliver frozen meals for consumers to enjoy whenever they like. With over 300 dishes to choose from, consumers can place their order online and receive their goods hand-delivered by a reliable, local driver for free.

The company targets the over 65-year old’s who may find it difficult to leave their home regularly, and with over nine million in the UK, the need for a food delivery service is on the rise.

As BFA 2019 Winner for Social Enterprise and two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, buying a Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise provides a proven return. All territories come with an established customer base and turnover, allowing franchisees to make money from day one.

Wilshire Farm Foods is embedded in the heart of each local community, where franchisees can provide a service that supports the customer’s independence, enabling them to live in their own homes.

énergie Fitness

With over 100 clubs across the UK and Ireland, énergie Fitness seeks to empower people to transform their lives through fitness.

When owning a franchise with énergie Fitness you’ll benefit from one of the most comprehensive franchise support packages from business planning and property acquisition through to ongoing marketing and operational support.

Franchisees will become part of a growing industry where all clubs operate in the low-cost fitness sector, which accounts for 38% of the total private sector and is equivalent to 3.7% of the UK population. Best of all, you don’t need to have a previous interest in health and fitness to be a success.

Radfield Home Care

Radfield Home Care is a family-owned company involving three generations. Operating for over 35 years within the healthcare industry and established by brother and sister team Dr Hannah MacKechnie an experienced GP, and Alex Green an active community ambassador. The siblings grew up in the family run Radfield Care Home, so have had a lifetime of caring for others and understanding the unique needs of people as they grow older.

Awarded the British Franchise Association’s HSBC Emerging Franchisor of the Year 2019, Radfield Home Care started as a small and dedicated team of carers to today’s thriving business with 10 franchise partners.

A Radfield Home Care franchise offers a recession resistant business providing vital services to the elderly care market for which demand is outstripping supply. As a result, Radfield Home Care franchise partners operate a proven business model that enhances their local community in a compassionate, yet profitable industry.

Window to the Womb

Window to the Womb offers expectant parents the opportunity to check that their pregnancy is developing normally in comfortable, private clinics with the ability to see pictures and movies of their baby in 4D using the latest in ultrasound technology.

Since being established in 2003 they have expanded the range of baby scans to offer a wide variety of gender scans and 4D ultrasound scans with all clients beginning their scan with a diagnostic well-being check.

Window to the Womb has 40 UK territories that allows franchise partners the opportunity to open their initial studio, establish their business with absolutely no pressure from potential lack of population and then provides franchisees with the opportunity to open a further studio within their territory, if they so choose.

Since humble beginnings in 2003 Window to the Womb has opened 36 franchised clinics with seven of their partners securing multiple territories.

Driver Hire

The first Driver Hire office opened in West Yorkshire in 1983 and since then has grown to become the UK’s largest specialist logistics recruiter, providing temporary drivers to customers, who have their own fleet of vehicles. Customers range from international haulers and major retailers to builders’ merchants, to local authorities and parcel delivery companies.

The original Driver Hire concept was so successful that in 1987 the company started to offer franchise opportunities, with the first franchised office opening in Newcastle later that year. The business then grew rapidly, and today has a nationwide network of over 100 Driver Hire offices, with the vast majority of these owned and operated by franchisee business partners.

OSCAR Pet Foods

OSCAR Pet Foods delivers pet food to consumer’s door across the UK for free. As the UK’s largest pet food home delivery service, their national network of local Nutritional Advisors, coupled with a comprehensive range of products to suit all breeds and lifestyles, provides an unrivalled level of service.

The OSCAR franchise package provides flexibility and choice in accordance with your own level of expertise and skill set. Commencing with the fundamental necessities to launch an OSCAR franchise, the package is designed to provide a cross section of additional business development services that you can tailor to suit your needs providing a personal and flexible experience.

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