Businesses helping to combat the health effects of home working

As millions of us have had to readjust to working from home, the chances of us all having a desk or a monitor available have been slim.

Whether you’ve had to build a tower out of books for your laptop, or sat against a wall to support your back, this inconsistent set-up is almost certainly starting to have an adverse effect on our bodies.

In general, sitting in front of a computer screen for lengthy periods of time usually leaves our bodies in poor positions. The head begins to lead towards the computer screen which will have an impact on your neck’s natural position.

Before long this has an impact on the shoulders and the spine loses its natural curve.

We’ve taken a look at five businesses who can help alleviate the pain that remote working is currently causing.

The Bad Back Company

As a practicing osteopath for over 20 years, founder Tim Everett understands the important role that products and medical devices play in a patient’s recovery. Unfortunately, though, Tim initially struggled to find anywhere that supplied reliable products.

This led Tim to creating The Bad Back Company, a specialist and award-winning website that supplies tried and tested quality supports and products to assist people with pain relief and an improved quality of wellbeing.

They also have a free pain guide on their website which gives a better understanding of the many common types of injuries, sprains and strains we can all suffer from.

 Sleep Easy

Focusing on specific pain in the body is innovative pillow brand, Sleep Easy. For anyone who suffers from neck pain, the original EasySleeper pillow is the solution you need in your life.

Through countless hours of research and development, Sleep Easy has created the best shape for relieving neck pain and stiffness by supporting your head whilst you sleep.

Traditional pillows can cause stiffness and neck pain especially for people who sleep on their side as the pillow cannot support and maintain the spine. Where the Sleep Easy pillow differs is that it keeps the spine in a perfectly straight line throughout the night. You will wake up not only feeling refreshed but free from neck pain. Talk about waking up on the right side of the bed…

Posture Brace

With significant input from John Sutcliffe, a leading spinal neurosurgeon at the London Spine Clinic on Harley Street, the posture brace is a revolutionary product that instantly works on improving your posture.

With a super sleek and discreet design, simply put the brace on under a shirt or t-shirt and you are ready for the day ahead. You should feel a slight pressure on the shoulders and the uniquely padded backplate then does the rest to help support a positive posture.

So far, the award-winning posture brace has helped over 10,000 people in the UK, USA and across Europe. The great thing about Posture brace is that it is not a permanent fix, just a few hours a day will have a major impact on your overall posture and help to straighten you out in no time at all.

Eve Sleep

Their purpose is to help people sleep better through simple, beautiful, and most importantly affordable design. London based eve’s ambition is to re-energise the sleep-deprived industry by offering products that puts the customer first but doesn’t ever compromise quality for price.

So passionate about the importance of sleep, last year eve kicked off a nationwide campaign to make sleep a human right. This campaign saw them address the issue that people everyday are helplessly suffering from the health-harming effects of poor sleep.

During Covid-19, eve sleep has been donating pillows and mattresses to some of London’s most affecting hospitals, whilst they have also extended their usual 100-day risk-free trial period to 200.

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