Breaking the stigma of Sextech

CES is a global technology conference well known for showcasing the weird and wonderful within the technology industry. From a pot plant that can identify a plant’s needs and wants to a headless furry robo-cat. CES seems to welcome some of the whackier wearables to be looked at in awe by the public. But it came as a surprise to many when this year’s exhibition had some of the more risqué areas of the tech industry.

Sextech, a booming market, has at last been invited to the party. It’s no secret when it comes to the sex industry, it’s perceived as something you talk about either in private or after dark, but with the surge of innovation disrupting the industry, it’s clear Sextech is a force to be reckoned with in 2020.

The sex technology industry has been valued at $30bn, and with venture capitalists continually ploughing more money into innovative products and services, it only indicates promise for this expanding market. As a result, there has been a surge of start-ups breaking into the sextech sector, with unique appetites to not only enhance someone’s sex life but improve sexual health for both men and women.

Check out some of our favourite brands from this year’s CES exhibition who are changing how the public views Sextech and the sex industry overall.

Lora DiCarlo

A leader when it comes to female sex technology, Lora DiCarlo made a splash at this year’s CES, after being banned from attending last year due to its staple product, the Osé, as it was considered “immoral”.

Showcasing its latest “bio-mimetic pleasure devices”, the Onda, a G-spot massager, and the Baci, a clitoral stimulator, Lora DiCarlo took home a CES Honoree Innovation Award for their use of micro-robotics technology at the conference.


The pioneers of the music vibrator revolution, OhMiBod are the driving force behind the evolution of interactive sexual wellbeing technology. Combining the dual sensory experience of music and touch, OhMiBod create a unique user experience enabling users to ‘feel the music’. Users can connect their vibrators to an app where they are able to customise vibrations to fit personal pleasure preferences.

This year OhMiBod commemorated their tenth year at CES with the launch of their new blueMotion NEX|3, a Bluetooth enabled vibrating couples ring. This fresh approach to a ensures greater satisfaction for the receiving partner, by providing more consistent body contact and increased stimulation.


Using artificial intelligence and data visualisations, Lioness aims to improve woman’s sex lives. Patented biofeedback technology improves user’s experience; sensors in the toy register pelvic floor movements which are considered the best indicators for arousal and orgasm. Lioness toys record this data and once synced with your app display graphs so users can see a visual representation of their experience.

This outstanding advance in technology may be why Lioness were one of the finalists for CES’ 2020 ‘Last Gadget Standing Award’.

YO Sperm Test

Like many things related to sex, sperm tests are considered an experience that is uncomfortable, and can be embarrassing for some men. With YO Sperm Test’s home kit they work to eliminate the stigma by allowing people to conduct the test in the privacy of their own homes. YO Sperm even allows users to view how their sperm looks once analysed on its app! A ground-breaking piece of technology for the industry.

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