Why Tik Tok is the platform you simply can’t ignore

You wouldn’t be blamed for wondering what on earth Tik Tok is.

It seems to have manifested itself into all of our lives. People across the nation seem to be spending hours of their day staring gormlessly at their phones and emitting shrieks of laughter after every few swipes of the thumb. The app has truly taken the world by storm, thanks mainly to lockdown restrictions herding everybody indoors, where – unable to find outdoor entertainment, and therefore being forced into binge-watching everything on Netflix – they then reach for their trusty phones, where there are only so many Instagram models you can look at before you become nauseated. Enter, Tik Tok.

For those of you unsure on what exactly Tik Tok is, it’s one of the most popular social media apps on the planet. An endless stream of user-generated videos that use clever editing tools and famous music tracks, the app uses its extremely sensitive algorithm to deliver the content that the user is most likely to enjoy. Comment sections regularly fill with phrases like “I’ve landed on make-up Tik Tok, and I never want to leave!” or “just dropping a comment here to stay on home reno Tik Tok”, proving just how great the algorithm is at providing the right content. If your brand can be placed within these digital Tik Tok worlds, the opportunities for exposure are huge.

This means that more brands than ever are starting to look at Tik Tok as a viable placement for always-on content, influencer marketing, and paid social advertising, though many of you might be thinking it’s not quite right for you, so let me explain…

While Tik Tok began as lip-synching app Musically back in 2014, it has since evolved into an ever-moving, ever-progressing social media app, now registering over 800 million users worldwide, with each British user on average opening the app 16 times per day. Users also spend roughly 76 minutes each day scrolling through the ‘For You’ page – your very own personalised video feed – which proves just how many of your customers are potentially spending time on the app.

Still not convinced? Perhaps you think Tik Tok is just for ‘the kids’. The PHA Group recently teamed up with Tik Tok as an agency partner, which gives us access to some pretty cool, up-to-date, demographic data. Lockdown has seen the app’s average user age increase from the mid-teens, right up to 40. In fact, 60-65% of users are actually 18-35, and most likely to be using it! So, if you’re a brand looking to target consumers in their 20s and 30s, why not give Tik Tok some thought?

Tik Tok creators also number in their hundreds of thousands, with more niches than even Instagram can provide, thanks to the production of down-to-earth, authentic content not clouding their passions with the need for polished, beautiful photography. It also means you can get seriously creative with your influencer campaigns, so there’s no more asking an influencer to pose with and talk about your product. On Tik Tok, it’s all about creating something truly engaging, humorous, or even down-right ridiculous. The best Tik Toks stand out from the crowd, not blend in with everything else, so if you’re a brand that likes to challenge the norm, Tik Tok is definitely the place for you.

The PHA Group have a number of campaigns lined up that tap into Tik Tok, from the gifting of Tik Tok creators for newly-launched cleaning brand Hycolin – expect 15 seconds of serious scrubbing and shining! – right through to using Tik Tok advertising for mental health app Wysa, who are keen to reach a teenage audience.

If you’re interested in finding out a little more about how Tik Tok might work for you, get in touch with our team, where we can establish how best to approach the platform for your brand.

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