Why digital PR is the perfect tool for SEO.

Why Digital PR for SEO?

Digital PR is an excellent tactic for brands to exploit to reach new and existing audiences online. We can improve brand awareness through creative storytelling campaigns that align with brand messaging and will interest and entertain audiences and online publications alike. 

However, Digital PR can also work wonders for your SEO strategy and improve your site visibility. Ultimately, people need to know you, trust you, love you and be able to find you to purchase from you. You can read more about what Digital PR is here.

Digital PR can drive your brand awareness, improve traffic to your site and organic rankings, and boost your overall authority and visibility online, which will positively impact your sales. Using it correctly can drive relevant links to your site and improve your organic rankings – music to any SEO’s ears.

A successful Digital PR campaign can use SEO insights and recommendations to ensure we can make the most impact with the campaign from an SEO perspective. There is a wealth of tools we use to gather this insight. From GWI and Searchmetrics to Google Analytics, BuzzSumo and SEMrush, we can understand who you want to target and how we can build a strategy and creative campaign and content to target them.

These tools (and others) help us measure how impactful the campaign was, and some of the critical metrics that benefit SEO that we look at when reporting are:

Digital PR can help generate backlinks.

We can generate high-quality backlinks from publications to the landing page through a creative campaign and an enticing landing page.

Digital PR can help your referral traffic.

A by-product of these links is an increase in referral traffic. Again, the aim is to get high-quality, relevant traffic that is more likely to engage with your brand and ultimately convert further down the line.

Digital PR can improve the keyword landscape.

A successful campaign will improve the ranking for a tracked keyword and have the brand rank for new non-branded terms. And this will also increase quality traffic to a site.

Increased brand search

An excellent way to look at an increase is for people searching directly for the brand during and after the campaign. It’s a perfect way to see if we have improved brand awareness with new audiences.

Domain Authority

Whilst we don’t focus so much on DA as it is not a recognised Google metric, if we gain links on high authority sites, this will, in turn, help improve the DA of your brand’s site. And we can track the increase over the campaign period.

There are many other metrics we can pull from Google Analytics, but the above are the key ways we can help the SEO efforts with a creative Digital PR campaign.  

When SEO, Content Marketing and Digital PR work together, we can build those long-lasting relationships between your brand and your customer.

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