What is influencer paid social?

Influencer marketing can be an extremely effective channel for brands with consumers relying more and more on the recommendations of others before making a purchase. In a recent survey, TikTok found that 43% of UK users have purchased a product after seeing influencer content on the platform. However, activating influencers’ profiles on an organic basis is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities for influencer content. Amplifying influencer content through paid social advertising can help to deliver key results for brands, driving full-funnel results and expanding the influencers’ peer-to-peer recommendation at scale.

What is influencer paid social?

Influencer paid social is the utilisation of influencer content within your paid social strategy to assist with wider digital marketing strategies. By gaining advertising rights to the influencer content, you can expand the peer-to-peer recommendation provided by your chosen influencer and create ads that fit seamlessly into your target audience’s feed.

How has it evolved from traditional influencer marketing?

Influencer paid social activity works in tandem with traditional influencer marketing services to expand the reach of your organic activity to highly targeted audiences. Using on-platform data that is available to advertisers in addition to first-party data, allows you to diversify your ad inventory and further tailor funnel journeys based on user brand exposure overlayed with influencer audience data.

Additional benefits of integrating influencers with paid media

In addition to expanding the reach and longevity of your creator content, activating paid social activity through influencer profiles allows you to optimise your content through the funnel to drive measurable results. Implementing tracking pixels and custom UTMs on influencer ads means attributed results and ROI (return on investment) can be tracked in the same capacity as traditional brand ads.

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