What can PR offer my furniture brand? 

One of the main challenges faced by brands in the furniture market is the ability to stand out. With competition fierce, it is essential that a brand considers all approaches when implementing a marketing and PR strategy.  

PR can be an effective tool for brands to engage with their audiences in a more organic way whilst building a positive brand image in the eyes of the public. So, as the title asks, what PR can offer my furniture brand? 

Appealing to Gen Z 

With the oldest members of Gen Z aged twenty-four, this consumer group will currently be renting, house sharing or potentially even purchasing a property for the first time, meaning furniture brands will be of interest to them when considering home decor. Understanding how to drive engagement with these audiences is vital to ensure your brand is well placed for future growth by building awareness and amplifying your key messaging. 

As the world continues to become more digital media focused, a strong PR agency can recommend a social media strategy to target specific audiences and enhance your online presence. This tool can generate effective results as it enables a direct way of communicating with followers and viewers. As your brand utilises this strategy on a consistent basis, your engagement with audiences will grow organically and if you sell items via Instagram and Facebook shops, you can also support your brand in its sales cycle. 

Showcasing your brand 

Sustainability took a major step forward in 2021 and has consequently led to growing volumes of consumers looking to purchase from brands that are more environmentally friendly with nine in 10  customers stating they were concerned about sustainability in the products they purchase. If your company is ahead of the game and has begun to incorporate sustainable products into your range, a PR strategy can really enhance this USP and generate exposure. 

Securing media coverage that talks about your sustainability credentials can bring credibility and authenticity to your brand. An example of this is the work we did with the world’s first zero-waste beauty brand, Ethique. Over the course of one year, we successfully delivered 365 pieces of media coverage in addition to a bespoke influencer programme which helped gain access to some of the most impactful influencers in the UK. 

PR experts can offer your brand their knowledge, expertise and contacts in order to strategically place your products in relevant media titles. A strategy that incorporates both trade and consumer-facing media is vital in order to tap into a range of different markets including retailers and stockists through to the end-user. 

Share of voice 

The increasing number of brands offering similar products in an already congested market means it is even more difficult for brands to grab the attention of consumers. Ensuring your brand is leading the way when it comes to share of voice will ensure you are capturing more coverage than your competitors, therefore, increasing the chances of consumers seeing your brand and products. Measuring this data is invaluable as it is an effective way to measure not only an increase in awareness but also the RoI you are achieving from a PR campaign. 

A strong PR agency will track where your brand sits across all online media, the next step will be to observe what is working well for your furniture brand currently and what could potentially be hindering your brand’s share of voice. This will then put both you and your agency in the best position to create a tailored strategy to hit your PR targets and increase your share of voice amongst your competitors. 

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