Top Tips: What to remember when it comes to creating content for TikTok

Over the last few years, TikTok has gone from strength to strength as one of the top social networking platforms in the world with over 1 billion active global users. In the UK 52% of Millennials and 60% of Gen Z users have bought products after seeing them on TikTok making it a vital channel for brands to integrate into their digital marketing strategies.

 Make content that fits the platform 

Unlike other social platforms where content can be re-sized and re-distributed, TikTok has a very particular content style where a brand will stick out like a sour thumb if they are not adopting this content style into the posts and ads they produce. With 1 in 3 daily TikTok users polled as preferring branded content that is fun and entertaining consider the other content that will be shown before and after your ad or post. TikTok themselves even say “make TikToks not ads” so save the highly produced content or cut downs of TV ads for other platforms and get creative with the content you produce. 

 Make it personal  

58% of TikTok users use the platform to research new products or brands, for potential consumers to connect with your brand on TikTok it’s important to include a face to the name. Whereas on other platforms it’s easy for brands to sit behind a faceless corporate account TikTok is a platform where a large part of the content is people sharing their individual experiences and talents whether it be through sketches, mini-vlogs, or trends. 

If possible, look to get your employees involved in content creation, this will help give personal insights into the brand and create more engaging content for the platform. A prime example of this is M&S, whose Romford staff have produced several viral videos appearing on millions of users’ feeds and raking up 91.8k followers and over 3 million likes on their store account 

 Don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself  

The top three positive feelings UK millennials associate with TikTok include happiness and Joy. Look to your current branding or products to find ways to connect with your audience through light-hearted content.  

Brands such as Duolingo have found success in using their mascot to light-heartedly poke fun at themselves and take part in viral trends. Adding humour to your posts can also work to humanise a brand, helping the audience to engage with your brand further.  

 Take advantage of trends  

Trends are made on TikTok and it’s important that brands take full advantage of this in their content. With 45% of TikTok users polled as buying a product before they saw it in the last year by jumping on trends as they are happening brands can include themselves in the conversation and leverage this to reach more users.  

Worried about copyright on trending music? TikTok has a library of pre-cleared tracks for use on both organic and ad content 

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