The value of influencer content

Working with influencers is an effective way to build brand loyalty and connect with target audiences in a credible, authentic and cost-effective way.  And with 63% of consumers trusting what influencers say about a brand more than what brands say about themselves, it’s becoming a crucial channel for marketers to tap into.

With this in mind, we asked our in-house experts across Social, PR, Creative and Digital for their insight on just how valuable influencer content can be to your brand’s wider marketing strategy:

Supporting organic and paid strategies on social media:

As new generations are increasingly taking to social media to inform their purchasing decisions, influencer content is becoming a crucial part of any brands social strategy. Repurposing influencer content for paid and organic usage helps brands to target potential buyers and get them to imagine their product in their own hands, ultimately building consumer trust and credibility. The benefit is making promotional content feel organic, so it not only helps to diversify and populate social feeds, but also significantly lifts purchases. 

Hayley Jones, Director of Social

A new media channel for reaching consumer audiences:

Whilst traditional media still has a part to play in most brand campaigns, influencers have become an essential channel to effectively reach audiences, with many having larger and more engaged followings than some media titles. It seems obvious, but influencers are also very influential when it comes to advising their followers on which brands, they should be engaging with too. This is true of not just macro-level creators, but also micro and nano influencers who some would argue have even more sway over their audiences as a form of digital word-of-mouth marketing.

Suzanne Haysler, Director of Consumer

Authenticity and what that can unlock from a creative point of view:

Yes, we know using influencers is best practice to drive advocacy and a lever that brands can pull to tap into how consumers shop online, but I am more interested in the theme of authenticity and what that can unlock from creative POV. We’ve past the tipping point of accepting that any type of influencers can push any old brand or products to us, we’re savvier. We want real people, doing real things, living real lives. Some brands have picked up on this and to great effect. Take ‘In The Garden with Gucci’, a collab with Highsnob that put 70+ Gerald Stratford aka Instagram’s “the Veg King” front and centre in ‘greener’ clothes made from ECONYL; nylon regenerated from abandoned fishing nets, old carpets and off cuts. Did I mention he’s a retired fisherman? See the link? Staying with the lux favourite fashion house, they also kitted out trainspotter and famed TikToker, Francis Bourgeois in smart clobber that transformed him into a very well-dressed train conductor, much to his excitement.

Mike Chivers, Creative Director

Driving awareness and buzz on a regional level:

Influencers are a strategic way for brands and businesses to drive awareness and buzz on a regional level. It’s widely recognised that word of mouth from family and friends is a strong sales tactic, and there’s a large similarity between that and how people view local influencers. If someone is following an influencer that lives in the same town, or city as them, then they are much more inclined to be influenced by their recommendations than a huge macro influencer, or celebrity figure that they just can’t relate to. Regional influencer strategies can be an extremely effective digital marketing tactic and are a must for particular destination focussed companies such as hospitality or entertainment.

Hannah Craig, Head of PHA North

The impact on SEO rankings:

While organic search is a key aspect of digital marketing, there’s a lot to be said about investing in influencer marketing. Influencers can help create a buzz around your brand, leading to brand recognition and curiosity that naturally drives users to your website and social media profiles. These higher rates of engagement to your website – and social profiles – signal to Google that your business should rank higher on SERPs.

Having an influencer that’s directly related to your target market endorse your business helps build your brand authority which directly impacts SEO rankings.

Seetal Rihal, Content Account Manager

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