The top anti-bullying charities working to protect children and young adults

In recent weeks the Head Teachers across the UK commissioned a report focusing on the challenges of a digital era. The Digital Awareness UK report was based on interviews with 50,000 school pupils in the UK. It showed that 27% of head teachers in England now had to deal with problems related to online bullying every week. This was significantly higher to the comparison to an international average of 3%.  But it isn’t just online bullying that is on the rise in the UK. Teachers are frequently dealing with issues and situations and it raises the questions if we need to do more as a society to support children through such difficult times.

We take a look at the incredible work anti-bullying charities are doing to support our younger generations.


Kidscape’s vision is to create a world where children can grow up free from bullying and harm, with adults who keep them safe and help them reach their full potential. Their mission is to provide children, families, carers and professionals with the tools, resources and advice they need to help prevent bullying and protect young lives.

Kidscape deliver superb ZAP community programmes for all ages to provide children ages 6 – 16 with a range of tools to increase assertiveness, build confidence and help manage bullying situations. Running in both a community setting or their range of school programmes, their workshops have proved to help significantly reduce experiences of bullying and help children understand the outcomes of their actions.

Kidscape doesn’t stop there; they provide workshops for big life changes through their RISE workshops to help build self-esteem and prepare young children with the transition of moving up to secondary school.

With a wide range of advice and resources for families, carers and children Kidscape is an excellent platform to support children with anti-bullying needs.


Youngminds are leading the fight for a future where all Youngminds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges might be. Their impact report showed that three children in every classroom in the UK have a mental health problem, and Youngminds are on a mission to tackle that.

Youngminds deliver training courses across a host of topics including social media, anxiety, self-harm adolescent mental plus many more. They also provide tools and toolkits for schools, community centres and families to help tackle the route causes for many of these problems.

Children can get help from one of their support staff who will support them through their problems and give the well needed guidance they need at a difficult time.

The Diana Award

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The Diana Award anti-bullying programme who recently featured on the popular BBC One documentary with Little Mix star Jesy Nelson help to support and raise awareness of bullying in UK schools. According to their Back2School resources 10 million children in the UK will return to school in September and over half of them will be affected by bullying. So, part of their mission is to educate school children about the impact, consequences of build their awareness to help prevent bullying in schools.

One area The Diana Award specialise in is the impact of cyber-bullying. With a host of cyber tips in their support centre, The Diana Award provides advise and support for children and young adults on what to do if they experience cyberbullying and how to spot it online. We aren’t just talking social media either, advice and tips are also given for online gaming and other chat platforms.

Check out their how to stay safe online tips today to help raise awareness for this growing problem.

StandUp Foundation

The StandUp Foundation was set up by Founder Ben Cohen, MBE. Ben is an England Rugby Legend. He is a World Cup champion and a second all-time scorer for his country. In 2011 Ben set up the StandUp Foundation with a clear vision in mind. The mission is to raise awareness of the long-term, damaging effects of bullying and to help fund organisations who are tackling bullying in schools, at work, in our communities, sports and online.

With compelling case studies from brave individuals who have shared their experiences with bullying in their lives the StandUp Foundation educates and provides clear insight into the lasting effects bullying can have on people.

The foundation provides grants to other third sector organisations to help eradicate bullying in our society. Grants are reviewed at the end of March and October.

Bullies Out

Established in May 2006, Bullies Out is one of the UK’s most ambitious anti-bullying charities. Through their innovative and interactive workshops and training programmes Bullies Out use their own experiences and energy, passion to focus on awareness, prevention and building empathy and positive relationships.

Their vision is to empower and inspire children and young people to overcome bullying and achieve their full potential.

Their e-mentoring support and Make a Difference communities help children and young adults nationwide to get the support and guidance they need.

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