Northern healthcare firms leading the way post-pandemic

With an estimated annual revenue of £16.1 billion, healthcare is an industry in which the UK is a global pioneer and there are many northern healthcare businesses contributing to the sector’s growth outside of the capital. Given the scale of the industry within the UK there are multiple sub-sectors that fall under the healthcare umbrella ranging from the increasingly important commitment to mental health all the way through to specialist services for those living with cancer.

We shine a spotlight on some of the northern healthcare businesses leading the way and delivering pioneering support to their users post-pandemic.

OneMedical Group
Founded in 2006, health and wellness company OneMedical Group combine their vast experience with industry-leading technology to ensure that patients are educated and empowered on how they can improve their health. Using technology to allow their 485,000 yearly patients to be seen via digital appointments through LIVI, the business is taking great strides towards their vision to “shape the future of healthcare.” Since 2007 they have been providing nationwide NHS services and catering around the client experience, which has led to 16 nationwide healthcare sites built across the UK. With years of understanding on how to serve local communities and their state-of-the-art facilities, OneMedicalGroup is one to watch and it will be interesting to see how they continue to impact the healthcare industry.

Care in Mind
Care in Mind is a CQC registered healthcare provider supporting the mental health of 16–30-year-olds across the North West and Yorkshire. Focused on creating specialist mental health packages, the business specialises in providing care and support in a residential care setting. Their unique model enlists a range of services such as crisis intervention support, medication management and educational programmes. Developed by CEO Dr David Kingsley, Care in Mind have gone from strength to strength in creating a unique and therapeutic model designed to close the gap between mental health and social care.

Benenden Health
Specialising in corporate healthcare, Benenden Health has been providing healthcare services to employers and employees for over 115 years. Following a turbulent period for the NHS where funds have been cut and workforces stretched, Benenden Health offers an alternative yet affordable high quality private healthcare service where their 800,000 (and counting) members can talk with professionals from GPs to mental health experts. Recently the business was named the ‘UK’s most trusted corporate healthcare provider’ by moneywise magazine readers. Despite their long-standing history the Yorkshire based not-for-profit organisation are committed to future-proofing their business and have adopted hybrid cloud technologies in order to secure the sensitive data of its members.

Nova Healthcare
Based in Leeds, Nova Healthcare is not only one of the largest northern healthcare firms it is also one of the most advanced specialist cancer centres within Europe. Providing treatments by world renowned specialists within a safe and secure environment for their patients the business is one of only four centres in the UK that can offer stereotactic Radiosurgery (an alternative to traditional brain surgery) and the only centre in the north that is commissioned to treating patients of various age groups. Partnering with Leeds Cancer Centre, Nova ensure that their patients are receiving the very best in care and the latest in technical innovation.

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