The Black Friday Playbook: Practical tips for brands and marketers

Black Friday marketing is becoming increasingly challenging for brands. 15% less people participated in the event in 2021 compared to 2019 and more than 60% of consumers have stated that they do not trust that sale prices are any better than throughout the year. Despite these obstacles, UK consumers still spent over £9.4bn during Black Friday 2021 and accounted for over 10% of all Black Friday related website traffic globally. The event continues to be a huge calendar moment for retailers but consumer attitudes are undoubtedly changing and brands must adapt their strategies accordingly or risk falling behind.

In partnership with Trustpilot, Salesfire and Linnworks, we are pleased to launch ‘The Black Friday Playbook’, analysing the emerging trends shaping buyer behaviour and providing our expert insight on how brands can nail their Black Friday marketing.

Re-imagining Black Friday: The risks and rewards for participating brands
Suzanne Haysler, Head of Consumer & Lifestyle
In chapter one we dive deeper in to how consumer perceptions of Black Friday have evolved. We analyse the ‘messy middle’ i.e.: the complex web of touchpoints between brand exposure and purchase decision-making and how these trends could impact brands participating in the event.

A word from our partners: Trustpilot
Courtesy of Trustpilot, readers can view statistics on how different sources of information influence consumer decision making. Sources range from customer reviews and ratings through to social media and affiliate marketing.

Standing out on social during the BFCM period
Hayley Jones, Head of Social
Research has revealed that during Black Friday, engagement with branded content on social media can drop to less than 1%. Learn more about how to utilise organic, paid and influencers to overcome these challenges and drive meaningful engagement with your social community.

Data, the secret success for Black Friday
Dan Coleman, Analytics & Insight Consultant
The BFCM weekend presents a huge opportunity for eCommerce brands to leverage their existing audience data. Here we analyse how to maximise this audience insight and gain a deeper understanding of your customer.

The growing relationship between PR and affiliate marketing
Tom Inskip, Head of Sport and Fitness
One of the largest trends impacting the PR industry is the growing influence of eCommerce writers and affiliate programs within mainstream media publications. Gain a better understanding of how this evolving relationship can drive sales for your business.

How to use creativity to cut through the noise on Black Friday
Hannah Craig, Head of PHA North
With consumers becoming increasingly disengaged with Black Friday we analyse how brands can leverage creativity to better connect with their key audiences. We shine a spotlight on the tactics retailers can use to make themselves stand out among a sea of offers and discounts.

Preparing your PPC strategy for Black Friday buyers
Andy Boreham, Head of PPC
Given their role in driving conversions and sales, PPC and Google Shopping are two key channels for brands during the BFCM weekend. Learn more about how to grow a highly engaged audience and drive efficiency during the BFCM weekend.

A word from our partners: Salesfire
Driving awareness of your brand and its promotions prior to Black Friday is a critical step but must be backed up by a highly performing website. Courtesy of our partners, we analyse how retailers can better understand their customer journeys and optimise their websites to drive conversion.

A word from our partners: Linnworks
Black Friday is often perceived as a campaign to drive short-term sales. However, there is a much bigger opportunity for brands to use the event to attract new customers, strengthen loyalty and enhance brand image. Linnworks share their top five tips on maximising the event over the short and longer-term.

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