Written by • Published 2nd January 2017 • 2 minute read

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality exploded in 2016, with $1.1 billion being invested in the technology and 2017 is set to be no different, with hundreds of companies looking to showcase their wares at this year’s CES in Vegas. But who will take home the gold? We’ve picked our top contenders in this year’s Augmented and Virtual Reality Category:

  • Amazon Alexa: The Alexa is often just viewed as the voice behind Amazon Echo, but it is so much more than this. It is the software that provides the device with the skills and know-how to allow users to interact with the device in a more personal way. Always getting smarter, Alexa is set to reveal a whole host of new abilities this year.
  • Holo Lamp: This UK startup is making its first appearance at CES this year with the first portable device to offer an AR experience that needs neither a headset nor hands view. A must have for gamers, the device connects to computers and creates a 3D image directly on your environment using an optical effect based on projection and eye tracking.
  • Go Touch VR: This French company has dived into the haptics side of VR and created a wearable ring that generates a real contact under the user’s fingers. This combination of VR and real touch creates the illusion of touching a real object. Set to launch a Kickstarter campaign next year, this is a company to watch!


  • WooHoo by Smart Beings: If you’re looking for a smart device that has the latest and greatest technology, then look no further than the Silicon Valley start-up SmartBeings Inc. They will be showcasing their latest device, WooHoo in Vegas, which integrates facial recognition, voice recognition, LED Display and an IoT Hub, along with the world’s 1st cloud-based Smart Home software. What more could you need?
  • VISR VR: The brainchild of the gamers at Hull University, VISR VR has worked with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Coca-Cola to create tailored VR experiences. At CES they will be unveiling an imaging device, which they claim will bring VR capability to anyone with an imagination.
  • Artec 3D: Innovators in 3D hardware and software solutions, Artec have become well known for their Artec Shapify Booth, the world’s only automated 3D body scanning system for making 3D printed portraits. This year they are set to showcase their latest range of handheld 3D scanners.


  • ARM: The digital leader in all things smart, ARM is constantly creating new technology that is transforming the world we live in. From smartphones, tablets, and the Internet of Things to what is in your house or on your wrist, to the networks and cloud that connect it all, ARM will have something for everyone at their stand this year.
  • Tanvas: Despite advances in graphics, sound and vibration, today’s touchscreen is still just a static window to the digital world. To tackle this, Tanvas have utilised surface haptics to make touch possible. Creating infinite dynamic textures that simulate touch and create a new dimension of interaction, Tanvas have generated the next gateway to multisensory experiences.

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