Instagram Stories: Have you got the latest update?

You may have noticed that your Insta stories have become rather inquisitive overnight, thanks to Instagram’s latest update, polls!

The Social Media giant have rolled out a small but perfectly formed bundle of updates for their stories, including polls, a colour dropper and a new alignment tool.

The polling feature can be found in your sticker section, and gives you blank two-option poll for you to tailor to your needs. So now you can ask the really important questions, like:

Instagram Story Dog Poll                              Instagram poll feature on The PHA Group

You can then view the results of your poll in the usual viewers list, detailing the total vote numbers, who voted and how they voted. This is an example of another great engagement tool from Instagram, who have brought out some brilliant updates recently, making their stories more immersive than ever.

Instagram Stories are now one of the most important tools for driving repeat engagement in followers, and making this process more interactive and sophisticated will do users and brands alike a world of favours. Not to mention, giving Instagram another edge over their competitor, Snapchat.

Aside from the polls, there has also been the addition of alignment guidelines, which may not seem the most exciting tool, but is well needed! Gone are the days of re-doing stories because your profile picture covered your caption – good riddance we say, we’ll be sleeping sound tonight. We should say, alas, that currently this tool is only available on iOS.

Lastly, Instagram have added a great little tool in the form of a colour dropper. This tool is found to the left of the existing colours and can be used for any text and brushes; it’s pretty accurate too!

Now you’re all caught up with the update! Available on iOS and Android.

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