Six female leaders in FinTech

Despite attempts to reduce the gender imbalance in the FinTech sector, a recent study has shown that only 30% of the Fintech workforce are female and just 17% hold senior roles within the industry.

This imbalance has the potential to impact the long-term growth and success of the industry. An article published by Fintech magazine recently discussed how diversity and inclusion can often result in more creative and innovative environments being formed, a key ingredient when it comes to making sure a business stays ahead of its competitors.

With this in mind, we wanted to shine a light on six females leaders currently operating in the FinTech industry who are paving the way for future generations to come.

Francesca Hodgson, Co-Founder and MD at Goodbox

Goodbox is a platform that helps non-profit organisations take cashless donations through contactless charity donation boxes and provides them with the software needed to help them track, analyse and grow the money raised. The tools also help charity partners reach new donors and tell their stories more efficiently.

Prior to founding GoodBox, Francesca worked with UK charities for over a decade including her role at the World Cancer Research Fund. She founded GoodBox after discovering a gap in the charity sector and the need for a platform that aids digital donations. COVID-19 meant many consumers decided to convert to only using digital forms of money which had an adverse effect on many cash-dependent charities. GoodBox allowed consumers to still donate to their favourite charities when it mattered most.

Polly Gilbert, Marketing Director at Tembo Money

Tembo Money is an alternative to guarantor mortgages helping new generation homeowners get on the property ladder faster and for less. In just two years they have helped 1,500 customers buy homes and have saved users £10 million in interest charges.

Prior to her role at Tembo Money, Polly Co-Founded TAP London, a non-profit created to reduce homeless through community action and technology. The company is also supported by the Mayor of London. Since 2017, TAP has raised over £300,000 for local charities and has provided over 400 hours of employment to homeless Londoners through its vendor program.

Zara Ransley, co-founder of MyPocketSkill

MyPocketSkill is a digital technology and advisory company. The app was founded in 2017 when parents Matthew and Zara identified the need for young people to build and develop skills whilst earning money. Their vision is to financially empower Gen Z by connecting young people to paid opportunities through their network of households and businesses on the platform.

Recently Zara was recognized as one of the UK’s top female entrepreneurs at Innovate’s UK Women in Innovation awards 2020/21. The award was created to promote disruptive business ideas and recognize those who helped their communities during the pandemic. Having only established MyPocketSkill four years prior, the rapid success of the platform is indicative of Zara’s ability to lead and ambition.

Hanifa Azri, Founder and CEO of ReGal 38i83

ReGal 38i83 promotes sustainable finance using green blockchain as an alternative financial service. The purpose of ReGal 38i83 is to provide a solution to the natural and humanitarian challenges that the world is facing. In 2020 the business was awarded the ‘Excellence in Finance – Companies award’ in Dubai for their contribution to the financial sector at FiNext Conference.

As an expert in regulatory compliance within the financial sector, Hanifa decided she wanted to change the way banking has been wrongly done for decades. This led the experienced legal director to creating ReGal 38i83.

Away from the FinTech world, Hanifa is passionate about art, preserving our planet’s ecosystem and Human Rights.

Laura Pomfret and Holly Holland, Founders of Financielle

Finacielle is an app that has been designed to help women take control of their money and increase their financial literacy. Founded by sisters, Laura and Holly, Financielle is on a mission to educate and equip women in their financial journey and addresses issues such as the gender pay gap, the financial impact of maternity leave and social pressures. From inspiring content to practical tools and a supportive community, Financielle provides a step-by-step guide on taking control of money.

Financielle was initially created for Instagram, but after seeing an increase in the demand for platforms promoting financial education the sisters launched the Financielle Playbook in May 2020. Prior to founding the FinTech start-up both sisters worked at a global travel company; Laura as a qualified solicitor and Holly worked in sponsorship and marketing. Laura has attributed her passion for entrepreneurship to working in a global organization.

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