Getting at the front of the story online.

Last week we explored more about what Digital PR is and how it can be used to help grow your audience online.

Today we are going to talk more about how you can use proactive Digital PR to get yourself in front of the story, grab your audience and ensure they consume your digital information. In addition, we will explore the differences between Proactive and Reactive Digital PR and explain how both have a key place as part of your digital marketing strategy.

With your audience spending more and more time online, brands are turning to Digital PR to grow their digital footprint. With this growth comes an increase in competition and you may find gaining coverage can be tougher than before. Building a solid proactive PR strategy allows us to make sure our stories and campaigns are eye-catching, interesting and are scheduled effectively.

Being proactive allows you to build campaigns that communicate more positively alongside your brand’s image. When developing a strategy, it is best to utilise data to distinguish the audience you are trying to reach. There are a plethora of tools available that highlight the interests and online behaviours of the audience that are likely to consume your data. GlobalWebIndex is a great tool to help facilitate these insights.

In addition, ensuring that you align your strategy with your brand’s sentiment, will allow you to communicate in a way that is identifiable to the audience you are trying to reach.  Only once you have fully understood the data, can you create a target list of publications that would be a good fit for your content and as such allowing you to control the narrative of your brand.

There is huge value in reactive PR as it can often be the freshest and most relevant content. When people have eyes on a topic you can position your brand at the top of the most relevant pages online. There are tools available that send journalist requests straight to your inbox, such as HARO and Response Source. HARO is a free source so a great option to connect with journalists.

We believe that the best method is a blend of both. Reactive PR should be a part of the strategy running alongside your proactive campaigns which drive a more tailored approach.

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