The importance of prioritising your brand tone of voice

A brand tone of voice is an essential part of any brand identity. It’s as much about the way you say things, as the content itself.

There are many brands that might spring to mind, instantly recognisable from their distinctive communications style.

But the need to develop a clear, consistent – and relatable – brand tone of voice and content strategy is particularly important for certain sectors, including baby and toddler brands.

There are plenty of benefits to having a strong brand tone of voice. Here are the biggest gains for baby brands:

Create connection

In a saturated market, showing you care about your customer’s hopes and fears can be key.

And that is even more heightened for brands appealing to parents, parents-to-be and grandparents.

This means understanding the multitude of worries and concerns they may have, and the anxieties that come into play when making any purchases for youngsters – particularly around safety concerns. By addressing those in a compassionate and open way you can create a genuine connection with your audience and turn purchasers into real brand advocates.

Show your human side

Your tone of voice is a great opportunity to remind customers there are real people behind the brand. People who know how tricky it can feel to make the best choices for their babies.

Sterile language and hard sells remove the human element from your brand tone. In fact, they can be a real turn-off for customers making emotionally motivated purchase decisions, like parents buying for their family.

Set yourself apart from others

Your brand tone helps to create your overall brand personality. And this can be what attracts your audience.

Knowing the exact information they are after, how they like to be spoken to and presenting that in a clear, engaging and relatable way can give you the upper hand over competitors.

You don’t always have to be quirky or bold to stand out either. Find out the language and phrases your customers naturally use. These can help inform what direction to take your brand tone.

Stuck on where to start, or looking to refine your current tone of voice?

We’ve shared 3 of our favourite family-orientated brands that use a tone of voice to their advantage:

  • Kit & Kin: Clear and supportive, with extra emphasis on helping the planet
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  • Frugi: Playful and cheeky, understanding the fun (and mess) of parenting

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