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Primark announces Click and Collect for certain locations across the UK 

Primark is well known for having an unusual digital presence. They allow users to browse their range, however have never taken the plunge in investing in an ecommerce experience, allowing users to buy online.  

That’s why when it was announced on the 20th of June that a select group of stores will be doing Click and Collect specifically for the kids clothing range, it was an exciting time for Primarni wearers in those key areas! 

Very quickly, there were articles flooding the internet around the announcement some of which came from huge names in the news industry, such as The Guardian, Retail Gazette, The Mirror and Forbes to name a few. 

This begs the question, what impact can this type of digital coverage have for a brand and their online footprint? 

At The PHA Group, we look to answer the above question with some tangible insights below around Primark’s Click and Collect announcement, utilising the tool Google Trends. 

What is Google Trends? 

Google Trends is a website by Google that analyses the popularity of top search queries in Search across various regions and languages. The website uses graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time. It is an incredibly powerful tool, that also allows you to see where terms are most searched and what other related searches there are in connection with it. 

As you can probably imagine, Google Trends is a powerful tool for storytelling because it can allow us to explore the magnitude of different moments and how people react to those moments. 

Primark Insights from Google Trends 

This great piece of Digital coverage has led to a tangible rise in brand awareness for Primark. Utilising Google Trends and looking at the brand term “Primark” for the last 30 days, we can see that when this news was announced, there was a correlated spike in interest: 

Utlising the breakout section, we can see related keywords that have seen increases in interest, none more telling than the term “Primark click and collect”, which again, saw the same correlated spike: 

Primark and the Power of Digital Coverage Graph 2


“Primark online shopping” saw a similar story: 

Primark and the Power of Digital Coverage Graph 3


And so too did “Primark online”: 



So, what are the benefits to this type of coverage? 

Increase in brand visibility 

As you can imagine, having your brand name in headlines is going to get you in front of a lot of people. Those that are truly engaged will take the next step in the user journey and start to search for related terms in order to utilise the service, which leads us nicely into our next benefit. 

Increase in search visibility and keyword landscape 

With customers who are engaging with this type of coverage, they will use a multitude of different keywords in order to find out more about the service or go to the Primark website itself. This act will help to increase the keyword landscape for Primark with new keywords specific around online shopping, not to mention additional branded keywords.  

Utilising tools like SEMRush, we can see this is the case with new organic positions for keywords such as “Primark online shopping”, “Primark online UK” and “Primark UK online”. Shortly after the announcement, we can see a spike in the number of new keywords for the Primark website. 

Capitalising on the increase in traffic from new website launch 

Mentioned in sources such as The Metro, “The Click & Collect service looks to expand the Primark kids range and ‘further enhance the customer experience following on from the launch of its new UK website in April,’ which saw online traffic rise by 60%”. This company announcement also draws attention to wider updates with their online experience. 

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