People behind the Powerhouse: Hannah Cox

Tell us more about you and The Better Business Network & Better Not Stop.

The Better Business Network is a community for purpose driven organisations to help them get the guidance, training and support to increase their social and environmental impact. It also offers members the ability to collaborate and network with others.

betternotstop is a sustainable impact agency, we help businesses of all industries and sectors become B Corp Certified, create and implement impact strategies and deliver carbon literacy training. We also specialise in audience behaviour at live events, working with bluedot, Kendal Calling and Boardmasters.

What makes the North so special?

There is an understanding in the North that collaboration rather than competition is what makes us stronger. I moved here 12 years ago and can’t imagine living and working anywhere else.

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

I really struggled to answer this one. I guess I am most proud of the friendships I have made since I moved here. Work wise, it would be the flagship Better Business Summit which takes place every January in Manchester. It’s the most incredible community and event made special by the attendees, I’m just one of many people that pulls it together.

Where do you find your motivation?

I find myself incredibly lucky to say that I have a job that I enjoy, feels like it makes a positive difference in the world and allows me to help others do the same. Feeling like I am part of the solution, not the problem, is the biggest motivator.

In your opinion, what’s next for the North?

My vision is an economic system which is regenerative, equitable and inclusive. If we can showcase this in the North and promote this around the UK, we are doing a good job!

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