Meet the team – Sophie Sylvester

We spoke to Sophie, who is a Junior Account Executive in our Consumer team, about life at PHA and how she has found her first few months with the agency.

Welcome to PHA, Sophie! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Sophie, and I’ve joined the PHA Group after working in finance for 10 years! I wasn’t happy in my previous job and always craved something more. In my spare time, I love to socialise with friends and find new independent restaurants to try, which is a challenge in Milton Keynes…

What have you been working on during your first few months at PHA?

I’ve experienced so much since starting at PHA. I worked on the press office for many ongoing clients as well as a variety of creative campaigns. My first campaign was for the charity client RNLI to launch their Mayday Mile fundraiser. I worked with the Consumer & Lifestyle team to organise a giant piece of sandart to raise awareness of the campaign. I have also worked with other teams across the company; so far I’ve assisted the Social team by creating content calendars for a charity client and I’ve worked with the Fitness team to launch a new protein powder.

Now that you know your team mates a little better, how would you describe them in three words?

I’ve never experienced support in a job before, like I have at the PHA Group. Transitioning into PR after a career in finance was a challenge to say the least, but my team were always available to help and encourage me through. I would describe them as: patient, encouraging and harmonious.

What are you most excited about achieving at PHA?

I’m so excited about my career at The PHA Group and about a career in PR in general. I am excited about future campaigns I will work on and being able to work well with my team to deliver the best coverage possible. I’m also very excited to be able to pitch to new potential clients and show them what PHA can offer.

Tell us one thing about yourself that might surprise us!

Many people (Uber drivers) think I look like Kate Winslet. One even told me I should charge people for autographs. Probably a ploy to improve their Uber rating…

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