Medical Device companies leading the way in the UK

Medical Device companies leading the way in the UK

Since the pandemic, the Government have identified the medical device sector that could boost the economy by reducing demand on the NHS. Subsequently, a change in policy has aimed to strengthen the UK as a leading manufacturer of medical devices.

Today we take a look at 5 medical device companies that are already leading the way in their sector.


Brainomix launched as a spin-out from the University of Oxford in 2010. The company pioneered the development of an AI platform that automates validated imaging biomarkers that can improve both diagnosis and treatment

They are now clinically validated in over 30 countries and their technology is now scanning a patient every 5 minutes. In addition, they guarantee r with reliable results available in 1 minute. Led by Dr Michalis Papadakis

In December 2021 they received additional funding in a series B investment round in order to expand it’s technology to support the diagnosing other diseases such as lung fibrosis and cancer.

During the last few years, Brainomix have been covered by publications including Sky News, Financial Times and BBC news.


In 2018 a team of clinicians from the University of Cambridge including Marcel Gehrung, Dr Maria O’Donovan and Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald (OBE) founded the company.

With support from Cancer Research UK, Marcel Gehrung, Dr Maria O’Donovan and Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald (OBE) co-founded Cyted in 2018 . Their technology incorporates novel biomarkers and AI learnings to identify patients at risk of developing oesophageal cancer.

Having raised more than $11 million in capital from grants and venture capital they now have around 30 full-time employees. In addition, they won the Best Medical Technology award at the 2022 Prix Galien UK Awards.

Owlstone Medical

Spun out of Cambridge University in 2016, Owlstone Medical has a mission to save 100,000 lives and $1.5B in healthcare costs and to be the global leader in breath biopsy for early detection and precision medicine.

In September 2021 they closed a $58m funding round allowing them to make progress on their breath biospy platform. Furthermore, they have seen strong progress with their test pipeline through the launch of the Respiratory Diseases RUO Panel and the publications of study results for liver disease.

In terms of press they have been covered by leading publications including The Economist and The Sunday Times.

Caristo Diagnostics

Founded in 2018 by a group of Cardiologists at the University of Oxford. Their aim is to revolutionise diagnosis and treatment of coronary inflammation via routine cardiac tests. Caristo’s technology (known as CaRi-Heart®) allows physicians to prescribe effective, personalised treatments. In 2021 it recieved the CE mark under the new MDR process and has since become commercially available in Europe.

In January they were featured in the Financial Times as a business that could lift the financial burden associated with cardio vascular problems. Specifically, in developing countries.


Testcard has developed a combination of non-invastive urine test kits that can provide immediate results that are over 99% accurate. In addition, they have create an app that can scan the test kits to provide almost instant results.

Founded by Dr Andrew Botham and Luke Heron in 2017, they are a leading pioneer in the movement towards predictive and preventative homecare. They have medical devices approved for the detection of urinary tract infections. Furthermore, they are investing heavily in shifting the technology to pregnancy, ovulation optimisation and diabetes management.

In recent years, Testcard have been featured in articles in The Sun and the Daily Mirror.

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