Kidney Cancer UK appoints The PHA Group

We are delighted to announce that we will be working with Kidney Cancer UK,  to support the charity’s annual Kidney Cancer Awareness Week campaign and Green Friday initiative, taking place from 5-9th February 2024. This is the third year that we will help to amplify the awareness week, through activating a targeted PR & influencer campaign. Kidney Cancer Awareness Week 2024

Around 4,700 people in the UK die each year from kidney cancer (that’s around 13 people every day), and mortality rates have increased by 73% since the 1970s. The earlier kidney cancer is diagnosed, the better the outcome for patients – and so it’s vital that more people know the signs and symptoms.

Kidney Cancer UK’s annual awareness week raises vital awareness and funds for the charity, so that it can continue to reduce the harm caused by kidney cancer through; increasing knowledge and awareness, providing helpful resources and information, and supporting research into the causes, prevention, and treatment of the disease.

Our PR and influencer campaign for Kidney Cancer Awareness Week 2024 has been designed to release their annual patient survey; promote Kidney Cancer Awareness Week in its 9th year; and drive engagement on social media through user-generated content.

The campaign will centre around the charity’s latest annual patient survey – using findings from the survey to generate emotive headlines for media, whilst unveiling the issues facing kidney cancer patients and their families. This is the tenth, and only UK-focused, annual survey of its kind. To bolster this survey activity, we will be working closely with the charity to identify poignant case studies to help bring to life the experiences of people living with, and that have been treated for, kidney cancer.

The campaign will also see us amplify Kidney Cancer UK’s long-running ‘Green Friday’ social media initiative, by recruiting celebrity and influencer supporters to post something green – the kidney cancer ribbon colour – on their channels, with key messages about Kidney Cancer Awareness Week included to further boost campaign visibility and those all-important public donations. In previous years, the Green Friday initiative has been backed by the likes of reality star Demi Jones, TV & radio presenter Olivia Cox, and pop star Peter Andre.

The campaign also has the unwavering support of British broadcast personality James Whale, who was the recent recipient of an MBE in The Kings New Year’s Honours list this year. James founded the charity after he was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2000. For this campaign, we will be exploring interview and expert commentary opportunities for James as an additional tactic.

Malcolm Packer, Chief Executive Officer at Kidney Cancer UK, said: “We look forward to seeing The PHA Group’s Kidney Cancer Awareness Week campaign strategy come to life. In the coming months, they will help to tell the stories of those who have lived with kidney cancer and to signpost more people to the resources, support, and advice that they need in order to help navigate their kidney cancer journey.

With an increased mortality rate in kidney cancer in the UK, it’s vital that more is done to raise widespread awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease, to help with early detection and improving patient outcomes. With The PHA Group’s support, this is something we will address within the upcoming awareness week campaign.”

Georgia Entrican, Senior Account Director and Third Sector Specialist at The PHA Group, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with Kidney Cancer UK team once again on their Kidney Cancer Awareness Week 2024 campaign.

From kidney cancer patients to their families and carers, to medical professionals and researchers, the charity’s work touches the lives of so many people. Our campaign has been designed to drive further awareness and donations for the charity, through both media and social media channels, helping them to continue with this vital and life-changing work they deliver every day of the year.”

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