International Women’s Day 2024 – Our Highlights 

International Women’s Day is a crucial moment in the calendar for us to galvanise conversations about women’s issues that matter – but brands need to do this in genuine and unique ways to stand out and generate real change. Here are our top four posts from brands on social media that celebrated International Women’s Day 2024 that got us talking in the office. 

Flipping Stereotypes 

 Many sectors are male-dominated or have a reputation for being a boy’s club – automotives included. Ford’s #CarGirl campaign puts women voices centre stage, acknowledging that although you will be a trailblazer by getting involved in the field, the payoff will be worthwhile for future generations. 

Celebrating Staff 

 We spend so much time promoting our services and products, but who are the people that make them possible? Pulling back the curtain humanises your brand and promotes equality, letting women see high-flying role models.  

 With our heart disease charity client, the Heart Cells Foundation, we highlighted its Co-Founder, Jenifer Rosenberg, and her previous accolades.  


Uplifting Women Communities  

International Women’s Day should not be seen as a tick-box moment, but rather a springboard to make genuine change. John Lewis & Partners used the day to temporary rebrand to John Lewis & Sisters, where they launched an open-call for any women-led brands to pitch so that they could become part of this year’s Christmas offering. This breaks the conventional hierarchy of connections to get yourself seen, elevating disadvantaged women communities.  

Responding to Data  

It can sometimes be easy to put your world-view centre stage, but looking at statistics ensures that you represent all women equally. Doctor training resource MediBuddy responded to data that 70% of women tend to put their families’ health first, inadvertently neglecting their own well-being in the process, by launching a new campaign talking directly to them to take charge of their own health. 


The women’s rights movement is ongoing, and the next national day to start conversations around is Equal Pay Day on the 2nd of April. Whether it be a UK focus or a global change, contact us to discuss how learnings can be taken from these campaigns to make social content that truly makes a difference for women everywhere.  

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