How to PR your charity tech brand?

The charity sector has been experiencing a transition towards digital donations for a while as we slowly evolve to a cashless society and charity tech continues to pick up momentum.

COVID-19 has accelerated this evolution as we can no longer handle physical cash without risk and the majority of charities have had to adapt to a more digital offering and embrace tech more than they had previously.

Amidst the uncertainty and financial turmoil for many, charities have still needed to find ways to raise donations, arguably now more than ever. The increasing importance of technology opens up a broad range of opportunities for charity tech brands to be seen as industry leaders in the third sector, technology and business verticals – from providing advice to other businesses on how to use technology to navigate potential problems, to educating larger chains on how they can incorporate digital charity solutions to help raise more funds for charity partners in an effective way.

Here, we explore four key ways for you to raise the profile of your charity tech business through the media.

1. Know your USPs
It might seem obvious, but the first key element of PRing your charity tech brand is knowing exactly what sets you apart from your competitors. The tech industry is crowded, so it is incredibly important to ensure you identify what it is that makes you stand out and communicate that to media effectively.

Where a technology product can be complex, it is especially important to be able to convey why your business is something your potential customers would want to work with over another.

2. Educate through thought leadership
There is a plethora of information which is instantly accessible online, to the point that it can be confusing and difficult to know what to trust. Part of raising your charity tech brand’s profile is to position it as a credible source of information to your potential customers, demonstrating what expertise you have to offer.

Some charities are still uneducated on the sheer amount of opportunities embracing technology presents, thought leadership content is a great way to educate your audience and build a credible profile.

Here is a link to a thought leadership article we placed in Silicon for digital fundraising platform TapSimple, providing founder Alex Coleridge with a platform to discuss the growing importance of technology solutions for the embattled third sector.

3. Shout about your successes
A key element of raising awareness through PR is demonstrating your offering in action through case studies, to bring your product to life and humanise the brand.

For charity tech brands the most effective way of doing this is to show how you have helped charities to raise funds digitally in the face of adversity, we always recommend publicising how your products are used for the greater good.

Funding announcements and investment news can also be an effective way of communicating your business’ growth. A good PR Agency can use their relationships with relevant key media to not only generate coverage around this news but also deliver opportunities for longer-form interviews to discuss the challenges your tech is solving. You can read more about TapSimple’s recent funding round in UKTN here.

4. React to topical news stories
A great way to get key spokespeople in the spotlight is to hijack the news agenda and secure comment opportunities on top breaking news stories. This helps to align your business with that story or activity and position your spokespeople as credible experts in your field.

Topical news stories such as well-known charities calling for emergency funds during the pandemic, or significant donations made by well-known corporations are great opportunities to introduce your brand to key broadcast and other media outlets.

In summary
The key to raising your profile as a charity tech brand is to ensure you identify your USPs, shout about your success stories, keep on top of the news agenda, hijack it when relevant and ultimately communicate it effectively to your audience.

With many organisations in the third sector looking for new ways to engage their audiences, charity tech can offer a solution that many may not have considered. Communicating effectively with your stakeholders will be pivotal over the coming months.

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