How to launch a new fitness app in a highly competitive market

The pandemic has had a lasting impact on how consumers choose to exercise, with research showing that 85% of regular exercisers in the UK now prefer doing so at home rather than the gym. During this time, there has been an influx of new fitness apps coming to market, with the global fitness app market having increased by 49% from 2019 to 2010, and is expected to reach $15.59 billion by 2028.  

The challenge for new providers is figuring out how exactly they can stand out in a very crowded space. Properly executing a well-thought-out Fitness PR strategy is key to raising brand awareness and ultimately driving downloads of the app. 

Here are three pieces of advice to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Let consumers try before they buy

With so much choice, consumers are naturally picky when it comes to finding the right fitness app for them. Giving them the opportunity to try your offering for free can be a great converter and help to develop brand loyalty in the long-term. 

We previously worked with Centr, the health and fitness app launched by actor Chris Hemsworth. In March of 2020, when the UK went into a full lockdown, Centr offered a six-week free trial to make expert health and fitness advice and workouts accessible for everyone at a time when gyms were closed. 

This extended free trial was very well received in the media, with no less than 56 pieces of coverage around the six-week free access to the app. Overall, our work resulted in a 161% increase in app memberships.

Utilise your assets 

The Centr app provides users with access to Chris and wife Elsa’s hand-picked team of internationally renowned experts from the world of fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. 

With very limited interview access to Chris himself, we had to use that time extremely wisely, and secured a front-page cover of Times2 Body & Soul.  

Outside of Chris, we worked hard to leverage the wider experts on the app – including Chris’ stunt double, Bobby Holland Hanton, as well as Chris’ personal trainer, Luke Zocchi. 

Within all coverage around the experts there was a clear call to action for readers to download the Centr app for more workout content and fitness advice.

Timing and social media is key

In the fitness world, January and September are the best times to capitalise on consumer wellbeing behaviour. 

When releasing a new app, it is crucial to look at organic promotion to tease the release of the app across your social channels in the lead up to launch.

PR should work hand-in-hand with a well thought out social media strategy and if executed correctly, it should amplify the reach and impact of your app launch. In our experience, taking time to carefully plan a well thought out strategy is key. Ensure that you build the trust of your existing customer base first before you launch so that you can test the waters, which in turn will help you attract new customers and ultimately drive app downloads.

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